Ascension Rebirth – Stage 2 Start! (Chapter 8)

Ascension Rebirth – Stage 2 Start!



The [Vertloch Skyreach]

Otherwise known as the demon lord’s fortress, was the place in which the demon lord Astaroth De Signa reigned.

It was a city that was perpetually covered in the night and looming over it was a blood dyed moon.

This was of course done using magic.

The city itself comprised of many different sky scraper like buildings almost as though they were reaching out into the heavens.

Made of concrete and steel it was an odd city that was oddly technologically superior to most of the cities that existed in Eternis.

Within the center of the city was a single building that surpassed all others in terms of design and height. This building was known as the demon lord’s castle.

The interior of the top most floors had an out of place oriental feel with the wooden sliding doors and the tatami styled floorboards. Even the walls were decorated with sakura tree design wall papers.

The highest floor was only a single room. The demon lord’s throne room.

At the far end of the room was a small cushioned seat, and sitting on it was a small girl with blazing red hair and eyes. She had horns to the side of her temples that protruded outwards to the front.

This small girl was the demon lord: [Astaroth De Signa].

Usually many of her retainers would be serving her but only a few people were present.

Standing next to her wearing a white mask was the one herald as the vampire lord: [Kyrios]. He was her closest aide and servant.

Crouching in front of them were three people. One male and two females.

The male was the leader of the trio group.

He was adorned with a full set of silver armour with a blue outline. Every inch of his body was covered by metal yet not a single weapon was on him. It certainly wasn’t because his weapons were confiscated upon entry. No that couldn’t be the case as his companions had their weapons s with them.

Speaking of companionship, the first one was a dark elf magician dressed in a black robe. Her silver hair contrasted with her ashen grey skin perfectly. Her weapon of choice was the staff commonly used by most magic oriented jobs.

The other companion was an archer as evident by the bow and quiver sitting on backwards from her shoulder.

Like her companion she also hard silverish white hair. She was part of the homunculi species.

“I have answered your call lord Astaroth.”

The armoured warrior started, still crouching on the floor with one hand and knee.

“Cedric, my general. I have a mission for you concerning our ‘friends’ at the red Knights organisation.”

Cedric served a position known as demon general. It was the second highest position after the demon lord’s herself. Of course Kyrios also shared that post.

Her earlier comment about the friends in the red knight was of course sarcasm. The red Knights were a notoriously anti-demon organisation. For a society filled with mostly demons knowing their movements was a high priority.

In fact that was the reason she had called for the warrior named Cedric.

“Have they initiated some sort of movement against us?”

As a general it was a great concern of his on whether or not they would start a war. He was prepared to through everything once a war really did occur.

“No, but my scouts have indicated that they’re looking for something troublesome.”


He parrots his lord’s words.

“An ancient weapon known as Gladsheim. To be honest I don’t have much information regarding the weapon itself, in fact even my father was unsure that this thing even existed. However if the red Knights are searching for it I don’t want to just sit idly by and wait for the off chance that it really is a myth.”

“Yes, I concur. If they’re looking for such a weapon they must have some credible lead. I shall go search for it at once and get ahead of them.”

As Cedric was getting prepared to leave her was stopped by his lords.

“No, that won’t be necessary.”


“We’ve actually already found it.”

This statement came as a shock to him. Cedric paused without uttering a single word, he thought he understood his lord’s intention perfectly but he was one step too late.

Astaroth had only become the demon lord’s a little over 100 years ago. While that may have been a long time by human standards, it was a relatively a short time for demon lords.

Still time and time again Astaroth had proven herself worthy of the title with many of her achievements. It was because of this reason that Cedric had devoted himself to serving her.

However every time it seemed as though he was one step too late, as though he was almost unneeded. Certainly the demon lord’s was very capable, able to locate something the previous demon lord’s only thought to be a myth.

“The weapon known as Gladsheim I want you to go and secure it before the red Knights get their hands on it.”

“Of course, whatever you desire Milord.”

“Though I think he may need some help with this one, Lord Astaroth.”

Kyrios added in a little comment. It was only a small comment but between those who serve as Astaroth’s demon general it was a grave insult to suggest another may require help.

The demon lord’s knew this but she nodded to Kyrios’ comments.

Cedric felt his honor being insulted, he wanted to object.

“Milord I believe I can handle any order you give me.”

“I’m happy you feel that way but this place isn’t good for your kind.”

Cedric’s race was [slime]. In fact he was known as the slime king. He also doubled as a Paladin who had naturally high magic resistance. Coupled with his racial ability to nullify physical attacks, he was almost unstoppable.

However even this unstoppable tank had weaknesses. One of which was the sea. Or more specifically water.

Of course he wouldn’t die if he was thrown into the sea but his movements would become extremely slow and basically he would become a non factor in combat situations.

“The sea.”


Astaroth nodded.

He finally understood his lord’s intentions. Certainly if the weapon known as Gladsheim was located in the sea it would be reasonable to think he would need help.

“Then what do you suggest, Milord?”

“There’s a certain person I want you to bring along.”

“Certain person?”

When the demon lord’s turned her gaze to Kyrios, Cedric became a little more dejected. Certainly from the beginning Astaroth has shown slight favour towards Kyrios, still Cedric could not get rid of his feelings of jealousy.

“I think he would make an excellent addition.”

However Kyrios’ word caught him off guard. Cedric had thought the addition would be Kyrios himself but his words just now denied that possibility.

Astaroth gave a small approving nod.

[Morgant Fallon].

It was not a name that Cedric had heard before.

“If you don’t mind me asking, just who is this person?”

“An individual who may change the entire course of our world.”

If taken outside of context it may have seemed like Astaroth was over exaggerating. However Cedric knew that it was not. This was because Astaroth had a special ability.

The ability to see people’s destinies.

If it is a person that Astaroth has chosen then no doubt that they will become an important figure in the future.


Before leaving Vertloch Cedric wanted a little more information on what kind of person this [Morgant Fallon] was.

From the looks of it the only people he could get any sort of answers from where either his lord Astaroth or his colleague, Kyrios.

The choice was obvious, he would not want to disrupt his lord in a needless manner.

As a Vampire, Kyrios was an elusive individual.

Of course this didn’t mean that he was impossible to find, just extremely hard.

After searching for what seemed like 3 hours, Cedric could not find him. Well, that should have been obvious from the start.

On the brink of giving up Cedric was returning to his quarters to finalize his preparation before a shadowy figure appeared before him.

His mask was extremely unpleasant, almost as though he was mocking.

Though to be fair, Cedric’s face was also always hidden behind a helmet so it was not his place to judge. That being said, underneath Cedric’s face was only slime.

“You’ve been looking for me.”

“If you knew that then why did you not show yourself sooner?”

“Forgive me, I was a little preoccupied with another task given to my by our lord.”


As a person, Kyrios was a hard person to read. This was only enhanced by the fact that he always wore a mask.

On one hand it may not be wrong to say that he constantly lies but on the other hand one will not truly know that because he was so good at keeping his composure.

Vampires also had racial ability known as [Natural Hypnosis], it wasn’t too great of an ability outside of combat. The only thing this ability did was make the opponent more susceptible to the vampire’s words.

“I wish to know more about this [Morgant Fallon] person.”

“Morgant, huh. If I had to but it one way he would be very illusive.

“More than you?”

“Very much so, he has a lot of things he’s hiding.”

“Sounds unpleasant.”

“Well, perhaps for straight laced people like you, I believe he can become an incredible asset to us in the future.”

“Why? Why are both the lord and you so adamant about this person?”

“He’s, interesting to say the least. How old do you think this person is, Cedric?”

“From the way you talk perhaps a few hundred years old?”

“A few hundred years. Hahaha.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, you would probably laugh if you saw him as well.”


“[Morgant Fallon] is not a few hundred years old. Far from it, he’s a human child of 4 years.”


‘Was that a joke’? that was the first thought that came to Cedric’s mind. Yet after watching Kyrios for a few moments he realized that he wasn’t joking.

“But that’s, how?”

A child of four has caught the attention of the demon lord and one of the most powerful vampire. It was extraordinary.

“Oh~ what’s this? You’re talking about something fun.”

Another person came to join in the conversation.

It was a woman from the Lycanthrope race.

She was fairly muscular due to her lineage.

Her hair was spiky grey and she had piercing golden eyes.

Her overall stature was fairly slim but the pressure she could exert was rather large.

She was also another general of the demon army.


Cedric had a rather favourable opinion of Andras due to her straightforward nature and her physical capabilities.

Thus he was the first to greet her.

“Andras, you’re back already? I thought you were still at war with the [Werewolves].”

Indeed, in this world [Lycanthropes] and [Werewolves] were separate entities.

[Werewolves] were natural iterations of this world while [Lycanthropes] were constructed entities created by the werewolves.

After various happenstance, the relationship between the two races grew sour to the point of war.

“Ah, well we’re on a break for now. We can’t be fighting all the time now can we?”

The reply was so half-hearted it worried Cedric.


“So what’s this about a four year old?”

“A new addition to our little group.”

Kyrios answered her question in a manner that was hard to understand.

“What do you mean?”

“You will see in time.”

With that Kyrios disappeared in a shadowy effect like he always did.

“I don’t like that guy.”

Muttering under her breath, Andras spoke words of dissatisfaction towards her fellow general.

“I understand what you mean but just endure it for now.”

Trying to consol her Cedric stroke her spiky hair.

Since Cedric was the older one, a lot older in fact, he often treated her as a child.

A fact that Andras did not like.

“I told you to stop doing that.”

“My bad. Anyway, I have a mission from the lord, I will be out for a while.”

Andras looked a little dejected but quickly returned to her usual grinning face.

“Good luck.”


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