Ascension Rebirth

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.Fantasy, Action, Magic, Romance, Reincarnation
Graphic Elements: Mild language, Moderate violence, sexual content 

Wouldn’t it be nice to restart your life from the beginning? Better yet, how about restarting from a world filled to brim with fantasy?

However, some people may not want such an opportunity. Some people might have actually enjoyed the life that they have right now, but as everyone knows; destiny is a cruel mistress.

During the flight to a business meeting our protagonist dies in a plane crash.

When all hope seemed lost he finds himself reborn into a different world as the child of a lesser noble. A world filled with monsters and magic. Rules of physics are regularly broken and things almost impossible to exist, exist!

Already aged 32, this fantasy life was a little too much for an old man, were he any younger he might have actually even enjoyed it but right now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Of course things don’t go his way, from finding the secrets of the universe and curious visits ranging from the Demon Lord to the Nation’s ruler he finds himself the centerpiece of all sorts of tedious events.

With the mind of a fully grown adult and the body of a mere child, life only throws more and more problems at him.

How will he deal with the ongoing problem? Find out!



Ascension Rebirth - This is the End (Prologue)
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