Ascension Rebirth – The truth #2 (Chapter 37)

Ascension Rebirth – The truth #2



After another 3 days worth of pain in a wooden box we finally made it to the shore of [Vertloch]. All we needed to do was take a boat across then spend another 8 or so months getting to the grand capital.

I’m regretting my decision to go on this journey already, well not really but I wish they had better in-flight service.

Currently [Arachna] and I were waiting at the portside town of [Vertloch Light]. You may have already guessed but yes this place is perpetually daytime. It’s probably the reason why this place is such an industrious town, because they can operate shops all day every day.

The salty smell of the sea was dyed into everything here, it was even sinking into my clothes. The clinging and clanging of metal from blacksmiths and people wearing armor was ringing obnoxiously. Compounded with my sickness due to the horrible ride the experience could only be compared by the disappointed cries of the people who by iphones on release dates.

The only saving grace was that because it was located near the sea it was always breezy. Then there was [Arachna] who made small ice blocks and placed it near my head as I rested on her lap.

She would often laugh with ‘Huhuhu~’ and smile while caressing my face with her cool hands. I didn’t mind too much since her hand felt nice and chilly.

This place was full of various races, I even got to meet some from the [Titan] and [Dwarven] races personally. Titans were tall but at most they only got up to 2.5m ~ 3m in height.

I’ve heard that they have a special sort of metallic skeletal structure that supports their massive size, so most of them were really gruff and muscular, even the women had very noticeable contours along their abdomen, arms and especially legs.

Their shoulders were sturdy enough that it seemed like they could wreck houses by leaning against them.

Most of their race works in labor oriented fields such as shipping, delivery, building, adventuring, vanguards and bodyguards. Since their homeland is located underground and because of the massive amount of body heat they generate due to their size they usually wear very little in terms of clothing.

I’m not saying they were like bikinis and swim trunks but most of their clothes have no coverage on the lower torso, legs and arms.

As for the Dwarves, they were less impressive to be honest. It was rather amusing in how they seemed to run even when they were walking because of their short legs.

They were every bit as industrious as the Titans in terms of labor oriented jobs.

Most of them works at smiths, shops or management. Apparently they’re good at calculations so the bulk of them work in economics oriented fields.

Hardly any adventurers, but from time to time there are a few rare exceptions, when they do become adventurers they tend to choose classes that are range oriented like the [archer] or heavy melee such as [Knights] or [Vanguards].

“Sorry, I hope you didn’t wait too long. I’ve managed to get us a boat.”

I could hear Enrich’s voice coming from the distance.

“Finally you’re here, let’s go.”

When I got up I noticed another person standing next to him. A figure bursting with charisma and manliness.

His black and grey hair mixed together revealing his wisdom, his black overcoat concealed his well toned muscles but I wasn’t fooled, I could tell that he was hiding some serious guns behind it all.

“Admiral Ordwell? Why are you here?”

[Ordwell Rommel] another one of my fellow [Demon Generals].

“I hear ya needed a boat. I command the strongest naval force in all of [Vertloch] and that’s why I’m here, to get you across the seas in relative peace.”

“That’s very kind of you. We’ll take you up on your offer then.”

“Aye, that’s pleasing to the ear, come now I have something I want to show you, the [Vertloch Dreadnaught] my proud flagship.”

We were taken to the edge of the port where his flagship was being kept.

It was mind-blowing.

The sheer size was just… you remember the [Titanic]? Yeah, think that but just bigger. I actually started having doubts on whether this thing could even actually sail. The black steel plating accompanied by the red paint, it added so much to its ominous aura.

An army of homunculi soldiers and sailors worked around the ship, fixing it, adding to it and so on.

“They are my crew. The entirety of my [personal force].”

He said with a proud expression.

“I can’t believe we’re going to be riding that.”

I said with an exciting voice, it almost fit the tone that this body was supposed to make.

“That would be an excellent idea, alas we cannot.”

“We can’t?”

“Aye, it sustained heavy damage during my last skirmish with large pirate fleet. Of course I decimated every last one of them but it still needs some repairs.”


What a letdown.

“I have prepared a smaller vessel for our travels.”

He pointed to a relatively moderate sized boat. It was about as big as a caravan but looked like it was made of fairly solid materials.

It was a shame that we couldn’t voyage on the HMS DREADNAUGHT but I guess it couldn’t be helped.

With the good Admiral at the helm we set off for the shores of North Ariadyne. Soon, I will be back where I started, but I’ve already prepared myself for it.


The boat we were on ran on something called a [mana core] which helps propel the boat forward, think of it as a substitute for an engine. It also acts as a floatation device for [Airships].

Of course this boat can’t fly because this specific mana core was designed for water use, but that’s okay I didn’t really want to fly anyway, I don’t trust the structural integrity of ships functioning out of water.

The sheer speeds that this was capable of going to were staggering. In just a few short minutes the portside town was already out of sight and every direction became surround in watery blue.

It was a magnificent sight, blue skies, white clouds, a cool summer breeze as we sailed at high speeds. The salty smell remained but it was more bearable now.

Flying in the skies were bird like animals, not sure what they’re called, I even saw dragon flying really far in the distance.

I wonder if those rumors about the [sky continent] are true?

Inside the cabin was Enrich who was reading some sort of book and Arachna lying on the bed due to motion sickness. Carriages are fine but boats are not?

“How are you holding up Arachna?”

I asked as I placed another wet towel on her forehead.

“I’m… not doing too well. I feel like I’m going to hurl. Can you tell that old geezer to slow down?”

“Aha, I don’t think that’s quite possible. Just sleep for now and we should be at the mainland before you even wake up.”

“… Okay.”

I wiped the sweat off her the side of her face and arms, even around some more risque areas.

After ensuring that Arachna was sufficiently kept cool and sleeping, I headed over to the bridge where the admiral was steering the boat.

“Aye lad, how is the old ice spider doing?”

“Unfortunately she’s not doing so brightly.”

“I see, well spiders and water never did mix too well.”

“Umm, admiral could I ask you something?”

“What is it lad?”

“Just curious, you’re a homunculus right?”


“I thought all homunculus had white hair, you still have some black hair, why is that?”

“Ah, I see. It’s about that is it? It’s cause I’m only half homunculi, in truth I’m a failed experiment from a long dead [Alchemist]. There were a lot more of us back in the day but they all aged and died, I’m the only one left but I fear that my time will come soon.”

“… I see, sorry to bring it up.”

“Haha! It’s no problem, I don’t mind it as much nowadays. I only want to spend my time living whatever life I have to the fullest.”

“I’m sure you have a lot more years left in you.”

“Aye, appreciate it. Hmm?”

The admiral squinted his eyes as he saw something coming over the horizon. I also did the same and saw several boats fast approaching. I started to get a bad feeling about this.


He whispered under his breath.

Sure enough, as soon as they got in range I could see their skull shaped icons all over their masts.

“They usually attack lone vessels such as these or cargo ships that carry big loot, but it seems they’ve run out of luck today to be startin’ an altercation with us.”

It wasn’t just one ship either; well around 14 ships much larger than our own small vessel came to surround us.

They started forming a large circular trap around us to prevent us from sailing any forward. I figure each boat has around 10 ~ 20 people in it. There wasn’t really a specific race on the boats, a mixed group of various breeds of people.

Beast-kin, humans, elves, dwarves and titans.

I honestly hoped that this wouldn’t become anything resembling a battle but that would be too naïve of me.

“Admiral, how would you take care of this situation?”

He looked at me and with a near evil smile as he said.

“Annihilate every single one of these scourges.”

I thought as much. I realize that this is a dog eat dog world but I hoped that there would be at least some form of mercy.

I guess it can’t be helped. If even some of them can survive then I’ll get my hands a bit dirty.

“Admiral, do you mind if I took care of this?”

“Hmm? Aye, I don’t mind but are you sure?”

“We’ll have to see.”

I walked out of the cabin and stood at the tip of the boat.

As I looked around I scanned the personnel on the other ships. Their median level was around 24; they aren’t anything special, just your average hicks trying to get by I guess.

I couldn’t blame them, maybe they had shitty lives.

But that doesn’t mean I will condone their actions.

I raised my voice.

“Hear me pirates! You have one chance to either surrender or leave. If you decide to choose neither you will be obliterated, without remorse!”

Of course all I got back was laughter.

“You stupid brat! Stay there, I’ll make you me cabin boy! ATTACK MEN!”

I guess it’s time to improvise, and by ‘improvise’ I mean develop a new skill. Well, it’s nothing as flashy as that I’m just trying to recreate the ‘summon’ spell.

I pointed towards the obviously boss ship. It was larger and darker than all of the others.

A new UI flashed across my view for a second.

[New skill developed: [Summon – Terror of the Depth]]

Right, from this distance it shouldn’t take too much energy to summon a monster that’s more powerful than me.

The ships drew closer and closer with each passing second, but when they got to a certain distance a wave repulsed from our boat sending them back.

Then. Total silence.

The waters stopped moving.

The sound of birds could no longer be heard.

Even the wind stopped blowing.

I heard the confusions from the boats of the pirates. They were saying something like ‘our mana core stopped working!’ or ‘we can’t move!’ or ‘ship won’t budge!’.

Then from the shadows of the water a large figure could be seen stirring around in the waters, but after a few short seconds it disappeared.

Ragged black skin, red glowy eyes, teeth bigger than a man’s head, jaw so powerful it could snap a boat in half with a single bite.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a humongous, almost black colored Megalodon burst out from the depths of the sea and in a single bite trenched its teeth deep into the boat of the pirate captain.

It wasn’t snapped in half or capsized, but it was pinned into the shark’s mouth.

“What’s going on?!”


All manner of panic and screams came out from the surrounding ships.

I then snapped my fingers.

And on cue, the megalodon dragged the boat down with it into the deepest depths of the sea. It created a large turbulence in the ocean as the other boats became unsteady, some even capsized over.

Not a single piece of the pirate flagship remained, no bodies surfaced, not even the wood. It was forever doomed to a watery grave.

Of the remaining 13 pirate ships only 6 remained afloat and the others crashed into each other and turned upside down. Some people even started to drown because they couldn’t swim.

Total pandemonium took over the entire enemy fleet.

I decided to go back into the bridge where the good admiral was waiting for me.

“You’re deciding to let them go?”

“There’s no real need to kill all of them, I’m sure some of them were misguided.”

“It is unlikely that they would ever repay your mercy.”

“I did this not because I wanted repayment, but because I believe in the goodness of their character. If they start their lives anew with honest intentions, it is enough for me.”

“Hmm, well if that’s what you wish for then that’d be the end of it.”

“Thank you, admiral. Shall we go?”

“Aye, time to sail once more!”

Leaving behind the scattered pirate fleet we sailed past them as they looked back with a mix of shock, horror and relief that they were spared.

Killing people would never get easier, that much is certain, but I’ve decided to brace myself rather than run away from that responsibility.

Interestingly the [Terror of the depths], or [Megalodon] as I’ve decided to call it since saying the former is cumbersome in conversation, disappeared after it finished its given task. Most likely it went back to guarding the mermaid city.

And so for the next week or so on the high seas we made our way to the tip of the mainland of the Ariadyne Tetrarchy.


“We’re here laddies!”

The good admiral shouted out as we hit the portside of the Ariadyne Tetrarchy(north). It was a small abandoned quay that was conveniently located not too far from where I had to be, which was [Gladsheim].

I just hope those pirates vacated the premises else the admiral would probably just clean them up. The only thing I could do now was offer them a silent prayer.

“Thank you admiral, I didn’t think we’d arrive so soon.”

“Aye, it was a little more risky but I sped up because of the old ice spider.”

“Speaking of which, where is Miss Arachna?”

Enrich comments as he looks around, but there are no sights of her anywhere.

“Don’t tell me she’s still on the boat.”

I ran in to check and lo and behold, she was still groaning on the bed thinking we were on the seas.

“Arachna, we’re already here. You’ll feel much better once you start walking on your legs again.”

Though admittedly I knew nothing about arachnid physiology so I could be totally off basis with this. Then again she was in human form so it should be okay, right?

“H~ help me.”

I pulled her off the bed and acted as a support to get of her off board.

Immediately as she put her legs on solid ground she ran to the nearest bush and started to hurl. It almost as painful to hear that as it was for her.

“Anyway, are you going to return admiral?”

“Aye, I’ve got to see how things have progressed with my flagship.”

“I see, that’s a shame, well good luck on your voyage back.”

“Aye, and good luck to you all.”

With that the admiral left just as quickly as he arrived. As I saw his small boat leave I thought to myself, ‘I’m definitely going to ride on that flagship of his one day’.

We rested near the abandoned port for a while waiting for Arachna to recover. Speaking of Arachna, how was she going to follow me all the way to the [Grand Capital]? I mean it’s not like there is a big stigma against Demon folk but she’ll no doubt stand out.

When I asked her about this she gave me a mischievous smile and simply answered ‘this’.

As she did her body seemed to go through metamorphosis, I know it’s a weird way to put it but that’s what happened. She went behind a bush and weaved silk out of her- her hands.

She used magic to create a beautiful blue-ish white silk. What? Did you think that silk would come out of somewhere else?

Tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty.

Anyway using that silk she wrapped it all around herself making her into a mummy. Then after an hour or two of waiting what came out was a smaller, more human version of Arachna.

She was about my height, and just like her silk her hair was a clear, icy blue. When I touched it, it was extremely silky; it just slid through my fingers. In fact it felt so good I ended up entranced by it for a few minutes before Enrich had to bring me back to reality.

Her six red eyes that are supposed to be on her head were gone, instead replaced by small red hair ornaments that went down either side of her face. Six small orbs attached by a small blue string.

Her eyes were now a clear red color.

Her skin was as smooth as her silky hair prompting me to wonder how her clothes even stay on her body when it’s that slippery.

“Ah, these clothes are made of my own silk.”

She says.

She wore a simple sky blue and red dress.

A 10 year old Arachna is fine too… EH?! Cough, I mean with this I won’t have to worry about drawing too much attention to ourselves. Though it’s unlikely that the enemy is anywhere near the Grand Capital, one can never be too careful.

Incidentally this wasn’t a [transformation] skill but more of a [metamorphosis] skill. What’s the difference you ask? Well the metamorphosis is permanent, until she decides to do it again.

With Arachna feeling better now it was time to leave.

I explained to Enrich that we needed to make a small detour and he didn’t seem to mind, in fact he seemed rather curious about the underwater city of [Lani’tar].

Remembering that to get to the underwater city we needed to activate a teleportation device we travelled to the small cliff overlooking the calm oceans ahead.

A small salty breeze brushed past our noises prompting Arachna to sneeze.

At the top of the cliff was a small podium like structure made of stone with a magic circle carved into it. It had moss growing over it except some of the moss was wiped away from our previous visit.

The last time I was here was six years ago with [Cedric]; thinking back it really was a long time ago but it seems like just yesterday. This was before my life became so convoluted.

On an unrelated topic, I always wondered why teleportation magic wasn’t used on a daily basis in this world. I mean it could be much more convenient for transportation, but I did find out why.

There are two reasons, first is that an enormous amount of power is required to transport people, usually you need a special item or something, and the second reason is that the most distance you could get is only a kilometer at best.

Which brings up another question; how was I able to teleport from [Karta Village] to [Vertloch Snowdown]? The only answer I could find is that a massive power surge was created from [soul gambit] as the enemy tried to teleport, but wouldn’t that mean it’s possible to teleport a greater distance?

If so I wonder why other people haven’t tried it yet.

Hmm, I may actually need to do more research about this topic as well. Transportation is incredibly primitive and I don’t trust the structural integrity of [airships]. Besides instantaneous movement is faster anyway.

I guess I’ll put that on my ‘to do’ list.

We wait for about 2 or 3 minutes before something happened. The magic circle on the podium started to glow with a soft blue light and just like before someone jumped out from the water to greet us.

A loosely dressed blue haired woman holding a trident. Most of the women from the [Mermaid] race have aquatic colored hair, which makes them easy to distinguish even with their magic to turn their fishy tails into legs.

[Ranash. Level 32, Mermaid Soldier].

She’s gotten a little bit stronger since the last time, I believe she was level 25 when I first saw her.

Though her appearance hasn’t even changed in the slightest. Aquatic creatures sometimes have a longer lifespan than humans, or so I’ve read somewhere.

“It’s been a while [Ranash]. Do you remember me? I’m Morgant.”

She stared at me for a second as she squinted her eyes, then she made an expression as if to say she just remembered.

“Ah, how rude of me to have forgotten our savior. Please excuse me Master Morgant.”

“I’m glad you remembered, do you mind if we visit?”

“Of course, I will activate the magic circle now.”

Just like before she placed her hands on the podium and her trident started to glow. Before we even knew our vision went dark for a few seconds.

Upon reopening my eyes a familiar scene entered my vision. This was akin to being in an underwater aquarium, small fishes were swimming outside the glass walls as well as other mermaids.


Arachna said in awe as she looked around the fabulous sights.

“Are you enjoying our city?”

A calm female voice interrupted our sightseeing tour.

Before me was a woman with light blue hair, a little darker than Arachna’s icy blue hair and golden eyes. She was the queen of this place, [Amaria Seasong. Level 48, Mermaid Queen].

Behind her was frisky looking purple haired woman. The most obvious point about her was her large chest and with those flimsy swimsuit dresses that mermaids tend to wear, it was all the more obvious.

“It has been a while your majesty.”

I took her hand and placed my lips on the top of her hand.

“My. Master Morgant it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

As professional as ever; she didn’t even mention my missing arm.

“As is mine. I hope the guardian isn’t disrupting the order of this place?”

“Yes, it’s appearance has startled many of our children but they have all become accustomed to it. In fact it is much more docile than it was previously, though it did disappear for a few moments a week or so ago. I wonder why.”

“Terribly sorry, that was my doing, I required its services during a pirate raid.”

“Oh I see, that’s fine then.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“May I inquire as to the reason you came to visit us? Not that I’m implying that you couldn’t but knowing you, master Morgant, you must’ve had some reason.”

“Aha, you know me too well your majesty. I actually had some business at [Gladsheim], if you didn’t mind.”

“Of course, you are free to enter whenever you desire.”

“Thank you.”

Like last time we entered another teleportation circle and crossed over a giant watery chasm.

“There are still a lot of devotees for [Gladsheim].”

I remark.

“Yes, even after we learnt of the truth, it was hard to change the way of life we had lived with for thousands of years. I suppose in the future it will decline but for now the best we can do is continue what we have been doing.”

“I see, I wish you the best of luck as well.”

“Thank you.”

She smiles.

When we get to the entrance of [Gladsheim] the door opens automatically at my presence. Like before there’s a opaque barrier around the entrance that prevents everyone else except me from entering.

After I take a step inside Arachna and Enrich tries to do the same but hits the face against the barrier.

“Eh? What’s this?”

Arachna places her hands on the barrier and tries to examine it like she’ll find out anything about 26th century technology. I think she should give up, even I don’t know much about this.

“Unfortunately only I can enter, it was the same last time as well. So please wait for me patiently. I may take a bit of time though.”

“Eh~ that’s boring~”

“Sorry, Arachna. I’ll buy you an ice cream or something later. Okay?”

“What’s ‘ice cream’?”

“Don’t worry too much about it. Just wait here.”

I ignore her question and walk deeper into the heart of the machine.


Walking through these soulless walls of concrete and steel remind me of my previous life. Ironically back then I thought it was all unmotivated and droll but right now there’s nothing that calms me down more.

Being here like this I truly realize how different my current life.

My life right now is full of color.

Struggling, fighting, planning, crying, laughing, running around, watching others, making friends.

Back then it was always work, work and more work. Occasionally I would spend time with my fiancé, but you know neither life is better or worse. I have different things from each that I like and that I hate.

In my previous life I always hated the fact that I was simply a cog in a soulless machine, but I truly enjoyed my time with Kyoko.

In this life I hate the fact that I need constantly risk my life to protect what I have come to love but because of that I can also find true value of the things I enjoy.

So I’m glad this place exist, even if it is a bit further in time than what I remember it reassures me that my memories are fake; that I truly existed in my previous world as well.

Coming to the end of these long concrete hallways I came across a large mechanical door.

The computer didn’t scan me like last time and automatically opened the door to let me in.

[TMAQI, level 255. Keeper of Gladsheim’s will]

Waiting for me in side was TMAQI, the blonde haired android.


She bowed and let me in.

“Thank you.”

As I entered through the doors a large dome shaped facility opened up before me. It was full of mechanical things all around; wires, monitors, keyboards, holographic displays, etc.

It really is a different world from the outside.

“You are missing your right arm.”

She states, but I couldn’t really get mad at her. Her voice carried neither sympathy or sarcasm, it was just an observation made through mechanical judgment.

“A lot of stuff happened. Actually that’s why I came, is it possible to fix this?”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”

She left for a few seconds and when she returned she was holding what seemed to be a needle.

I flinched at the sheer size of it but I was a big boy now, I’m not afraid.

“Please stay still.”

She told me with her almost mechanical voice.

As the needle pricked and penetrated through the skin on my left shoulder I felt a wave of exhaustion overcome me. My body was still small so it couldn’t be helped if such a large quantity of blood was drawn.

“Thank you for your patience. It will take a few minutes to recreate your arm so please wait further.”

“Take your time, wouldn’t want to hurry you; it’s going to be my arm after all.”

She nods and leaves, leaving me to wander around the facility.

This place was huge, perhaps it was because my body was small but really it was impressive.

I wandered around for a few minutes before ending up at a large monitor. It was the size of a billboard.

I pressed some buttons on the terminal for fun, thinking that it wouldn’t really do anything but to my surprise the monitor came on.

“What, whoops?”

I tried to turn it off but I couldn’t find an [escape] key anywhere, it wasn’t even a [qwerty] keyboard. What is this?!

“Welcome, [Child of Terra].”


I spoke out involuntarily.

Grey disheveled hair, wrinkles going across his face. Eyes that were one blue were starting to lose color and also turn grey. He also looked like he hasn’t shaved in a few weeks.

I could tell he was going through an enormous amount of stress just from the picture.

On the screen was the face of an old man in a white lab coat, but what caught me off guard was what was on his name tag on his coat.

[Dr. Ivan Seron].

“You are Ivan Seron?”


He used this world’s language and not English or Russian or whatever country he was from. Was that because he lived here as well?

His voice sounded faint, very old but full of wisdom. If I had to guess he wasn’t the type of person who liked to exchange jokes.

[Child of Terra], huh? Terra would be the name given to Earth in many sci-fi stories, I guess it would be applicable in this case as well.

“Are you a recording?”

“No, I am a pseudo-conscious programming of the person named [Ivan Seron]. I was created with the intentions of interacting with any persons from Earth to warn you of an upcoming threat.”

“Threat? If you mean [Nodens] it’s already far too late, I’ve already started some sort of international altercation with him for the control of the entire world.”

“I see, so you’ve already met him.”

“Yeah, thanks to you he turned from a iron dictator into a rampaging god.”

“What do you mean?”

Actually this was a good time to sort out the facts. I spent the next few minutes explaining to him what I knew of the events of 3000 years ago. About [Surtr], about [Ragnarok] and about the fate of the [Tuatha de Danann].

“Most impressive, and you deduced this all from circumstantial evidence? It’s almost as though you were there yourself. Of course there are some things that are a bit off, for starters [Ragnarok] was never intended to be a cyclical event, that only came to be after Nodens tried his hands to change fate. In any case he is not the ‘threat’ I was referring to.”

“… Wait what? You mean there’s a threat greater than a rampaging god that deserves my undivided attention?”

“From the looks of it you are an individual that has a bit of knowledge regarding the Celtic pantheon.”

“Well, I wouldn’t quite call myself an expert on the subject but I did my fair share of research on my off time as a sort of hobby.”

“Then you must know how the [Tuatha de Danann] came to an end?”

“Wasn’t that you? With [Surtr]-”

“No, I’m referring the Tuatha de Danann of Earth’s mythology.”

“Earth’s? The Tuatha de Danann were overthrown when there was an invasion… from the [Milesians]…”

Then it hit me. All this time I didn’t take into consideration the [Milesian] empire because I always assumed that Ivan Seron took the role of the Tuatha de Danann’s destruction.

If what he’s implying is what I think he is, then there’s going to be an actual invasion from the Milesians?

No, but how? Between the Ariadyne Tetrarchy and all of its neighboring continents there were no signs of any group calling themselves Milesians. No, even assuming the fact that there maybe was a small group that took that name I just can’t think of a plausible scenario in which they would ever rise up to enough power to overthrow Nodens.

“You appear to be stuck, even with someone as intelligent as you, you cannot come up with a feasible scenario? Well I don’t blame you.”

He told me, almost sarcastically.

“What is it doc? There’s just no way any group would rise to enough power to overthrow Nodens. Besides, hypothetically speaking even if there was such a group, why would you assert it as a threat? Isn’t Nodens everyone’s bad guy?”

“I understand your confusion on the matter. First of all take a look at this.”

The screen changed a picture of a planet that could also be called a ‘blue marble’. With blue oceans and green lands.

“Is that [Eternis]?”

I’ve never seen Eternis as a globe, though something tells me that isn’t Eternis, the land structure isn’t quite the same.

“This is an exoplanet that’s on a collision course with Eternis.”


‘Collision course’?!

” Wouldn’t that mean global annihilation?!”

I shout out. If that truly was the case then I can see why this would certainly be a threat more worthy of my attention than Nodens, but what could I do against a planet?

“Normally that would be true, however fear not, the collision of these two planets won’t result in annihilation.”

“What do you mean?”

“The components that make up this planet and the exoplanet is quite similar to Earth’s with one major addition. [Element 746] or as you know: Mana. The two planets have an abundance of this element. As you may have already known this element allows for many fantastical things like magic or unnatural evolution of animals. However it also coats the planet as an atmosphere.”

“What are you trying to say doc? That mana will save the world?”

“Yes, and no. Thankfully the collision of the two planets won’t result in cataclysmic extinction, but it will result in a fusion between the two.”

“Huh? As in the planets will become one?”

“Correct, the end result is the formation of a planet that has twice the size of this planet. Of course the land masses won’t change rather the entirety of Eternis’ continents will be pushed to the southern hemisphere and the entirety of the incoming exoplanet’s continents will appear on the Northern hemisphere.”

“So, no one will die from the collision but there will be a shift in the position of the continents.”


“And you’re saying that the inhabitants of that exoplanet are the Milesians? And as soon as we fuse there will be war between the two newly formed halves?”


“Doc, are you deliberately leaving out the possibility of diplomacy?”

He stayed silent for a bit in contemplation. I didn’t even think computer programs could do that, 26th century science is amazing.

“Throughout all of Earth’s history when two different factions discovers each other, what do you think always followed?”

“You’re applying Earth’s history to a world that’s clearly not Earth.”

“Quite the contrary, why do you think this world has such heavy influences from Earth’s primitive mythologies?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Near the end of the 25th century humanity discovered a certain type of ‘force’; like magnetism or gravity this force also inhabited Earth. This force was known as the [memorism]; it was a force that aided evolution by passing down memories of a species’ ancestor to the next generation. Actually that’s the entire reason for your subsequent ‘reincarnation’, the force containing your memories were preserved and survived into this world.”

“So you’re saying that because of this ‘force’ the memories of earth’s mythology was spread to this world causing the rise of these ancient pantheons?”

“Correct. In a sense the Nodens you know to exist here is not really the same Nodens that existed in earth’s mythology. The Nodens here is simply a person that adopted the concept of Nodens through Memorism. Not a reincarnation, but more of a self replicating prophesy.”

“If I’m to believe what you say, then you’re implying that despite the difference from this world and Earth we still inherited some of Earth’s traits, and because of that you believe war will ensue when these two planets merge?”

“Correct. Also it might be worthwhile to note that while there are quite a few different pantheons in this world most of them aren’t as influential, the most notable one are the [Egyptian Pantheon] but as far as I know only two gods from that pantheon exist in this world, the primary pantheon of this planet are as you know the Celtic.”

“I realize, but what of it?”

“It would stand to reason that the same could be applied to the incoming exoplanet, does it not? Just like how Eternis has a primary pantheon of Celtics the exoplanet also has a primary pantheon behind it. You should know which pantheon I’m referring to right?”

So there’s a plethora of gods on that planet too? How would I know which pantheons on that planet?

Wait, he said that the inhabitants of that planet are the Milesians. [Milesian] – coming from the root word: [Mil Espaine], meaning the [soldier of Hispania]. So, Roman?

“The Roman Pantheon?”

“Once again I am impressed. Yes, the invading force will most likely contain the Roman pantheon.”


Something unpleasant comes to mind when he says that. Something that I’d rather not think about.

“What’s wrong? Do you having something on your mind?”

I hesitate to talk in fear of confirmation but it may be better to receive his counsel on the matter.

“It’s just that at the orphanage I was staying at there was a woman named [Diana].”

I tense up waiting for his reply.

“Hmmm, Diana – the roman goddess of womanhood. That is an interesting point but it is unlikely that she has any relation with the roman pantheon, for starters the two planets have yet to merge.”

I breathe a sigh of relief.

I couldn’t bare it if Diana ever landed on the sharp side of my sword.

“In any case, this changes my job. From defeating Nodens, I’m to recruit him now, for the upcoming invasion?”

“You seem to have quite a grudge against him, not that I can blame you; I know very well what sort of person he is.”

“Right, the reason my family of this world perished was due to him after all.”

“Still, it is necessary to attain his cooperation if Eternis is to win this war and survive.”

“You keep saying war, but what happens after that? If Eternis wins, going by your theory of ‘memorism’ the Milesians will be…”

“Right now, for this planet you have become a pivotal moment in history. The future of this world all hinges on how you will react to this threat. When war inevitably comes, and Eternis wins, what happens after will be up to the only enlightened individual on this planet – you.”

“Doc, right now I’m the body of 10 year old, what exactly do you think I can do?”

“From what I can tell you’ve already accomplished quite a bit, for example you’ve become the [Demon General] and [Successor of the Cosmic Legacy]. Use whatever resources you have on hand to reach for the top. That is the only way to prevent any more tragedy.”

As though I was being crushed by a large wave I felt a heavy pressure pressing on my shoulders. This was no joke, he wants me to join forces with Nodens and his little band of misfit red racists?

“Where do I even begin?”

“I have compiled a list of potential allies that would greatly tip the outcome of the upcoming war in your favor. I will upload it to your [Custom Editor] now.”

“Wait you can do that?”

A UI pops with a list of names.

[Tytania – The Fairy Queen]
[The Dragon God]
[Anubis – God of Death]
[Emilio Orat – The Architect of Lycanthropes]
[The Leviathan]
[Set – The God of Chaos]
[The Asura Queen]
[The Progenitor of Vampires]
[The Ancient Obelisk – Ruler of Golems]
[The Colossal Dryad]
[The Dragon Lord]
[The Blood Witch]
[The Blood Orc Tribe]
[Titan War Commander]
[The Demon Lord]
[The Demon Generals]
[Terror of the Depth]
[The Kraken]
[The Vespa Overmind]
[Dian Cecht]
[Nyarlathotep – Uncontrollable Chaos]
[Cthugha – Living Flames]
[Hastur – The Yellow King]
[The hidden castle of Carcosa]
[The Mermaid Queen]
[The Ariadyne]

“You’ve got to be shitting me. Hey, doc how much time do I have to gather all these individuals?”

“The planetary collision will likely occur in 15 ~ 20 years time. Most of the people on the list are likely connect to each other in some way, for example the demon generals work under the demon lord, so realistically you only have to recruit the leaders.”

“What about this last one? [The Ariadyne]? You mean the entire continent?”

“Hmm, well I do recommend that you make all four countries into your allies but that’s not what’s on the list. Surely you knew before, the literal definition of [Ariadyne]? The [Strength of song]? It is an original mythology of this planet, it refers to a certain [Diva]. Of course it’s unknown where she is or even what sort of powers the Ariadyne(diva) possesses, even I have not yet met them. However I do believe it is a worthwhile ally to recruit.”

“This is a tall order doc. I don’t know if I could even do this, I’m having enough trouble dealing with Nodens as it is.”

“Have more confidence in yourself, with that silver tongue of yours I’m certain you will be able accomplish this mission.”

Right. I don’t suppose I exactly have a choice in the matter. Even if I wanted to choose diplomacy it’s unlikely to go well without substantial power backing me up. Like I said, in order for negotiations to even play out the two sides need to have equal power, right now all I have is the demon army.

This still doesn’t change what my immediate task is, which is attaining [Ascension], in fact I think it has become more prudent than ever to achieve this in order to convince the people on this list.

“I have been researching on the possibilities of attaining ascension into godhood. Originally I wanted to do so in order to face Nodens but I think it could also help me with convincing these people as well. I want to know, is it even possible and if so then where do I have to go?”

“Hmm, [Ascension], yes that may just work out perfectly to accomplish this lofty mission. As far as I know it is theoretically possible but where or how, I don’t know.”

“Alright, well I-”


I was interrupted by the sound of a microwave being done.

“Is something microwaving a turkey? What’s that sound?”

“It seems like your arm has been done. In any case I will try to do what I can from my end to help you with this endeavor but for now this list is all I can offer you.”

“All I can say is, ‘I’ll try my best’.”

“That’s all I can ever ask for from one man.”

I waved at him and went to the medical bay located in this facility.

TMAQI was waiting for me with severed arm, or what appeared to be it. It was a genetically created version of my right arm to attach to me.

26th century technology, you are amazing.

“Please lie down here.”

She pointed to an uncomfortable looking bed with all manner of dangerous looking contraptions hanging above it. I think I see a drill and pliers in there too.

I don’t even want to think about what those are for.

I do as she says and lie on the bed.

She places my recreated right arm next to my shoulders and a small laser drill lowers from the contraption. It starts to connect the two pieces together, I momentarily felt an insane burning sensation but after a second it disappeared, or I went numb from the pain.

“Don’t you ever feel lonely all by yourself in this place?”

I ask. She is half human or so I was told. A cyborg.

“No, I do not experience emotions like normal people… but thank you for asking.”

“I see.”

And so my arm was reattached, not even a scar remained at the joints; it was like I never lost my right arm in the first place.

“Thank you, TMAQI.”

“It has been my pleasure.”

She gives me a smile that I’m convinced should only be able to be made if you had real emotions like normal people.


As I once again walk along the endless hallway of grey concrete and steel my conversation with the doctor starts to sink in. This changes everything.

If you think about it, it’s an absurd task.

To unify the entire world.

He’s basically telling me to achieve world peace in 15 years. Something that my previous ‘rational’ world never managed to do, and I’m to do it in this nonsensical fantasy world.

The easier method would be to take control of the world directly; I can’t afford to pull any punches; using whatever means to unite the world.

I guess that’s it then. I’ve finally become a cartoon villain.

I need to achieve absolute power and then global domination.

[Status Menu]
Morgant Fallon. Level 56

Strength: 250 (155+95)
Dexterity: 110 (5+105)
Intelligence: 60 (5+55)
Insight: 150 (45+105)

[Status point: 95]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 41
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Skeleton Knight]: Level 31
(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 47
(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Avatar of Nyarlathotep]: Level 15
(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 29
(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 50 (MAX)
(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 24
(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 26
(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 30
(AUGMENT) [Enchanting Voice]: Level 23
(PASSIVE) [Lord of Ghosts]: Level 15
(ACTIVE) [Phantasmal Maelstrom]: Level 27
(AUGMENT) [Transformation – Black Pharaoh]: Level 15
(PASSIVE) [Mental Fortress]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Soul Reaver]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Essence Prison]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Terror of the Depth]: Level 1

(Most of the people on that list will probably only appear in one off recruitment chapters so you don’t really need to keep their names memorized.)

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