Ascension Rebirth – The end of kindness (Chapter 13)

Ascension Rebirth – The end of kindness



Time sure flies when you’re out discovering the truth and mysteries of the universe.

Checking the watch that I received from Sebastian I had apparently spent over 12 hours just talking within Gladsheim.

It’s going to get a little awkward once I meet the guys waiting for me outside.

‘What took you so long?’ they’ll no doubt ask me and all I’ll be able to say to that is ‘Uhhhh~’. Well, that’s assuming I don’t think of anything beforehand.

Should I act like I got lost trying to find a switch? Would they believe I actually wondered around for 12 hours finding a damn switch? Or should I just tell them the truth?

Honestly I don’t think it’d be a wise idea telling people of this world about Gladsheim. It’d no doubt break the delicate balance of power that they’ve set up here.

Now it wasn’t like I wanted to hoard around this information and knowledge to myself. In all likelihood I wouldn’t really utilize this information either. I just don’t think that the implications of handing out future tech to a group of technologically lagging civilization would be a good idea.

It’d be kind of like giving a shotgun to a caveman. I don’t know what the results would be but I know enough to assume that it’d be a bad idea either way.

Besides if it was a problem of whether I have the ‘right’ to keep this knowledge from the people of this world then I’d argue that I have the most right of anyone as a predecessor to those of the old world.

Yeah, that sounds good.

Let’s go with that.

So now that problem is hidden deep down beneath the recesses of my mind I needed to make a suitable excuse as to why I spent 12 hours within this place without a single progress report.

They’d also probably want to know what it’s like in here.

The problem isn’t really with Cedric’s party, they’d probably understand if I kept it a secret but the mermaids are a different story all together. They’ve worshipped this place for over 3 millennia, I can’t just not tell them anything substantial, they’ll never accept it.

Ivan Seron was it? Their god.

I wonder what kind of person he was. Part of me wants to blame him for not waiting another three thousand years but then again Gladsheim would never have become what it was today if not for him.

I drew closer to the exit.

I could see people waiting for me.

I was getting a little anxious, I was half thinking of going back into Gladsheim and just wait it out for a few more days.

That was a joke.

“You’re back, master!”

Aura greets me in her usually cheerful manner.

I have to compliment her on being able to wait for 12 hours.

“Yeah, the infrastructure inside was a little more complex than I thought.”

It was a lie of course, it was really one giant dome structure. Though since I doubt they’d ever be able to enter the place I think I’ll be fine with tweaking the facts a little.

“So what was it like, master Morgant?”

With twinkles in her eyes and a large stupid grin on her face, the one who asked me that was Queen Amaria. They tried to hide it but Miora and Azara were probably dying to find out. They’ve been waiting and ETERNITY after all.

“It was, quite unique. I’m not entire sure on how I should explain it. It was a very otherworldly place.”

That part wasn’t a lie. Compared to the architecture in this world it was a massive difference.

“Oh! Then did you find out anything about our god?”

Now this was the problem. Even if I hide all the facts about the old world it should be fine telling them that their god was actually a human right?

Though I imagine that fact itself will bring some trouble in its own way.

“Yes well, I did find a recording in there that concerns the mermaid race.”

“Oh! Please, do tell!”

The Queen was much more attentive and had a more vibrant look in her eyes. Miora was a little less optimistic but still looked interested in what Morgant had to say.

“Before that I guess we should get some facts out of the way.”

“Some facts?”

“Concerning this ‘god’ of yours. It seems that your ancestors have been mistaken in its identity. In truth it was no god, but a finite being.”


Miora breaks her long silence. It was an understandable reaction, to be told that their entire tradition wasn’t as what they had previously thought.

In fact it was more surprising that Amaria and Azara were able to hold in such emotions.

Azara looked a little dejected but otherwise fine. Then again her expression hardly changed, quite similar to a certain iron maid.

Queen Amaria on the other hand was making a face that seemed to say ‘I expected as much’.

Miora tried to confront Morgant but Amaria barred her from doing so with a single hand gesture.

“Then have you found out the true identity of our supposed god.”

Amaria tried to continue the conversation.

“As to the actual identity, I’m not quite sure, the race, the form, none of that is known, only that it was a finite being like everyone else.”

“I see, so then that’s to say that our god is…?”

Amaria trailed off. Everyone knew what she was trying to say.

“Yes. The being you worship as god does not exist currently. That being said, I don’t think your entire civilization and tradition was a lie.”

“What do you mean? Our god does not exist, even that fact alone would bring 3000 years of tradition to naught.”

“Well, even if that god no longer exists, the fact that it did at one point and that it did help the mermaids to flourish was an undeniable truth.”

“Yes, I suppose you have a point but…”

Amaria was making a troubled expression. Understandable as well. She was probably expecting that her god to not exactly be a being as great as the legends but she probably didn’t think that the entire mermaid tradition was a wasted effort.

“Isn’t it fine this way? Besides I do have a final memento from the entity that was once pivotal to the mermaids.”

“Of course, please tell us.”

“‘To live life as free as the ocean currents’. That was the only message that I was able to procure but I think that alone should suffice.”

“Yes, I understand now. Even if our god no longer exist it is true that it cared deeply for us at one point. Now it wants us to forge our own destiny, is that right?”

“I believe so.”

This was fine right?

Ivan Seron never left a message but as the predecessor of old mankind I think I have some right and responsibility to finish what he started.

Besides from the way the mermaids have come to revere him I don’t think he had any negative feelings towards them.

He probably would have wanted it as well.

Though I guess in the end dead men can’t really wish anything, this is really just my own self-satisfaction but this is fine.

Amaria, Azara and Miora stared deeply down into the open doors of Gladsheim in contemplation.

It was easy to guess what they were thinking about.

Most likely they’re thinking about their past and the future of mermaids.

They are now free to choose and forge their own future. It may be a little hard to adjust at start but I have confidence that they will eventually be able to create a world for themselves and not some false deity.


It’s been three days since my little exploration into Gladsheim.

We’re still staying at the underwater palace in Lani’tar.

Our plans are to leave by the end of the week which would be in another two days. For now we decided to stay and see how things would go on with mermaids after my revelation.

Actually, most of the mermaids seemed to have taken it fairly well considering.

At most the only reaction was from people who avidly followed the tradition but the amount of people in such a situation could be counted on one hand.

Miora was one of them but she didn’t let it get to her since she also has a part to play as the Queen’s aide. She’s actually pretty respectable once you get to know her better.

I heard most of the fundamentalist faction that ardently embodied the religion were gone due to old age and the younger mermaids have become tired of following an archaic tradition.

In the end I think I can say it was a happy end?

As for me during the last few days I’ve been training with Cedric a bit. After all we’ve come here and he hasn’t done a thing so I asked him to at least help me level up a bit.

And yes I used those words exactly.

He was confused at first but he agreed.

There was a large open area for training between the mermaids.

Between the queen, Miora and Azara I haven’t exactly gotten to know the true nature of this world’s mermaids.

But that changed the moment I set foot into their training facility.

They were fierce and brutal even in training.

The scent of sweat and blood oozed in the air.

Most if not all of the combatants in the training facility were bruised and bloodied in some way but for some reason they had a smile and a sharp look in their eyes.

They really embodied the Amazonian aspect of this culture.

When our party walked in they stopped training and bowed to us. Or at least me I assume.

“Are you here to train as well?”

One of them ran up to me with a smile in her face. It was a little creepy since her face was cute but also bloodied at the same time.

She was one of the younger mermaids, perhaps around age 12 or so.

“Yeah, between sleeping for a week and reading I haven’t done much excerise.”

I say in a cocky manner.

It doesn’t really come out as well since I’m inhabiting the body of a four year old.

“Then do you wish to train with us?”

The young mermaid girl asks.

I do but I don’t really want to fight with such a young girl. Even though my eyes were opened to their way of life I was still being naïve by underestimating them, is what you all think right?

Well, that may have been a part of it but the truth was I could see their names and titles.

For example the girl that walked up to me was.

[Urin, level 14. Mermaid recruit]

I, who was 10 levels higher and have the advantage of not being bloodied would make it an unfair fight.

“Now, now, Urin you’re troubling our saviour, let me fight with him.”

Luckily it was some other mermaid that offered to ‘train’ with me. She was around her early 20s so at least she would have some experience right?

Her grin as she casually blurts out those lines was a bit nerve wracking but to be honest I wanted to test out my new upgrades as well.

By upgrades I wanted to try out how powerful this [Physical Damage Resistance] was. It was even at max level but I didn’t get to properly test it out.

[Ura, level 26. Mermaid warrior]

Oh! Two levels higher, what a perfect experimental target.


I approve, but I also have a grin just as menacing as the one this woman gave me.

“I’ll watch from the sidelines.”

“Me too~” x2

Cedric and co. decided to just sit this out.

I want to fight against Aura and Elena as well to test out the waters there. I was able to push back Chrom that time so I think it wouldn’t be too hard.

Anyway my first training was against this mermaid warrior first.

I could tell at first glance what sort of style the mermaids have. They primarily use a trident or gauntlets. Sometimes a mixture of both.

‘A unique style.’ I thought to myself.

But that’s fine, because the thing I wanted to know was the mental aspect.

From what I can see they were instinctual fighters. The same style as my father.

Instinctual fighters were deadly and fierce, especially in close combat, but their weakness was the unexpected.

‘The unexpected’. This was my fighting style.

A style that has no set style. Victory with any means, that’s my style.

Our weapons were decided.

I was given a blunt metal sword. It would have been heavy, had I been a normal 4 year old but my [strength] stat was at 95, which should be slightly higher than a normal adult. Thus I was easily able to swing this around.

As for the mermaid warrior, her weapon was the gauntlet. I should be fine since my level is relatively close to hers and I have maxed out physical damage resistance.

Still it was a bit scary.

Before we started I wanted to allocate some of my stat points first.

I dumped all of my 25 [status points] into [strength].

[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 24


Strength: 120 (90+30)

Dexterity: 35 (5+30)

Intelligence: 35 (5+30)

Insight: 75 (45+30)

[Status point: 0]

100. my first status to hit double digits, or not, it was because I still had the [shard of Tyrving].

As soon as I finalized my status distribution two small UI boxes came up.

[New skill developed: [Obsidian Lance]]

[New skill developed: [Obsidian Shield]]

If I recall correctly those were the weapons that my skeleton knight always held upon summoning.

Interesting, so I can use them myself now huh?

Apparently distributing stats was another way to gain skills. Good to know, so does that mean if I continue to add stats into different categories I would gain different kinds of skills?

The way I see it the stats determine what sort of skills I’m getting.

Since I was dumping my stats into [strength] I’ve become a more close combat oriented necromancer, so that’s why I’ve unlocked these such skills.

It’s possible if I add status points into other stats I’ll gain different types of skills.

I guess I should contemplate on it at a later time.

It was time to start the battle, then I’ll play my first card.

“Then, shall we start, Miss Ura?”

When I casually utter her name she’s stunned in place trying to figure out how I knew.

That was the cue for my first strike.

Since she was off guard I dashed and swung the sword.


She managed to block my swing with her gauntlets but not without some damage.

She slid back by my attacks.

“I wasn’t ready.”

She said while glaring at me. Scary, scary.

“On the battlefield no one cares if you’re ready. Or do the mermaid race not even know the rule of the battlefield?”

She has a visible smirk on her face. Did I hit a nerve?

No, wait. I flipped a switch!

Her gaze became little more sharper.

She charges at me with great speed. However due to my relatively high [insight] stat I was able to keep my eyes on her.

Dodge, dodge, dodge.

“You’re a slippery one aren’t you.”

Ura says while licking her lips.

“I’d rather not get hit by those huge gauntlets if I could.”

Though I say that the truth was I needed to get hit by it at least once, unguarded.

For experimental purposes.

She makes some distance between us and a blue aura appears around her.

Some sort of magic?

That’s my first assumption.

As I was trying to figure out she disappeared.

I was caught off guard. I can’t even tell where she went.

I looked around but there is no sign of her.


I get a sudden epiphany and instinctively dodge to my right.

When I do Ura appears with a fierce kick.

There was a large hole in the ground as a result of her kick.


She’s dissatisfied that she missed.

That blue energy like aura wasn’t magic it was a technique to boost her physical capabilities.

Thankfully I was able to detect her just in time with my [life force sensory]. I don’t know if I could’ve survived such a kick even with my [Physical damage resistance] at maximum.

She jumped out of the hole she created and lunges at me, still with the blue aura.

[Obsidian shield].

I used the skill that I just obtained to defend.

A large black shield about 1.7m high and wide appears before me to block the attack.

Ura’s attack was enough to leave holes in the ground but not even a single scratch appears on the might black shield.

Thankfully I didn’t have to actually hold the shield and it just kind of hovered before me.

If I had to list a negative aspect of using this shield was then it was the fact that it blocked my front view.

Considering its defensive capabilities it was relatively easy to summon. I mean, I could probably summon these all day if I wanted to.

These kinds of expendable shields are best used as projectiles.

What do I mean by that?

It’s easy, like this.


I could hear Ura’s perplexed voice.

I moved my wrists a bit to motion the shield forward.

Since I wasn’t exactly touching the shield directly and it was just hovering there protecting me I figured that it moved according to my whims, kind of like telekinesis.

My assumptions proved correct as it really did move according to my will.

It pushed back Ura as well and smashed her against the wall.

The impact was great enough to completely shatter the shield.

There was a bit of blood but it looks like Ura was able to defend herself at the last minute.

She was completely cocky before but now she had a frown.

I may have pushed her a little too far, though that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on her.

My initial estimates were correct. She wasn’t able to handle my style of fighting because she relied heavily on her instincts.

When there’s no basis for her instincts they just kind of freeze up and she’ll have to consciously think about each move.

Anyway, I won’t use the shield anymore because as I said I really wanted to check the effectiveness of my [Physical damage resistance].

From the description of the skill it’s supposed to block 85% of the damage at max level.

I let her run at me once more with that scary blue aura.

I managed to dodge her swings easily even though I should be getting hit. I wanted to get hit but it was a bit scary.

I countered some of her strikes and dodged others. It was a fairly one sided battle, I mean at anytime I could use [obsidian lance/shield] to blow her away, but still I need to experiment.

Pain is scary right? I’m not the coward here right?

No one wants to feel pain.

“Stop moving!”

She shouted.

Believe me I want to but you’re too scary!

I resolved myself and let myself get punched once.

I temporarily stopped moving and received an undefended blow.

I was sent flying backwards and crashed into a wall leaving a bigger whole than the one in the ground.


I could feel sharp pain running through my spine as I hit the wall but the pain almost immediately subsided.

I stood up and took a glance at my body. There was hardly even a scratch on me aside from my tattered clothes.

This skill was amazing!

Though I should take into consideration her levels. Most likely it will be less effective as the level disparity between myself and my opponent increases.

When I looked at Ura she had a stunned expression. She probably didn’t expect that I would be able to come out undamaged.

She runs at me once more.

I’m glad she’s enthusiastic but her movements were really simple and straightforward, literally.

[Obsidian Lance].

Unlike [Obsidian Shield] which kind of just appeared out of thin air, this skill had a ‘spawn animation’.

I summoned two from the ground.

It made a large banging noise as it burst out from the ground into an X shape dividing the area between Ura and I.

If this skill was anything like [Obsidian Shield] then it’s likely I could also throw these with telekinesis.

Ura tries to side step it but I summon more.

Three to her right and two to her left, all pointing towards her.

Then I summon three more in the air also pointing towards her.


I give her a smile as she just looks perplexedly at the ominous black lances pointed towards her.

“I get it. It’s my loss.”

She just plumped down and sat on the floor.

She had a dissatisfied expression.

[You have gained a level].

Of course.

I returned to Cedric and the others.

“Master that was amazing!”

When I return Aura shows me a happy smile. That kind of praise coming from a level 37 just sounds like sarcasm to me to be honest.


“Haha! Good work, that was some interesting style. I thought necromancers were more about the skeletons and life magic.”

“I could do that if you want.”

They all seem pretty excited like they’ve just saw some interesting exhibit at the zoo.

Was I really just delegated to a position of entertainment? It’s a depressing thought.

Admittedly my fighting style was rather gaudy.

A lot of people see fighting as a form of subtle art.

Certainly I could see that.

Martial arts when displayed can be quite mesmerizing and sparring can become a sort of meditation.

However it’s different for me.

For me who was raised in a peaceful country like Japan. Physical fights almost never broke out and if they did they were stopped almost immediately by the people around.

For that kind of person, actual fighting was a large hurdle.

In the end, for me, fighting was just another means to an end. If I could I would avoid it, if I had to fight then I’ll win at all costs.

Things like honour, skill, glory.

The way I see, in a real battlefield there is none of those things. Perhaps if one gets to a high enough skill level that kind of thing may exist but to the average person like me this was the best I could do.

Now I could get these people to see it my way but that would be a waste of time.

I walked up to Ura who was still sitting down in the middle of the room.

“Are you okay?”

It was a dumb question. I was the reason why she was all beaten up.




She started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because it’s funny! I lost to a human child.”

“That’s not something to laugh at, right?”

“No, I suppose not. It’s just I feel a little pathetic right now. It’s not because I lost, but because I was taught.”


“Right, as you said the battlefield is a far different place than on a training ground. There is nothing like fairness, honour or glory in real battle. There is only a victor. I’ve forgotten about such a thing and only honed my skills to show off. I, having just realized this feel really pathetic. At the same time I’m thankful that you’ve opened my eyes.”

“Ah, well, no problem.”

I didn’t think she’d understand but I’m glad that she did.

We shook hands.

It’s odd, I’ve never thought of a woman’s hands to be big but her hands were large. I’m aware it’s mostly due to my small stature but it really was an odd feeling. Her hand was firm and muscular.

From just a single handshake I could feel the many years of training she’s gone through.

I felt a little pathetic myself actually, I haven’t exactly trained that hard. The only reason why I was able to get this strong was because of this ridiculous skill I was born with.

I’m glad I came here.


I was left alone with a girl in a single room.

She was wearing incredibly revealing clothes almost as though she was trying to tell me something by her attire.

Too bad that the room we were in was the war room, I couldn’t think of a less sexy place to rendezvous.

“I’m thankful for all you’ve done for us, Master Morgant.”

The person I was with was the Queen of this city and the mermaid race as a whole.

Queen Amaria Seasong.

She was quite young for someone of her post but that didn’t stop her from being a good queen.

Just a few days ago her entire race’s religion and tradition was turned upside down but she was able to calmly assess the situation and handle it with care.

Due to this quick wittedness the mermaid race didn’t really suffer that much damage.

“No it’s quite fine, in fact I should be thanking you, I feel like I’ve gained more between our exchange.”

The truth was that I was able to gain a powerful undead minion and learn the secrets of the universe or at least the origins.

Compared to what I got, all the mermaids received was the stopping of a rampaging guardian and freeing the hostages.

Honestly I felt like I was cheating them somehow.

“You are very modest, master Morgant.”

Certainly I hear that Japanese people are quite modest compared to other countries but I think I was a little exception to that. Living in the corporate world I think I’ve been poisoned by them to some degree as well.

“So I wish to offer you a reward for your services.”

The queen continued.


I had serious doubts that it would be anything ‘physical’ I mean let’s be honest, I was still in the body of a four year old, even if that was the case I couldn’t do much with this body anyway.

“Yes, however I’m not quite sure how I should go about doing this. It is my first time.”

If that line was taken out of context it would sound extremely erotic.

“I see, then how about this, the next time I need help, you’ll send your forces to aide me.”

A shame as it may be that I couldn’t get anything more, it was actually plenty. No doubt if I continue to mingle with the demon army I will get caught in more troublesome things in the future, for that I should have some contingencies to fall back on.

The mermaids can also fight on land so that was extra convenient as well.

“I see, yes. Let’s do that. Whenever master Morgant requires our aide we shall come to your side.”

“Thank you, your majesty.”

I gave a noble bow.


“We are grateful for all you have done for us.”

Queen Amaria bowed towards me. I wasn’t so sure that a queen of an entire race should bow towards someone so many times but I guess it was how they showed their appreciation.

Among the queen was Miora, Azara, Ranash and Ura.

Of course behind them seeing us off were a group of other mermaids as well.

“The pleasure was all mine, I got to see something that I never thought I would in my entire life after all.”

I was referring to Gladsheim. Certainly if I never received this mission from Astaroth I would never have figured out the truth.

What I would do with that truth was still under planning but at least I was able to get a proper grasp on my situation.

Come to think of it Cedric and co. didn’t really do much this time around.

I stared at them with accusing eyes.

“Ah, m-master, why are you glaring at us like that?”

Aura asked hesitantly as she was trying to hide behind the smaller framed Elena.


“We hope you will visit again someday.”

With that we finally left the underwater city of Lani’tar.

It has been one heck of a journey; I felt even more exhaustion than the last one I had but this was a valuable experience for me.


We were on our way back now.

Since we were going in the same direction we decided to travel together for 2 or so days.

I remember how much I was disappointed when nothing happened during our way there.

When our first night came we prepared the same workload like we did when we first left.

I was in charge of the food, Aura had to make the camp, Cedric and Elena went to pick up more firewood.

It was only a few weeks ago but it already felt nostalgic.

“We’re back.”

Cedric announced as he brought a large stack of firewood.

“Wonderful, I’m almost done with the soup.”

Incidentally I’ve been making nothing but soup the entire journey. Of course I rotated and made different kinds each time as to not get boring.

After gathering down by the campfire, Cedric started off the conversation.

“So? Do you feel like talking now?”

I thought he was being oddly quiet the entire time. He really was a perceptive one.


Aura tilted her head in confusion. She wasn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box, or however that saying goes.

Elena looked curious as well.

You’d think that a mage of all people would figure out that I wasn’t exactly being honest.

“Well, I suppose I should at least report what I saw down there.”

“Eh? But didn’t you already tell us?”

“No, I omitted a few parts because it would be troublesome if I told them the whole truth.”


“Well, just listen.”

Where to start.

The three of them sat quietly in front of the campfire eating their soup. Well Cedric wasn’t really eating anything, in fact he hadn’t eaten anything entire time but that was because of his racial trait.

Regardless. They were sitting obediently in front of me, almost as though I was about to tell them a scary story.

The atmosphere was perfect for that.

In any case I decided to tell them most of the things I saw down there. About the machines, about how Gladsheim was actually a library and about TMAQI.

Of course I omitted parts about how Gladsheim and I were originally from earth. That’s one thing that I’ll take to my grave.

“I see. A library for record keeping.”

“You’re not surprised?”

Cedric acted as though he predicted this.

“No, Lord Astaroth herself didn’t actually believe that Gladsheim was a weapon. I was only sent to confirm the validity of this.”

“I see. Well, I guess this works out in the end. The red knights can’t use a weapon that doesn’t exist.”

“It might be troublesome if they are able to get their hands on the historical archives. Even if there was no weapon there may be some sort of blueprint for a weapon.”

Well, he wasn’t entirely wrong. I’m sure if you dug deep you could find the manuals for modern or futuristic weapons.

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that since not even the mermaids whose entire culture revolved around Gladsheim was able to gain access.”

Besides even if the red knights somehow were able to enter they’ll have to fight off an overpowered level 255 maid.


Cedric accepted whatever I told him, or rather he had to. He couldn’t validate if anything I said was true or false, only that he’d have to take my words as fellow Demon General.

When I put it like that he didn’t purse it any further. It really was a convenient thing, using the title of Demon General.

I do feel bad but that’s a price I’ll gladly accept.

Besides, knowledge within Gladsheim should not be widely known even to those on my side.


With only a few more kilometers to walk back to my hometown it was time to split ways with Cedric and co.

“Thank you for you’ve done, master!”

While with tears in her eyes, Aura tried to thank me.

Elena didn’t say anything but she was rapidly nodding at everything Aura was saying. She was also rather teary eyed.

Stop, you’re making me blush.

Not really.

“No, I admit this has been a rather fun journey and I’ve learnt a lot.”

“Hahaha! Morgant! You’re all right.”

“Gee, thanks. It means a lot Cedric.”

We exchanged handshakes.

Of course due to my rather small statue he had to crouch down which made it really funny to look at.

“Whenever you need help, just come to me.”

With that Cedric and I were now acquaintances.

After all that’s said and done, I’m actually grateful that he told me this. It’s rather reassuring to know that I have someone to watch my back.

Of all people my first real ally to be a slime. Who’d have expected, right?

With that we parted ways.


As I walked closer to town I noticed something rather odd.

The smell of smoke and rusting metal.

Of course we don’t really have any kind of metal that would rust and would give off such a big scent.

Complimented with the smell of smoke I had some ideas coming to mind.

I didn’t want to believe it just yet.

I made a run for it to quickly arrive at my hometown.

At any moment I could imagine that they were preparing a welcome back party for me.

Lena and mother would set up the food.

Lina would cling onto me while crying that I was back.

Sebastian would kindly at me in relief that I wasn’t injured.

Father would rough up my hair asking if I had gotten any stronger.

Ian and Ira would be there asking for a fight to see how strong I got.

Chief Oran would be telling me how the crops were doing.

The guards would…

The guards…


The reality was much different than what I wanted to see.

Upon entering the town, the gates to the town were in pieces.

The garrison were slaughtered.

It wasn’t my imagination.

The scent of rusting metal.




I walked through the main path overlooking the town.

Houses destroyed.

Fields ruined.

Bloodied corpses shewn about.

People who I knew.

People I was acquainted with.

I ran.

My first thought was to my house. I needed to at least know that my family was safe!

I ran and ran.

“Cough, Cough!”

I heard someone.

I stopped and looked around. By a pile of rubble I could see a familiar face.


I ran towards him.


“Stay with me, Ian! I got you!”

“H, He, he. You’re back Morgant.”

“No stop talking, I’ll heal you.”

“No. you’ll get hurt if you heal me. You can’t do that now, you have bigger problems.”

Ian was remembering back when we were at the forest.

That time when I healed him with [transfer life] I was wounded in his place. He must have thought that it would still happen.

But I’ve improved since that time so surely I’ll be able to get away with only slight injuries.

“It’s okay Ian, I’ve improved, I can-”


Ian stopped me adamantly.

“It doesn’t matter, you need all the strength that you can.”

“What, do you mean?”

Just what happened here?



“Red armoured knights.”

“Red armoured.”

[The Red Knights].

That was the first thing that came to mind. I was probably correct in assuming it really was them.

But why.

“You have to live. Morgant.”

“Wait no! don’t! Ian!”

He stopped breathing.

I tried to heal him using transfer life but it didn’t work.

This world was strange.

Even if you’re on the brink of death as long as you’re healed you won’t die.

However once you’ve already died, that was it.

All the magic in the world.

Magic that people would kill for in my world. The power of miracles.

Even such an omnipotent power couldn’t bring back the dead.

I felt a tear roll down my face as I held onto my friends dead body.

“No! why?! Was once not enough?! Why must you take everything from me again?!”

After what seemed like 10 minutes I was feeling light headed.

I couldn’t think properly.

I heard footsteps coming from behind me.

“Oh, looks like we missed one.”

It was the voice of a man.

I turned towards him, perhaps it was one of the villagers? No, I wasn’t that dumb.

It was man suited in red armour. There were two.

They were carrying swords; swords stained in blood.

Because of the helmet I couldn’t make out his facial expression.

That’s fine I didn’t care. I knew who these people were.

“Ugh, another child. I hate killing children.”

You hate killing children yet you still did it?


I felt a small bout of laughter escaping me.

Was it funny?

Funny that my hometown was razed to the ground?

No, of course not.

It wasn’t funny, it was absurd.

“Let’s just get this over with, the commander is waiting.”


Not a single shred of guilt were in the voices of the two men. Do they really realize that they just decimated an entire town’s worth of people?

Weren’t the [Red Knights] an anti-demon organization? Why are they razing villages; human villages?

I felt sharp metallic sensation go through my heart.

One of the men stabbed me with his sword slowly while I was contemplating the situation.

At this point the pain wasn’t even that great.

It was because I had max level physical damage reduction as well as the fact that I had grown accustomed to pain after a month of being mauled.

Normally because of the physical damage reduction the sword wouldn’t even pierce my flesh but I made sure it did. I lowered my defense just because I felt like it.

I wanted to know if this was real.

The pain was real, I couldn’t deny that.

Because I didn’t move the men must have thought I died.

Of course if I were a normal person I would have. No even then I was surprised myself, I should have been dead from having my heart pierced.

Was I that detracted from pain?

The man was trying to pull out his sword but I didn’t let him.

I held onto it from the other side.


“What’s wrong?”

The other man asked.

“This kid’s holding onto my sword.”


At that moment I pushed the sword out making the man lose balance.

He fell over.

[Aura Field: [Life Drain]].

I had only used it in training but for the first time I’m using it against other people.

“U, ugh~”

The two men started to feel the effects of a maximum level life drain.

In about 40 seconds the two men were writhing in pain with their skin having paled complexions.

I, on the other hand was back in full health even with having my heart stabbed.

The men were still alive.

I let them live.

“Why? Why did you attack the village?”

“U, Uhh.”

This man was beyond repair now. He didn’t even have enough energy to speak. I must have drained too much.

Well, that’s fine, they did say something about their commander who was waiting.

“You can die now.”

I didn’t actually kill them, I let them suffer for a bit. They were going to die regardless, living beings cannot survive if their life force has been siphoned that much.


I just killed two people. They were most likely human too.

Yet I don’t feel any sort of remorse, only anger.

I guess I can think about that later. I’ll have all the time in the world after I kill every soldier in this village.

“Ryan! Moran! What? A child?”

Another soldier came. From the looks of it he was searching for the other two.

Could he be the commander?

When he turned his sights a bit he saw the two dying soldiers on the ground. They were twitching in pain and agony.


He tried to rush towards them but I didn’t let him.

[Obsidian lance].

I summoned two from the floor to block his path.

Then I summoned six more to make a square of X around him.


“Why did you attack this village?”

I asked him. Even though they were my own words they sent a chill down my spine.

“Who cares about that! We have to save those soldiers!”

“Save them? Why?”

“Because they’re dying!”

“What about the villagers? Why did you not save them when they were dying?”

“Look kid, it was our mission, it was nothing personal, now remove these so I can save them.”



“You heard me. I said no. Those men will die. Like everyone else in the village.”


He tried to pry open the obsidian lances but he couldn’t no matter how much strength he put in them.

[An arrow to my left].

I sensed a clear bloodlust aiming for my life.

Thanks to my high level of life force sensory and [insight] I was able to dodge in time.

I turned to see who had fired.

It was a woman wearing slightly less armour in a similar shade of red. She was using a bow and arrow.

I don’t want to deal with her. I just want answers.

[Summon Skeleton Knight].

“?!” x2

The soldier in the cage and the archer soldier clearly looked surprised.

It was obvious, watching an armoured skeleton burst out from the floor suddenly would be heart stopping.

[Shield Charge].

My skeleton made a charge for it to slam the archer woman.

She probably didn’t think that my skeleton would be this fast.

She was sent flying threw a few houses.

I don’t think she died, she was rather heavily armoured after all.

“What did you do?!”

The man was yelling at me from behind the cage.

It was slightly annoying.

I made the lances fly up in the sky and undid the cage.


The soldier was confused.

Using that opportunity I sent the 8 lances to pierce his body, instantly killing him.


That’s three counts of murder.

I’m on a roll today.


I bet my lower lip to the point it was bleeding.

It didn’t even hurt.

I walked over to where the archer woman was sent flying.

It was quite the distance.

“Hey, why don’t you start talking?”

I grabbed the woman with my skeleton.

At any moment I could squash her.


She wasn’t even that hurt, so she should be able to talk. I could sense her life force so I knew that for a fact.

“Let her go!”

I was surrounded.

There were about 8 more soldiers adorned in a similar shade of red.

I knew that they were there. In fact that’s the reason why I was holding this archer woman as hostage.


“Let her go!”

They repeated.

“Tell me why you attacked his village.”

Their median levels were around 15.

There were about as strong as the average adventurer.

I on the other hand was level 25. Not only that I can summon several skeleton knights which would pulverise them.

So even though it may have looked like I was surrounded, it was actually I who held the upper hand.

“We don’t have to tell you anything! Now let that woman go!”


Another soldier came running to make it 9.

The other soldiers tried to stop her from getting any closer to me.

“You, woman. Tell me why you attacked this place else I will kill this woman.”


Tch, she wasn’t going to talk either was she? She’s too enraged to even form coherent sentences.

Do I have to add 10 more counts of murder?

“What’s going on?”

Let’s make that 11 more counts of murder then.

Another man came along.

He was on a horse and looked rather self important.

[Ryland Lancaster. Level 17, Magician].

He must be the commander.

“Ryland Lancaster, tell me why you’ve attacked his village.”

“What? How do you know my name?”


I was in no mood to play games with them.

If they don’t talk soon, it will simply end in a bloodbath.

“Hmph, child I don’t know who you are but you seem to be consorting with demon folk by the looks of it. Then let me tell you since you’ll die for that anyway.”


I’ll kill right after he tells me.

That’s what I silently promise in my heart.

“This town is built upon what we call a ‘holy land’. Underneath this town is a small cache of divine energy. We the red knights simply wish to harness that divine energy. However the town was not willing to let go of their town so we had to resort to force. If you ask me they deserved everything.”

“… I see.”

Divine energy.

For something so retarded these guys would kill my family and friends.

“That’s right, now soldiers, kill him.”

“But commander, he has a hostage.”

“Small sacrifices must be made when dealing with demon folk, you should be very well aware of this by now.”

“NO! don’t you dare hurt Sera!”



The woman in my skeleton’s hand was crushed to death with blood dripping down to make a pool underneath.

“No! Sera!”

The enraged woman tried to run at me but I summoned another skeleton at her location cutting her off.

I made my other skeleton grab onto her.

I didn’t kill her.

This one soldier will live. That’s what I decided.

She will live with the knowledge of the powerlessness of having your entire platoon decimated while not being able to do anything.

“You will live.”

I say.

The other soldiers run at me. They aren’t convinced that I will spare their hostages anymore.

[Obsidian lance].

One of the soldiers who were running towards me had his entire abdomen pierced by the lance.

The other soldiers were slightly unnerved by this but decided to attack regardless.


Well, I may have let them live if they were planning to run away.

I summoned three more skeleton knights, totalling up to 5.

All of them were each as brutal and demonic as the last.

Then I had thought.

This isn’t what I want, this would be too tragic.

I immediately unsummoned the three skeleton knights making the soldiers confused.

They didn’t attack and simply looked at me to see what I was planning.

A puppet show!

Yes! That was way more exciting, don’t you agree?

[New skill developed: [Reanimate dead]].


I immediately used my new skill.

The soldier who fell first started getting back up again.

Of course he wasn’t the same soldier, but now my minion.

I did the same with the other four I had killed before hand.

They slowly inched their dead bodies over here.



The enraged woman was struggling within the grasps of my skeleton. She could not get free as she could only have at the abomination I made using her friend’s corpse.

The living soldiers were starting to get unnerved.

“Fight for your lives.”

I instructed.

The zombie soldiers were attacking their former comrades.

Despite the fact that they were zombies, they were not as slow as one would think, in fact they retained their original athletic abilities.


One of the soldiers yell in a horrified tone while trying to fend himself from his former comrade.

“Yes, I can see that! Just give me a moment! I’m preparing a large scale skill!”

I couldn’t see mana, but I could feel some sort of force being attracted towards the magician commander.

That wasn’t good, no matter how much physical defense I have it won’t do against magical attacks.

I had one of the idle skeleton knights shield charge and knock the magician off his horse.


He fell down and the horse ran away.

At least one innocent life was saved today.


Towering over the magician stood my skeleton knight adorned armour as black as the night.

The two red eyes gazed onto him through the helmet.

Taking the opportunity I was distracted one of the soldiers tried to rush at me and swung his sword.

Needless to say the sword was stopped by my flesh.

Since my physical defense was through the roof, conventional weapons wouldn’t even do it anymore unless I wanted it to.


I slowly drained the life of the swordsman who attacked me.


That was my 6th victim.

I wondered for a second.

Were these soldiers really innocent?

On the battlefield in war, usually there are times when innocent soldiers die. If that was the case then what I’m truly doing was murder.

Then I rid myself of that line of thought.


These knights weren’t innocent. They have the blood of the innocent villagers in their hands.

I could argue that some of these death were self defense on my part.

Though it wasn’t like there was any sort of rule out in rural areas like this. Laws couldn’t be enforced all the way here.

The only thing that was stopping me from completely going and massacring these knights was my sense of morality that wasn’t quite there anymore.

I’ve lost everything again. I’ve lost my family once more.

I cursed my fate.

Why was everything torn away from me a second time?

Did I not live an enough of a pious life?

I followed the rules.

I helped people.

I loved my families.

Then why?

Why was it like this?

This was all stupid. Why was I even thinking about this? The one who was wrong here, was it me or was it the red knights?

Or were we both wrong?

Honestly though, I don’t mind being wrong at this point in time.

I could revel in my wrongness.

Who cares anymore?

“Hii! T, teleport! I’m teleporting us away! Soldiers regroup!”

I can’t have you do that.


[Soul Gambit]!

Simultaneously both spells went off at the same time.

I used soul gambit during training but this was the first time it displayed such a destructive force.

Even I was caught up in it.

Well, this was fine.

If I die here at least I can die peacefully.

I closed my eyes and let the bright light take me.


Cold. Dark.

I felt a great sense of cold coming over me.

It was dark as well.

Was this hell? Honestly this depiction of hell seems much more cruel than the fiery one depicted in most pop culture.

Well I did do something that would warrant me going to hell so I couldn’t complain.

I couldn’t really see anything since my eyes were shut.

I didn’t even feel like opening them.

I was starting to lose my consciousness.

“Poor thing.”

I heard a woman’s voice from afar.

A few moments later I felt a warmth coming over me.

What was going on?

I didn’t know.

All I knew was that I was sleepy. I welcomed my drowsiness, whatever happens to me I didn’t really care anymore.

If I die. I die.

I think I had a good run in this short but blissful life.

I had a loving family and even got to play the part of a hero in some city.

All of my childish fantasies were able to come true.

I met mermaids.

I met elves.

I even met a loli demon lord.

I met all sorts of people.

Yeah, this was a good life.

I only wish I could have saved my family.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 25


Strength: 120 (90+30)

Dexterity: 35 (5+30)

Intelligence: 35 (5+30)

Insight: 75 (45+30)

[Status point: 5]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 12

(ACTIVE) [Summon Skeleton Knight]: Level 9

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 11

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 42

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 50 (MAX)

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 10

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 24

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 7

(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 3

(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)

(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 1

(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 1

(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 1

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