Ascension Rebirth – Plans and expectations (Chapter 5)

Ascension Rebirth – Plans and expectations



People were gathering around the city’s town square. This was the place where important news were announced and events were taken place.

However most of the news and events that took place here were generally for low ranking nobles and commoners. Anything of note are reported to the North Tetrarch directly.

Today an important news would be announced.

Soldiers in heavy metal suits were standing by waiting for instructions from their superior.

“Drag in the girl.”

A rather plump man in a lavishing brown coat, several rings on different fingers, was twirling his moustache in the most evil villain-esque way possible. If one simply added a monocle and a top hat he would be the perfect stereotype.

The man’s attitude to people of lower status than him was bad. He treated them as insects that he could purge any time. Mistakenly thinking that the power of the trained soldiers were his own he abused the authority given to them.

The soldiers did not like following the man’s orders but they were forced to since he was their direct superior.

However today was different. He had a legitimate reason for today’s order of events.

A girl was being dragged towards the podium on which the man stood.

The girl was dirty and wore ragged clothes. Only a few days ago she was wearing a full set of lavishing clothes just like the man in front of her.

By the bruises and cuts on located on various areas of her body she was badly abused and tortured. Not only that she was malnourished as her rib cage was visible from the outside.

“Please- don’t- it wasn’t- me.”

The girl barely had any energy to talk.

The soldiers violently dragged her by the arms and threw her out in the open where the passer bys could see her in such a shameful state. This wasn’t what the soldiers wanted to do but the man on the podium had instructed them to treat her in such a manner.

“Elise Noire. Do you know why you are here?”

The fat man spoke.

“I don’t- please- it wasn’t me.”

She pleaded her innocence.

The man on the podium: [Earl Vista Calros] was known to be a cruel and abusive man. Aside from his personal traits he was also known to be power hungry.

He pointed an accusing finger at her and shouted.

“You do not know why you were dragged here?! You are kidding me? You are here on charges of murdering [Duke Ceil Noire] your very own father!”

“No, it wasn’t me.”

The girl regaining a bit of her vigour tried to voice her innocence once more.

“You were found in the mansion of your father atop of your father’s corpse. You were caught red handed, how can you say that you were not guilty?!”

Vista did not relent his accusations.

The girl who was charged with murdering her own father could only silently weep as she was being charged with an unusually harsh sentence. It was not uncommon for those who murder members of the nobility to be charged with death but to be tortured on top of that was unheard of.

“Uuu- it wasn’t- me. Please believe- me.”

“Enough, you are to be executed in a week. Take her away.”

“No! Please! NO!”

The girl started screaming and kick while the soldiers dragged her away to the dungeon in which she was being kept.

The man addressed the crowd that had gathered around to see what was happening.

“This is the fate of all those who oppose the nobility, if you do not wish to suffer the same fate then lower your heads!”

The commoners didn’t like this man nor his ideals. Neither the soldiers, serfs or servants agreed with the man either, however they were unable to oppose this man. Rebelling against a member of the nobility was punishable by death after all.



“A week.”

Almost immediately after entering the city I was able to locate Elise Noire.

She looked very young; as Kyrios said she was only about 6 or 7. In my previous world even if she were guilty of patricide, at that age she would have gotten away with it due to the law.

This world was harsh. It once again solidified the difference between this world and the world I was familiar with.

The man, [Duke Vista Calros] was it? He acted like he was sad for the death of [Duke Ciel Noire] but here he is treating his daughter like that. There’s definitely some sort of discrepancy here. Obviously there were other motives about pinning the blame on the girl.

The girl was being charged with murdering her own father, from just a glance I could tell she wasn’t the type to do such things, well I guess I can only say that because I knew for a fact it wasn’t her.

Still, I was given a week’s worth of time to finish my first priority, which was to reunite Lina with her mother. Aside from that I needed to establish a contact with the Tetrarch. The problem was ‘how’. I couldn’t just waltz into the castle and demand an audience.

Or could I?

I could just start causing a scene in front of the Tetrarch’s castle and hope that the news of my action would reach his ears, but doing so would dishonour my father’s name. That will have to be the last resort.

I had to take things in a much more civil manner. Come on, I can do this, I’m the man who was known as the ‘corporate demon’ within my company.

I still have a bit of time to think about it. For now I’ll focus on Lina’s issue first.

“To be charged with murdering her own father. How pitiful.”

After saying that Lina turned towards me.

Why are you looking at me like that? I have no intentions of committing patricide.

“Do you think she did it as well?”

I asked just to get her mind from wondering to weird places.

“Eh? Um- I don’t know, you can never tell with these things. She looks innocent enough but maybe she turns really evil at night?”

What is she, a Dracula? Actually never mind. I met one, they weren’t so bad. So far.

“To kill her own parent- huh.”

Lina looked a little distant after saying so.

Was she thinking of her own parents?

I wonder if there was a time she wanted to commit matricide, I’m sure Lena might have wanted to.

Speaking of Lina’s mother we were told an escort would meet us near the town’s square.

At least that’s what was said on the letter. An escort would come here every day at midday for two weeks.

How inconvenient to not have things like telephones in this world, news always travels so slow. I thought there would be magic that could remedy that problem but I don’t even think this world even considered anything of the sort.

I have always compared this world and my previous world but I should stop doing that.

The biggest problem I have is trying to find an equivalent for the modern conveniences, but without a frame of reference this world would develop different sort of conveniences.

Power was centralized, that meant information was as well. That being the case, something like telecommunication magic would be detrimental to hoarding knowledge.

Thus telecommunication magic was never developed.

At least that’s what I think.

“Ah, you must be Ms. Lina Trioz.”

A man who looked to be in his late 20s greeted us. He was dressed in a brown suit. He was probably the escort that we were supposed to meet.

Compared to the well dressed man Lina was still in her maid uniform.

“Eh? Um, hello.”

The man gave a smile to her stuttering. It was a fake smile, I knew because I would sometimes use the same one.

“My name is Dian, I am a servant of count Lucius Rosenberg. I’m here to escort you to your mother.”

“Ah, I see.”

The man turned towards me. He was puzzled as to who I was, not a surprise. But he seemed to nod after seeing what Lina was wearing.

“By the way, I do not see Ms. Lena Trioz. Is she not coming?”

Lina’s expression instantly go dim.

“She’s- she’ll be here later.”

“Hmm, I see. What is your name, young sir?”

He focuses his attention on me.

He probably guessed I was some noble since I was accompanying Lina. Well he wasn’t wrong.

“My name is Morgant Fallon, Son of Mardoc Fallon, a close friend of the North Tetrarch’s.”

At my introduction the man seemed to be taken aback. That’s right, first impressions were important, there was no use being modest in such a situation.

Even if it was a flimsy connection for me I should still abuse the names.

That was the standard rule of negotiation.

“I, I see a friend of the tetrarch’s. If you’re here with Ms. Lina please accompany me.”

With that the man, Dian regained his composure and lead us to a stage coach.

To be honest it was my first time riding an actual stage coach. It was more uncomfortable that I initially imagined. I guess I was riding a wooden box driven by a horse in the end, can’t be helped.

The place we arrived was a magnificent mansion. Much bigger than ours.

About three or four storeys high, marvellous decorated windows.

The front was a large metal gate.

Dian waved at the gate guard and they opened the door.

This was the first time I was seeing a real noble house at work. I know our family is supposed to be one as well but they never really act like it.

After getting out we were lead towards a the front door which was about 3 meters high and carved on it was a silhouette of a female figure.

As soon as we opened the door we were met with maids.

Two lines of maids bowed down as we entered the building.

“Welcome Madam Lina Trioz and her guest.”

They only credited me as ‘her guest’ since they didn’t know my name. it wasn’t like I was bitter about it, but it felt somewhat off from the usual way people treat me so it caught me off guard.

“Before we meet the master and madam we should change your attire, madam Lina.”

“Eh, ah, okay.”

She was wearing a maid uniform after all, quite unbefitting of a guest of this house.

After meekly agreeing we were lead towards the changing room with a few maids following behind us.

When they were about to enter the room as well Lina stopped them.

“Ah, I can do this myself so please don’t mind.”

“But we were instructed to help you, madam.”

The maids try to argue but it is to no avail.

“Sorry, I just feel uncomfortable undressing while people are there. I’ve been working as a maid too so I know how you feel but please leave this to me.”

“… I understand, then please take your time madam.”

Once they left Lina sighed.

“Haaa~ this place is so tiring.”

So she’s fine with me being there while she undresses?

“We should hurry, they’re waiting for us after all.”

“Geez, young master lacks delicacy, a nubile young woman is undressing before you. Can’t you show some more excitement?”

I guess they let me enter with her because they thought I was just a child. Huu, if only they knew better, but it’s fine because my mind won’t bend from this level of stimulation.

“Stop speaking nonsense and quickly choose.”

There were a variety of clothes laid before us to choose from. Well it was Lina’s choice what to wear but she kept asking me for my impression, Kyouko used to do the same, I just don’t understand why women are so fascinated by clothing.

“Young master, what do you think of this?”

While in her underwear she asks me. Picking a white dress and putting it close to her body.

The dress was frilly and pure white. For someone who’s heart wasn’t as pure it sure was a funny contrast.

“I think it’s good.”

I wasn’t particularly interested in clothes, not in this world nor my previous world.

“Mmm, I feel like you’re just saying that so I choose my clothes quicker. I see if that’s how you’re going to play it then I have my own plans.”

Instantly on her face was a creepy expression. She had a perverted smile and was drooling. She’s really just an old man inside isn’t she?! No, wait, I don’t particularly have the right to say that.

She then jumped on me, or would it be more apt to say she pushed me down?

Either way, she was now on top of me in a very romantic comedy-esque manner; on her fours while I was lying down on my back below her.

Heh, stupid girl, do you think this level of stimulation is enough to bend me? No, of course not! I won’t yield until you run around this house naked.

“Uuu~ young master- could it be that you- swing that way?”


Please don’t give me weird ideas. I don’t swing that way, I have Kyouko!


Standing on the door way was Dian, though he had his back turned to avoid sight.


Lina tried to hide herself.

“You were taking a bit too long so I came to see what was going on.”

“S-Sorry. I was just playing around a little bit.”

After hastily apologizing Lina chose to go with the white dress that I said was okay.

Her face was bright red, it was almost cute. If only she as this docile every time.

We were lead to a room on the top floor.

In front of the room stood a man.

Everything from the way he stood to the way he breathed screamed out his nobility. From looks alone he was in his early 40s. His hair was once blonde but was starting to mix with white

His emerald green eyes pierced through to your true nature, or so that’s what it seemed like.

“Lina Trioz and her guest, Morgant Fallon. Welcome, I am Count Lucius Rosenberg, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

[Lucius Rosenberg. Level 5. Count]

We introduced ourselves and bowed.

So this man was a Count; a strong man, politically, only a few levels lower than the tetrarch in power if I’m recalling correctly.

“Thank you for coming, my wife had told me so much about you.”

“Ah, is that so…”

Lina meekly replied.

She was abandoned as a child, she probably didn’t think her mother would even want to talk about her.

“I’ll tell you this now to clear up any misunderstandings, but my wife has spent the bulk of her life trying to find you and your sister. She says she deeply regrets her actions and that she wishes to meet you two just once before she…”

“I understand… I’ll meet with mother now.”

“Thank you.”

The duke opened the door for us.

What I saw was a doll like woman lying in her bed. Her hair was a similar shade of blonde to Lina, her skin was pale from sickness but did not detract from her beauty.

She was supposed to be in her late 30s or early 40s but she looked relatively young.

She noticed us coming in and slowly opened her eyes and turned her head. I think she wanted to get up but was unable to because of the sickness.

It reminded me of my own mother. Not the one from this world but my previous life.

She was always working hard for both my brother and I and near the end of her life she had fallen gravely ill. Cancer as I recalled it.

The sight of a once beautiful woman now without hair or power in her arms attached to a machine was painful. I tried to limit the amount of times I visited her because it was painful to watch.

At least my brother kept her company during her last moments. I was just the pathetic son who wasn’t able to come to even her own funeral because of work.

That’s why I came with Lina. I didn’t want her to experience the same thing I did. Ideally I wanted Lena to come along but because Lina ran out I was out of options. I just wish Father takes her here as well.

“Mother… I’m here.”

Lina grasped her mother’s hand.

“Li- na? you’re here…”

Tears trickled down Lina’s face.

I used [Life force sensory] to measure just how weak she was.

When I use this skill I can ‘see’ life force. In her case it was pulsing very weakly, if I had to hazard a guess she only had a week or two to live.

I wanted to at least introduce myself but right now I don’t think I can interrupt such a heartfelt reunion.

“I’m going out for a bit.”

I whispered to Dian.

“We shall arrange a bodyguard-”

“No, it’s fine.”

I interrupted him.

“I’ll be back in a few hours.”

“I understand.”

Turning once more I beheld the sight of a reunion between a mother and her daughter. It was pure.

I solemnly smile as I exit the room.



[Leona Trioz] that was the name of my mother. I had heard that she used to be some sort of noble but lost all power during a political strife and was forced to live like slave afterwards.

What I remember of my mother is that she was always busy; always working to support both my sister and myself. Despite that she never let fatigue show on her face.

Even if it was only an act, to me she was a strong willed woman who didn’t let anything bend her.

However work was rather questionable. She did many things that were hidden away from the light, but that also means that anything done to her was also hidden away.

There was a particular man.

I only ever met him a few times on accident.

I don’t even remember his name but I remember his features. He was a pudgy man.

He smelled bad and was very violent.

From what I saw and understood as a six year old was that he frequently harassed mother both in and out of work. He would visit her unannounced and do inappropriate things to her.

Certain days when mother returned from work she was much more tired than usual. I could see the soulless expression from her eyes.

Devoid of any will to live. That kind of person wasn’t the mother I knew.

I later learnt that the man who was frequently harassing mother was a noble. And because he was quite powerful at that none of the other people at mother’s work could help her.

In fact the opposite, they threw her out because the man was too troublesome to deal with.

After, the man did not stop. He even once visited our little run down home and did something to mother. The thing they did was not out of love.

Mother, unable to find any work fell deeper and deeper into depression.

One day I had fallen gravely ill but there was no medicine in our poor run down house.

My mother went to the man for help since he was the only one she could ask.

The said this.

“Cast out your daughters and I shall save them.”

Having no choice mother listen to the advice of the man. However in the end the man never helped us.

I was left thrown out onto the streets with my sister desperately trying to help me.

I was so angry at mother, ‘why did she trust that evil man?’ I wanted to shout.

‘Do you like that man more than your own daughters?!’

Anger piled onto me but I was unable voice any of them due to my sickness.

Eventually we were taken in by servant of the North tetrarch and was given a place to work, live and eat. I was saved only because of the kindness of the tetrarch’s servants.

From that day on I decided to dedicate myself to any task I was given. As a servant, and should I ever happen to come across a person in a similar situation to myself it would be my turn to help them.

Like that only happiness befell my sister and I.

The North Tetrarch’s son, gave us an important job. To live happily with his friend.

That was how we came to be with our current masters.

At first we were a little shy but they quickly helped us get accustomed. They don’t treat us like servants but like true family.

In this country servants do not dine with their masters, but our masters gave us the excuse that it was uncomfortable to eat while being watched so made us join them.

It was the first time we were able to experience something like a true family.

Overwhelmed by happiness we decided to live solely for their sake.

When the young master was born it was joyous day for both my sister and I. It was like we had gotten a new younger brother.

At first the young master cried a lot. Abnormally so, I thought it was weird but the mistress told me that everything will be okay.

After a year the young master’s attitude took a turn. Instead of crying, now he spent his days in a sort of depressive state. I don’t know why a baby was acting like this but I was getting worried.

When I asked mistress once more she told me that the baby was fine physically. I couldn’t argue with her since she was a doctor.

Truthfully I think the mistress was also getting quite worried about the state of the young master.

However on the third year the young master started to become much more active. His depression had completely disappeared, no I don’t think it had ever truly disappeared but he never showed us that face anymore.

It was then that I finally felt like the young master was opening up to me. I teased him quite a bit to make up for the lack of interaction for the first two years. For some reason while he’s only a child he never acts like one.

In fact if I had to compare his attitude was similar to Sebastian’s, another servant of the Fallon household.

It was a bit vexing to see a child who was much younger than me act more mature than me so I constantly pressed him. It didn’t look like he hated it, in fact he looked at me with sympathetic eyes.

The eyes an elder brother would give his younger sister.

How cheeky for such a small brat.

It wasn’t until the incident that happened in the forest that I truly changed my view of him. Up until then I had only thought that he was just a cheeky brat acting like an adult. I thought that all of the mannerisms and attitude were learnt by watching Sebastian.

When a boy named Ian went missing in the forest the young master immediately ran after him. A forest filled with monsters, he just went in without any regard for his own safety.

If it were me I wouldn’t be able to do that. I’d be too scared.

When we learnt of the news of the event we rushed to the entrance of the forest. Waiting there was the missing boy named Ian.

He told us how the young master saved him and they were running from a mass of monsters.

From what I could tell of the situation it was that young master used himself as bait while saving the boy.

That’s when it really hit me, how precious the young master was.

Being able to sacrifice himself for another.

When I think back mother tried to do the same thing by going to the man. She tried to sacrifice herself in order to save me from my illness. It was just unfortunate that the man was such a terrible scum that I wasn’t saved.

But I finally understood mother’s intentions by the young master’s actions.

That day when the young master didn’t return from the forest I cried. I cried more than his parents, but I think I was weeping more for my mother than the young master.

I am truly sorry about that.

Luckily the young master was able to escape from the forest relatively unharmed. He truly was something special to do that at the age of three. It made me realize how pathetic I was trying to hold onto mother’s hand still at the age of six.

I decided then to forgive mother.

After the young master’s fourth birthday a letter arrived addressed to my sister and I.

It was about how my mother was able to escape the evil man and marry with a good person, however she had recently fallen terminally ill and wishes to see my sister and I for the last time.

Since I had forgiven my mother already I decided that I would grant her last wish.

But my sister was different. She still felt bitter about mother abandoning us and she refused to answer mother’s call.

It was the first time that Lena and I had such a disagreement like that. I didn’t know how to handle the situation so I just fought. I fought with her but when the mistress who was pregnant tried to stop us I accidently knocked her over.

Feeling terrified and ashamed at what I had just done I ran away. Instead of apologizing I ran away.

I thought I had grown stronger but that wasn’t it at all. I only thought I did; I was still the same.

It was the young master who chased after me. He told me that everything was okay.

But I couldn’t stop crying I was so ashamed of what I did.

The young master comforted me. Gave me a chest to cry on.

Even though his chest was small it felt big at the same time.

‘Ah I really can’t win against the young master’ I thought. He was an existence much bigger than someone petty like me.

The young master did not ask me to return home but decided to come with me on the journey to the Northern capital.

Even though it was a journey that a child shouldn’t be able to take he was very adamant.

I wanted to stop him but I was only a small existence compared to him, what right did I have to stop him?

Since I was saving up some money I had enough for the trip to the northern capital.

The first day was actually fairly easy. We were able to hitch a ride to the nearest town and found ourselves a tavern.

I didn’t have too much money but I didn’t want the young master to know that, so I deliberately ordered some heavy dinner.

However I was naïve. The young master already knew, he only ordered a small bit of fruit. Still, he didn’t eat the fruit outright, he crushed it into a cup and drank the juice.

It was the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that.

While I was mesmerized by what the young master was doing I accidently managed to choke on my food.

The young master offered me the drink he was drinking even though it was the only food he had. He really did have a big heart.

After drinking that weird juice the events of that night became a little hazy.

I think there was a fight in the tavern but with whom I wasn’t sure. I remember lashing out a large man when he said something foolish like ‘I’m the strongest’.

I told him that there was someone stronger, and that was the young master.

The man got angrier when I said that but I didn’t yield.

Before the argument escalated the young master once again came to my rescue. He really was like a prince.

But I was a bit stubborn back then as well. I ran out of the tavern but my legs felt heavy and I couldn’t go far. Young master followed after me and rubbed my back to make the hazy feeling go away.

The big man came out of the tavern to chase after me.

I’m not too sure on what happened afterwards, but I think there was a fight.

The fight didn’t last too long and after that the young master took me to our room and laid me to rest.

When I woke up the next morning my body felt extremely heavy.

Young master was waiting for me with a cup of water.

Afterwards he told me to have a heavy breakfast and that it’ll feel much better if I did. Though doing so means that he would have little to eat as well, still I couldn’t refuse him because of the powerful migraines.

After the meal I was feeling much better. In fact I was better than I was yesterday.

During the journey to the capital I think the young master took more care of me than I did of him. I was still a little unstable; the prospects of meeting my mother again after all these years and what I did to mistress was piling up.

He really knows how to take care of people despite his age. Sometimes I wonder if he is even a child, well I saw his birth so it’s undeniable that he is a child.

When we finally got to the capital there was some kind of public event. I thought it might be something interesting and went but what I saw was not something I wanted to see.

A small girl only about the age six was being tried for patricide.

It reminded me, I can’t say that I didn’t think about matricide, this was a tough world after all. Still, she looked rather innocent, not the type to do that. I knew that because those eyes she had were familiar to my own when I was that age.

Young master was unusually interested in that girl. Could it be that it was love at first sight?

No, I don’t think it was like that. The way he looked at her was more objective. He spoke a few words of sympathy but nothing more. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder why he was so interested in her.

We then met Dian, a servant of the house that my mother was the wife of.

He was pretty handsome, a bit older than me. I felt a little embarrassed because I was still in my maid uniform.

We were taken to the mansion that my mother was supposedly living in. It was huge.

Much bigger than I had initially thought.

Bigger than the Fallon house which was fairly large as well.

The entrance was adorned with statues and a fountain.

Everything was so outstandingly pretty, to the point that I was slightly dubious as to whether my mother really did want to see me. She was living in such a luxurious place.

I met the husband of my mother. I guess he would be my step father.

He was a count.

Count Lucius Rosenberg. He was slightly older than my mother, he held an air of magnificence and valour.

He told me that my mother spent the most of her remaining life trying to find my sister and I.

When I first laid my eyes on mother it was no longer the beautiful strong willed woman I once knew.

She was just a tired old bedridden woman.

There were so many things I wanted to ask and tell.

About my life, about Lena about my masters and about young master.

But when I wanted to speak the words wouldn’t come out.

Seeing that powerful woman all weak and tired I lost all motivations.

At one point I wanted to scream out that ‘this wasn’t my mother’. I mean she was so different! What was this, she was just another human like us.

“Li- Na? You’re here.”

When she called out my name I felt my heart stop.

Tears involuntarily trickled down my face.

That voice; she was undoubtedly the mother I knew.


I grasped her hand tightly. I was shaking.

My mother was so fragile. Her face was riddled with wrinkles.

Whatever disease she had it did not treat her kindly.

I sat there holding my mother’s hand for some amount of time. We did not converse but we did understand each other.

She tried to look around but she when she didn’t find what she was looking for she got a little dejected.

I think it was probably Lena that she wanted to see.

“Lena and I got a little separated on our way. She’ll be here soon.”

I lied.

But I think my mother knew that and just gave me a wry smile.

She then fell asleep.

As soon as I left the room I asked the duke what sort of illness my mother had been afflicted by.

“The disease is known as [Iwan’s magic disease], it slowly ceases the function of the afflicted patient’s internal organs until it finally shuts down either the heart or the brain. Currently there are no known cure for the disease. I’m sorry.”

[Iwan’s magic disease] I heard about it before when I was working at the tetrarch’s castle but it’s said that the mortality rate is 100%.

So then mother really was going to…

No, I should stop thinking that way. Even if that were the case the best thing I can do for mother now was to stay by her side until her last moments.

I looked around for young master but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s the young master?”

I asked Dian.

“Morgant Fallon? He wanted to go out for a bit, when I offered some bodyguards he refused. He said he’d be back in a few hours.”

“I- see.”

If it was young master there was probably nothing to worry about.

Still I as getting a bit worried.

“I’ll go find him.”

“I understand. Dian please go with her.”

The duke who overheard us offered Dian’s assistance.

“Eh? You don’t have to.”

I tried to refuse.

“If something happens to my wife’s daughter I could never forgive myself, please.”

After he says something like that I couldn’t refuse.

“I, I understand, then I’ll be in your care.”

With that the two of us went off to find the young master.”



The atmosphere in the room was getting a little to tense for me so I left.

Well that wasn’t the only reason I still had another mission to do in this city.

That was to rescue Elise Noire from execution.

I wondered around town a bit seeing the different landmarks, wondering if I could use any of it in case of emergency.

It was good to know your surroundings, especially when you weren’t in your home ground.

That being said this place really did resemble that of an RPG. Weaponsmiths, blacksmiths, merchant vendors, restaurants, inns, taverns, town squares, adventurer guilds.

There were so many places that I had instinctively known from the experiences of games.

The streets were busy and filled to the brim with many different people and races.

I see elves, giants, half beasts, fairies.

Adventurers adorned with heavy equipment; Warriors.

Those with light equipment; rogues and archers.

Even some in magical clothing; mages.

This busy atmosphere it really reminded me back of my previous life.

That world was always busy, people had some place to go or something to do. Even though humans have comparatively short lives they were always so distracted.

This place was similar. Everyone had a purpose to do here.

Whether it was meeting someone or shopping for their next big mission.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself in the noise of the masses. For some reason it was soothing.

Incidentally the median level among adventurers in this city was around 15 ~ 20.

That being the case why was the idiot, what’s his name, Neil? Blabbering on about being the ‘strongest’?

“I apologize for interrupting your meditation, master.”

I don’t know how much time actually passed but someone interrupted me.

For a second I felt really vulnerable.

It was a female voice. From the sounds she was about early twenties? About the same age as Lina. Actually why am I trying to guess? I could just open my eyes.

Beautiful. Was the first thing that came into my mind.

She had silky white hair and azure eyes. She was dressed in some sort of steel plated armor. It wasn’t like the usual depiction of female warriors in most modern RPGs where it was bikini armor.

This was real armor. It covered her chest, her abdomen, arms and legs.

Straddled on her back was a large white shield and a small claymore.

[Chrom. Level 32, Homunculus Soldier]

So she wasn’t human. Homunculus are those right? Undead minions created from alchemy. Was someone practicing alchemy nearby?

Wait, did she just call me ‘master’?

“Can I help you?”

“Forgive my late introductions, I am called Chrom. I was told by Master Kyrios to be under your command for the duration of this mission. That said, please command me as you see fit.”

‘Please command me’, if you say something like that in that tone of voice…

Just kidding, I won’t falter from such a weak display of submission.

Anyway, that guy Kyrios did mention he’d transfer over one of his minions to me. What was she some sort of tamed monster?

She had a rather distant look on her face. I felt that there was some sort of personal attachment to this mission. However that was none of my business unless it affects the mission directly.

I guess with this my attack force just hit the roof.

Anyway this girl- Chrom, her life force was rather unique, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Was it because she was a homunculus? But it feels strangely tangible.


What- oh, whoops. My hand was just naturally guided to her supple breasts.

“Sorry, I was just examining your life force and-”

This sensation- a C? no probably a D.

“Examining my life force?”

She tilted her head in confusion. Kyrios didn’t tell her anything?

Well she was far below his level, so I imagine that she’s just a minion in his eyes. Though to me she was a large breasted older sister type.

That being said. Her life force feels like it could be easily recreated. Was it because she was a homunculus?

From what I know of homunculus’ were that they were created existences using alchemy. At least according to pop culture in my previous life, if that’s true then she was akin to an undead minion. I should be able to create something similar to her.

“Just a second.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on that life force.

Her life force was definitely different than normal. If I had to compare, ordinary life force was more akin to a gentle breeze but her life force was more like a breeze from a fan.

In other words a created construct; unnatural.

Right. If I just use a part of my own life force and shape it into a human figure…

I should be able to-

Suddenly a green lightning hit the ground in front of me.

From the ground burst a skeletal hand, which dragged its body from beneath.

[New skill developed: [Summon Skeleton Knight]].


What dug itself out of the floor was a 2.3 meter tall skeleton knight.

It wore armor as black as the night. With a helmet that had Y shape cut out that revealed its skull behind it. In its eye socket was a crimson dot that was supposed to be its eyes.

Black armor in which the middle was slightly revealing it’s rib cage and inside it was a red glowing orb, probably it’s soul or something similar.

Its gauntlets were also a similar shade of black and looked extremely durable.

Its black greaves shook the floor every time it took a step.

In its left hand was a large black obsidian shield.

In its right hand was a large black obsidian lance.


It unleashed an ungodly roar across the entire city.

The people of the city started screaming and some of the more braver adventurers stepped forward to fight it.

Although I don’t like using people like this, I couldn’t deny how good of an opportunity this was to test this out. After all I had been waiting so long for something like this.

A true necromancer like skill; I had finally learnt it.

“Chrom, we’re stepping back a bit.”

“Eh? But what about that monster?”

“I summoned it, but it would be troublesome for people to realize that so we’re going to mix in with the crowds. I’ll control it from there.”

“I understand.”

With that we hid into the crowds. I stood on a slightly elevated area so I could at least see what I was doing, it would be bad if I accidentally killed one of the adventurers. I would like to avoid becoming a murderer any time soon.

I took a look at the deathly skeleton knight.

[Skeleton Knight. Level 10].

So it adopts my own level. If it was only level 10 then the adventurers there who are level 15 ~ 20 should be able to easily handle it.

For now it looks like I can control the skeleton knight even though I was about 50 meters away from it. The control radius was good.

‘What’s that?!’

‘A monster just appeared inside the town!’


‘Someone kill it!’

I could hear the people’s cries. Weren’t they being a bit too hysterical? I get that it looks incredibly demonic but still it was only level 10.


One of the warrior adventurers called out. It looks like he was the leader of the group fighting my minion.

Two sword wielding fighters got close and started hacking at my minion but unexpectedly it did nearly no damage. Not even a scratch was on my skeleton, what monstrous defensive stats.

My skeleton swung its shield and sent one of the attacking adventurers flying.


He cried as he hit the pavement. He wasn’t dead but it looks like he was unconscious.

Oi, oi, are you serious? This thing was only level 10 and it just took out a level 15 fighter in a single swing. Doesn’t that destroy the balance of the game?

‘Tch, this monster is tough! Boss! What do we do?!’

The remaining fighter asked.


An elven archer came in front and took some pot shots at my minion. Are you serious? That steel blade didn’t even scratch it you think some wooden bolt would do damage?

If memory serves correct, archers were good against organic targets, you know those with flesh and pain receptors still attached. That skeleton clearly had neither.

As I expected the wooden arrows just deflected off the surface of my minion’s armour.

“That skeleton is very strong.”

Chrom commented besides me.

“Are you really saying that? That thing’s only level 10.”

“Level 10?”

Of course she didn’t know what I was talking about. I don’t know why I even blurted that out either.

“It’s nothing. That thing isn’t as strong as you think.”

“But it can clearly handle several adventurers at once, and that defensive ability is nothing to laugh at.”

Am I really the weird one here? Was I wrong in underestimating that skeleton?

I know levels don’t really mean much when there’s only a different of only about a few but still. I feel like a [Fire bullet] spell from a competent mage should be able to take it out.

As if on cue a mage came out.


‘I got this one.”

He says with a smirk.

You know I’ve kept the movement of that skeleton to a minimum, in fact I haven’t made it take even a single step. So far it was a stationary target.

If I really wanted to I make it move around and swing its lance which it hasn’t even used.

‘[Fire bullet]!’

The mage shouted out.


And the fire bullet was stopped by the shield. There was smoke coming from the shield but it wasn’t even damaged.

‘I’ll take care of this!’

The commanding warrior took the charge and ran towards my skeleton. Surprisingly the warrior was far stronger than the other adventurers under his command.

It managed to make a single scratch on the skeleton’s shield.

Well, I think I’ve seen enough. This skeleton was clearly overpowered, I won’t be able to get a clear grasp of its limits without making it fight a worthier opponent.

So I made the skeleton pretend it was struggling to fight the warrior commander and as the warrior took a single slash at the easy opening I made I unsummoned the skeleton making it look like it was defeated.

After that a cheer came from the crowds.

‘You did it leader!’

‘Kyah~ leader you’re so cool!’

‘I never doubted you leader!’

Undeserved praises were being sung towards him. I just hope he doesn’t get overconfident from this exchange and get himself killed.

“Did you perhaps unsummon that skeleton as it was being attacked?”

As expected of someone who was level 32. She clearly understood what was going on.

“Yeah, I had enough of that experiment. Actually Chrom, I want to test it out a bit more, do you mind fighting it later?”

“Yes, I’ll be glad to fight something that strong.”

Even though she looked like a maiden, somewhat, she was still part of violence loving demon race after all.

Chrom should be able to fare better against my skeleton knight so I’ll be able to get a more conclusive analysis on its limit and power.

By the way I gained another level from that farce of a battle. There really was no limit to what gives me experience points in this world.

I could probably become level 100 by starting a food vendor.

Regardless, the mission at hand was the rescue Elise Noire from execution.

“Now, what to do about the girl.”

I tried brainstorming ideas, but none of them were really that great of a plan.

“We should just break into the dungeon and take her by force.”

Are homunculi usually this dumb?

Or was it a trait of the demon race to just charge straight into a problem with brute force?

“If we do that how is the girl supposed to live the rest of her life? In fear of authority and running her whole life? Rejected, we can’t do that.”

“I see. I apologize, I am not good with these things. I will have to leave the planning to you master.”

I guess the only thing we can really do is appeal directly to the tetrarch, but before that I should get the details of what really happened.

“Chrom, what exactly happened? How did Duke Ceil Noire die?”

She made a pained expression before telling me, it was then I realized that there really was a personal stake in this.

The basic gist of the story goes like this.

Chrom was tasked with protecting a representative of the demon race.

That VIP was meeting up with Duke Noire to negotiate an alliance between the [North Continent]; which was a predominantly demon continent, and Ariadyne.

Duke Noire also doubles as the [Minister for External Affairs] so this does make sense.

During their stay at the Duke’s manor an assassin raided and killed the duke and started a fire to distract everyone from that.

When Elise, Chrom and the VIP found the duke dead in his bed the VIP opted to leave saying that it was a bad idea to be tied down to an assassination of a noble as it would hinder progress between the demons and humans.

While I do understand the decision the VIP made I can’t say I condone it.

The culprit for setting up the assassination was obviously Duke Vista Calros.

Unfortunately Duke Noire died and the body was discovered by his daughter which would be Elise Noire.

At that time the guards and Duke Vista himself who was nearby came and found Elise Noire covered in her father’s blood, leading to the assumption that Elise was the perpetrator for the murder.

Chrom decided to prioritize the mission of protecting that VIP instead of affirming Elise’s innocence.

The VIP understandably wanted to protect his work and decided not to intervene in that matter as well.

I guess something like this could be called as an unfortunate turn of events.

Anyway, going by that story it might be possible to make Chrom testify for Elise’s innocence as a witness to the crime. However, just hers wouldn’t be enough to convict a Duke.

I need more information; examples of corruption, shady deals, assassination attempts. I need evidence for all those to get the case rolling.

It really just looks to me like Duke Vista wanted power so he killed his competitor and framed his daughter. I’ve dealt with so many cases like this in the corporate world back in my previous life so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Now the problem is how to get into the Vista estate.

The easiest way would be to just straight up confront Duke vista. Doing that he would probably want to shut me up and convict me as some sort of criminal as well and throw me in the dungeon.

That dungeon is beneath the Vista estate so if I can just escape from there I should be able to search the house to my heart’s content.

Later on when I present the case to the tetrarch I could just say that I was unjustly imprisoned and while attempting to escape I ‘found’ evidence of his corruptions and shady dealings.

As for how to get into contact with the tetrarch- I should be able to use my father’s name and Count Lucius’ power to get an audience.

At least that’s the rough plan that I decided to go with.

Hmm, now then what to do with Chrom. Ideally I want her to come with me but that would be bad, since I need her to testify for Elise’s innocence. If she was someone already opposing the Earl the testimony would just be thrown out the window.

“Right, Chrom I need you to sit this one out.”

“How can that be? I wish to be there with you master.”

She wasn’t saying that she wanted to be with me, she was saying that she wanted to contribute to the mission, or so I assume. Anyway, like I thought there was some personal issues here and there but that needs to take a back seat.

“The thing is I need you to testify for Elise’s innocence, but you can’t do that if you’re already opposing Duke Vista, they’ll just think you’re lying. So for this I need you to pretend to be a random adventurer witness.”

“Mmm, I can’t say that I like this plan, but if that’s what you want me to do then I will comply with master’s plans.”

“Thanks. Don’t worry I’ll say something nice for your evaluation report.”

“Evaluation report?”

“Nothing, don’t worry. Anyway the plan is that, do you have anywhere to stay?”

“Yes, I’ve been staying at the local inn.”

“Alright stay out of sight until I call for you. This plan hinges on you not being discovered by anyone.”

“I understand.”

Alright we should start the plan…

“Young master, are you alright?!”

And the plan was bust from the get go.

I turned towards Lina who was looking at me with a frantic expression.


“Thank goodness, you’re fine. I heard that there was a monster in this area, but it looks like that was taken care of.”

As Lina tried to draw close to me, probably to hug me or something, Chrom got in the way.

To make matters worse she drew her sword and pointed it towards Lina and Dian who raised their hands out of instinct.

“Master, it’s dangerous please stay back.”

Are you for real?! Did you really just do this right now?

“No, no, no. Lina isn’t an enemy, sheath your sword.”

Ugh, what’s the best way to deal with this situation? My perfect plan was found out by the one person in this city I didn’t want to be found out by. She’d worry needlessly.

Then again she does have connections to the Count that could be a big help.

I guess we should increase our allies for this mission.

“Chrom, change of plans. I’m going to have to make some adjustments, come with me.”

“… Understood.”

Lina and Dian just stood there with a blank expression.


We were currently back at the count’s house sipping tea at a round table.

The only people in the room were Lina, Count Lucius, Dian, Chrom and myself.

I was organizing the information in my head and as to how to explain it to them. Obviously I can’t just flat out tell my collaboration with the folks at the demon army. That would be troublesome in its own way.

I know I said that the plan was bust when we were discovered by Lina and co. but that wasn’t really true, if we can secure their cooperation we can still do this, actually it might go better than planned.

“Um, young master?”


“Are- you going to introduce her?”

Lina pointed towards Chrom with a rather suspicious glare. Well, of course she would, Chrom was pointing a sword at her.

“She’s an important witness.”


“That’s right, witness to the murder of Duke Noire.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Before that I guess I should tell you all what I’m planning to do.”

I took another sip of my tea.

I felt like I was trying to confess to a crime.

I got intense stares in my direction as I tried to avert my gaze.

“I plan on rescuing Elise Noire from her execution.”

“What do you mean young master? Is she someone you know?”

“No, I just got a little request from someone to save her.”

“Request? I don’t understand we just got here today.”

“That’s- a little hard to explain. I’d rather keep that a secret, but I assure you that I’m not betraying your trust in me. So please take my word for this.”

I bowed towards the three people.

“Ah, erm, please raise your head young master, to lower your head to a servant like me is improper.”

Lina seemed flustered and didn’t know what to do. I know I was taking advantage of her kindness to keep secrets from her, and that I was using her to make the duke into my ally as well.

Lina sighed.

“I understand, then please tell us as much as you can.”

The Count gives me a bemused look. He probably finds this entire situation a little absurd. It’s not like I don’t understand his feelings though, if a child came up to me asked if they can lead an important business negotiation in my past life then I would be a little troubled as well.

That’s one of the many disadvantages of having this body.

The only thing I can do now is to explain the situation and hope that he cooperates. As long as Lina is here he’ll at least listen to what I have to say.

“Firstly, concerning the murder of Duke Noire. Of course his daughter Elise Noire isn’t the true culprit, the one responsible is Duke Vista. From what Chrom has told me he had sent assassins and framed his daughter.”

“Duke Vista? Isn’t he the man who was shouting at the middle of the town’s square earlier today?”

“Yes, the culprit is framing the victim’s daughter. It’s really a classic. So I planned to-”

As I was about to explain my plans I was interrupted by the duke. He didn’t look very happy, perhaps a little concerned.

“Child, I do not think you should be doing something so reckless. Duke Vista is a ruthless and power hungry man. If you were to be caught it would be immediate execution.”

“I, I understand that much.”

“First of all, it’s odd for a child to do this, leave it to the adults.”

“No, but-”

I didn’t really know what to say. Out of my myriad of experience in negotiation I have never had to defend a child’s action when doing something potentially dangerous. Of course not, it would go against common sense.

In this situation, were I to be an ordinary child he would be absolutely correct in stopping me.

For that reason I cannot blame him for hindering me.

At a loss on what to do Lina interjected and defended my actions.

“Count Lucius, perhaps it is not my place to say this but I think we should trust the young master.”


“All my life, I’ve never been very smart. I’ve gotten by only on the good will of others. But the young master is different me that was so pathetic. He has always thought through with his head and was always right. Compared to me even now, he is much more mature. If it wasn’t for the young master I would never have gotten over my depression and never would have met with mother. So I beg of you please listen to what the young master has to say!”

Lina prostrated herself before the duke. Even I was startled at what she had just said. I don’t think I did anything that great, I only comforted her a few times.

“Still, I cannot leave by a child to lead such a dangerous operation and I’m concerned about the wellbeing of the people of this house.”

“If it’s about my safety you do not have to worry. Chrom here is an experienced adventurer so she’ll be my bodyguard for this mission. As for the people of this house I assure you that no harm will befall them.”

“Hmm. How can you guarantee such a thing?”

Good, he’s waning.

“I plan to involve the Tetrarch in this matter and your house will not be mentioned at any point in this operation, there will be no way for the Duke to realize that you were involved. There are two things I want the Count to do for me, one of which is to allow me to gain an audience with the Tetrarch once I’ve completed the task.”

“The Tetrarch? I’m not in a position to be able to gain an audience with such a distinguished person.”

“That’s fine, if you tell them you are a representative of Mardoc Fallon, they should at least hear you out. Once you get the chance please explain the situation to the Tetrarch.”

The Count closed his eyes and pondered.

“Child, once you get into contact with Duke Vista you will no doubt be sent to his dungeon to be tortured. You may even die.”

“Of course I understand, in the first place I was planning on that to get into contact with Elise Noire by getting caught.”

This time Lina has a worried expression when she hears the word ‘torture’.

“But young master you’ll be hurt.”

“Don’t worry about that, that’s why we have Chrom here to make sure I don’t get tortured.”

Of course that’s a lie, we can’t have Chrom revealing herself before meeting the Tetrarch, but if I don’t say this much then they’ll be more troublesome.

“Hmm, very well, for Lina’s sake I will cooperate with you this time.”

“I thank you.”

I bowed once more at the duke.

“Young master what’s your plan specifically?”

“There are three things I need for this operation to go smoothly. The first is evidence that Duke Vista ordered the assassination of Duke Noire, even with Chrom’s testimony the word of a single adventurer will not be enough.”

“And the other two?”

“Before I can present the evidence I need to gain sympathy from the Tetrarch, so proof of corruption, shady dealings, bribery, anything I can find I will present beforehand to get a leaning towards my side.”

“I see, if you could do that, then it might just work. As expected of young master.”

Lina had a satisfied face, why was she so happy when I was the one doing the heavy lifting?

“Finally, I need the people.”

“The people?”

The Count gave me a quizzical look.

“The coup de grace, this last one is merely for show but it should be just as effective as the others. Which brings us to the second thing I wish the count to do, rally people who are dissatisfied with the duke and make them appear outside the Tetrarch’s castle on the day of the trial.”

“Rally people?”

“Yes, it should be clear once everything is done, but this last part is just as important as the other two items on the agenda.”

“I see.”

“I, I’ll help too!”

Lina suddenly says enthusiastically. How cute.

“Hmm. I see, so you’ve thought this through.”


Lina looks a little confused as to what was happening but that’s okay, she wasn’t exactly a pivotal part of the plan. She was awfully pumped up for someone who didn’t understand even a third of this conversation.

“Very well, then I shall arrange and audience with the Tetrarch once you return and rally supporters.”

“Thank you.”

“Young master, please be careful.”

“Don’t worry Lina. I’ll be back.”

I gave a small smile as I left the Count’s mansion with Chrom.

“Master about what you said, is it not a little different?”

I can’t tell if she is stupid or perceptive. Maybe both?

“Right, for starters we can’t have you revealing yourself before the end.”

“Then how am I to save you from imprisonment?”

“You don’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I should be able to escape the prison on my own. I wish you wouldn’t look at me with the same eyes as the Count, I am Astaroth’s chosen after all.”

When I mention Astaroth’s name Chrom immediately shuts up. It seems she’s fully understood the situation now.

I’m not strong but if it’s only behind a few bars I should be able to use [Decay] to escape. I should also be able to deal with the guards without too much trouble. I don’t want to use it but if push comes to shove then I still have [Summon Skeleton Knight] at my disposal, although using that may through my plans out of balance yet again.

Still, Chrom is visibly dejected that she doesn’t get too much of a pivotal role in all this.

I guess it can’t be helped.

“Chrom, for now try to gather supporters from adventurers who are also dissatisfied with the Duke, but make sure not to get caught by the Duke’s eyes.”


Looks like that worked.

With that my plan began.


I was now standing in front of the Vista estate. But really, this place is uncannily large. It might even be comparable to the count’s estate, I guess that makes sense he’s a Duke after all.

On the other side of the street I could see a half burnt down mansion, so that’s the Noire estate.

One of the guards came up to me.

“What is it child? You should not be here.”

“But I have something to tell Duke Vista! It’s an important piece of information about the murder of DUke Ciel.”

The Guard looks taken aback, he doesn’t really know how to treat this situation. On one hand I’m just a small, ignorant child, while on the other hand the case regarding Duke Ciel’s death is a rather large incident.


“I just want to speak to the Duke, is it no good? It might be bad if I tell him.”

He seemed to give in when I tell him it was bad for the Duke.

“I get, just wait here I’ll try to see with my superiors.”


At least the soldiers in this mansion are not loyal to the Duke. If it’s like this I might even be able to gain their cooperation in taking down the Duke.

After waiting about 30 minutes the soldier returns but this time with a pudgy man.

It was Duke Vista himself.

“This is the child that had some information on Duke Ciel’s death?”

He looks at me quizzically. This man truly is unpleasant to look at.

“Yes. I just had to tell Duke Vista because I respect him so much!”

“O-Oh, hmph I see. Well then why don’t you come in?”

Whoa, how easy.

After dismissing the soldiers the Duke himself personally lead to me to his office.

It was a large office with lots of books. In the center of the room was a two sofas facing towards each other and in the middle was a tea table.

I sat on one of the sofas while he sat on the opposite one.

I see something that resembles a stamp. Oh, so these are the ‘official seals’. I was a little curious since I haven’t seen anything like it. It was bigger than a family seal back in my previous life.

“Is that your official stamp?”

“That’s right, all nobles get one. Do you want to see?”

He gives me the stamp, what a careless man.

It’s bigger than my four year old hands. Well, that’s to be expected.

“Cool, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this.”

“I see. But let us get back on track.”

He says while taking away the stamp.


I answer enthusiastically.

“Now then child, you said you have some important information regarding Ciel’s death?”

“That’s right~ I heard it from a witness but Elise Noire wasn’t the one who killed the late Duke, apparently it was someone else.”

I could see the Duke’s face distort a bit. Right on the mark, eh?

I tried to make a sad face as I said the next line.

“The witness said that the true culprit is you! That’s not true right? I can’t believe that my most respected Duke was capable of that!”

I can feel his frown becoming more intense.

“Tell me- child, just who was this witness?”

She was a white haired adventurer, I didn’t get her name but she died during the monster attack at the town square earlier this evening.”

“White haired? Could it be her? And monster attack? Hmm, I do recalling hearing something about a monster appearing at the square this evening. I didn’t think anyone was killed but if she of all people was then all the more reason to celebrate.”

He was whispering under his breath. I could totally hear him, is he underestimating me because I’m a child? What a fool.

“I see- hmm, you must be quite thirsty since you came all the way during the night to tell me. Why don’t I get you some tea?”

“Ah, you don’t have to do that I can get it myself.”

“Haha, nonsense, you’re the guest I simply must.”

“I see, okay then!”

This guy was an amateur. I can plainly see him pour some sort of medicine into the tea. Does he think just because I’m a kid he can get away with being so sloppy?

Anyway it’d be a little problematic if it was poison. Though I don’t think he’ll want to kill a small child in his office so it’s probably just sleep inducing medicine.

“Here you go.”

I don’t know what tea it was but it was really bad. It was really bitter and I could smell the medicine oozing from the steam.

Little does he know that poison and the like won’t affect me, well rather than being immune to it I can regulate it in my body thanks to my necromancy.

“Thank you.”

I say with a smile and drink the whole thing.”

The Earl has a devious smile the whole time.

It was most definitely sleeping medicine.

After about 20 minutes of talking I pretended to get drowsy.

“What’s wrong? Are you sleepy?”

“Ah, yes a little bit.”

“It is getting awfully late, why don’t you have a nap here? I’ll wake you up in the morning.”

“I see, thank you.”

Then I pretended to fall asleep.

I was taken to an underground cell beneath the Vista estate as I expected. The one who took me was a soldier, he looked extremely displeased about the situation, but had to comply with the duke’s orders.

The underground dungeon was dark and damp; I couldn’t see much and I could hear noises of water dropping.

My hands were cuffed and shackled, so were my legs.

This was getting quite exciting.

And thus my plan on taking down the duke started.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 11


Strength: 35 (+30)

Dexterity: 35 (+30)

Intelligence: 35 (+30)

Insight: 35 (+30)

[Status point: 60]

[Skill menu]

(ACTIVE) [Summon Skeleton Knight]: Level 2

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 5

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 15

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 5

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 3

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 8

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 1

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