Growing Super: Chapter 11

Jack entered the classroom and found himself standing in the middle of what could only be comic book heaven. Movie posters and enlarged comic book covers plastered the wall, and the bookshelves beneath were filled with laminated comic books. Each shelf was labeled, showing what comics it held. Flashbang 1 – 637, one read, and it continued on all of the shelves. He could see comics for most every super he’d ever heard of, and some that he hadn’t.

On the board the words, “Hero Training” were written and circled, as if making them cover the whole board didn’t scream it’s importance enough. In what space that remained a single word was written: Shock. Jack mouthed the word as he read it again and again, searching for its meaning as he put his bag away.

A low buzzing sounded briefly before a small thunder-clap shook the room. Jack jumped in surprise, and nearly fell out of his chair. Looking around in embarrassment, he found that he wasn’t the only one who’d jumped; nearly everyone else was righting their chair and sitting back down.


Jack turned to look at where the voice was coming from and found the owner to be a man at the front of the room, a man who was not there before. He wore a reddish-brown overcoat and a long, multicolored scarf. That image, along with the trilby on his head reminded Jack of something he couldn’t quite remember.

“Like the outfit?” The man grinned and reached into one of his pockets. “Anyone up for a jelly baby?”

When no one answered, the grin slowly shrank off his face. The man looked around in disbelief before throwing his hands up. “Oh, come on! No one gets the reference?”  Again, he was only greeted by blank stares. “Doctor Who, anyone?”

At the words ‘Doctor Who’, Jack finally recognized who the guy was talking about: the fourth doctor.

“Anyway,” He said, taking off the costume dejectedly, “I’m Shock, and I’ll be your teacher today.”

“We’ll be watching a short movie today, and then we’ll talk about it afterwards. Any questions?”

“What movie will we be watching?” Some kid asked from the front row, his bright red hair mangled across his head.

” ‘The Storm of Chaos’, ” Shock answered, pressing a button on the large box at the front of the room. The T.V. in the corner of the room blared to life and the movie started playing.

It started off with a fight scene between two groups of supers, one of the being called ‘The Storm of Chaos’, a superhero team. The other was just a group of villains that decided to fight the hero team. A lot of talking occurred during the fight, and then the villains made off with gold they had stolen. The rest of the movie was just the hero team fighting amongst each other before banding together again to get back the gold at the end.

“What did you think of it?” Shock asked, handing out a questionnaire.

“A bit too much talking,” One of the kids in the back called out. “And when they did talk it wasn’t as funny as they probably meant it to be.”

Jack could see what they meant; more than once one of the characters would say something and everyone else would break out laughing, even when it wasn’t that funny.

“For the remainder of class, you’re supposed to finish this worksheet. If you don’t finish it in class then it’s homework.”

Right after he said that the door opened and a lady walked in, dressed in a light blue and white costume. She walked over to Shock, who shook her hand.

“Sorry I’m late, it took a lot longer than I expected it to.” She spoke in a hushed voice, and Jack could just barely make it out. She said some more stuff afterward that he couldn’t make out, and turned her back towards the class as she spoke.

“No problem, I just had them watch a movie, and now they’re supposed to be doing the worksheet that goes along with it.” He said the last part louder and looked pointedly at them.

“Great. I’ll just leave you be for now.”

When she turned to address the class, Jack felt his heart freeze. “For those of you wondering, I’m your other teacher. You can call me-”

Jack didn’t need to hear the rest because he already knew what she was going to say. He was looking at his mom.

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4 comments on “Growing Super: Chapter 11
  1. DeNarr says:

    I’m not sure what the relevance of him dressing up as Dr Who was. Is it Halloween? I can’t imagine that’s his super hero costume. It just seems very out of place.

    • growingsuper says:

      I can change it if you want, I don’t care either way. It was just a little something I wanted to throw in. It fit with his personality later on.

      • DeNarr says:

        It just seemed like it needed something more to actually make it relevant, rather than just product placement. For instance, it would make perfect sense if they were discussing time travel (or why it doesn’t work in your world).

  2. Tucson Jerry says:

    Ignore the pagan. Go with the Doctor. Everyone, even heroes, can have glitchy characters.

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