Ascension Rebirth – Welcome to the Ariadyne Panoptic Academy (Chapter 44)

Ascension Rebirth Welcome to the Ariadyne Panoptic Academy



[Eternum Calendar 503]

“We’ll soon be arriving at the [Ariadyne Grand Capital].”

[Enrich] tells us from the driver’s seat of the coach. Somewhere down the line [Arachna] had fallen asleep on my laps and was snuggled nice and warmly under a blanket, deciding that my thighs were great substitute for pillows.

I was gently stroking her hair as I looked out the window.

The first thing that came into view was large walls. Having a high, defensible wall around a major city wasn’t anything new but this was on a whole different level; measuring up at least around 20 ~ 30 meters, in fact I think the walls also served as small single room apartment complexes for people.

I could see through the small open windows people walking around, perhaps patrolling. It could be that the walls were also serving as barracks for this city’s garrison.

Atop of the impressive stoned wall was a gallery of archers lined up and ready shoot down anyone suspicious. They had an exceptional amount of concentration considering how hot and bright the day was and yet they were in full leather armor. That couldn’t have been too comfortable.

Upon nearing the city’s gates our carriage slowed down. A large iron gate with a remarkable number of guards stood defending the entrance to the city. This place not only served as the center of the country, physically but also its economics.

Trades and businesses were booming here like no place else on this world; this place was the equivalent to New York in terms of economic prosperity.

Peering in through the gate I could see impressive stone buildings and my heart began to race as I was getting slightly excited.

Our carriage was stopped by the guards and checked for a permit. At the very least Enrich received one with his letter asking him to replace the headmaster so we should be good.

The guard checked the permit and scratched his head.

“You are going to replace the headmaster of the [Ariadyne Panoptic Academy]?”

He asked in a slightly doubtful manner. Well, to be fair I couldn’t really blame him. That school was the most prestigious school in the entire world and the next headmaster was manning a carriage.

“That’s correct.”

Enrich answers with a refreshing smile, like there was nothing wrong with this situation at all.

“Hmm. What to do? Do you have any sort of identification?”

The guard asked himself, he didn’t know if it was okay to let us through or not, the permit did seem legit but the situation was far from normal so he decided to stalled us for a bit.

It looked like this was going to take a while so I decided to play my hand. I lowered the windows and peered out to him.

You don’t need to see his identification.”

I told him with the [enchanting voice] effect.

“We don’t need to see his identification.”

The guard repeated after me.

These aren’t the droi- I mean, people you’re looking for.”

I told him once more with the [enchanting voice]. Not that they were looking for anyone suspicious but it was necessary for me to repeat the lines correctly. It was an art!

“These aren’t the people we’re looking for.”

He can go about his business. Move along.”

With the final one I commanded the guard to just let us through with a plagiarized line.

“He can go about his business. Move along.”

In a dazed state, the guard returned the permit to Enrich and opened the gate for us. The large iron gate dragged itself up through a series of complicated mechanical processes and as it did a loud metallic sound reverberated around.

“Nngh~ Was there really a need to go through all that? You used some sort of skill didn’t you? If so, then you could’ve just told them straight out to let us through.”

Arachna rubs her eyes as she wakes up and reprimands me for my overly roundabout way of doing things.

“You don’t understand Arachna. The force- I mean mental manipulation is an art form, so I have to do it that way or it just won’t feel right.”

“Mmm~ I don’t really get it but since we were able to get through the gate without having to spend too much time so I don’t care either way.”

Having said that she went straight back into the blanket and snuggled besides me once more. This city was large, and I mean no hyperbole when I say that this city was easily 10x larger than the other Tetrarch capital cities.

The streets were bustling with people and other carriages.

Business open for business, often 24 hours to stay competitive.

I see various merchants and adventurers walking around with their weapons slung behind their backs. The clanging of metal greaves and horse hooves in the area added to the ambiance of the clustered streets.

The center continent of Ariadyne is known for its predominantly [Human] and [Elven] population but this town was a little different. Due to the relevance of this city in terms of economic and trade a myriad of races take residence here; [Titans], [Dwarves], [Beast kin], [Fairies], [Golems], [Demons] and even domesticated monsters.

The entire city was separated into districts. There was the [market district], [adventurer district], [merchant district], [residential district] and finally the [school district], which was the place we were heading to.

At the center of town was a large chrome pillar that seemed to reach up to the heavens, not unlike the Sanctuary at [Vertloch Skyreach], though it doesn’t look especially inhabited. It was basically an extremely tall statue with no obvious purpose other than serving as a tourist attraction.

Even though we were already at the city it looked like it might take a bit longer until we arrive at the actual destination. With Arachna resting by my side I decided to enjoy the final stretch of our long journey.



Upon arrival to school we were met with a cavalcade of welcoming arms; the teaching staff, some student representatives and other school related personnel, all to welcome their new headmaster.

Among them, an old man came up to welcome Enrich. He was a little pudgy and was going bold. At first glance I could tell he was the headmaster that was retiring from his position.

[Alan Mcquarie. Level 50, Grand Magus]

A level 50 human. Quite impressive, and a [Grand Magus] at that.

If I’m recalling correctly, [Grand Magus] is a title given to those who have attained the absolute limit of human magic. Last I heard there were only around 7 of them in the entire world.

If I had met him sooner I would’ve been much more impressed but I’ve met so many people who are infinitely stronger, especially within the demon army. Still, it would be unfair to compare human standards to demon ones.

“It’s good to see you again, Mister Alan Mcquarie, I believe it has been 10 years?”

Reaching out for a handshake Enrich replied with a casual business smile.

“Hahaha! Indeed, it has been far too long, I’m glad I could hand over the administration of the school to someone I can trust.”

By their interaction it looks like they have some sort of prior history.

“You flatter me, but I am honored that you have chosen me to take over.”

“Of course, even if you don’t have too much combat experience, when it comes to administration you are second to none. Hmm? It seems that you have brought company, may I inquire as to who they are?”

“Yes of course. They are new students that I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted to during my travels. They are extremely talented, well I don’t mean to be rude but they could even be a match for you, headmaster Alan.”

Enrich replies with a rather intimidating smile to which the previous headmaster turns to inspect us carefully. He makes a rather puzzled expression after quickly glancing over us, it was a tad insulting but whatever.

To be fair our forms were very feeble looking.

“I see, well it’s getting a little chilly, why don’t we continue our chat inside?”

I had the pleasure of being acquainted with some of the student representative and teaching staff here. The median level of the students were around 10 ~ 20 depending on their age and the teaching staff were around 30 ~ 40, which was at [praetorian knight] levels.

Considering this is supposed to be the pinnacle of all schools it was a tad underwhelming, but again, that could be due to my experience with the demon army.

We were guided through an impressively large school. Actually ‘large’ wouldn’t cut it when describing this place, just the school itself was the size of a small town with numerous buildings for teaching and lodging. Various different facilities like swimming pools, parks, a large forest that served as the school’s backyard and then there were the dormitories.

I think there was also a private lake in the forest as well, geez this place just takes the cake and eats it too.

If the elegance and size of a fountain was a measure for a property’s value then I can say that this place is by far the most extravagant of every place I’ve been; the fountain at the front gate was almost 10 meters in size and at least 8 meters in height with elaborate marble decorations.

The inside of the building wasn’t any less impressive. The place was laden with elegant decorations and designs from the door frames to the even the carpet. This place wasn’t a school it was a goddamn 5 star hotel.

We were lead to a large double-sided wooden door with a plaque at the top reading [Headmaster’s administration].

Upon entry the first thing that entered our vision was a large glass window that had one of the best views overlooking the campus.

“Now then, before we get into the technicalities of your admittance as the new headmaster would it be fine if I’m better acquainted with the two new students?”

“Of course. Well starting with this one, his name is [Morgant Fallon] a very talented fighter with an uncanny ability to shut down an opponent’s magic.”

Enrich walks over and casually places his hands over my shoulder. I know he’s older than me but I outrank him in the demon army, not that I really mind. It’s probably a good idea to keep the fact that we’re working with the demon army a secret. I mean it’s not a crime to do so but it would just open the flood gates to questions and Enrich needs to keep up appearances so I’ll let him act like he’s in charge.

We talked about it earlier but I’ve told Enrich to keep my being a [Necromancer] a secret for now since it would attract too much unwanted attraction.

Now Enrich knows about my [silence] skill as he’s seen it many times during my sparring sessions with Arachna. I guess he’s chosen to talk about that skill since it is the most mechanically impressive skill that doesn’t give away the fact that I’m a [Necromancer].

The headmaster gave me a surprised look before commenting.

“Ho~ the ability to shut down magic. If that’s true then it really would be an impressive skill to make the enemy magician incapable of fighting back. However even in all my years of teaching I have not even heard of such a skill, do you mind demonstrating it a little?”

He looks at me with slightly doubtful eyes, but you know these kinds of situations are exciting right? To completely dispel someone’s doubt with a demonstration and show them that there lies a world beyond their accomplishments.

I gave my own business smile and nodded.

“It’s done.”

I told him. I’m currently suppressing his [psycho-organ] with my [silence] skill so he shouldn’t be able to cast magic.


He eyes me with a perplexed expression; perhaps he was expecting some sort of flashy skill with magic circles? Unfortunately my [silence] skill is much more efficient than that and can be seamlessly integrated into a practical fight.

I say that because most of the ‘advanced’ magic I’ve seen that people in this world use are more like choreographed dance moves which are extremely cumbersome to use in battle practically. You would do a little ritualistic chant and dance then you can summon a great lightning storm or something… very inefficient. Of course lesser magic can be used on the fly and is generally more practical in battle.

“It’s done. I’ve already suppressed your magic so you shouldn’t be able to use it at all.”

He quickly checks by reaching out his hand and staring intently at it, to the point that his face becomes red.

“Impossible, I cannot use magic at all!”

He says with a slightly worried expression.

“Don’t worry, this is only temporary. There I’ve undone the suppression and you should have your magic back.”

He checks again and this time a little lightning strike arcs across his fingers. Hmm, so he’s a [lightning] oriented mage? Most mages choose one element to specialize in; of course there are those who have been able to branch out to other elements but those are a far and few between.

“This is… ‘impressive’ wouldn’t even begin to describe this. It’s a revolutionary advancement in magical studies. Though if this widespread I can only imagine the harmful effects on a society that predominantly uses magic for their day to day lives.”

What he says is indeed true. From everyday appliances like a stove to a shower, it all runs on a person’s ability to magically manipulate them. If someone with the power to shut down magicians comes along it could cause a wide scale panic.

“I understand your concerns, Headmaster Alan, but I assure that this is a unique ability reserved only to me. At the very least for now.”

“I… I see. Somehow that’s both comforting and frightful.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

I reply with a business smile.

“Then what about her?”

The headmaster turns to face Arachna. When Enrich comes closer to her to put his hands on her she scowled at him prompting him to rethink his course of action.

“This is Miss Arachna, a talented [ice] magician. I wouldn’t hesitate to say but she may have already passed you in terms of magical capabilities.”

Once again he has a doubtful look on his face. I’ll tell you now but even though many demons have a high, natural level cap most of them don’t even reach the mid 30’s and the [demon generals] are an extremely irregular and illusive existence.

There aren’t many people who even know about the existences of the [Demon Generals] or even the [demon lord] herself.

So that’s why most of the world believes that they are on the same level as demons. Think of it this way, the [demon generals] are as rare as [heroes].

“Hmm, this child is… part of the [demon] race, am I correct?”

Arachna gives a non-verbal nod.

“I have heard that demons can become quite powerful but how should I say this, well I don’t mean to brag but I’m quite powerful myself. Then how about a demonstration?”

He asks.

Once again Arachna gives a non-verbal nod and walks towards the window and peers outside.

She lifts a single finger towards the sky and points at a vacant space. I could feel a powerful singularity forming in that space and soon a large magic circle and I mean LARGE. Easily half the size of a football stadium appears in the air and with a glacier equally as large.

Glistering in the sky with its blatant blueness it almost seems like it could come crashing down and causing widespread destruction. That being said this specific skill was just a demonstration tool; it was greatly unviable in direct battle.

It consumed a large amount of mana to create a block of ice that had next to no uses. Thus it was used to demonstrate a person’s magic rather than as an actual skill to be used in battle.

The sounds of panic amongst the people below could be heard from even this room. The headmaster’s jaws are wide open in disbelief and once Arachna has confirmed that she gives me a thumbs up and unsummons the large glacier.

Taking a slight glance I could see that the headmaster is trembling a tad, a fact that I found more amusing than I really should have. The headmaster sits down on his large sofa-like chair with a tired expression.

“These are some extremely talented students that you have found, Enrich. I don’t even know where to start.”

“Yes well, I was thinking of granting them the status of a [special student]. This school still has such a system right?”

“Ah, yes. Haha, I remember that I was the last recipient of that title during my days as a student here nearly 30 years ago, but seeing these two students I almost feel embarrassed to be compared to them.”

“I can certainly understand the feeling.”

Enrich replies with a sympathetic look.

“Then at the very least, allow me the honor of accepting them as our newest special students as my last task as headmaster.”

“Of course.”

Thus we were admitted to the [Ariadyne Panoptic Academy] as the newest [special students].


Knock, knock.

As we were finishing up with the administrative details on our admittance to school there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The headmaster instructed.

As the door opened two nostalgic faces popped in, as well as a new face.

“Elise? Chrom?!”

I was told that they were sent to this school, along with North Tetrarch’s daughter but to finally be able to see them was a pleasant surprise. Elise, who should be around 14 years old now, seemed much more womanly than before, of course that being said she was still a child.

Chrom hasn’t changed at all, except for a few improvements on her levels. She’s level 38 now huh? Wow, that’s so nostalgic… I remember her being so much stronger than her.



The two ran up to me. Well, Elise ran up to me and gave me a hug, to which Arachna eyed her uncomfortably because of that.

“It’s been a while, how have you guys been?”

I asked.

“I’ve been just fine, all thanks to you.”

Elise tells me.

“I have also enjoyed my time with Miss Elise over the years.”

Chrom tells me with a soft smile.

“Well, I see you’ve been well, Miss Chrom, Miss Elise.”

Enrich interjects. That reminds me, it’s all because of this guy the entire shenanigans of the North Tetrarch happened and Chrom was with him.

“It has been quite the while.”

She acknowledges but doesn’t seem too fond of him, not that I can’t understand it.

“It really has mister Chrom.”

Elise replies with a smile still while she was clinging onto me. Since she was a little older than me she was also taller which means my face was planted firmly onto her developing breasts. Arachna, not wanting to lose was also clinging from behind in a rather compromising manner.

When they realize they glare at each other for a bit before backing off. Then a new girl who I’ve yet to see comes to greet me. She had glistening blonde hair and cool blue eyes, though she was still a child so her holding up that elegant appearance really just came off to me as her trying to imitate ‘adults’.

You know, that cute thing children do when they try to act like they’re mature.

[Fiora Mil Avon Ariadyne. Level 4, Apprentice Cleric].

Tetrarch Rian’s daughter, huh?

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Your father has told me… in great detail about you, Lady Fiora. My name is [Morgant Fallon].”

“Yes, likewise I have heard much about you from a letter from father.”

Letter? When did he send such a thing? Oh well.

“Is that so? I’m honored.”

“It’s a surprise but it looks like all of you have been acquainted. If that’s the case, Lady Fiora do you mind showing our new students the way around the school? The new headmaster and I still have a lot of administrative duties to finish up.”

The headmaster asks.

“It would be my pleasure, I’m sure we have a lot of things to discuss.”

Fiora says as she leads Arachna and I out of the room. On my way out I could see a rather amused smile forming on Enrich’s face, giving me a rather uncomfortable vibe.


Well our ‘tour’ ended abruptly and turned into a ‘tea party’ in a small green terrace. It was a rather secretive location at the school so it was unlikely that people would come here.

To my left was Arachna and to my right was Elise.

“My, Sir Morgant is quite popular with the ladies I see.”

She tells me with a smile while taking a sip of her tea but behind that mask there was a hint of dissatisfaction. Well, if I were a girl I wouldn’t find myself attracted to a man who has women on each arm either, but it’s not my fault they’re like this!

“Aha, I assure you I have no part in my own infamy.”

I reply also trying to take a sip of the tea. Not entirely sure what kind of tea this was, it wasn’t especially bitter, actually it was rather sweat. It’s unexpectedly child-like of her.

“Well, before we go into further details, this was the letter that father sent to me, perhaps you should have a read.”

She hands over a small brown envelope.

I skimmed through the contents of the letter but the one sentence that grabbed me was that I was assigned as Fiora’s fiancé. When did this happen? No, forget it, it was probably decided on a whim by that whimsical Northern Tetrarch.

“I see. As tempting as this is, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline the offer to become your fiancé.”

“I see.”

Her voice drops a few decibels, it’s a minute change but something I could pick up on. Was she disheartened by my rejection?

“Then if you don’t mind, could you at least tell me the reason?”

She asks, trying to keep her mature persona.

“Morgant has Mistress Astaroth, right? Mmh-!”

Arachna cuts in, to which I instantly placed my hands on her mouth to stop her from speaking any further on that topic.

“I have a lot of things going on in my life at the current time. Perhaps when things have calmed down a little I may rethink it.”

“I see, that’s understandable. Then we’ll just leave that letter to the side until that time comes. Thought from the sounds of it, Sir Morgant has a lot more women hidden to the side.”

“I’m thankful for your lenience, and I assure you that isn’t the case. Please pay no mind to whatever comes out of Arachna’s mouth.”

“Fufu~ I see.”

Fiora giggles, showing me an innocent smile.

After that we continued this ‘tea time’ until the sun was about to set. Since it would be a good idea to set up our luggage while the sun was still up we were guide to our new dormitory.

It was a large mansion, comparable to the Duke Lucius’ manor. The outside was decorated by neatly trimmed hedges and marble statues. On the inside it looked like every piece of furniture was handcrafted by only the best craftsmen.

“Welcome to your new homes for the next few years.”

Fiora tells me as she guides us in. I thought there would be a line of maids standing in wait but it was rather empty. From what I hear there are personnel who come to clean once a week but for the most part the students live by themselves.

Of course I wasn’t blind; on my way here I took a glance at the other student dormitories but they weren’t nearly as extravagant as this one. This particular dorm was probably only this decorated because the Tetrarch’s daughter resides here.

“Thank you. Then if you don’t mind, it has been a rather tiresome journey for me so I would like to retire to my room for the day.”

That part wasn’t actually a lie; it really had been a tedious journey on that uncomfortable small wooden box for a year. Arachna had the same expression on her face about the journey here.

“Yes, of course. I remember when I was on the trip here too. You must be really tired so I won’t keep you up any longer. Then once again, welcome to the [Ariadyne Panoptic Academy].”

Fiora, Elise and Chrom warmly welcome us to the school.

My room was on the third floor near the corner. I had two windows in my room, one looking over to the forest at the back of the school and the other one looking onto the school campus itself.

Arachna took the room opposite mine so there was only a single hallway separating our rooms, but why do I get the feeling that it isn’t enough to stop her from night crawling into my room? Ah hell, I’ll cross that bridge when I come across it.

For now I set my belongings down. There really wasn’t much in there aside from some extra clothes and books I received during my visit to the North Ariadyne capital.

I laid my stuff on the floor and as soon as I laid down on my bed a wave of fatigue overcame me and I found myself deep in slumber.



For some when I opened my eyes I was surrounded in a familiar white void. Immediately the fatigue that I had slept away returned and my mood turned sour. Standing before me in that neatly ironed out business suit and tie, which his smug looking thin framed glasses.

It’s not like I hate him, well actually I do. But it’s a bit different than the normal idea of ‘hating’ someone; right it’s more that it’s an eyesore to see him because every time he and I meet I am reminded of what my life used to be. Even to this day my feelings for Kyouko hasn’t changed, that means my regrets also linger. I have tried to suppress it thus far but when I see him, it all just comes bursting back.

So I guess it’s more about the associated memories I get whenever I see him than he, himself. Get it?

“Just a single year; you couldn’t do any more than that? Here I thought I wouldn’t be seeing you for a bit longer but I guess I was being a little too optimistic for my own good.”

He stares at me with an arrogant smirk on his face. The kind that a cartoon villain would show to the protagonist before executing him. And he calls me a ‘cartoon villain’?

“Certainly. Who do you think I am? In the end I am you, and you can’t get rid of yourself.”

“I feel like we’ve already had this conversation before, and it ended in my victory. Anyway, yeah I get it, wherever I go, you go. So what do you want this time?”

He pushes up his glasses.

“It’s not about what I want, it’s about what you plan to do from now on that you’ve arrived at your destination. You’ve certainly grown much more powerful than the last time I’ve seen you and there have been a lot of updates to your schedule ever since right?”

I guess he’s talking about the [Milesian] planet. Perhaps it’s because of the doctor’s influences but I’ve been talking as though wars between the two planets are inevitable when that’s not written in stone yet either.

So maybe is a good time to plan out my future course of actions.

“So then. Why don’t you start off by addressing the elephant in the room?”

For a second my heart rate jumped as he said those words. I could only laugh wryly in response.

What [Ian] said back then. About how my family and his younger sister wasn’t dead, that they’re still alive somewhere. Deep down I truly want to believe that is the case, but his mind has been warped by the experiments done by [Charles Evatt].

“Rio, Ada, Mardoc, Lina, Lena, Sebastian and Ira. The possibility that they’re alive is minimal. It could just be a ploy from Charles to manipulate me.”

“Because you’re a Necromancer? He did say something about needing to obtain [necromancy].”

“Right. He could’ve easily gotten my family history from Ian. Besides, the way Ian was talking didn’t even attempt to resemble how he used to talk in the past. At the very least he could be going through psychosis. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that was the case, his body is now just an amalgamation of numerous corpses.”

“So you’re rejecting the claim that your family may be alive based on that?”

I shake my head.

“Not just that. Ian’s evidence is that he couldn’t feel my family’s or his sister’s corpses within him but that doesn’t really mean anything. All that tells us is that those particular corpses weren’t part of his body and there could be a variety of reasons why that may be the case. Perhaps Ian’s resurrection was successful before getting to those corpses. There were also signs of battle in my old house, it could be that the corpses were destroyed and couldn’t be buried thus making Charles unable to obtain my family’s bodies.”

At my words he shifts up his glasses.

“It almost seems to me that you’re wishing that your family was dead. Why?”

An electric pulse went through my body and on my arms and back I could feel goosebumps. I felt my hands start shaking from guilt.

I’m wishing that my family was dead?

No, I… I…

I calmed myself down and thought about his words for a while.

“What? Did you turn into a counsellor to? Ridiculous.”

“You’re dodging the question.”

“No, you’re asking an irrelevant question.”

“Is it? Is it truly? I think you know better than me that this line of question is as important as any other. How you feel about this will affect your future actions. It could be the difference between finding your family or not even trying.”

This… bastard…

Can’t hide anything from him. It almost makes me regret learning cold reading.

I sighed.

“I don’t know. It’s not an easy question to answer. I obviously don’t want my family to be dead, no one would wish something that horrible. But I’m afraid. What if my family is truly alive and they’re going through hell right now? If that were ever to be the case then me standing here doing nothing is a great injustice. It scares me to think that I cannot come to their aid.”

He could be right.

Maybe the only foul play here is just in my mind.

Maybe no one has lied about anything and I’m just thinking it’s a conspiracy because I can’t accept it. To think that my family is gone is depressing but the opposite of that and that I can’t help them is infinitely more uneasy.

“It’s fine if you can’t do anything now. With the information available to us right now it’s impossible to track down their whereabouts. But this is good, if you would open your mind more you may be able to see clues to where they are more than if you simply convinced yourself that they were gone.”

He tries to console me, though speaking objectively this entire scene was just ludicrous. I was just consoling myself.

“I guess… the only thing that comes to mind is the [Red Knights]. But there’s no reason other than Ian’s words, to think that they weren’t killed off like all of the other villagers.”

“Behind the Red Knights is Nodens. Even if you could somehow find them you’d have to face him at some point and you are not ready. You’d only be sacrificing more limbs to him.”

“I know that; you don’t have to remind me. Anyway that brings up the next thing on my agenda – [Ascension]. So far there isn’t even a clue on finding out how to achieve it. I’ll have to go through the entire library in this school then visit the [dungeon] that Enrich mentioned.”

“There was something that caught my attention. Charles Evatt’s plans; he wants to achieve something known as [perfect power], perhaps that may also have something to do with [Ascension]?”

“I don’t know, but he described it as a power that goes beyond everything else, even the gods. So it could be something different but there is merit in your words. It might be a good idea to catch him fast… for a variety of reasons. He should now be in this city.”

Lucius did say that it was likely that Charles was heading to the [Grand Capital]. For what reasons, that’s unknown but I did meet him on my way here so the probability of him coming to this city is high.

“So? How are you going to handle everything?”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. There are far too many gaps in my knowledge about the things I want to achieve and very little information. There’s also the list of potential candidates that the doctor gave us, which I need to work on as well.”

Library. Dungeon. Ascension. Perfect Power. Recruitment. Charles Evatt. Ian. My family. Ira. Nodens. Ariadyne.

There are many things that need to be accomplished and I do have a decent amount of time to work it out but what I don’t have is power. Whether I want to find my family, start recruiting allies, or even if I wanted to go after Charles I still lack power to do so.

“I suppose the only two things I can do now is search the library and if nothing comes up we I can explore the dungeon. I could probably get a few levels off the dungeon as well.”

“No choice then. You’ll just have to do what you can for now.”

“I know that already, just go away, preferably for a few more years.”

He pushes up his glasses but returns an arrogant smirk as he turns around.

“Hmph. I’ll be back.”


Opening my eyes, it was still dark. According to my biological clock it should have been around 4:30. The sun was yet to rise and the cold morning air could be heard rattling around the windowsill.

When I tried to get up I noticed that I couldn’t. Almost as though something heavy was leaning against me.

Looking down I noticed two figure cuddling up to me in a rather compromising position. Sleeping on top of my chest was Arachna with barely any clothes aside from her silky blue underwear, her silky hair slid down to my face almost prompting me to sneeze but I managed to keep it in.

Tightly hugging onto my left arm was Elise. Also sleeping with barely anything as my left hand was firmly placed between her thighs. I don’t even know what to say to this.

It had been quite the breeze-y night but in such a position where I was warmed up by the two girl’s body heat I couldn’t really complain, except for the fact that at some point the blanket had fallen off the bed.

I could already tell that this was going to be a long day…


“The library is it? I am aware of your statuses as [special students] bud does that mean you won’t be attending homeroom at least?”

As breakfast rolled around I found myself sharing a table with Fiora, Elise and Chrom. Arachna said she wanted to sleep in so I let her use my bed. Still, the food on this table is a nice change from the inane soup and jerky we’ve constantly been having during our trip here.

Anyway, I asked Fiora if she knew where the library was. Arachna and I were assigned to the same homeroom as Fiora’s but since we were ‘special’ students we were exempt from class.

“Well, if it’s just homeroom I don’t mind showing my face at least.”

I answered. Thinking a bit more into it I suppose it would be a good idea to get acquainted to some of the children since they’re the off springs of nobles, meaning lots of political connections. Who knows, maybe they’ll be useful in the future.

The basic lecture structure is as follows. Homeroom into selective subjects and then homeroom to end the day. The selective subjects are the courses students apply for, such as politics, combat, magic, alchemy, etc.

If it’s just homeroom I don’t mind sparing a few minutes in the morning to say hello to my new peers.


Arachna dragged her self down stairs to the dining room, still in her underwear mind you. I could see Fiora’s expression brighten up a bit… don’t tell me this girl is…?

No, let’s not think about that for now.

Arachna sat down next to me and stared at the assortment of food placed on the table. She drooled a little before taking some of the food. It’s such a shame, despite her goddess like appearance, even in that 10 year old form, she really lets herself go when she lets her guard down.

I wiped some of the drool off her face with the napkin.

“Aha, thanks.”

She says before digging into breakfast.

The uniforms. Our uniforms were like noblemen suits. Mine was a brown vest with black pants and black tie. Honestly I looked more like a butler than a student but whatever. The female variants were basically the same but just exchanging the black pants with black skirts.

There was a blazer as well but since it was summer it wasn’t necessary to wear them.

That would be the extent of the normal uniforms but we had a small red armband on our left that read [special administration]. This basically meant that we could do whatever we wanted to at school, which does defeat the purpose of a school but whatever, if it means I can use their facility so be it.

At Fiora’s advice we decided to attend homeroom.

We were guided through the campus and as we walked we garnered quite the assortment of attractions and envious looks. At first it wasn’t really a bad thing but we were stopped by a particular male student. From the looks of it he was around Elise’s age, so around 14?

“Greetings Miss Fiora. It is a nice morning is it not?”

He gently takes her hand and presses his lips against them. Where to even begin with this. Smooth red hair with deep orange eyes, his coloration was as fiery as his class, which was.

[Alder Odne. Level 19, Magician]

I’m guessing [fire] mage and yes I’m basing that off his fair colors. Problem? Deal with it!

“Yes, quite so.”

Fiora says, trying to take away her hand from his grasp, but as he was holding fairly tightly she couldn’t. Alder looks behind and sees us, by that I mean Arachna and I with our ‘special’ status.

“These must be the new special students I’ve been hearing about. There was a rumor about a big commotion on campus yesterday, perhaps it was their doing?”

I think he’s talking about Arachna summoning that giant glacier.

“It’s good to meet you, Alder Odne.”

I walk up with my usual business smile and offer him a handshake. He stares at me, probably wondering how I knew his name.

He leans in and whispers into my ears, ever so irritatingly.

“Hmph, just because you’re a special student doesn’t mean you get to walk around like you own the place. Also hands of Fiora, she’s mine.”

With that he walks away with a satisfied look. Oh wow, is he declaring me as his rival? Well I suppose that may be fun too but I have a lot of things going on in my life so I’m not sure if I can live up to his expectations.

“What did Mister Alder say?”

Fiora asks.

“It’s nothing too important, shall we head to homeroom?”

“Of course.”

The first thing we met on our way there was a small fairy hovering outside the doors to homeroom. From the looks of it she was waiting for us.

“Ah, Miss Fiora, you’ve brought the new students, good work.”

[Sariar Windbell. Level 52. Grand Magus].

Oho, a [Grand Magus] fairy. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising to find one here considering what sort of school this was but still, it was impressive. This little fairy was a grand magus.


Fiora answers.

“Ahem, now then. I am your homeroom teach- ah!”

It was my first time seeing a fairy up close and just out of habit I grabbed the fairy and pulled it towards me.

“Kyah! How insolent! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Sparkly light green hair and white butterfly like wings. She wore a variant of the student’s uniform with a special addition, an armband that read [Teaching staff]. So she’s our teacher?

“Ah sorry, I was just curious.”

I let go of the ‘teacher’. She started to pat our her dress murmuring something to herself in a dissatisfied manner.

“Well, I’ll let you off with a warning for now but refrain from doing that in futu- ah!”

I don’t know why but Arachna snatched her off the air with her hands as well. She inspected the small teacher who was on the verge of tears at this point.


Arachna tilts her head and continues to examine her.

“Arachna, why don’t you let he off with that?”

Seemingly losing interest Arachna lets go.

“Seriously! Children these days are so insolen-ah!”

Arachna grabs her for the second time and glares at her.

The back and forth banter went on for a bit before we decided to head in to class. It was set up in a similar fashion to university lecture halls, with their trademark step formation room.

Homeroom didn’t take all that long, about 15 minutes. All we did was introduce ourselves and get our names marked off to check in with the school.

After that we would disperse into our own specialized classes.

“Then, I’ll be seeing you after school Sir Morgant.”

Fiora says as she waves goodbye.

“Right, shall we go too?”

I told Arachna. She stared back and asked where.

“The library, Fiora gave me a map so I know where it is.”

Arachna nods and follows behind me.

The actual way to the library wasn’t hard to figure out but there were an awful lot of stairs that seem to spiral downwards into the basement, or so it seemed. This reminds me of the time we were at [twin suns] village.

I doubt that this would be as a horrible situation but the downwards winding stair are quite depressing. Who puts a library at the basement? This isn’t fine wine you don’t need to keep it cool.

Well this was rather unexpected.

The entrances to the library was a large metallic door and coming from beyond it I could feel a certain presence, one that I feel like I’ve felt before. A mysterious and elusive presence.

I turn to see how Arachna’s handling the situation and she’s frozen in place.


I call out to her.



I repeat after her.

“This feeling… it’s…’

“You know who it belongs to?”

“It’s [Kyrios’] Mama!”

[Status Menu]
Morgant Fallon. Level 63

Strength: 325 (230+95)
Dexterity: 110 (5+105)
Intelligence: 60 (5+55)
Insight: 210 (105+105)

[Status point: 0]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Skeleton Knight]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 50 (MAX)
(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Avatar of Nyarlathotep]: Level 27
(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 45
(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 50 (MAX) [Voice of Hastur]: Level 1
(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 34
(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 48
(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 34
(AUGMENT) [Enchanting Voice]: Level 40
(PASSIVE) [Lord of Ghosts]: Level 21
(ACTIVE) [Phantasmal Maelstrom]: Level 45
(AUGMENT) [Transformation – Black Pharaoh]: Level 30
(PASSIVE) [Mental Fortress]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Soul Reaver]: Level 12
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]: Level 18
(ACTIVE) [Essence Prison]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Terror of the Depth]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Silence]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Twin Suns]: Level 1

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