Ascension Rebirth – To the Northern Capital! (Chapter 3)

Ascension Rebirth – To the Northern Capital!



My fourth birthday was quickly approaching.

By that I mean it was tomorrow. I noticed everyone was moving about in a hurry to set up for a party. Making food, preparing the furniture, gathering people around the town.

As the guest of honour I was barred from actually helping out.

“Nope~ Morgant is not allowed to help today~”

Wink, wink.

Mother told me in a rather seductive and soothing voice. Please don’t ever do that again, else my heart will wane.

I know she’s my biological mother but at this point my sense of filial piety was quite different from ordinary children. That being said, I don’t actually feel any sort of sexual attraction to her.

Probably because she was my mother.

Anyway I was spending the day in my room bored. I was lightly doing some self-studying just to past the time.

Math, science, language, economics, psychology, biology, agriculture.

Anything I could remember I was recounting them. I did this in order to not forget then.

My greatest weapon was my knowledge of advanced technology. Since this world evolved through magical aide, technology was lacking, I could use this fact to my advantage, but it would be no good if I forgot.

Thus I was self-studying.

There was a knock on my door.

“Come in.”

The one who came in was Lina. She brought a tray of tea with her.

“Young master are you obediently staying in your room~?”

She asked with such a happy smile. Actually it was a little creepy that she could smile like that. I know she was trying to act all innocent-like but Lina was anything but.

In fact I once caught her… doing some… ‘self study’ of her own.

Of course I kept that a secret from her. Though I do think it might be tough to stay abstinent for so long while working in a rural village. It’s not like I want her to go man hunting or anything but I think it might be beneficial for her mind.

So anyway, I didn’t really buy her ‘innocent’ act. I mean, really she was already 20 years old, it was way past her time to be pulling that cutesy act.

So I gave her a suspicious stare.

“A-Ara? You aren’t happy with me? Boohoo.”

She totally put ‘boohoo’ in there.

“Is this tea?”

I tried to change the topic. I thought it might take a bit more effort to do that but nope, she instantly recovered and started talking about tea.

“That’s right! It’s a new type of tea, one of the merchant people brought it from the capital a few days ago and gave us a bit~ it’s really good!”

I took a sip.

This is- earl grey? Well, I doubt it’s called that in this world but the taste was quite similar to what I remember as earl grey.

It wasn’t bad, though I prefer a more Japanese herbal tea myself.

“It’s pretty good.”

I gave a half-hearted compliment.

“Ahh~ young master just doesn’t get it~ tea is one’s soul!”

What was this brat talking about?

I call her ‘brat’ in my mind since she was at least a decade younger than me, mentally, at least.

Anyway I didn’t know that she was this much of a tea fanatic. Actually now that I come to think of it there are a lot of things I don’t know about the twins other than the fact that they work hard.

“Oya~? What’s this? Is young master interested in Lina’s breasts?”

Since my stature was small when I lowered my head in contemplation from the previous thought, my line of sight naturally fell to her breasts.

Speaking of her breasts, it really wasn’t that impressive. I thought all foreigners had a dynamite body back in my previous life but that dream has been long shattered.


“What! You sighed! You definitely sighed just now! Uuuu~!”

She was on the verge of tears; vexed that I sighed when she mentioned her breasts. It wasn’t like I was trying to imply she had a flat chest, in fact she had a wonderful set of B-cup breasts, it was just that my ideals about foreigners didn’t match up with reality.

That was why I sighed, but I guess she took it the wrong way.

“Ah, no- I think your breasts are cute?”

It ended up as a sort of question like compliment since I had no idea how to compliment a woman’s breasts without coming off as sexual harassment. Thank god I was in the body of a three year old or else I would have gotten sued.

“Cute?! Hmph I know I don’t have much of a chest but to say that they’re cute!”

“Ah, no I didn’t mean it like that, I meant to say that you have wonderful breasts.”


“Uh, yeah.”

This girl is way too energetic.

“Then please touch them!”


“Please touch them! You said that they were wonderful!”

A woman thrusting her chest at a four year old child, why do I feel like she should be arrested?

Normally the scene of a woman doing that would be a turn on for any man but- I don’t know, maybe it was because I saw her more as younger sister than a woman.

I tried to deny her request but she didn’t relent.

Having no choice I decided to massage her breasts a bit.

Hmm? This sensation…

I tried rubbing them around.

“Ahh~ young master you’re so rough~”

I ignored that.

But this sensation was similar to Kyouko’s.

As soon as that thought came to me I sighed once more.

“Ahh! Why did you sigh while in the middle of rubbing my breasts?!”

“I didn’t mean to-”


The door flung right open.

Standing there was Lena. She was expressionless as always but there was a rather dark aura about her.


She slowly started walking towards us.


No, that wasn’t me. That was Lina.

“Sister-dear, pray tell, what are you doing?”

“Ah- this is- I mean- you know- right young master?”

“Ehh? What’s this? I’m only three years old, I don’t know! Lina said I should rub these!”

I said with a smile.

“Ahh! Young master~ how could you?!”

Sorry, in the corporate world shifting blame was the norm, I hope you learn a lesson from this.


“Ah! No! you’re mistaken, Lena!”

I’d never have thought I’d ever see someone attempt the German Suplex in real life. It looked really painful up close.

Lina was in a daze on the ground.

Lena looked at me.

She gave a warm smile and hugged my head. Her breasts weren’t that much better compared to Lina, ah but she smelled nice.

“Was it scary, young master? Don’t worry the perverted deviant has been taken care of.”

Aha, she really doesn’t pull any punches.

“Aha, you must be tired after that. Here try some tea.”

I poured one into a spare cup. I was sure that this cup was supposed to be for Lina herself but she was out of commission right now so it should be fine.

“Thank you.”

Gracefully accepting the tea she took a few sips.

“Ah! That’s mine!”

Lina got up from the floor and was shaking Lena.

Lena who was holding the cup naturally spilled the contents over her clothes.

“Whoops, teehee~? Forgive me?”

In response to this Lena said nothing but performed more wrestling moves that I couldn’t even name.

It was rather impressive.

“Noo! It’s hurts! It hurts! I give! I give!”

Lina recovered and was now back to being as noisy as ever. Oddly, I didn’t feel any discomfort from their presence. It was rather soothing to see them get along so well.

While many people would see this scene and say that these siblings fight a lot, I can only say that they have a very strong relationship. Not pulling punches is another sign of trust.

As I resumed my work on various subjects Lena took a glance at some of the papers that were shewn about on the floor and tables.

“Young master this is?”

The paper she picked up was one of my blue prints of a ‘perpetual piston motion machine’. This world didn’t have any sort of electricity other than magic and natural phenomena, though it wasn’t like I wanted to create a light bulb or a car or anything.

I just fancied the idea of being able to create one. Besides, the piston wasn’t feasible anyway.

I tried to explain the concept to her, but as I thought it was too hard. Half way through I swear I could see steam coming out of her ears.

I don’t blame her, most people wouldn’t get it in my world either.

“Master, could it be?”

Lina crept up from the side of the table and was looking up at me.

Whoops, did I seem a little too suspicious with these papers? I don’t think my secret about reincarnation was found out though, it’d be a hard leap of faith to take.

“Could it be that you’re a genius?!”

Ah, so that’s the route you’re going to take? Okay, okay.

I gave her a warm smile and gently stroke her head.

“Wuh? Why are you treating me like a child.”

“It’s nothing I just felt like it.”

“Uuu~ being treated like a kid by a kid, I have mixed feelings about this.”

Well, dodged that question like a pro. Heh, don’t underestimate me, I spent the last 10 years at my corporation dodging questions left and right.

“But young master, I think my sister is right. I think you’re a genius.”

Lena dragged the conversation backed to that, still with her expressionless face.

“I think you’re overestimating me a little bit.”

“I don’t think so, this kind of idea, I’ve never seen even in the capital.”

“Capital? Did you live in the capital?”



Both of them had a serious expression and went silent. They tried to avert their gazes.

Well if they don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine. I don’t mean to pry any further than necessary.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.”

“Sorry, and thank you.”

Lena bowed.

“Lina~ Lena~ could you come down and help me with this?”

Mother called out to them from the first floor.

“Yes” x2

With that they both left the room.



Finally the day of my fourth birthday came.

I was celebrated by numerous people.

Mother, father, Sebastian, Lina, Lena, Ian, Ira, Irvin, Irene, the town’s guards, some of the villagers, the town’s chief.

A lot of people showed up to my party. Since there were so many people we had to hold the party outside. The cake was huge. It was larger than a wedding cake from my world.

I shuddered to think how much effort went into creating this masterpiece.

Was it really okay to eat this? I won’t get arrest for defacing a work of art?

Though it was mother who stabbed the cream sculpture with a crude knife and handed me the first slice of the cake.

It was pink and white. Really soft.

The texture was superb.

I can feel the sugar going to my head.

Ah. This was really nice.

“Happy birthday, Morgant!”

Ian and Ira came up to me with smiling faces.

“Thank you.”

“You know I really haven’t thanked you for rescuing me in the forest.”

“Don’t mention it, I got something good as compensation for that.”


Ian tilted his head a little in confusion. That’s to be expected, I haven’t told anyone about my little meeting with the demon lord.

“It’s nothing.”

“I see. Anyway we got you this.”

Ian gave me a wooden sword. It was crudely made and the clumsiness really showed. But the effort and dedication also exhibited.

Rather than a gift from a friend it felt like my son or grandson was giving me a crudely made craftwork. It was a special kind of charm.

I gave a small smile.

“Thanks. I’ll treasure it.”

“This too.”

Ira gave me red stone. I heard she had a hobby of collecting pretty things, so I could understand that giving me this was really something she thought was valuable. I didn’t hate it, the red tint that the stone gave off when placed under the sun’s rays was nice.

That being said, when I checked it with my UI it was just an ordinary colored stone.

“Thank you, Ira.”

I said and gently stroked her head.

She a little shorter than me so it wasn’t as awkward.

Next father came up to me and handed me a shiny new sword. It was just a bit bigger than me, actually it was at a size that could be perfectly held by an adult in one hand.

“It might be a bit too early giving you this but I’ve seen you put a lot of effort into swords practice so I think you deserve it.”

It was made of sturdy iron but was rather light considering.

Then my mother came up to me and handed me her present.

It was a small scarf. A bit unfitting of a growing boy, but it’s the thought that counts right?

“Thank you mother, father.”

I returned with a smile.

From Sebastian I received a golden pocket watch. I don’t think it was really made of gold but it was very pretty. This was arguably the most useful present since keeping time was a bit of a hassle for me.

“Thank you, this is great.”

“I’m glad you liked it, young master.”

Lina walked up to me and thrust her chest at me.

Err, Ms. Lina I don’t think this is the appropriate occasion to be doing such things. I appreciate the thought but…

“Just kidding.”


“Ahh~ you sighed again. Did you know this young master? Every time you sigh you lose a bit of your happiness.”

Oh? Did this world have that superstition too?

Anyway, Lina looked really proud of knowing that knowledge.

“Haaa, I see.”

“My present to young master is- my love. Kyah~”

She tried to kiss me and started drawing her lips closer…

To be frank it was a little creepy.

Just in time to save my chastity was Lena who pushed her face away.

“Young master this is a gift from us.”

It was a silver pendant in the middle of it was a red/black stone. Actually I could feel a bit of magic coming out of it.

“This looks valuable, is it really okay to take it?”


Lena nodded.

I stared at it. No, I concentrated on it.

When I did a familiar UI box came out.

[Shard of Tyrving]

+30 Strength

+30 Dexterity

+30 Intelligence

+30 Insight

[The shard pendant emits a noticeable aura to those who can perceive it].

This is… !

The first time I’ve seen such an RPG like item. +30 to all stats.

If I wear this then I can get a small glimpse of the effects of the individual stats. This was perfect.

However I’m a little concerned about how it mentions that the pendant emits an ‘noticeable aura’.

Certainly when I hold it I can feel a presence, but it is not like it’s a bad or good feeling. Just… a presence.

I look up at the Lina and Lena who are waiting in anticipation on what I think about their gift.

“Um, do you feel something when you hold this?”

I asked bluntly. They look rather surprised.

“No? does the young master?”

I shake my head.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to treasure this gift, thank you Lina, Lena.”

They smile back at me. Even Lena who was usually expressionless had a cute smile.

Haha, of course Lina’s smile was rather cute too, not creepy at all this time around.

I ‘equip’ the [Shard of Tyrving].

By that I mean put it around my neck.

When I do I can instantly feel power coursing through my body. It was similar to a feeling of adrenaline but more subtle.

After the gifts were done being delivered to me the party continued on.

While everyone was distracted I picked up a rock from my back yard. I thought maybe with the additional stats I could start crushing rocks, but perhaps I was being a bit too childish.

I wasn’t able to instantly burst the rocks like in the movies but I did make a visible crack in it. When I pressed on with both hands I was able to split it into two. This was something I couldn’t do before.

It was obvious but I didn’t make too big of an assumption on how the status worked. But still, this means that I can take most of these at face value?

Although I don’t think [intelligence] really reflects one’s IQ if it did my base [intelligence] stat would be much higher. I wasn’t trying to brag but find logic out of it. If I had to hazard a guess it would have to do with magic.

Anyway I opened up my status menu to see if the changes were truly applied.

Lo and behold it was.

[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 9


Strength: 35 (5+30)

Dexterity: 35 (5+30)

Intelligence: 35 (5+30)

Insight: 35 (5+30)

[Status point: 50]

If I just think about it in numeric values, I just gained 24 levels worth of stats.

Unfortunately I still don’t really understand what [insight] does.

As well as the [intelligence] stat being relatively useless to me since I could not use magic. Or rather I ‘chose’ not to use magic.

So I guess effectively I only gained 12 ~ 18 levels worth of stats.

Oh well, I should worry about this later.

Thinking that I returned to the venue.

I was congratulated by various people from the village. They were really happy about the new crop rotation system. Even the chief came up to me and talked a bit. He was in a good mood.

That was good.

It almost takes me back to when I had birthday parties back like this back in my previous world. I would gather friends and family and have a large celebration.

Well, I guess this was the same thing, just with different people.

The ones gathered here are now my new friends and families. My old ones can’t be replaced by that doesn’t mean I can’t make new ones.

With that I safely reached my fourth year in this world.

It might be nonsensical in the future so having moments like this really helps me.



I’ll now be starting the routine check up results for the members of my family.

First is mother.

It’s been about a month after my birthday and my mother’s stomach has really been visible.

To think I’ll be getting a new brother or sister.


I also had a younger brother in my previous life named Haruto that I had to frequently take care of when he was a baby, so I know all the ins and outs of child raising.

I don’t mean to sleight my parents but I’m not a normal child so it will be different this time around to when they were raising me.

Then again there is the possibility that this child will be a reincarnation but they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, although that’s a misconception the concept still stands.

In regards to my brother I left, I wonder how he’s doing. Since I was much older than him I was more of a father figure than a brother. He’s about 20 now so he should be fairly well off since both my parents and I were gone. The inheritance alone should suffice for his studies and life.

I think Kyouko will help him out as well so I shouldn’t worry too much.

Hmm, well I’ll be having a new duty to my sibling of this world.

Next my father has been in good health recently as well. He spends a lot of time with his co-workers since there isn’t too much going on around these parts. Although the peace is nice I kind of wish that something exciting happens more frequently.

Sebastian’s the same as always. That calm and superior demeanour hasn’t changed.

I’m not even sure he’s human with that superman like attitude. If someone asks him to do something he’ll do it, even if that request was to go half way around the world.

Anyway he’s also been in good health so there’s nothing to worry about.

Finally we have Lina and Lena…

“I’m going!”

“No! We have to stay here and fulfil our duties to our masters!”

Well, their physical health is pretty good…

What are they fighting about?

Well a few days ago a letter arrived to our residence addressed to Lina and Lena Trioz.

The contents of the letter was about how their mother had contracted a terminal illness and wishes for both of them to come see her in her last moments.

Such a tragic letter!

Lina is saying that she’s going to go but for some reason Lena doesn’t wish to. She keeps using us as an excuse not to go; about how they have a duty to serve us.

I personally think they should go but I’m sure Lena has her own circumstances about not going.

“How can you say that? She’s our mother!”

“That woman- that woman isn’t my mother!”


Lina slapped Lena. Her face was bright red, however it wasn’t Lena but Lina who was crying.

“She’s, she’s my mother! I won’t let you deny that!”

“You! How can you say that after what she’s done to you!”

“Please calm down the both of you!”

My mother tried to interject.

But while they were struggling Lina accidently knocked my mother over.





Sebastian, Father and I ran over to support her. I placed my hands on her stomach to make sure that there was no miscarriage.

Luckily I could still feel a movement.


Is what I said but when I turned towards Lina she had a grave, pale expression.

“What did you do!”

Lena shouted as she ran towards mother.

“I, I-”

I think Lina was on the verge of breakdown.

Trying to comfort her I tried to go near but she was trembling.


Before I could get to her she ran away.


I shouted but she didn’t stop.

“Father, I’ll go after Lina, please stay with mother!”

“I got it!”

With that I chased after her.

But I have to admit she was incredibly fast for someone wearing a maid outfit. Those frilly dresses should be really difficult to run in.

I don’t even see her anymore, despite the fact that she only ran out a few minutes ago.

I know I’m in a four year old’s body but still.

I had to run out of town before I caught up to Lina.


When I called out to her she was visible startled. She was shaking violently and stumbled backwards.

“Please, stay back, or I’ll hurt you too.”

“It’s okay, Lina. Mother and the baby are alright.”

“Noo- no-”

She wasn’t listening.

She dropped down and hugged her head.

Tears falling down her face.

“It’s okay, Lina.”

I gently stroke her head.


She sobbed, so I hugged her; rested her head on my small chest. It’s times like these I wish I had my original body.

“I’m sorry~ sorry.”


After she calmed down I decided to go with her to see her mother. I should’ve told my parents beforehand but Lina wasn’t stable enough to go back yet.

Not being able to leave her here I just thought I’d go with her.

“Sorry, young master. For you to have to accompany me like this.”

“It’s okay, I can’t leave you here by yourself either, but if you don’t mind can you tell me a bit why you and Lena fought?”

Since she’s feeling a little better I tried to pry into her circumstances a bit more. It wasn’t my usual style but I couldn’t bear to see her this upset. I took a minor is psychology during my previous life so after following standard procedure I acted as a counsellor.

Her expression got a little tenser but that was within expectation.

“Our mother was- she worked in the red light district. We don’t know our father, but I heard he was mother’s customer.”

While tearing up she continued to tell me her story.

How her mother was never there.

That she was always ‘working’.

That she always brought another man home even after work.

How their mother tried to abandon them many times.

Eventually when they were abandoned at the age of 6 it was at the worst possible time.

Lina had fallen ill due to a plague that was sweeping the nation, and when her mother couldn’t bear the sight she just left them, never to return.

Lena had never forgiven her mother for that, which was why she was so adamant about not even acknowledging her as their mother.

It was honestly all pretty heavy stuff.

All I could do was stay close to Lina’s side as she cried like a child.

“Young master, please keep this a secret. Even I don’t want people to know what kind of life I had.”

I nodded.

“Thank you.”

We decided to walk to the capital and hitchhike if we came across any carriages.

It was my first time stepping out of the town. Unless you include my little excursion into the forest a year ago. In any case I seemed to be visibly excited to see beyond the town since Lina commented on my situation.

“Huhu, are you excited young master?”

“Ah, no.”

I let my true nature get revealed, how shameful.

Luckily Lina had prepared some money for travel, well she wasn’t exactly dim, she was rather smart when it came to worldly things like this.

We could stop by other towns on the way to lodge for the night.

Since the road was pretty open there was nearly no chances of monster attacks, so it was just a straight walk.

The place we were going to go was the northern capital.

It might be abrupt but I’ll try to explain how this country operates.

This country is known as the [Ariadyne Tetrarchy].

As the name implied there were four rulers.

An interesting concept, however it had been done in my original world as well during the third to fourth century Rome.

The basic gist of it was that there were four co-dependent feudal lords that oversaw the government of the entire Ariadyne Continent.

As such the four corresponding Tetrarch houses were:

The [Mil Avon Ariadyne] who ruled over the northern territory of the continent.

The [Crow Xix Ariadyne] that governed the Western lands.

[Gladestone Lux Ariadyne] that managed the Southern states.

Finally the [Ra Lue Ariadyne] family that oversaw the Eastern part of the continent.

Karta Village was located on the northern part of Ariadyne as such we were under the jurisdiction of the Mil Avon family. Luckily they were a close friend of our; Fallon Family.

Lina’s mother stayed in the Northern capital so that’s where we were headed.

It would take three days to get to the northern capital by carriage, six or seven days if we walked. Perhaps four days with a combination of both.

Luckily we were able to hitch a ride by a friendly driver who was travelling to the next town. He had given us a ride.

A real horse driven cart! I never thought I’d see, no I did think I’d see it later on but this was so unexpected. I got excited again.

I admit I enjoyed the ride for a full three hours, then it got boring real fast.

It was obvious now, but I was mesmerized by the carriage I forgot how uncomfortable and slow it would be.

Would I be considered ungrateful if I said that this was horribly slow compared to a modern car?

I feel I should be forgiven for that comment.

Sitting next to me was Lina who had a deep contemplative expression as she looked out the carriage into the distance.


I stared at her.

When she noticed my glance she smiled.

Ah. She looked really cute just now.

I think I blushed because my face felt hot. I averted my gaze.


She rested her head on my lap.

“Huhu, young master is cute.”

“Geez, Lina is really lax. If you continue to act this way-”

“If I continue to act this way?”

“… I’ll have to attack you.”

“Oh, how dangerous, young master is getting to that age now.”

I gently stroke her head that was now resting on my lap. I’ve been doing this quite a bit recently, it’s not like I’m doing it particularly because I’m looking down on her, but simply because it feels good to do so.

Her hair is soft so I like touching it. Ah, I feel like I might awaken to a new fetish.

Must restrain myself.

If I grow up to be a deviant I’m going to make her take responsibility.

When we arrived at the nearest village it was a bit bigger than Karta. For starters this place had a functional inn, which also doubled as a tavern.

When we entered my eyes darted all over the place.

This was-!

This was it!

This really was something straight out of an RPG. Adventurers equipped with armours and weapons. I saw some elves. Some people of the half-beast race.

I even saw a fairy flying around.

The place was noisy and smelled of alcohol but it was undoubtedly full of life.

I had big dumb smile plastered on my face because I couldn’t contain my excitement. Even if I wanted to stop myself I was beyond the point of no return.

“Because you’ve lived in a peaceful village all your life, a place like this really stimulates your adventurous spirit doesn’t it, young master?”

“Ah. I can’t deny that.”

Rather than my ‘adventurous spirit’ it was stimulating at my inner eight year old.

I mean the inner eight year old from my previous life. The me who spent all night playing Dragon Quest and monster hunter.


That wasn’t me, I think.

It was probably Lina.

“Aha, should we buy something to eat first?”

Well I wasn’t the one with money so that was her decision, but by the looks of it she was hungry.


Even though this tavern reeked of alcohol and smoke the food was surprisingly good.

Lina ordered something that resembled and smelled like hamburger steak.

The sight of her happily eating that steak was rather cute, she really was like a younger sister to me.

“Ahnt oou ooing oo order anyfing, ooung mashtah?”

She asked with her mouth full.

‘Aren’t I going to order anything?’

“Don’t speak with your mouth full, it’s unsightly.”


I turned to the counter where the tavern keep was conversing with some people. I lightly interrupted.

“Excuse me, could I have some of that fruit?”

I pointed towards the fruit that closely resembled grapes.

“Here you go.”

He gave me about a small bowl’s worth.

“Could I also have a cup?”

He gave me a small glass cup.

“Is that all you’re going to have young master?”

“Yeah, I don’t feel all that hungry anyway.”

“That’s no good, you have to eat since you’re a growing boy.”

I lightly tapped her head and pointed towards her steak to urge her to continue eating.

Though she seemed slightly interested in what I was going to do with the fruit.

Though I did have some doubts as to whether this would work. While they look and smell like grapes, it doesn’t meant that they are.

I took one and ate it.

Yep, grapes.

Well I guess this would work then.

I lightly casted [Wither] on the grapes causing it to rot. Lina tilted her head since she didn’t know what I was doing.

“That’s amazing, young master. What kind of magic is that?”

She probably didn’t know about necromancy. It would be a bit troublesome to tell her about it as well. I lied and told her it was a light fire magic.

I then squeezed all the grapes’ juices into the small glass cup and lightly stirred it.

Then I took a small sip.

Yep. Wine.

While wine might not be too good for a child’s body I could always regulate the negative effects of it using my necromancy. It wasn’t a problem.

But I have to say that I really missed this flavour and texture.

Of course it wasn’t the same. Ideally I would want to keep this in a cellar for a few more years but I didn’t have that luxury.


When I turned to see what was making that noise I saw Lina was choking on a piece of the steak.

I hesitantly offered her some of the wine.

“Keh! Cough! Cough! What’s this?! So bitter!”

While we never had anything like wine in our house. I do think that the concept of wine does exist in this world but it was probably only for upper nobles to enjoy.

Lina who didn’t know about it drank it.

I actually haven’t seen her drink any forms of alcohol at all. This was probably a bad idea since she likely had low alcohol resistance.

“Are you feeling okay, Lina?”

“Mmmmmmmm~ What’s this young master you care about me so much?”

So fast!

Was she already drunk?

“Ah, wait here Lina, I’ll go get you some water.”


After briefly leaving my seat and getting water when I returned she wasn’t even there.

I left my post for literally only thirty seconds!

“What’s that missy?!”

“I shaid you’re a whimp!”

“You’ve done it now!”

She was provoking a man twice her stature! What a terrible drunk!”

The man was bald but wore a metal suit and had a two handed sledge hammer.

“Ahh! Please stop!”

I ran in to stop her.

“Young mashta~ oh, right. Look ‘ere, this young mashta can beat you up!”

What’s this fool saying?!

“Puahahaha! This puny little child? Beating me up?”

Mm?! puny! Tch, let’s see how strong you are.

I concentrated a little bit.

[Neil. Level 14, Adventurer(Warrior)]

What? Only level 14?

This guy was only level 14 and he was acting so tough? I know I’m only level 9 but still, this fool who was a grown man was only level 14.

Although it was probably a bad idea to continue this ridiculous charade. It was best to just rent a room and put her to sleep before any collateral damage starts accumulating.

“Sorry, she’s a little drunk, please forgive her.”

“Heh, you little brat, do you think I’ll let her get away with mocking me?”

“Pahaha! Whatsh there to mock! You’re weak!”

She wouldn’t just shut up would she.

“Grr- Hmph, whatever, since you have a nice body I’ll forgive everything you just said. If you sleep with me. Heeeheeeheee.”

Wow, I’ve never seen someone fit the bill of a scumbag so perfectly.

I thought Lina would probably lash out so I was bracing myself for that but she didn’t.

When I turned towards her tears were falling down. That man’s words probably reminded her about the kind of life her mother lived.


“What’s wrong, you getting cold feet now? I’m not giving up~”

The man reached forward, particularly towards her breasts. You should stop there, it wasn’t anything that great, though it’s probably not the most appropriate time to say that.


She slapped the man’s hand out of the way and ran out the tavern.

That wasn’t good, she was drunk as well.

I immediately followed her.

I thought I might be a repeat of what happened earlier but it doesn’t look like that was going to be the case. She was just crouching down near a tree.


“No, no, no, no-”

She whispered.

“Hehehe, what’s this you didn’t even run that far.”

The large man came following after us.

“Please stop.”

I said, I don’t think at this point I can mediate this any further, if it devolves into a brawl I think I can win. Even though this man looks tough he had the same level as the town guards.

“Get out of the way brat, I’m not letting that woman go.”

“I’m not moving. If you really want her you’ll have to get through me.”

“Young- master?”

“Hmph, I’m giving you one chance here boy. Don’t tempt me any further Id hate to harm children.”

I sense clear bloodlust coming from his eyes.

Certainly it’s not like I don’t understand that man’s anger. His honour has been insulted, to save face he needs to do something rash. Or so I assume that’s how his mind is operating.

That being said, I’m not going to stand idly by and let Lina’s chastity get violated by this man.


The man raises his hammer at me.

Lina is clearly too tired to move so I can’t avoid it.

He’s going to bring down the hammer.

Then there’s only one thing I can do in this situation.

I start running towards the man.

Since his stature is so big I can easily get below his center of gravity. This was the one time I was thankful for having such a small body.

The man probably didn’t expect me to have any power, and honestly I didn’t think I had enough power as well.

I kicked the man’s legs and he fell down backwards.

It was probably because of the extra stats from the [Shard of Tyrving] that I was able to do this. Anyway, I didn’t waste this opportunity.

[Life Drain], of course using it outright would be suspicious so I slowly drained his health at a level not noticeable. Although he was an adult, being only level 14 he most likely didn’t have much experience.

I also touch his hammer for a little bit and casted [Decay] to a point where I can easily break it.

It’s not like I have any either, I’m just using my head to fight, none of this is on instinct.

Because of this there are times when my reaction speed is slow.

The man draws back and stands up once more.

“Grrr-! you little brat! I’m going to kill you!”

There are people gathering behind the scene. They aren’t going to help.

I don’t know if it’s because they don’t care that a child is being beaten up or if it was because the man in front of me was that intimidating. Either way, I think with this my victory was decided.

“Try it.”

I taunted him with a malicious smile. Of course, everything was calculated.


The man swings down his hammer.

I timed my fist to match the speed of his swing.

When I saw an opportunity I used my right hand to punch away the hammer.

As I did the hammer burst into pieces and went flying in all directions.


The man was stunned. His weapon broken; the fight was over.

No, that’s not true, just because one’s weapon was gone doesn’t mean the victor was declared. The man went into a blind rage and started to throw punches. Luckily for me those punches were heavily telegraphed.

I don’t think he was ever involved in a straight up fist brawl with someone his own strength.

I was able dodge only because of my training with my father and the experience I accumulated during my expedition into the forest.

Avoiding his easy punches I move in closer and tap his armour a few times before disengaging from his location.

I lightly casted [Decay] a few times there as well.

“You should give up now. You already lost.”

The man’s breath is haggard. He has so little stamina that it wasn’t funny. I kept my movements at the most optimum level so I wasn’t that tired.

The man on the other hand expended energy by throwing out heavy punches and missing.

“You insolent little brat!”

He came at me. Once again avoid his strikes I moved in and destroyed the armour he was wearing.

When the pieces of what was once his armour fell to the ground the man was stark naked.


“Hahaha! What’s that!”

“That’s so cute!”

The onlookers started to mock the large warrior.

Certainly his … ‘package’ was cute.

It must have been humiliating for him. He was clearly angry but he didn’t pursue me any further and just ran away.

I think I may have made an enemy today, but if I continue to grow at this pace I’m confident I can take him on at any time in the future.

[You have gained a level].

That annoying UI box appeared once more.

So you can gain levels even if you don’t kill. That’s good to know.

However no wasn’t the time to think about that, so I dismissed the message.

I turned back to Lina.

She was a bit drowsy so I don’t think she registered what just happened.

“Lina, you’re tired, it’s time to sleep.”

“… yes.”


I guided Lina back to the tavern and rented a room. We didn’t have to much money so we could only afford a room with one bed. I laid her down and came back downstairs.

Everyone stared at me and was whispering things.

‘He just beat Neil!’

‘Really? That kid?’

‘Is he human?’

Things like that. It wasn’t anything bad or slandering so I let it go.

I decided to take a walk outside in the cold night’s air.

It was the first time that I fought with another human.

I won’t say anything like ‘it was a piece of cake’ or anything arrogant like that. Because in truth it wasn’t, it was actually quite tiring, both mentally and physically. It could be because it was my first fight and that I was only in the body of a four year old.

I understood then that I won’t be able to fight like this further; only using my head to fight. Battle was more than just strategy. It was tactics, skill and instinct.

I looked up towards the sky and gazed at the large, bright, white moon.

“It’s a lovely moon isn’t it.”

A man’s voice.

When I turned to the direction of the voice I noticed a man presumably in his 20s? I wasn’t entirely sure since his face was covered behind a white mask. His voice seemed to be a man in his 20s.

It was a laughing mask with a tear drop painted beneath the left eye.

From my instincts alone I could tell that this man was probably not human. His demeanour carried an air like a noble’s but an aura of maliciousness like a monster.

I concentrated a bit to figure out his name.

[Kyrios. Level 97. Vampire Lord].


I subconsciously take a few steps back.

This person was level 97 and a vampire lord at that. Have I met the final boss already?! No wait, the final boss would be Astaroth. She’s stronger than him too.

“Hmm, you seem to be aware of who I am. Odd, I casted [Aura of ignorance] on myself so humans shouldn’t easily realize who I am.”

[Aura of ignorance]? Certainly there was something like that beneath his name.

There are three types of skills. [Active], [Passive] and [Augment]

For [Passive] and [Augment] skills they are shown beneath a person’s title as small icons.

In this person’s case it was like this.

[Kyrios. Level 97. Vampire Lord].

(Aura of Ignorance)

(Aura of the Vampire Lord)

If I concentrate harder I can ‘inspect’ those skills to get a better idea of them.

[Aura of Ignorance: the user’s presence is concealed and ignored by those who are much lower in level]

[Aura of the Vampire Lord: the user generate a power aura that periodically damages nearby enemies and heals nearby allies]

What is that?!

I want it!

No wait, perhaps I should take a more dignified approach towards him. I won’t win through power anyway so maybe with my words.

“Huhu, you can’t fool me Vampire Lord Kyrios.”

I try to make a malicious smile. Take that! It’s the skill I learned to intimidate corporate executives during negotiations!


Well, I don’t know how effective that was since he was wearing a mask. To think that a mere mask was this effective, I think I should start wearing one as well.



“Puhahahaha! What’s this? What’s this? How did you know who I was? As expected of someone chosen by Lord Astaroth, you really a interesting!”

Didn’t his character just take a dive? What’s going on here?

Seriously, is the catchphrase within the demon lord army ‘You’re interesting’?

At the very least he doesn’t seem like he’s going to turn into an enemy anytime soon.

“You really caught me off guard there. Please, tell me your name.”

“Morgant Fallon.”

“Morgant- alright, I’ll remember that.”

Anyway I think he said something about being ‘chosen’ by the demon lord? I don’t remember that coming up anytime during the conversation I had with her.

I’ll ask.

“Hey, you said something about being ‘chosen’ by the demon lord, what do you mean by that?”

“Hmm? What, you don’t know?”


“Uh, it’s that you know. That.”

Even if you say ‘that’, I don’t know.


I just stared at him blankly.

“I think humans call it ‘marriage’?”

“Pff- kehk, Cough, Cough.”

Marriage?! No, no, no, no, no. I have no intentions of marrying a loli.

Or rather is the demon lord one of those? Shotacon?

“I-I don’t remember ever agreeing to something like that.”

“Ah, I know what you mean but our lord usually does as she pleases with or without your consent.”

Ugh, certainly she does have that vibe to her.”

“Well, it’s not something you need to worry about right now, she won’t act on that promise in the near future.”

Kyrios tries to reassure me, but even then she’ll do it someday right?

But, why me? I’m a little bit special, I won’t deny that, after all I am reincarnated, but she shouldn’t know that.

“Hey, why did she chose me? I’m just a human you know.”

“Could it be you don’t even realize your own potential?”

“My own ‘potential’?”

“You’re different from other humans.”

“Well I got that part, I might be a little bit different than others but surely that wouldn’t be enough to want me as a husband right?”

“Our lord, Astaroth possesses a special ability. She is able to perceive people’s ‘destinies’. If you were chosen then sometime in the future you will become something great.”

“Hmm, is that how it is?”

I make a complicated face. I feel like I was told a huge spoiler about my life further ahead, but is this a good thing or not?

No use trying to continue this conversation, I don’t think I’ll get more answers about why the demon lord was so adamant about me.

Thinking I wanted to changed the topic, Kyrios does that for me.

“I saw you fight that man earlier today, it was some impressive feat for someone as young as you.”

“Ah, you think so? Thanks.”

I get the feeling that he’s smiling under than mask, and it’s not a pleasant one.

“What kind of technique was it? It was the first time I’ve seen it.”

I guess I can tell him. It’s not like I was hiding my necromancy, well I was, but since he isn’t human I don’t think there’ll be a problem.

Besides if he truly wanted to know he’d ask Astaroth.

I’ve decided for now that Astaroth isn’t an enemy so I don’t believe there’s any harm in telling him who is under her command.

“That was [Necromancy].”

“Necromancy? I’ve heard of this. The special technique used to manipulate ‘life force’. Hmm, strange I thought only liches and their kind could use it.”

Actually it looked like Astaroth didn’t have much knowledge on necromancy either. Could it be that it was that rare?

“Yeah, but in exchange for this power I can’t use normal magic.”

Most people can learn magic if they tried. Even if it wasn’t to a proficient level they could learn basic magic like [fire bullet] or [ice bullet].

However I wasn’t able to do that. The entire concept of magic was denied to me.

I’ll say this straight out but [Necromancy] isn’t actually magic.

It’s the manipulation of ‘life force’ whereas magic is the manipulation of ‘mana’.

I suppose there are pros and cons about this. For example if there was some sort of anti-magic field I could still use necromancy.

“I see, a shame too, I sense that you had considerable potential in magic.”


Dammit if I knew that then-

Well, I might not have chosen magic in that case either but still, I would have been able to make a more informed choice. Bah, it’s too late now to cry over spilt milk.

“Whatever, anyway you came to talk to me because you had something to say right?”

“Oh, you could tell?”

Of course I could tell. How many years do you think I’ve worked as a corporate slave? I know when people come up to me for something.

“Yeah, sort of.”

“I see, truly as expected. Very well then, I have a simple request.”


“Yes, a subordinate of mine was in the Northern Capital for a mission, but it seems during her stay there a young girl was captured and framed for a mistake made by my subordinate.”

“So what you’re saying is you want me to help that girl?”

“You catch on fast. But yes, that’s the basic gist of it.”

“I’ll at least hear the briefing.”

“The girl’s name is Elise Noire, while my subordinate was on a protection mission but it ended up with the death of a Duke, however the girl was framed for the murder.”

Eh, what kind of missions do you guys do that results in the death of a Duke? I thoughts demons stayed out of human affairs.

“It wasn’t as though we were trying to concern ourselves with human affairs, the victim was killed by one of his own kind.”

As if to read my mind he comments.

So he was killed by another human?

Then this was just after care?

“She’s just a normal human girl right? Why do you want to help her?”

“It seems you think that we demons are heartless, but that’s not true. We made a mistake and wish to fix the problem. That’s all.”

“I’ll see what I can do, but I have my own business to do there as well so don’t expect too much from me.”

“I appreciate your assistance. I’ll transfer control of one of my minions to you when you get there.”

Did he even hear what I said? I have my own business.

“How old is the girl?”

“She’ll be seven this year.”

Hmm, she’s young, but to be framed for murder, that’s no good. Although I’m not the type to prod into other people’s business, after hearing that I don’t think I can just stand idly by either.

Sigh, I guess my work load this trip has increased.

“In any event, I hope to hear good news from you soon.”

With that he disappeared in a similar shadowy effect to the one Astaroth used.


According to the watch I received from Sebastian I slept at 3AM yesterday.

I didn’t think I spent so much time talking to Kyrios.

After waking up I checked the time; it was 7AM.

I only slept four hours. Although perhaps it’s because of my RPG like ability but, sleeping for about four hours is all I need to regain my full stamina.

So I don’t feel any sort of fatigue.

Lina on the other hand.

“Uugh~ why does my body feel so heavy?”

She had a terrible face.

A hangover from the alcohol she had yesterday. To be honest it wasn’t even that much, about a small cup’s worth, but she didn’t have any tolerance to alcohol so it wasn’t too surprising.

As for me, even if I did drink it I could regulate the alcohol in my body using necromancy. It sure was convenient when it came to these things.

“How are you feeling?”

I know it was a stupid question but I asked anyway. I would feel rather annoyed if someone asked me that question while I was in that state, but Lina tried to smile albeit horribly and answered my question.

“Sorry, young master~ I don’t feel that well.”

“I see, here’ s a drink.”

Knowing that this would happen I brought a drink from downstairs.

“Thank you.”

The best way to recover from a hangover is to have a heavy breakfast.

“I think you should eat breakfast, you should feel much better if you do that.”

“Is, is that so? Then I’ll do as you say.”

For breakfast I had toast and some kind of strawberry jam. It wasn’t bad.

I made sure Lina had some heavy breakfast. Toast, eggs, bacon, sausage.

She was a little be taken aback seeing me eat so little while she was eating a lot but I told her not to mind. When she was still feeling a little abashed I gave her an order instead and then she happily consumed down the large quantity food.

“Uuu~ I think I’m feeling much better. You were totally right, young master.”

“I know. I’m always right so don’t oppose what I say.”

“Huhu, how mischievous young master. Perhaps your intentions were to make me fat?”

What would I gain from doing that.

After breakfast we packed up the little things we had and left the tavern. It was just a straight walk towards the capital and the roads were open so there wasn’t too much to worry about.

It might be a bit sudden but recently I’ve been training my new skill [Transfer life].

At level one it was 1:1 ratio of healing and damage. I would receive the same amount of damage as I healed the target. That was horribly inefficient.

I learnt that levelling up the skill will make the ratio become more bearable.

I’ve been practicing on nearby trees every time we take a break.

Currently it’s at level 5.

So the ratio was 5:1.

In numeric terms every 5 hp I heal it only takes 1 hp of mine.

At most healing a small cut I feel only a little bit of pain.

I should try to level it up as much as I can, I want to make it at least 10:1 by the end of the trip.


It’s been about four days since the initial journey began. We were able to hitch various rides so we made it here quite faster than scheduled.

I just hope nothing bad happens when we reach there. However since the Mil Avon family was supposed to be close friends with my father I might be able to gain their aid if things turn dicey.

Now, we were now only a few kilometers away from the Northern Capital.

I could see the walls of the city from my distance.

“Look! Look! Young master! It’s the northern capital!”

She jumped for joy as we were approaching. I wonder who was supposed to be the child here?

“Yes, yes. Calm down. We’ll be there soon.”

“Boooring~ young master is boring! You should show some more excitement!”

The structure of the city from what I can tell is that it was in a circular shape, closed off by walls.

Next to the city was the ocean, so naturally there was a port as well.

The structure of the buildings were vaguely western. Castle like structures were protruding over the high 10 meter walls surrounding the city.

I could sense a great deal of culture from this place. I was starting to get excited, but I didn’t let it show since it would only make Lina more annoying than usual.

I hear a lot of adventurers frequent this town because of its boastful market. Blacksmiths, armorsmiths, alchemists, merchants, inns, taverns.

Everything was there.

I’m looking forward to it.

But before I forget I have two objectives to complete there.

The first is to make sure Lina is reunited with her mother.

The second is to rescue Elise Noire. I still don’t have a solid plan regarding her rescue. I can’t just simply break into the prison and escape with her, that itself would be a criminal act and I don’t want to interfere too much with the legal system here.

I don’t really understand it all that well so it would not be a good idea.

My intentions were meeting with the Tetrarch of this city.

I heard it from father but the Tetrarch of this city was someone named [Rodric Mil Avon Ariadyne]. If I can get an audience with them I might just be able to do something concerning Elise Noire’s case.

Well, first things first.

It’s time to reunite a parent and child.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 10


Strength: 35 (+30)

Dexterity: 35 (+30)

Intelligence: 35 (+30)

Insight: 35 (+30)

[Status point: 55]

[Skill menu]

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 5

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 15

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 5

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 3

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 8

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 1

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