Ascension Rebirth – Something I didn’t want to hear (Chapter 45)

Ascension Rebirth Something I didn’t want to hear




“Kyrios’ mama?”

After parroting her words I instantly realized how stupid that sounded. I suppose that does explain the familiar feeling I’m getting from door number one, but I just can’t imagine it; Kyrios’ mother?

We’re talking about THAT [Kyrios] right? That snarky, masked bastard right?

Though this does remind me of something, what was it again? Oh, right the list I received from the doctor about potential allies. There was one listing about the [Progenitor of Vampires]. If there ever was a position above [vampire lord] I would hazard a guess that was it.

So then could she be it?


I tapped her on the shoulders to snap her out of her self induced daze. From her reaction just now, it doesn’t seem like Kyrios’ mother was going to be an enemy per se, I mean if she was an enemy Arachna would’ve made a scarier face. This one was just comical.

It does look like she will be a little troublesome though; my favorite kind of characters to run into. The world’s just handing them out like free candy.


Arachna snapped back to reality as a jolt of electricity ran down her down she shook her head. Slapping her cheeks she made a ‘I’m ready’ face.

“Are you okay?”

I asked just in case.

“Mhm. Just fine. Let’s go.”

She replies with a robotic tone. She creeps up to the large metal framed door and slowly twists open the handle, gulping audibly as she does. Just what kind of existence is Kyrios’ mother that it has Arachna all riled up like this? I’m curious!

Opening the door a wave moldy old book smells came sweeping through. Leaving aside the musty old smell, an impressive structure stood before me. Hundreds of shelves all around 7 meters tall seemed to stretch far into the abyss. I couldn’t even see where the library ends. There was a front desk but nobody was at the receptionist area.

On the ceilings were dimly lit [illumination stones] hanging of a chandelier. It really did fit in with the whole rich people motif this entire school is trying to go for, but in the library? I don’t know.

I doubt we needed to make a library card to access the books but the sheer amount of sources available was enough to give me a headache. Just how the hell do you expect me to go through all these books? Just reading half of the stuff here would likely take a lifetime.

So isn’t this the part where someone comes along and helps the Protagonist with searching for what they’re looking for? Or was I being too optimistic about this?

Just in case you were wondering, no, there is no special name for this library like ‘the great voile’ or something like that. Though in my opinion this level of literary haven should have at least a few titles.

I mean I could think of a few right now.

[The book mania’s paradise].

[The literary abyss].

[Literature haven].

Is this place trying to redefine what it means to have ‘information at your fingertips’? I would actually honestly prefer the Internet really.


My voice echoed through the long shelves and seem to dissipate in the far distances of which I could not see. As I was about to try again I was interrupted.

“Please do not shout in the library.”

A slender looking man wearing a elegantly designed, metal framed glasses walked towards us. His smooth dark hair waving from side to side.

He wore the same uniform as us and on his arm was an armband that read [Library administration]. I think he was the student in charge of maintaining this place, from the looks of it he was around 16 or 17.

Well it was obvious he wasn’t the source of that mysterious and illusive presence. Also he was clearly a male, thus removing him from the probability of being Kyrios’ mother.

[Gilbert Serell. Level 22, Magician]

I feel like this place has an overabundance of magicians. I mean, yeah I get it’s a school but still, there should be more diversity among the student population.

“Sorry, there was just no one at the reception desk so I thought I had to call out.”

I apologized.

“Hmm, you are the ‘special students’ that I’ve heard about yesterday. I see so that’s why you weren’t in class.”

He comments as he stares at the red armband on my left arm.

Oh I get it, the reception desk was vacant because students don’t tend to come into the library during class hours.

“Sorry for disturbing you, actually there’s a source material I’m looking for and I was wondering if you could help me search for it. I don’t think I’ll ever find it in this… Place.”

“That is my job. Then what sort of boom were you after?”

He asks with that monotonous voice, I guess this what bookworm type characters are like but I didn’t think I’d find one that would fit to the T.

“I was researching about the ‘Gods’ of this world, so if you have any material on those it would be a great help.”


He repeats after me and contemplates for a bit.

“There aren’t too many materials on that topic, but I do believe we have some.”

After saying so he walks away leaving us behind at the reception desk. An overwhelming silence surrounds the room, it’s almost painful to endure.

I turned around to see why Arachna was keeping so quiet throughout the entire exchange. She was lightly shivering while hugging herself. Not because of the cold but because of the presence we were feeling before. It hasn’t dissipated, I was just ignoring it for the while but it seems to be having a profound psychological effect on her.

I tapped her shoulders again to bring her back to reality.



She shouts and turns to me abruptly.

“Are you alright? If you don’t want to be here you can just wait outside, though I don’t know how much longer this will take.”

“I, it’s fine. I’ll just stay behind you.”

She really looks like she doesn’t want to be here but unfortunately I couldn’t just leave, my business here was also rather important.

Waiting a few minutes the receptionist Gilbert returns with a few books. I don’t think he checked the entire library for those books… Right?

“These are the only source material this library had on your research topic.”

He hands over the 4 books in his hands and situates himself behind the reception desk and starts reading.

I guess that’s the end of the conversation then. I took Arachna and delved a little deeper into the library before finding a nice and cozy place to read. It was just rightly lit with those illumination stones and has a good atmosphere for reading. I sat down and began to read while Arachna sat opposite me keeping to herself quietly.

After having skimmed through the books that Gilbert recommended I can say that they weren’t exactly the best. Most of them were stories and parables which were entertaining but not important, if not those they were stories about the accounts of a ‘supposed’ witness.

As I thought, this really isn’t getting me anywhere.

Despite the amazing number of books in this library if these sources are the best then it’s all useless. At a loss on what to do now my hand automatically went towards my face.

Suddenly Arachna stood up with a grave expression.

“Arachna? What’s up?”

I asked, she shook her head and responded.

“She’s here. Somewhere. Calling.”

Kyrios’ mother is it? Now that I know this library is a bust in terms of research potential I might as well check out this supposed mother of the vampire lord.

“Then shall we go?”

I asked her as I left my seat. Since my [life force sensory] was at max level I, too could feel the callings of the mysterious presence.

Deeper into the library there was a shelf of books that oozed a disturbing presence coming from behind it. Usually in such situations if you pull on the correct book the doors to a secret hide out would open right?

Arachna walks up to the shelf and inspects the various books.

“There’s an extremely powerful sealing magic placed on this particular wall. It was probably erected to stop people from getting to her. It may even take years to get it to open so I think this is a sign that we should turn back.”

Well, I was a little smarter than that.


I used [voice of Hastur] to command the doors to open. Like magic, well it was magic, the shelves parted and the wall behind slid down revealing a darkened hallway.

“A, are you really going to go there?”

Arachna asked with a worried voice; evidently she really didn’t want to go.

“Well, she’s calling us isn’t she?”

“That’s true but… sh-she’s bad news.”

“It’s fine if you want to wait outside you know? I don’t mind going in alone.”

She shook her head and posed herself to come with me. Though that does make me feel better it also worries me if she’s feeling this repulsed by the idea of meeting this person.

That being said, if she really is who I think she is then her alliance would be greatly beneficial in the long run, even if that meant a short term annoyance.

I took out one of the illumination stones from the walls and took it with me as a makeshift torch. These things usually have a pretty good duration so I don’t have to worry about them suddenly flickering out in the middle.



We entered long, dark halls that seemed to stretch on and on, however there was a little light at the end of the tunnel signalling that we’re almost there.

You know what we found after walking this deep?

More books.

In a circular room, the shelves stacked high up and along them were hundreds of books. I could see a light source that was shining from all the way at the top of the cylindrical room.

However there was something in the middle; a small pedestal with a stream of light shining onto it like it was some divine artefact.

A mask. A white mask with the left side of it being chipped off so it would only cover the mouth and right eye. Of course that was the extent of what normal people would see, but it was a little different from me.

I possessed two things that compounded each other. First was my [necromancy] and the second was the [eye of Balor]. That’s right, I could see ghosts.

However even with those two abilities I could at best only see a silhouette; standing guard over the broken mask was a light blue hue of a person. Her long ghastly hair swaying side by side. I could see the outline of her body but her features remained hidden behind the ghostly shroud.

It was evident that Arachna could not see this ghostly figure as she was only staring intently at the mask, still making that sour face.

I gazed at her closely, trying to see if I could see her title. To my surprise it did come out, confirming that she was indeed a being instead of an object.

[Nosferatu. Level 134, Progenitor of Vampires]

Hmm. An ironic name if I ever saw one. Still, my previous assumptions have been proven correct; she was indeed the Progenitor of Vampires. Then she’s an existence that I need to get on my side.

“You’re… Nosferatu.”

I called out to her. I wasn’t sure but it seemed she didn’t realize I could see her and her body language reflected that. From the movement of the silhouette she was trying to tell me something but I could not hear her voice.

Meanwhile to my side Arachna looked at me in surprise. Well, at this point I may have seemed a little crazy, talking to ‘supposed’ thin air in the view of others.

The silhouette pointed, directing my gaze at the mask. What’s she trying to tell me? To wear it?

I reached out for the mask before Arachna violently stops me by dragging me back. Hurling me backwards and as I hit the wall some of the books fell off the shelves.

“No! You shouldn’t do that! This mask is dangerous!”

I placed the books back and returned to my original position. At this point Arachna is already freaking out just from being in the same room as a broken mask.

“I know it is. Anyone could tell this was probably some sort of trap, but you see Arachna, it is necessary that I do this because her strength will be of great benefit in the coming times. So please trust me.”

I offer her a warm smile and pat her shoulders to reassure her.

“I, if you say it like that then I can’t possibly stop you.”

Arachna steps back meekly with a reddened face.

Now then, I look back at the silhouette hovering above the broken mask. She points towards the mask probably insisting that I should wear it. As Arachna said, this is probably a trap.

As to what kind of trap it is… this mask is not identified as an ‘item’ but as a ‘sentient existence’ meaning that wearing it will offer me no benefits, so then why she telling me to wear it? Isn’t it obvious?

Wearing this mask probably means that the ghost will take over my body. Such a clichéd situation but on the other hand I have no other way of communicating with it unless I wear it. If she takes over my body she could at least use me as a puppet to talk through.

I do consider myself to have a fairly high mental defence and I also have the passive skill that allows me to resist mental attacks, so at the very least I should be able to retain my consciousness even if my body is controlled.

Problem is, how do I retake control over my body once I’m done communicating with her? I don’t want to go into this blindly.

No choice then, I’ll just have to rely on my specialty; bluffing.

“Nosferatu. I’ve understood what kind of existence you are; you inhabit this mask, meaning that if this is completely destroyed you too will likely share the same fate. So as a warning let me show you something.”

The ghostly apparition stares at me intently.


I pointed towards the pedestal that the mask was on and commanded with [Voice of Hastur]. The pedestal started to crack and in a few seconds it laid on the ground as nothing more than rubble.

I picked up the chipped mask and continued my bluff.

“As you can see I have the ability to command inanimate objects, such as the pedestal and if I felt like it I could destroy this mask. I will wear this mask and you will be allowed to enter my body but know this, I will not lose my consciousness and if I ever felt like it I could destroy the mask without even touching it.”

By its lack of reaction I could tell that Nosferatu understood the extent of my powers. It no longer insisted that I wear the mask as keenly as it did before. Excellent, it bought my bluff.

It really was a bluff. I would probably be able to talk, but it was highly doubtful that I would be able to access my powers while I was being controlled.



With my bluff established I decided to place the broken mask that exposed my left eye, onto my face. The instant I did a powerful force overcame me, took control of my arms and legs, overwhelmed my control.

It felt sickening to lose control to this degree; the feelings of being worn like an old sock. No matter how much I tried it was impossible to get my limbs to move as I wanted.

This body… it’s a fine specimen.”

Words that were not mine came out of my mouth. My arms caressed my own body, perhaps in a lightly sexual manner.


Arachna spoke, but when ‘I’ gazed back at her she instantly knew that I was not myself, but Nosferatu. A devious smile flashed across my face and my legs inched closer to Arachna.

My arms pushed her down, laying on top of her, she was made defenceless. Though it was my body, by wearing this mask it was enhanced greatly.

My face grew closer to Arachna who struggled to get me off her but her small statue could not overcome mine. Even numerically, my stats had become far greater than hers.

I leaned in and ‘touched’ Arachna; she made a displeasing face, unable to attack back at me because I was still Morgant inside.

“Haah… haa.”

My body started to become hotter, much more excited.


Before things could escalate into a worse situation I called out. Merely through sheer willpower I was able to speak through the control, of course I was still unable to move as I wished.

You can talk… odd.”

Nosferatu spoke back using my body. As much as I want to think that it’s because I’m mentally tough I think most of the credit should go to [Mental Fortress]; this skill has saved me many times in the past.

“If you don’t stop. I’ll destroy you.”

My face turned to stare at the crumbled remains of the pedestal the mask laid for god knows how long.

Hmm… Tch, how boring.”

Conceding to my bluff Nosferatu pulled my body back off of Arachna. Her face seemed rather flustered but otherwise she wasn’t hurt in any way.

Arachna stared back at me, perhaps it was weird seeing me talk to myself but she should’ve understood the situation now.

Getting past that barrier shouldn’t have been easy. For you to go through all that effort just to see me. I assume that you have something that you must really wish of me?”

Nosferatu asks.

“No, getting in was simple. You should know, I’ve already showed you how I got in.”

Nosferatu stops to think for a minute before an imaginary light bulb flashes in her mind as she looks again towards the broken pedestal.

I see, quite an intriguing power. The power to manipulate the inanimate, even I who have commanded many life forms could not hope to replicate such power.”

“That’s right, so just try moving in a manner that I do not approve of and even without control over my own body I can still destroy this mask.”

Heheh… hahahaha! Interesting, for such a small child to threaten me, perhaps I have lost my edge, or perhaps you are special. At this point I’m leaning more towards the second option; I smell the scent of the [demon lord] on you.”

What is she a dog? Well whatever, if she understands this much then it only becomes that much easier for me.

Then? Let us return to the previous question, why have you sought me out when it was clear that your little spider was so adamant to object.”

“There are numerous reasons, but right now what I want is information.”

Information? On what do you wish to know?”

To be honest it really does feel weird having to talk to yourself. Still, I can’t show any sort of crack else Nosferatu will really take over my body.

“Let’s start with simple questions. Who are you?”

It seems you have already figured it out but allow me to properly introduce myself. I am [Nosferatu] the mother of all Vampires.”

“You say you are the progenitor of all vampires yet you have no physical form. Care to explain this inconsistency?”

At my base form I am simply the spirit of the [Mask of Darkness]. My physical form is whoever I happen to take control of and while I am in control their physical off springs will all be vampires; thus I am the true mother to all vampires even if we are not related by blood.”

I see, so then she really is the progenitor.

“I have met one of your children. [Kyrios], the vampire lord. He serves under the [demon lord].”

Ah~ that boy is still alive is he? I had thought he would’ve died long ago from the previous generation of [Demon Lord’s] insanity.”

Upon hearing that Arachna bolted up.

“Don’t speak anymore!”

Her voice, loud enough to shake the shelves, echoed through the cylindrical room. Her surroundings became cold and frostbitten as her magic leaked out from the prior burst of sudden anger.

The key word that prompted such actions; ‘previous generation of [demon lord] and his ilk’. Speaking of which I have yet to see the previous demon lord; Astaroth’s parents, though I had assumed they had died so I didn’t think much into it.

I did hear about the generation above that, Astaroth’s grandfather. So then something must’ve happened in between.

Oh~ Mayhap you were the one from back then?”

Nosferatu leaned in closer at the angered Arachna, she inspected her thoroughly through the exposed left eye of mine. Being on autopilot I was also forced to see what she was seeing.

“I said… shut up!”

Another burst of magic accompanied her puzzling anger. The books on the shelves started to freeze, ‘what a waste’ I thought, these books in this room seemed to be quite antique.

Yes~ it really is you. It’s a shame, what happened to your brother.”


Arachna made a face unlike what I’ve seen before. Complete disgust and enmity and the fact that it was directed against my body was a little uncomfortable.

Arachna rose her hand, powerful magic coursing over, ready to strike me but she refrained from doing so. She knew I was in here and that it was Nosferatu doing the talking; thus she could not attack.

The magic, cold enough to emit its own liquid nitrogen subsided.

Making a sour face she decided it would be a better idea if she left. She looked back at my body who grinned at her anguished figure.

Perhaps it was the lighting but I thought I just saw tears.

“You went too far.”

I told her, though I guess some of the blame also rests on me as I didn’t stop here. Truth be told I was a little curious about the ‘previous generation’ demon lord and what happened to Arachna’s brother.

Oh? But weren’t you also curious as to what happened? You didn’t stop me after all.”

Tch, she’s a sharp one.

“I’m not so crass as to upset a girl, but I am curious enough to let some things slide.”

Haha~ the previous generation of demon lord, I remember it like it was yesterday. [Lucifer De Signa] as was his name. Unlike the generation before him and the current generation, his ‘ability’ was a little unstable.”

If I remember correctly, each generation of [demon lords] have unique ‘abilities’. Balor had the power to see into the spirit realm and Astaroth has the ability to see into the future.

So then what was this so called ‘Lucifer’s’ ability?

“What was it that he could see?”

See? Nay, his ability was a little different. He could hear voices. Because he was the only one who could hear voices there was nothing else that anyone could do to help him. Eventually those voices drove him madder and madder, until one day a massacre happened in the capital of [Vertloch].”

Hearing voices? Could it be telepathy? That would drive someone mad if left unchecked for a long period.

“Then what was this about Arachna’s brother?”

The spider’s brother… a failure of a spider but compensated with ingenuity. He was smarter, served as the previous generation’s tactical adviser but when Lucifer lost control the spider’s brother was the first victim. Or so they say, his corpse was never actually recovered.”

“I take it that Lucifer himself isn’t gone either.”

Nay, he has been missing for over 250 years.”

Great. No, actually this might be good, perhaps he may even prove to be an excellent ally when the Milesians come. Whatever, I can think about that later, I had other reasons why I wanted to talk with Nosferatu.

“Well, that can be discussed at a later day. I have some other questions for you.”

Of course, not like I have much choice but to obey.”

I cleared my throat. I took a deep breath.

“This next line of questioning is of paramount concern so give me a bit of time to think it through.”

Truthfully this wasn’t something I wanted to ask, but just in case, I needed to know.

“How old are you?”

There was a bit of silence following that question, no surprise that she wasn’t able to guess where I wanted to go with that question but to me it was important. No, not her actual age, I couldn’t care less about that but I needed to confirm something.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to not ask a lady about her age?”

“No. Now answer.”

Huu~ how boring. However I cannot give you a definitive response as even I do not know the correct answer. I have lived for so long that I stopped bothering to count, the best I could tell you is that it has been many millennia.”

It felt like my heart started to beat more rapidly but because I didn’t have direct control it didn’t really happen; it was only a feeling. Her age wasn’t exactly what I wanted to know, what I wanted to know was if she was alive during Nodens’ reign.

Evidently the answer was ‘yes’.

“Then you must know about the [Ulster Sisters].”

How nostalgic. Yes, I know them very well. [Morrighan]. [Nemain]. [Macha].”

Every time she answers positively I get depressed.

“Then you must also know what happened to them.”

Of course, I know very well, after all I was once a guardian to one of them after they sealed themselves.”

One by one, the pieces of the puzzle starts to connect within my mind, and the picture that seems to be forming itself is not something I want to know.

So instead of asking her, even if it was to just stall for a few more minutes I decided to talk. I told her what I knew of the Ulster Sisters and my relationship to one of the guardians and Nosferatu listened carefully.

Hmm. Yes, that does seem about right; their sealing of themselves, about the rebellion war, however there is one thing that is wrong. This woman you mentioned, [Diana], she is a fake; the guardians for the goddess cannot possibly be some weak human. In truth I was supposed to be [Morrighan’s] guardian, but as you can see this is what has become of my fate; fooled thrown into a prison.”

Dammit… I didn’t want to hear it.

Oh? You’re not surprised? I thought it might have a bigger impact considering your relationship to the woman.”

Nosferatu asks.

“It is a shock, but I already knew. As much as I wanted to fool myself into believe that I was wrong.”

Back then when Diana explained to me her story there was something. The movements in her body language as she told me were ones that take place when people lie. It was the first time in my life when I thought that I wanted to unlearn cold reading.

So while I consciously knew it was a lie, I wanted to believe it wasn’t. I don’t know what her true identity is… no perhaps I already did but I was ignoring it.

Is that all you wanted to know?”

I was snapped back into reality by Nosferatu.

“No… let’s continue. You said you knew the other two guardians of the Ulster sisters, who are they?”

The guardian for the goddess [Nemain] is a man named [Nicholai]. The man in question wasn’t too powerful but what he did have was an army of [Homunculus] and not just ordinary ones, but near perfect ones. I believe there is also one in your little demon army, [Ordwell Rommel] as I recall.”

The admiral is part of a homunculus army? Well, he did say something about being the last of his kind so maybe the situation has changed over the years. At the very least I don’t think he was a double agent.

Then who’s protecting Nemain now? Wait, no. Diana did say that Nemain was close to awakening so perhaps the guards were no longer necessary? Though right now I don’t know how much of Diana’s words I can trust, as much as it hurts me to admit.

At the very least I don’t think Diana will hurt any of the children in the orphanage or lay a hand on Alice.

“So then, what about [Macha’s] guardian?”

The goddess Macha is a little special. She is the direct descendant of Nodens himself, and her guardian is the man known as [Dian Cecht].”

“What? So then she’s already on that side?”

Nosferatu pauses for a bit to think.

Who knows? It’s doubtful. Dian Cecht is an illusive man; he has his own plans and ambitions and I suspect that he is only working with Nodens only as a farce. I doubt he has even revealed to Nodens about his own daughter.”

Internal power struggle?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what sort of person he was when I met him. I know his kind, I’ve seen many of them in my past life. The scheming and usurping type.

“Then onto the next question-”

Before I could ask, I was interrupted… by myself.

Before that, why don’t we go have a little drink? Being in this prison has been a little uncomfortable over the centuries. You will at least permit me this one comfort, won’t you?”

I suppose I have no real choice; carrot and the stick. If I use too much of the stick she will grow suspicious.

“You’ve sated a lot of my curiosity, I will permit this one favor. What is it you wish to drink?”

My how generous of you. Then we shall depart immediately.”

“What? Depart? Where to?”

Don’t you know? There is a dungeon behind this school, and within that dungeon lies the spring of immortality. It won’t really have an effect on me since I’m already immortal but I hear the taste is quite good.”

“No, what?!”

Despite my objections my body was forced into a dungeon. And it was only the second day at this school.



I sighed.

Checking the calendar in my diary it was only Wednesday, but since this world has no concept of a ‘weekend’ it didn’t really matter what day it was. I just like to think that a weekend exist because it helps me get through better.

“What’s wrong Liliana?”

Lucina asked as she stuffed her face with delicious sandwiches that Echo prepared. Right now was lunch time and sitting beside me was Echo and Lucina.

Soumee was also leaning against the tree, eating sandwiches.

We were in a small, grassy, open area, sitting under a tree. The cool breeze brushed past us making the time feel genuinely peaceful. The only thing ruining the experience was that it was a Wednesday.

Though admittedly this scene would never have happened in my previous life so I guess I am happy, despite it being a Wednesday.

“Nah, it’s nothing. Sometimes peace can be boring and I was just reflecting on that.”

“You can’t say things like that. Peace is good.”

Lucina corrects me. I guess she has a point, there are still many places that peace cannot happen so I shouldn’t be taking it for granted.

“Oh my~ if it isn’t Miss Liliana.”

As I continued to munch on these DELICIOUS SANDWICHES, did I mention it was delicious? Ehem, anyway we were met with Fiora’s group.

“Oh, Miss Fiora, are you going to have your lunch too?”

She gives me a warm smile that makes me doubt whether she truly is the ‘ice queen’. Speaking of ice, I heard there was a big commotion yesterday about some sort of magic show?

I don’t know, I don’t pay much attention to rumors as most of them are just idle gossip of the bored little princes and princesses of this continent.

“Ah yes we were. Do you mind if we join you?”

Fiora asked.

“Sure, have a seat.”

It looks like she brought her own lunch so I don’t think I have to share my portion of the sandwiches, that I don’t need to remind you were delicious.

Fiora, Elise and Chrom came down to have a seat. Chrom and Soumee exchanged some sort of glance, don’t know, maybe it was some sort of combat gesture?

They took a seat on our picnic blanket and took out their lunches as well. Some salads, juices, sandwiches. Though I think our sandwiches were better.

“So did you hear about the rumor yesterday? Something about a giant glacier?”

I don’t know why but I started my own idle gossip.

“Oh, yes. I heard Miss Arachna was the one who summoned that one. It was very impressive.”

“Miss Arachna?”

I parroted her words.

“Oh~ did you not know about the two new students we have? They are the first ‘special administration’ students since the headmaster when he was a student.”

“Special Administration?”

“Fufu~ well it’s not something that was mentioned during our introduction to the school since no one thought anyone could become one. Special administrative students are unique students who don’t belong to any class and usually have free reign on what they want to study here. They are exceptionally powerful, some say that they are even more powerful than the headmaster himself.”

Hmm. Someone more powerful than that headmaster? That [grand magus] headmaster?

Well it’s not like I haven’t seem someone stronger. I snuck a quick glance at Soumee.

Still, students, meaning someone my age right? It seems highly unlikely that such people could exist, that would mean they were [praetorian knight] level.

“I didn’t know such students existed. Have you met them?”

“Of course, they’re staying at my dorm. The female student is a beautiful lady with silky blue hair. In fact she would be more apt to be called ice queen than I am, her name is [Arachna]. The male student, who unfortunately turned down my fiancé request was also very kind, actually he sometimes give off the same feelings as you Miss Liliana. His name is [Morgant Fallon].”

At that moment the sandwich I was eating dropped to the floor. Or not, I caught it as it fell because that would be a waste of good food.

No, wait what did she just say?!


I bolted up from hearing that name.

“Miss Liliana?”

“Where are they?”

“They? Err, Sir Morgant said he was going to visit the library so they should still be there.”


Sparing no time I used [blink] and [shadow dash] to quickly make my way towards the library. I remembered where the library was because of its rather grim location.

As I was about to bolt into the library I was stopped by the librarian, Gilbert.


“Please do not run in the library.”

“S, sorry.”

I power walked past him and began to search this incredibly large place. Seriously, the architects have no sense of design philosophy, this is just a giant room filled with books!


No, it wasn’t the time to be doing that.

“Lady Liliana!”

Soumee came running after me.

“Soumee? Why are you here?”

“Why? Because I am your guard, I need to be with you at all times.”

“Aha, right. Sorry I just left.”

“It’s no problem, was there something you needed to do here?”

“I’m looking for him.”


She tilts her head in confusion.

“That person named [Morgant Fallon]. I need to meet him.”

“Ah, Miss Fionn did say something about such a person as well.”

That’s right, that’s who I heard it from first. Reuniting them would be nice but I really need to ask him, if he really is a reincarnated individual like I was.

No matter how much we searched the library we could not see even a trace of the person. I started biting my nails as I was feeling a bit panicked. I don’t know why I want to find him so desperately but maybe I’ll find out once I see him.

“Lady Liliana? Perhaps it would be a better option to ask the new headmaster about their location. It seemed like he was the one who brought them in the first place.”

“Right. Let’s do that.”



“You seem to be in a terrible mood Miss Arachna.”

As we came close to the headmaster’s office we heard someone’s voice from inside. A man’s voice, he sounded rather charismatic.

“Tch, it was that bitch.”

And then a not so friendly voice, though it sounded extremely alluring for some reason.

“And who might that be?”

“Kyrios’ mama. Why didn’t you tell me she was locked away in this school’s library?”

“Lord Kyrios’ mother? This is actually the first time I’ve heard of such an existence.”

“Figures. Now Morgant’s wearing that mask and is being controlled.”

“That’s quite a problem.”

“You think? Wait-”

Suddenly the door burst open and standing before me was a small girl about my age. She had icy blue hair that appeared more like silk than hair and cold red eyes. On the sides of her face were six small red beads hanging down. She wore the same uniform as I did except for a little additional armband that read [special administration].

But more surprising than that was her level and title.

[Arachna. Level 86, Spider Queen].

Holy what?! Level 86? Spider Queen? I’ve seen some demon students in this school before but this was on another level entirely.

She was almost as strong as Soumee!

“Who are you? Are you eavesdropping?”

She asked in a disgruntled tone.

“Oh, it’s Miss Liliana Crow Xix Ariadyne. What brings you here?”

That was the new headmaster. He was rather young, perhaps in his late 20s? He had smooth brown hair and an elegant suit.

Though likewise his title was not something I expected.

[Enrich. Level 14, Emissary of demons]?

What was that supposed to mean?

“Ah, no I was just wondering if you knew where the other special student went… but from the sounds of it you don’t.”

Arachna the spider queen glared at me, almost seeming like she wanted to stab me there and then.

“Why do you want to find Morgant? Who are you? Don’t tell me you’re one of Nodens’ minions?”

Then something strange happened. Soumee drew her sword and pointed it towards Arachna. Miss Soumee? Now isn’t the time, why is she getting so emotional?


“Wait, please stop. Please don’t start fighting in the corridors.”

Luckily the new headmaster came and broke up the tense situation. Soumee glared at Arachna and Arachna was glaring back.

“It seems that all our goals are the same. To find Morgant, right? Then why don’t we all co operate. Miss Arachna? Miss Liliana?”

The headmaster suggested.

“Well, I’m not opposed to that but…”

“Hmph, whatever, you search that way and I’ll search this way.”

Saying so she left leaving us to our own devices.

“I guess it’s a temporary truce?”

The headmaster returned an uneasy smile.

Wait! We have to find Morgant Fallon! I can’t just be dawdling here!

“Let’s go Soumee.”

I said as we ran in the opposite direction of the moody spider queen. What was that title even?

Ascension Rebirth In the snow-felt town after Morgant left

CHAPTER XLV(Intermission)

After a few days of traveling the [Demon lord] of the Vertloch continent arrived at the small snow filled town in which her husband had been living in for the past few years.

The carriage stood before the orphanage, though it was in a particularly gloomy state. Many of the children were rather depressed looking, though it wasn’t too odd of a sight in an orphanage but Astaroth had felt something was a little off.

Coming to greet the unexpected visitors was a young woman of the wolf-kin tribe. She had three tails behind her, a rare defect.

“Sorry, we’re a little busy right now… is what I want to say but by the looks of your guards you people seem a little high profile. Can I help you?”

The silver wolf, [Miko] asked in a slightly depressed voice, glancing over at the armored knight [Cedric] who stood by closely and vigilantly.


[Lilith] who was also inside the carriage came out to greet her friend.

“Lilith? Why are you here?”

“Ah, well I was just hitching a ride with mother.”

“Mother? Isn’t your mother the demon lord?”

Miko asked.

“Ah right, let me introduce you. This is my mother, [Astaroth].”

Lilith pointed at the small figure looking up at Miko. Miko raised her eye brows in confusion for a little while before that information truly sank into her mind.


“Umu, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard you were keeping my Morgant safe. I should reward this place for its excellence. What do you want?”

“Err, what do we want? Well, I guess an extra hand would be nice.”

Miko asked.

“Extra hand? I thought this place was running fine. Speaking of, where is Miss Diana?”

Miko fell silent for a moment.

“… She’s gone.”


Miko shook her head.

“I, I don’t know the details myself either, but for some reason she disappeared. I want to go search for her but I can’t just leave the kids all by themselves.”


“Umu, then Lilith you stay here and help out with this place. Morgant did tell you to do that right?”

“Eh? Ah, yes that could work.”


Miko looked up, a hint of light returning to her eyes. Lilith placed her hand on Miko’s shoulders to reassure her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help out.”

“… Thanks.”


Interrupting the situation a small cry came from within the carriage. It was [Lilin’s] voice.

The doors to the carriage open and Lilin started crawling out before she was caught by Astaroth.

“That won’t do Lilin, it’s dangerous.”

“Hmm? Your sister?”

Miko asked to which Lilith’s face went red instantly.

“Ah… yes… she’s my sister… she’s also Master’s daughter…”


That assortment of words did not fully penetrate Miko’s understanding… for a few seconds until she actually did understand. And as she did her eyes widened incredibly as she turned back to see the baby girl in Astaroth’s arms.


“Umu, well since that’s done with, I think we should be leaving as well.”

And just as quickly as Astaroth arrived, she left, leaving Miko in a dazed confused state. After she fully contemplated the notion of Morgant’s daughter her face started to boil.

[Status Menu]
Morgant Fallon. Level 63

Strength: 325 (230+95)
Dexterity: 110 (5+105)
Intelligence: 60 (5+55)
Insight: 210 (105+105)

[Status point: 0]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Skeleton Knight]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 50 (MAX)
(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Avatar of Nyarlathotep]: Level 27
(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 45
(AUGMENT) [Voice of Hastur]: Level 1
(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 34
(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 48
(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 34
(AUGMENT) [Enchanting Voice]: Level 40
(PASSIVE) [Lord of Ghosts]: Level 21
(ACTIVE) [Phantasmal Maelstrom]: Level 45
(AUGMENT) [Transformation – Black Pharaoh]: Level 30
(PASSIVE) [Mental Fortress]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Soul Reaver]: Level 12
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]: Level 18
(ACTIVE) [Essence Prison]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Terror of the Depth]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Silence]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Twin Suns]: Level 1

Ascension Rebirth – Welcome to the Ariadyne Panoptic Academy (Chapter 44)
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