Ascension Rebirth – Till we meet again (Chapter 36)

Ascension Rebirth – Till we meet again



That night I was visited by a rather malignant apparition that took the form of a certain businessman.

I’ve lost track on how many times I was summoned to this nauseating white void. It’s not so much as the void itself that makes me distraught it’s the white coloration that’s just so ‘in your face’ that it agitates me.

To compound that convulsive feeling, there’s always a ghost of my past ready to lecture me on what I need to do. If you thought being told to do something was inane and droll try imagine being told off by yourself. It’s like if in a chess game a computer criticized every move you made and then times that by 30 or so.

“I was pretty happy during the two years that you didn’t show up, but here you are, to ruin everything.”

“Hmph, you’ve gotten cocky.”

He says while pushing up his glasses with his right hand. I’m actually quite jealous because even in this space where everything should be imaginary or so I assume, I don’t have my right arm.

He smirks at me sarcastically as if to taunt me of that fact.

“You want to start something?”

“I don’t hit children.”

“Oh? That’s a surprise, I thought you were the boogie man that hides under all children’s beds and haunts them into nervous ticks by reciting TPS reports and explaining to them that their economic prosperity has a 36% chance of continuing to adulthood under the current government regime…”


“Anyway, it seems you’ve made the decision to leave.”

This guy can’t even take a joke. Was I really that stone faced, god I can’t believe that I’ve been so much of a prick. I wonder if anyone talked behind my back; can’t blame them though, after talking to myself I would.


“Yeah, I admit I would rather stay here but that wouldn’t be the most optimal decision. I have an obligation to fulfill.”

“So you say but your current actions resemble that of every cartoon villain in history. What are you trying to do really? Gain ultimate power? Become God? What then? World domination?”

“Why are you criticizing me? What else would you rather have me do? I don’t see you with a better plan.”

He smirks one more time.

“Nothing, I was just testing you. To see if you really wanted to fulfill your duties or just wanted ultimate power. I can tell from your voice that you have determination.”

“Hmph, whatever.”

“You probably won’t see me for a while after this, but don’t rejoice too quickly, I’ll return immediately when you lose track of yourself.”

“You don’t need to tell me that. Please don’t show up even if I screw up. You’re the last person I want to see during such times.”

He roughs up my hair in just the perfect way to mess it up to the maximum degree.

“I’ll be watching you. Oh, just one last thing. About your arm, you may want to visit [Gladsheim] for that.”

Like being dragged out from under water, I was plunged out of the white void with those last words.

By the time I had realized it, I was back in my bed. I don’t even remember going back to sleep or when I ever came back from Lilith’s flower shop.

These last few days were so tiring, but it’s no time for rest as things will most likely get even more hectic.

Gladsheim huh? If there’s one place in the world that could fix my arm it would be Gladsheim. I wouldn’t put it past the capabilities of 26th century science after all.


I felt something wriggling around in my bed.

When I slightly pulled up the blankets I saw Alice’s sleeping figure curled up into a ball shape and clinging onto the hem of my shirt.


She sneezed cutely as the cold air rushed to her exposed legs.

I couldn’t help but get a good chuckle out of that.

I decided to put the blanket back onto Alice. Today was my last day at the orphanage after all. I guess it won’t hurt to spoil her just for today.

I stroke her silky blonde hair as she was sleeping; I could feel the warmth and softness of her greatly preserved hair.

To think she’s actually the Goddess [Morrigan]. In most records she’s usually portrayed as cruel or manipulative, but seeing her like this I couldn’t even begin to imagine it.

If she would only stay this cute forever, then I wouldn’t have to worry as much for the future. I guess I can’t be helped, that’s just how it is in this world, no use arguing with the inevitable.


The time for me to leave had come and Enrich was waiting in a carriage by the roadside of the ever snowing port town.

Many of the children, Diana and Miko were there to see me off. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to make Enrich wait in the car.

Diana held me as she cried a bit.

“You have to be safe, okay?”

“I understand, you don’t have to worry that much Diana. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I keep thinking back to that night that you found me; if not for you I would’ve died alongside the cold snowy road. There really is nothing I can do to ever make it up to you. Thank you, Diana.”

She hugged me even tighter.

“You brat, to be leaving so soon. Well, just be careful out there, you don’t know what kind of monsters or enemies will be waiting for you.”

Miko tells me. I can see that behind the tough persona she’s really a softie and is worried about me a lot.

Out of everyone here, I owe my life to her the most. One day I will come back to help her whenever she needs it.

“Miko. One day I will repay everything you’ve done for me, so you have to stay safe till then too okay?”

“Hah, you don’t have to tell me that!”

She roughs up my hair to hide her embarrassment.

All the other children that I’ve met also come to say their goodbyes. These are all good children and I hope that they can do well in their lives after graduating from this orphanage.

For their sake I will make sure that the world does not end.

Finally the last three children come up to me.

Ren averts his gaze a bit, but I feel that he isn’t exactly mad, just that he doesn’t know how to face me. I guess I can be the adult and start off.

“Ren. I’m really sorry for what I said to you the other day. I didn’t really mean it, I just didn’t want you to get hurt following me.”

“… I know. You don’t have to tell me, I was also acting like a spoiled brat so I guess that makes us even. Just promise me you’ll wait until I… until we all come for you.”

I pause for a moment at his words. I see, so they’ve decided to follow me in the end. If in the future they become strong enough and I can really face them as adults then I will reciprocate their feelings, but for now I guess this is the best choice.

Alice is a bit fidgety, on the verge of tears as well but she’s trying really hard not to cry.


I think she’s trying to call out my name but wasn’t able to by the tears she’s trying to hold back.

“Bahh! Morgant!”

To my surprise it was Celina who burst out in tears and jumped on me, using my shirt to blow her nose in the process.

“Don’t leave!”

I patted her head as she clung on.

“I’m sorry Celina. I’m sure we’ll meet again in the future; when you’ve all grown up into splendid adults you will get the chance to find me.”

“MMMM! Morgant~!”

I guess it can’t be helped.

“Here Celina, until we meet again, hold onto this for me.”

I place in her hands a golden pocket watch that I received for my fourth birthday. It was one of the few relics I managed to hold onto after the incident. It’s a very important piece of memory, but I feel like I can trust it in her hands.

“This watch helped me become who I am today, so if you hold onto it, I’m sure you will also learn what it means to be an adult.”

She looks at the pocket watch. It’s fairly large for her size so it fits like a tennis ball in her palms.

She then gives me a nod and draws it close to her chest.

“… Okay. I’ll try my best Morgant so wait for me.”

I pat her head once more.

“That’s a good girl. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Then Alice came up to me timidly. She didn’t burst out into tears but I could see tears falling down.


She placed my left hand on her head to indicate that she wanted to be patted as well.

Ah~ how cute.

“You be safe too, okay Alice?”

She gave me a timid nod.

I noticed that she still had my hairpin.

“Alice, that hairpin belonged to someone very precious to me. The one person in this world I wanted to meet the most but was never able to. That’s why it’s so important to me, but I’m trusting you to hold onto it. Please take care of it for me, okay?”

“… Okay.”

Trying to hold back her tears she nods again.

“Thank you, Alice. As long as you have that, it will be like I never left.”

She hugs me with all her might one last time.

I reciprocate and accept her embrace.

After a while she gently pushes me away and steps back.

She really has grown stronger, I can’t wait to see what she will become in the future.

Finally Ren.

I did prepare something for him, though I was a little hesitant on giving it to him. However he has shown great maturity and growth over these couple of days, so I think it will be safe to leave this with him.


I call out to him.

He flinches as he hears his name. He walks out and stands in front of me.

“Morgant… I’ll try my best. I’ll become stronger so I won’t be a burden the next time we meet and I will earn my place next to you. No, in fact I will become stronger than you! I will become so strong that you won’t be able to reject me next time! So prepare yourself!”

I could only chuckle at his resolve. Yes, if it’s him then I can trust him with this.

I pull out a piece of paper out of my [inventory] and hand it over to him.

He takes it and opens it, but doesn’t really understand what it is.

“What is this?”

He asks me.

“That is the blueprints for a weapon that can cause great destruction and suffering in the wrong hands. As far as I know if you utilize that and improve on it, eventually it can become much more powerful than any magic.”

The thing I gave him was a simple blueprint for a pistol, though knowing him he will likely improve on the design and in the future who knows what he will create out of it.

In this world where there are dangers at every corner this is perfect. For a race that cannot use magic and has to rely solely on machinery to survive that weapon is the most suitable for him.

“I’m trusting you Ren, that you will use this responsibly.”

He looks up to me in surprise but regains his composure.

He gives me a solid nod.

“Okay Morgant. I will do my best to live up to your trust.”

“Thank you Ren.”

After saying my goodbyes I take a few steps away from the orphanage. Looking at it from a distance it’s actually pretty small, but it’s very cosy and tight.

A perfect family.

As I leave they all shout to me.

“Good luck Morgant!”

Even I felt like I was about to cry. In order to not break my façade I didn’t look back but lifted my hand and waved back at them.

“Are you ready to leave?”

The first thing that Enrich says as soon as I get on is that.

“… Yeah. Let’s go.”

With that I finally left the orphanage.


Before leaving the continent of [Vertloch] we decided to go to the capital; [Vertloch Skyreach] in order to report to [Astaroth] what was going to be happening.

“Hmm, so this is the capital.”

Peering out the window in fascination, Enrich comments. Was it his first time here? That’s a surprise considering he’s [Kyrios’] underling.

“Didn’t Kyrios ever bring you here?”

“I was invited to come a few times but unfortunately I never could find the right time.”

“I see.”

Being Kyrios’ underling must be tiring. I liken it to working for a James bond villain company; always going out to gather intel and plot political espionage.

As we arrived at the [Sanctuary] we were met by the guards. This time they immediately recognized me and let me through. They did stop to check Enrich out for a bit but let him through as well when he showed them the [crest of the vampire lord].

I met up with [Deborah] the were-wolf on the way and once more I found myself standing before the large double sided iron doors. It’s at times like these I remember that I’m actually on the side of the [demon lord].

Normally when the protagonist of a story arrives at the demon lord’s castle and stands before the gate of the demon lord’s chamber it’s usually with the intent to engage in the final battle.

Not only am I not here to fight but I’ve somehow ended up as the underling of the demon lord. I just hope that there isn’t an actual hero or protagonist to this story where they’ll come for Astaroth’s head and I have to fight them.

Then again there aren’t many people who think ill of demons in this world, except for the radical few. Which brings me to another point that’s been on my mind for a while; usually humans are portrayed by popular culture as the weakest race in fantasy, but here they have the biggest empire.

Could it be because of the sheer numbers?

I don’t even know. I’ll just let it slide for now.

It’s time to enter the demon lord’s chamber.

Deborah pushed the door open and let us in.

Unlike last time where there was an impressive row of [Demon Generals], this time it’s only Astaroth who’s sitting on the throne that’s clearly too large for her and Kyrios who’s standing obediently behind her.

“Oh, Morgant, and you must be one of Kyrios’.”

She eyes Enrich and in response he bows gracefully.

I do the same, it’s just habit now; every time I come into this room I feel a compulsion to bow.

“So? What brings you here?”

She asks with a rather upbeat tone and a smile that reveals her canine tooth.

“It’s been a while Lord Astaroth. We’ve come to discuss our future plans with you.”

“Oh, do tell~”

I spent the next few minutes explaining what was going on and that I was going to be away for a few years. She looks a bit sad as she hears the news but remains her calm demeanor.

“I see, if that’s what you have decided them I will not stop you. Though it is a little sad that you will leave.”

“I’ve been told that a lot these last couple of days.”

I respond jokingly.

“Well, since you’ve taken your time to come all the way here, why don’t you at least spend the night here?”

‘Spend the night’? but this place is always night. I hope this isn’t some trick with words where she says I can’t leave until morning comes for the [Vertloch Skyreach].

Well it is true that we spent the last two days on that carriage to get here and my backside is a little sore.

“I suppose that’s not too bad of an idea.”

I say and eye Enrich. He gives me a nod to signal that he doesn’t mind.

“Umu, you will be guided to your rooms so enjoy your stay.”


That night- is what I want to say but as I said before it’s always night here. The only problem I see with living here is that my biological clock will become all skewered from the perpetual darkness.

As I laid in my bed; the one that I received before, there was a small creaking sound at the door. I looked over and didn’t see anyone, but I knew better this time; someone was here, there was no mistaking it.

Without moving an inch I pulled out my blanket.

“Ouch, what is this? Why did you suddenly pull out the sheets?”

Astaroth was laying next to me with very, very, very loose clothing. I could almost see her-

Ehem, I mean.

“Um, did you need something?”

I ask.

She gives me that devious smile.

“A small memento to remember you by, after all you’re going to be gone for a long time right?”

“And what do you mean by ‘a small memento’ exactly?”


She moves and jumps on top of me. Right now I was laying on my bed with my back against the mattress and Astaroth was sitting on my stomach. With the red light from the moon pouring into the room I could see a clear grasp of her silhouette.

It was a small figure but for some reason it was extremely alluring. Was this the power of a true [Succubus]? Even with my level 50 [mental fortress] I couldn’t fully escape her charm?

“What do you plan to do?”

I ask nervously.

“Like I said, taking a small memento of you… inside me. Or perhaps you are too young to understand? In that case you can just lie down there and let me do all the work.”

No, I’m not too young to understand what you’re trying to do but, I mean! But! I’m 10! Well, not really I’m 42 this year… and she’s like I don’t know, 100?

From a technical stand point none of us are too young to do what she wants to do but still. Something feels a little awkward here.

“I don’t understand, why are you so attached to me? I don’t remember doing anything special to garner your attention. I know you said I have a special future but I still don’t get it.”

As I say the mood gets a little heavier.

She tilts her head a bit to think but comes up with an answer rather quickly.

“You have already done plenty but I do not find myself attracted to you because of what you did, but what you will do. The time you and I experience are different; for you it may seem a little strange because you have not known me for a long time but for me I have experienced a far greater amount of your love.”

I stared into her large red eyes as she told me. Was that a confession?

The Morgant that she knows and the Morgant that I know are two different people but at the same they are both the same. What I mean is that the way she looks at me includes all of my future actions as well as my past, whereas I could only look at my past.

I suppose it makes a little more sense in why she’s so fond of me.

“Astaroth… I-”


She stops me by place her finger on my lips.

“Now is not the time for conversation.”

Then she presses her lips against mine.


I was a little surprised but soon I felt my brain go numb. I felt an innate desire to just push her down but all of the strength in my body left me and I was left completely at her mercy.

She looked down at me with her devious red eyes and smiled like she was just about to dig into a big juicy pile of meat.

It’s a rather scary gaze but at the same time it’s almost irresistible.

And thus I became an adult at the mere age of 10…


The next morning, or I assume that it’s the next morning because this place is always night I could only really rely on my own biological clock to guess the time. I also gave away my pocket watch so I may need to buy a new one.

“Good morning.”

A small alluring voice comes from my right.


I respond.

“Thanks for the meal.”

‘Meal’ she says. Well I suppose she isn’t technically wrong since she is a Succubus. I could feel my face becoming flustered as I remembered what had taken place last night.

“Oh my, what a cute sight. A stark contrast from how you were before, are you sure that was your first time?”

“Please just let it go.”

“Huhu~ well that’s fine. I’ve taken a small memento from you like I’ve promised.”

I could only admire her rather calm demeanor, even after what she did to me. If this was back at my world she’d be arrest as a sex offender.

“I hope you’re satisfied with that.”

I say to offset the mood. I could already tell that she’d be wearing the pants in this relationship.

“Of course, it was the most delicious meal I’ve had in years. Ah, did you know that the child of a Succubus will always be another Succubus regardless of the race of the father?”

At that I jump up at breakneck speeds that wouldn’t be weird if I actually did break my neck.

No, forget that. What did she say?

The child?!


“You, you couldn’t have!”

I felt my face pale as all the blood left my brain and my brain just bricked itself like an iphone.

“Ahaha, don’t worry, Succubi are extremely hard to impregnate due to their lifestyle.”


So she says but she can see the future. So that means she already knows what the outcome of this is, is she just teasing me or is she being serious?!

Argh! Which one is it?!

“Oh! That’s right I have something for you. Wait here.”

What is it now?

After saying that she leaves. She’s still extremely scantily dressed but she’s not even embarrassed to walk out into the cold hallways looking like that. At some level I’m deeply impressed at her confidence.

‘Children’ huh? I guess it would be nice to… no wait. I should stop thinking into that too much. I’m sure she was just teasing me, like always.


I don’t know what to trust anymore.

“I’m back~”

I snap back into position awaiting for whatever crazy hijinks she wants to bring this time.

Though it wasn’t anything I knew from first glance.

She brought a small wooden box.

“What’s that?”

Letting curiosity get the better of me, I ask.

She has a smirk on her face as though she achieved 100% on her math test or something.

“Actually this is what we discussed about last time.”

“What we discussed last time?”

“Right, you said that there were four treasure to the [Tuatha de Danann].”

I nod.

“Yes, the [Claiomh Solas], [Brionac], [Coire] and [Lia Fail]. What of it?”

“This is the fourth treasure. The [Lia Fail] you were talking about.”


What did she say?

She opens the box to reveal a small red marble, almost bloody in its coloration.

I took a closer inspection.

[Lia Fail: Known as the ‘evil eye of Balor’ this item allows the user to see into the spirit realm and converse with the spirit of the dead].

I see, so the Lia Fail was the [eye of Balor]. The title [stone of the monarch] does fit if it’s referring to the demon lord, to some degree at least.

Wait, did she say that she’s giving it to me?

I look into her eyes and she stares back at mine.

“Hmm? Did you want to go for round two?”

She asks with a seductive grin.

“Ah, no. I mean, we were talking about the Evil Eye, right?”

“You already know what it is. Impressive as always. Right, this was the eye belonging to my grandfather, the ancient demon lord from 500 years ago. We were somehow able to recover this eye but to this day no one has been able to wield the eye.”

‘Wield the eye’ she says, it’s not like it’s a piece of equipment…

Or is it?

I checked once more.

[Lia Fail]

+20 Strength

+50 Dexterity

+10 Intelligence

+50 Insight

Oh… it is an item.

“You’re giving this to me?”

I asked her. Even if no one has been able to use it, wasn’t this a precious memento of her grandfather’s?

“Of course, after all this eye has chosen you.”

“Chosen me?”

“Mmm, more like I was able to see it in your future. You would fight alongside grandfather’s eye, and if it’s you I can trust that you will definitely use it to its fullest potential. Otherwise it would just be collecting dust in the treasure room for all eternity, so do me a favor and take it.”

“That’s very kind of you, but I can already converse with the dead.”

“Mmm, I’m not entirely sure on the details myself since I have a different power but I think it may enhance your ability to converse with the dead.”

“I guess that makes sense? I don’t quite get how you could enhance that but okay.”

I answer vaguely and reach my hand out for the eye.

At that instance a blinding red light covered the entire right side of my vision. An intense pain crawled all over my back and back into my skull.

However it was over in just a few short seconds.

Slowly I reopened my eyes.

My vision that has become blurred was starting to refocus itself.

“Umu, that’s a pretty red eye.”

“Eh? Red?”

“Your right eye has become red; proof that grandfather’s eye chose you to be its master. Please take good care of it.”

My right eye was red now? So it’s heterochromic?

Three new [UI boxes] appeared at that instance.

[New skill developed: [Summon – Soul Reaver]]

[New skill developed: [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]]

[New skill developed: [Essence Prison]]

New skills!

I decided to inspect them.

[Summon – Soul Reaver: Summon a large serpentine Soul Reaver].

Okay, that was rather basic, but I got the gist of it.

[Summon – Phantasmal Apparition: Summons a phantasmal apparition].

Okay… these descriptions need a little bit of a tweak, then again these are simply just ‘summon’ skills so I think it’s safe to assume that they work in much the same way that [Summon – Skeleton Knight] does.

[Essence Prison: enslave the souls of the dead. They will not be freed until the user has given it permission to do so. Only works on targets that are lower leveled].

I see, so I can kill my enemies and if I feel like I can enslave their immortal souls for me to torment further. Though in all fairness this skill does have value as an interrogation tool.

At least as a last resort interrogation tool.

I could kill the victim then enslave their souls and tell them that I won’t release them until they talk. Or something to that effect.

Pretty grim, but then again I am a [Necromancer] and my skills are starting to resemble one.

“Thank you Astaroth. I will cherish it.”

“Wonderful. Then I wish you well on your future perils.”

“You too, I hope you’ll stay safe.”

“I won’t die, and neither will you.”

After getting dressed I made my way down the Sanctuary and got back onto the carriage.

Enrich was waiting for me with that displeasing smile as always, however this time there was someone else joining us.

“[Arachna]? What are you doing here?”

Right, she was sitting inside the carriage almost as though she wanted to come along. No, don’t tell me.

“I was given an order by mistress to tag along with you and keep you safe.”

“Eh? I see…”

Somehow I have my doubts about that but whatever, the more firepower I have on my team the better.

“What happened to your eye? It’s red?”

Noticing my heterochromic red eye she stares into it.

“Ah, it’s something that Astaroth gave me. I think it will be a great help to us.”

“Hmm… I see. Then let’s go.”

With that we left the [Vertloch Skyreach] and headed for the mainland of the [Ariadyne Tetrarchy].

[Status Menu]
Morgant Fallon. Level 56

Strength: 250 (155+95)
Dexterity: 110 (5+105)
Intelligence: 60 (5+55)
Insight: 150 (45+105)

[Status point: 95]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 41
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Skeleton Knight]: Level 31
(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 47
(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Avatar of Nyarlathotep]: Level 15
(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 29
(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 50 (MAX)
(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 24
(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 26
(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 30
(AUGMENT) [Enchanting Voice]: Level 23
(PASSIVE) [Lord of Ghosts]: Level 15
(ACTIVE) [Phantasmal Maelstrom]: Level 27
(AUGMENT) [Transformation – Black Pharaoh]: Level 15
(PASSIVE) [Mental Fortress]: Level 50 (MAX)

(ACTIVE) [Summon – Soul Reaver]: Level 1

(ACTIVE) [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]: Level 1

(ACTIVE) [Essence Prison]: Level 1

(Errr… I’m sorry for the short chapter, I actually didn’t plan to finish it here and was going to write another 4000 or so words but then when I actually read what I wrote I was like ‘this is a good way to end the chapter’. Then it ended. Lol sorry, hope you guys didn’t mind too much.)

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