Ascension Rebirth – The princess’ school life (Chapter 43)

Ascension Rebirth – The princess’ school life



[Eternum Calendar 503]

Bonjour a tous! Liliana here~

Have you missed me? I bet you have, I mean how could anyone be so heartless as to say that they haven’t missed hearing from such an adorable little girl like moi?

Well jokes aside I have already reached 11 years in age in this world; in other words I’ve spent a little over a decade in this life. There have been times that were rather turbulent, especially at the start but I feel like I’m starting to stretch out my arms for the first time with my new found freedom here at the school.

Let’s see, 11… so most 11 year olds back at home should be in their fifth grade of elementary. Wow, to think time has flown so fast I almost can’t believe it myself. My life right now is such a stark contrast to the one I had back on earth, sometimes I feel like this is all just a pleasant dream and that I would wake up at any moment and find myself back at that rotting single room.

Well, let’s try not to get anymore morbid than that.

So the past year at school has been exceptionally kind to me. Unfortunately I wasn’t really able to get in much training since my schedule was filled with classes and friends but considering I’ve already reached the pinnacle of human limits I think it’s fine even if I slack off a little, right?

I’ve only managed to gain about 2 levels over the last year and a few of my skills have leveled up.

I mean it’s not like the world’s going to end or like I have to prepare for a world war or anything like that right?

Ahahaha… hahaha… ha…


Anyway, I found myself stuck drinking tea with the other noble girls my age; being a former Japanese I don’t quite enjoy the lifestyle of high society too much. I mean, just because my family has a little bit of political influence everyone swarms around me like insects.

Maybe it’s just me that’s a pushover. The other children from the Tetrarch families don’t seem to have the same problems as me; they just blow away anyone who approaches them with political motivations.

Even though they’re just brats they really act like ‘noble ladies’ with their excessive make up and perfume, speaking of which I could never get used to that overwhelming scent. Well that could be attributed to the fact that I didn’t like it in my previous life either.


“Is something the matter, Miss Liliana?”

Sitting across the tea table, elegantly sipping the bitter tea was a young girl my age and her… aide? There was a slightly older girl sitting next to her that didn’t quite seem like her servant… so ‘aide’ is the best way I could describe her.

Well let me introduce them.

Starting with the more prominent of the two, the younger girl with silk like golden hair and a doll like face:

[Fiora Mil Avon Ariadyne. Level 4, apprentice cleric]

If I recall correctly the [Mil Avon] were the family in charge of North Ariadyne.

The older girl with caramel brown hair and light blue eyes who sat next to her, also drinking tea was named [Elise Rosenberg]. Well her title looks like this.

[Elise Rosenberg. Level 4, novice politician]

‘Politician’, like what? I don’t even…

There was also a warrior type woman who sat by the entrance of the little green terrace we were in, standing guard. She had glistering white hair and her skin was so smooth looking, like water could be repelled off due to the sheer smoothness.

She wore a shiny white armor set that seemed almost divine in appearance. Now she did look divine but her title seemed far off from it.

[Chrom. Level 38, Homunculus Soldier]

‘Homunculus’ are those right? Undead type demons who were created from [Alchemy] or so pop culture tells me. Since I’m also an alchemist I wonder if it’s possible for me to make my own homunculi?

Actually that bright white hair does remind me of a certain someone’s. Of course I’m referring to [Soumee], since she also has white hair I wonder if she’s also a homunculus? I mean she didn’t seem to age a day since the 9 or so years I’ve been with her.

No, no, the changes in a woman are often said to be drastic over time, but there are those who are said to never age… with the help of cosmetics. It could be that she’s putting considerable amount of effort in trying to keep up her youthful appearance.

I shudder to think if that were truly the case.

“Miss Liliana?”

At her soft voice I was brought back to reality.

“Ah? Ah… sorry, I was just thinking about some stuff, did you say something?”

She puffed up her cheeks to show discontent at my lack of attentiveness but since it was in such an adorable manner it didn’t have the intended effects.

“Really~ Miss Liliana. I asked if there was something wrong, you seemed to be looking more and more tired these days.”

Gasp! Could she tell? Don’t tell me there are bags under my eyes! Oh, no! what if that was indeed the case?

“It’s just that a lot of people have been coming to see me lately, wanting to be friends and whatnot.”

Fiora gave me a cute chuckle as she nodded in agreement. It seems that in the past she had similar experiences.

“Fufu~ Miss Liliana isn’t great at these things, huh? Those kinds of people who only talk to you because of your political connections, you can just ignore them. That’s what I do.”

That reminds me, Fiora has the nickname of ‘ice queen’ around the school. At first I thought it was because of her icy blue colorations of her eyes but it ended up being because she treated everyone who wasn’t important coldly.

I would reprimand her way of thinking but to be honest I can sort of understand why she does it. Every day it’s a constant barrage of people coming to know you because of your background and not because of who you are.

It really gets on my nerves sometimes too.

“Unfortunately I guess I’m not much of a natural at ignoring people as you are.”

“Fufu~ well Miss Liliana is rather kind-hearted. I guess you just can’t ignore people so easily.”


I give a shallow laugh and take a sip of the tea prepared by Elise.

“Doesn’t it get lonely?”

Perhaps it was the effect of the tea relaxing my muscles but I asked a rather insensitive question, to a small child no less, right at her face! I immediately tried to follow up but Fiora just answered with a smile.

“Not particularly, I have Miss Elise and Miss Chrom to keep me company. There is also my fiancé who’s to be attending school soon.”

The two of them gave a slight nod as if to affirm her words.

“I see. Sorry I asked a rather personal… wait, ‘fiancé’?!”

What?! I mean I knew that arranged marriages were a thing in this world but to think that it was from such a young age. My parents were rather open minded in that regard and didn’t seem to put much emphasis on that side of things.

I guess it really is different in the North.

But for some reason I’m super curious about this! I guess this is as close as ‘girl’s talk’ I’ll ever get, but I was always jealous of those people who were so outgoing. As I’ve stated earlier, I was basically a hermit in my previous life.

“H, have you seen your fiancé yet? What kind of person is he?”

“Oh, Miss Liliana has interests in such topics? For someone who’s ranked first in our year in terms of academics you’ve some rather mundane hobbies.”

“Ahaha, sorry I guess I got a little curious. You don’t have to tell me if it bothers you.”

“No, not at all. It’s just that I’ve yet to meet this person myself; actually I don’t think the person himself knows about this at all either, it was mostly something my father decided on a whim. I only found out from a letter I received from him a few weeks ago detailing the person and that he’ll arrive soon, but I do hear that he is quite a capable person. If I’m correct Miss Elise has met him before?”


Elise jumped up and shouted with glee just from hearing about him.

“Fufu~ Miss Elise has been enamored by that person ever since they met, or so I’m told. Since she knows more about him I’ll hand over the question to her.”

“Ah, yes! He’s smart, good looking, strong, kind, gentle and he rescued me from captivity once. He’s a bit younger than me, perhaps around Miss Liliana’s age?”

Hearing about him, it kind of reminds me of a certain someone that I met a long time ago. I wonder…

“Hmm~ he sounds like a marvelous person. I’m jealous that such a person is your fiancé!”

I tell Fiora, though from the looks of it Elise has quite an attraction to the person in question. Are they going to be alright? Don’t tell me this will end up in a blood bath?

“Well, hearing about him yes. Though he could always be different than what we imagine in person. Perhaps he’s smelly or that he’s actually a bad person or that he plans on marrying me solely for the purpose of taking over North Ariadyne.”

“He wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Elise cuts in.

“Fufu~ sorry Miss Elise, I seemed to have offended you.”

“Uh, no offense but is everything going to be alright? From the looks of it Miss Elise is rather attracted to your fiancé, wouldn’t that cause a problem?”

I asked bluntly. Perhaps it was a bit too direct?

They give me a surprised look before laughing it off.

“Ahaha, well there isn’t much of a problem really. If Miss Elise truly loves my fiancé she can become his mistress, that way we can resolve the situation perfectly. After all, I, myself find no real attraction to a man I have yet to see, so in the grand scheme of things I just need to bear his child in the future.”

Elise nods with a smile next to her.

“B, bear his child?! Do you know what that means?”

I heard children were rather advanced back in my old world but this world just seemed to take the cake.

“Ah, of course we are taught such things from an early age in North Ariadyne. Is it not the same for West Ariadyne?”

She tilts her head in confusion.

“Well, I know of it but I don’t think I was ever taught formally.”

Someone like me who’s never had a boyfriend back in my previous life and all of my sexual experiences were under the pretence of alcohol couldn’t possibly know what it really feels like.

Ah, I could feel my face brightening up.

“Miss Liliana acts in the most cute and innocent way sometimes. I can’t help but always find myself amused at your company.”

Fiora says. Even though I’m supposed to be the older one I’m being toyed with by a child; embarrassing.

“Still, if he is to be my future husband, I hope he is someone nice.”

Fiora whispers to herself.

“Hmm, so what’s his name?”

I ask.

“Mmm, I’m afraid the letter didn’t address him by name. It seems that father wrote the letter in haste and has forgotten. Ah but Miss Elise remembers right?”

We both turn towards her but I could see a sweat drop falling down the side of her head.

“Uhhh… God?”

“God? What kind of name is that?”

I ask.

“Sorry I don’t really remember his name either, only that he asked me to call him as such when we first met and I’ve gotten into the habit of referring him as that ever since. Sorry. Ah, but Miss Chrom remembers right? Since you were there when we met.”

“… Master… I’m sorry but I have never referred to him by name and have only called him as ‘master’.”

“Ah… I see.”

What is this? ‘God’ and ‘Master’? He sounds rather egotistical if you ask me. Fiora looks like she has a disillusioned view from that as well.

“Oh well, I guess we’ll find out his real name when he arrives. The letter also says that the new headmaster will be arriving with him as well.”

Hmm~ if he’s coming with the new headmaster then I guess he isn’t just a nobody. Well actually I kind of figured that out since he was chosen to be this princess’ fiancé, but still.

He doesn’t sound like a bad person but what if he is? Fiora is my friend and I guess it’s up to me to protect her if he really is bad. At the very least he might be rather egotistical.

Alright, if he’s bad I’ll kick him!


[Status Menu]
Liliana Crow Xix Ariadyne. Level 34

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 153
Intelligence: 5
Insight: 21

[Status point: 0]

(PASSIVE) [Alchemist’s wisdom]: Level 26
(PASSIVE) [Instincts of the Assassin]: Level 32
(ACTIVE) [Shadow Dash]: Level 31
(ACTIVE) [Shadow Cloak]: Level 40
(ACTIVE) [Assassinate]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Blink]: Level 50 (MAX)
(PASSIVE) [Night Vision]: Level 22
(PASSIVE) [Back Stab]: Level 44
(PASSIVE) [Keen Mind]: Level 41
(PASSIVE) [Alchemic Potion Creation]: Level 41
(PASSIVE) [Magic Crystallization]: Level 42
(PASSIVE) [Material Synthesis]: Level 15
(PASSIVE) [Metal Conversion]: Level 17
(PASSIVE) [Escape!]: Level 27
(ACTIVE) [Smokescreen]: Level 13
(ACTIVE) [Paralyzing blow]: Level 30
(ACTIVE) [Shadow Dagger]: Level 14
(PASSIVE) [Swift Node]: Level 12
(PASSIVE) [Soft Landing]: Level 7
(ACTIVE) [Weapon Transmutation]: Level 4

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