Ascension Rebirth – Mistakes of the old world (Chapter 42)

Ascension Rebirth – Mistakes of the old world



Standing beneath the rain in her ghastly form was Arachna. Her lower half now seeming more arachnid than human, her hands turned sharp and icy blue. I can tell that in this form she isn’t exactly going to be the same affectionate girl that I knew.


I call out to her through the rain but she doesn’t respond and only stares back blankly. Instantly I notice a small ‘debuff’ icon below her name.

[Yellow Sign: This person has been marked by the yellow king].

It reads. Something that I’ve noticed all of the other inhabitants of this village had as well; proof that they’ve become slaves to [Hastur].

Right now my mind’s a jumbled mess to even begin deducing what happened between her and [Enrich]. Actually I don’t even need to think too hard as the most likely scenario involves either Enrich’s death or incarceration and her indoctrination.

When I look over to my other side, Ian is writhing on the floor trying to rebuild himself. Should’ve been obvious by now but he isn’t going to die anytime soon, though he isn’t going to be moving either.

She prepares numerous [Glacial Spears], ready to target me next; unflinching despite the fact that she’s baring her fangs at me. Is there even a sliver of the original Arachna in there?

I summon [Obsidian Shields] to defend me and when the [Glacial spears] do fly, they will be stopped. Or so I thought she would use them as projectiles but she didn’t. instead she infuses those spears with her hands, creating far more menacing ice claws.

She approaches slowly with those spider legs and in a single hit my entire shield gets obliterated. The only thing standing before her claws of death and my face are my invisible [phantasmal apparitions].

Of course she cannot see them.

I order them to attack, trusting that she won’t die from such pitiful attacks. Even though my [phantasm]’s attacks penetrate her skin and she bleeds, they are merely annoyances to her, but that was enough for me for me to escape and create distance.

She quickly patches up the pierced skin with ice and decimate my phantasms.

She starts to give chase to me but lacks real mobility.

Those movements and attacks; I think I’ve gotten a general idea of what kind of form that’s supposed to be. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a [tank]; slow, bulky and dangerous.

In fact, all traces of her graceful ‘magician’ like appearances and skills are gone, this is more akin to melee artillery.

However, I can’t have Arachna remaining Hastur’s puppet for too much longer. Even if I have to sacrifice this entire town I need to get her back, this isn’t a sentimental need but a logistical requirement.

Her support is necessary in order to fight against greater foes, be it [Nodens] or [Jupiter] – The Roman master God. So perhaps this may seem cruel but I need her more than I want to save this village.

The fact that she only began to get manipulated once she left town means that if she remains here there should be no risk of further mind control.

I’ve no way to override her mind control as Hastur’s ability far exceeds mine but I can temporarily disrupt their communication. I suppose this tactic is more akin to a DDoS attack than an actual strategy.

[Avatar of Nyarlathotep] and [Enchanting Voice]

If I can cause temporary insanity in her and then follow up with [Enchanting voice] to get a hold of her, I might just be able sever her connections with Hastur and bring her back.

If I can also hit Charles in the process that would be ideal.

I turned to give him a glance, however he was no longer there. Ian was also nowhere to be seen. Did they run?!

Shit, I wasn’t paying attention.

Dammit, I’ll just have to deal with Arachna first then.

As she crawls closer to me she extends her arms towards me. Since she’s technically a magician I’ve no doubt that those claws are also capable of magic damage, meaning my [physical damage resistance] won’t work to well against it.

Though honestly I’m disappointed, she was much stronger when we were sparring. I guess that means Hastur isn’t well acquainted with her powers yet.

I breathe a sigh of relief and look up at her with a smile, though it’s mostly covered by the rain.

I’ll save you now, Arachna.

As I release the skill a mass of black miasma rises from the ground and form into a singular point. The small black ball of miasma grows and grows until it covers the entire sky above us and starts to take form.

A layer of revolting tentacles form on top of the black ball, like worms squirming on top of each other. A horizontal line forms through the ball and slowly opens to reveal the sinister blood red eyes underneath.

A powerful shockwave pulses from the sphere and all throughout the town. I didn’t register the skill to affect the inhabitants so they shouldn’t go insane but the real problem starts now.

Arachna ceases on the spot and grimaces as the skill takes hold of her mind. An age old battle; two insidious entities – Nyarlathotep vs. Hastur wages war against each other in the mind of a single girl.

Arachna grasps at her head in agony and sways side to side, losing her balance in the process. She falls over but gets up again only to fall once more.

In her rage she lets out a burst of magic, a skill known as [Snow Burst] – an omni-directional skill that damages and freezes everything it hits.

The attack causes massive damage on the structures near the battlefield, it may have even killed some of the inhabitants, I’m not sure, I couldn’t even check with [life force sensory] due to how much concentration [avatar of Nyarlathotep] takes.

Trying to restrain her I summon several [skeleton knights] to her area but she just bashes them to pieces with her enhanced ice claws. She follows it up with another round of [snow burst] causing even more destruction around the village.

I’ve only managed to stay intact by hiding behind my [obsidian shield]. [snow burst] isn’t so powerful that it can rip through my shield as in the end it’s more of a disruption type skill.

It’s still not enough, even with this ghastly eye floating above the small debuff icon below her name hasn’t yet disappeared, it is however flashing, indicating that it’s about to be undone if there is another small push.

I summon two [phantasmal apparitions] to directly attack her. I don’t like to see her smooth skin injured but there’s no other choice if I want to snap her back into reality.

The phantasms manage to get in a few attacks before being demolished by her and sure enough the [yellow sign] debuff disappears. As soon as I notice that I unsummon the floating eye.

Of course the effects of the skills linger in the target’s mind so she should still be shaken up. This is where [Enchanting voice] comes in, I need to bring her back to reality while her mental defenses are lowered.

I take a few steps closer to her, she flails violently to repel me but it doesn’t scare me. I take a few more steps but she steps back. Is she putting in a conscious effort in order to not harm me? So then she really is in there, right?

Arachna, can you hear me?”

I ask with the [Enchanting Voice] effect.

She shakes her head and steps back some more but I match her pace and move forward.

Arachna, it’s me. Morgant. Come back to me.”

She summons a [glacial spear] and stabs at me. It pierces through my shoulders, blood gushes out as it is considered a ‘magic’ attack. I hurts but I endure.

Arachna… it’s all over now. Come back.”

Tears stream down the side of her face. Her form shrinks back into the small 10 year old girl that I knew.

She falls into my arms with tears. Her small figure stays there. So small, so cold, so natural; she is the Arachna that I know.

No longer being manipulated by Hastur she has returned to me.

“Welcome back, Arachna.”


Can’t even form coherent sentences, huh? Oh well, for just a bit longer we can stay like this, embraced in my arms… just a bit longer.


It seems in that endeavor I managed to gain two extra levels and a few of my skills had leveled up, namely [Avatar of Nyarlathotep], [Soul gambit], [enchanting voice] and [phantasmal apparition]. I decided add the extra 10 [status points] into [insight] for now.

Aside from that, Arachna fell asleep from all the fighting thus I decided to leave her back at our lodge and I left a small note for when she wakes up detailing her instructions which is mostly just ‘stay here and wait for me’.

It would be foolhardy to send her back to the place she was vulnerable, that being said I should be fine since I’m under the protection of a maximum level [mental fortress].

Lead by her spiderlings I arrive at the end of the cove to a small wooden door. As I grasp the metal handle a wave of nausea overcome me.

I see, so that’s how he wants to play it huh? To whittle down my mental defenses and then move in for the kill. Not bad, it’s definitely one of the tactics I employed in my previous life as well whenever I wanted to pressure someone into a certain decision.

The only true method of avoiding being conned is to know all of the tricks in the book. Now that I know his game I can certainly play it against him.

[Transformation – Black Pharaoh], I undid the transformation earlier but it appears as though it would be much safer to keep it on. There are no inherent additional mental defenses when utilizing this form but while I’m in this form I do at least ‘feel’ stronger and that’s enough.

A placebo effect – I can delude myself into believing that I’ll be able to resist this wave of nausea with that preconceived feelings of ‘strength’ and it will naturally be so.

Thus I take my first steps into the spiraling stairs leading deep into the abyss.

The stairs spiral deeper and deeper but after an hour’s worth of descending into the pits of the abyss I’ve finally managed to find myself at the base of the structure. What lied before me was a large iron door and on it the symbol of the [yellow king].

Beyond this door lies the domain under ‘his’ control.

Am I prepare to fight him? Naturally the answer would be negative; there’s no way I’ll be able to fight an entity that could easily take control of Arachna. Even back then Nyarlathotep proved too much of a challenge.

The only real way I’ll be able to come out of this alive is with my tongue, but the problem is that he knows this.

Nyarlathotep wanted to resign, he was willingly giving me his power as his successor but this time it’s a different story. They [Yellow King], conqueror of men’s will and mind. In a verbal battle can I truly fight him?

I suppose there’s little point in dawdling about that now since either way his power is necessary for the future. I don’t know how strong [Jupiter] and his misfit band of Roman gods are going to be but I’m going to take every precaution.

Starting with Hastur.

With my mind set I push open the iron door and as I do the sight of a marvelous subterranean lake beholds me.

Entering the underground cavern I scan the area around to see if there was anything of note. Sleeping deep inside this underground paradise and lying beyond the crystal clear lake laid an elegantly designed castle.

Beholding the symbol of their King – The Yellow King, it stands with doors open as though to invite me in. As I take steps further into the cavern and closer to the castle and ominous presence emanates from within; as though suffering from cognitive dissonance it warns me.

It tells me that drawing closer will only lead towards danger yet at the same time it lures me with its open arms.

Mayhap the king seeks his long awaited challenge? If so then I will oblige; a battle not of strength or skill but of wit and deception.

Making up my mind I entered the enemy territory.


As I entered his castle my surroundings began to warp and what came to be was something unexpected. No, this wasn’t on the mere level of being ‘unexpected’ this was something that was impossible to foresee for a variety of reasons.

Even though I couldn’t predict what would come out as I entered, the instant I laid my eyes on it I recognized what it was.

A concrete jungle; a human city of my old world. It was considerably higher tech with neon lights flashing through and various vehicles that I could not recognize.

The most likely explanation was that this was 26th century Earth, still this was Earth nonetheless.

However this wasn’t the shiny paradise I had expected, the only worlds that could be used to describe this place was complete and utter ‘pandemonium’.

This place was not in working condition, instead it was in the process of going through Armageddon. The streets laid cold and in ruins as rubble and smoke decorated the once mighty skyscrapers.

Darkened dust clouds covered the skies with ash and fire, making the air only barely breathable. Even though it was midday, I presume, with the sun blocked out it resembled ghastly nights.

Numerous vehicles turned and flipped, rammed into buildings and objects, on fire and lit volatile for explosion.

Not a single soul in sight, not even corpses. There was signs of this place once being inhabited but no more now.

This place was no home, it was ground zero for the apocalypse.

“What is this?”

Unable to hide my horror of the scene I asked myself. In every direction was destruction.

‘Hell on Earth’ never had a more literal meaning than this situation.

“This is the final days of Earth.”

A familiar voice rang from the distance; behind me the sound of footsteps tapping against the concrete was approaching closer and closer. It was the voice I had gotten acquainted with during all the nightmares I’ve had recently.

I turned to see a ghastly figure, draped with a long, silky yellow garb that hid his true figure. Sickly in its coloration, almost seeming like if stared at for too long you would lose the sense of self.

A white mask covered his face and on the mask was the Yellow Sign.

He is [Hastur – The King in Yellow].

[Hastur. Level ?, ?].

Same as Nyarlathotep’s huh?

From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear as though he wants a physical altercation. Then what’s his goal? It should be obvious, his character is one I know very well, a sadistic kind. He wants to show me despair, what true destruction resembles.

To whittle down my sanity.

“I don’t appreciate what you have done to my comrades.”

I have a lot of questions for him but I need to find out his motives first. Why manipulate this town? Why turn Arachna against me?

“I have shown you a warning but you had yet to heed its advice and still determined to intrude on my domain so I thought to show you the consequences of your action.”

So those dreams were supposed to make me turn away? You couldn’t have a more cryptic message if you gave it to me in hexadecimal codes.

From habit my hand went for the area between my eyes.

He called this place the ‘final days of earth’. This is probably just a recalled illusion but the situation is most likely based on truth, if so then I can only be thankful that neither my fiancé or younger brother had to go through any of this.

Still, I had always envisioned that the end of mankind would be more dignified but to think this is how it went down. It’s a little depressing.

“Tell me, [Servant of Nyarlathotep], what do you feel when you see this scene? The scene of humanity devolving into their base instincts before their doom?”

‘Servant of Nyarlathotep’? Ah, he’s talking about my transformation, though I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘servant’ more like ‘successor’.

For now I’ll play his little game.

“Disappointment. In my previous life I had known the evils capable of man but I also knew the extent of its kindness and greatness. To see such a race go in an undignified manner is a little disheartening.”

He gives me a nod.

“Yes, I had envisioned greatness from humanity, had sheltered it from the clutches of the other great old ones, but at the hour of their doom they were reduced to their most base instincts. Refused to work with each other to overcome their hardship and in the end they perished like animals.”

I could feel resentment in his voice as he spoke such lines. Normally cold reading would be hindered by something like a mask and baggy clothes but this time I could see a glimmer of his truth thoughts. Assuming the Lovecraftian horrors existed somewhere in the cosmos in the old world, Hastur was the one who protected Earth from their grasp yet it must’ve seemed like betrayal when humanity decided to go down like this.

Like seeing your child grow up to be a failure, the bitterness and resentment still resides in this voice.

Then perhaps his true intentions were not simply to play around with the lives of the villagers. Perhaps what he wanted was to restart in this new world.

However this world is the successor to Earth, it still retains its traits through the force known as ‘memorism’. If that’s the case it could be that he was simply scared history might repeat itself and wanted to shelter this town?

“Tell me, Yellow King, what do you plan on achieving by residing in this pitiful place? Do you plan on staving away your life playing god in such a small town?”

He shakes his head.

“Humanity cannot be trusted to its own devices, it needs guidance. This town is merely the beginning, I will take control of this entire world and I will build a perfect utopia.”

A ‘perfect utopia’ huh. He harbours the same plans as Nodens, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the way he wants to do it is wrong.

However, there is still merit in his words; humanity was given a chance to prove itself but in the end they decided to go out in such a dishonourable manner.

This world inherited Earth’s traits, surely it will do the same when it comes to it. Then perhaps such a figure is necessary; a figure that can lead this world into the true path when war does inevitably come.

“As the end came for Earth, this world is also on the horizon for its ultimate test. Another world inheriting Earth’s will speeds to this world, yet you’re stuck here playing make-believe with a bunch of pacifist villagers.”

“Another world?”

“Yes, though it isn’t going to be an extinction level event like it was for earth, the two planets will merge into one and when that time comes, as both worlds have inherited Earth’s traits, war will be a high probability.”

“Then that is all the more reason that I am necessary for this world. I need to be there as its guide and protector; to banish away these foolish invaders. Who else but I can fulfil that role?”

“No, you are unworthy.”

“You dare call me unworthy?”

Furious his form grows larger than the buildings surrounding us. He literally towers over me, and starts to exert great pressure. Trying to intimidate me through sheer size and power like some animal won’t work though.

I give him a smirk and continue.

“This world is not Earth, you have only blinded yourself to think it is similar but in reality more than humans call this planet home. A cavalcade of species with vastly different trait than mankind exhibit power over the continents of this world.”

“What of it? Mere creatures cannot hope to stand in my way. Be it gods or ants, I will crush them into formation.”

I shook my head. While that may work temporarily I can’t say that it will be efficient in the long run. ‘Control’ and ‘dictatorship’ has only lasted so long in Earth’s history and yet he wishes to make that same mistake.

For the future of this planet it is necessary for us to take a different, more long term solution than just focusing on what lays directly ahead.

The numerous drawbacks of a controlled society is numerous. Mainly a lack of morale, unwillingness to obey and no loyalty. Without morale it lowers combat effectiveness across the board, and with no loyalty the chances of sabotage increases dramatically.

It’s something I’ve learnt from personal experience.

I stare up at the giant figure ahead of me and continue to speak.

“Getting people to do something is easy but getting people to believe in what they’re doing is another matter altogether. Tell me Yellow King, what do you know of this world? Its people, its lifestyle, its culture, its wants and needs, its future?”

He remains silent.

I shook my head towards him once more.

“No, you can’t possibly know these things, you’ve never step foot outside this pitiful little Eden you’ve created. You don’t understand the inhabitants of this world, nor do you even care. Such a ruler will only be perpetuating the mistakes made by the old world!”

He reverts back to normal human size as he gives in to my contest to his right to rule. He may be older than me, he may even have a lot more experience than me but he is still lacking something fundamental. He is not human and he has no propensity to learn from mistakes as we do.

“Then tell me, who is it that should lead this world? You think you have what it takes to guide this world to its salvation?”

“I’m not so arrogant to believe that I have the answers to everything. I am also human and I will make mistakes, however unlike you who is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the old world, I will learn and adapt. I will be a far more worthy ruler than you will ever be.”

“And you believe you can do this?”

“As I’ve said, getting people to do something is easy but making them believe their work is much more efficient. I’ve seen this world and have faced its greatest hurdle, I know what I’m doing. I will not lead this world but I will push it from behind and correct whatever errors they make. Not a ‘perfect utopia’ as you want it but a ‘harmonious force’, because in the end the mistake of the old world was that they strived for the wrong thing. They wanted ‘peace’ but what they needed was ‘harmony’.”

He stares back at me through his uncanny mask. I continue.

“In the end what you and I want are the same thing, to guide and protect this world, then why not work together to achieve it? Give me your power and wisdom and I shall inherit your will and this world shall shine.”

“How do you plan to accomplish this?”

“I will rally this world’s powers. Form a military that can overreach the enemy and win the eventual war.”

“And if you fail?”

Fail? Failure is not an option at this point, but supposing its hypothetic probability.

“If even I fail, what chance did you really have? Given the option, is it not more prudent to go with the one with a higher success rate? In any case, in the scenario I fail I will take all responsibility. In the end even the greatest con-men cannot escape a failure of this magnitude.”

“Hehehe… hahahahahaha!”

He starts to laugh maniacally. I could only watch as his voice starts to warp the area around us, reverting the place to its normal setting.

When I come to I see a single figure lying on the floor, breathing heavily as he writhes in a pool of his own blood.


I run to him and check his injuries. His stomach has been pierced through by some sort of blade. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it was probably Arachna’s doing.

I cast [Transfer life] to heal is injuries and in moments his breathing returns to normal, though he’s still unconscious. I feel a wave of fatigue overcome me as I’ve shared some of my life with him.

There doesn’t seem to be any other external injuries aside from that and now his life is no longer in danger. I’m amazed he was even able to hold onto his life for this long.

“Very well Servant of Nyarlathotep, I shall concede. You are correct in assuming that I will only perpetuate the mistakes of our old world. In the end I cannot even leave this pitiful place as my powers have waned greatly over the years. Go, you shall be my eyes, my ears and uphold my will for this world.”

A man dressed in a butler’s uniform comes up to him and Hastur gives him something. The butler then walks over and hands it over to me.

On closer inspection this person was Mister Lyn!

“Mister Lyn?”

I call out but he doesn’t respond.

“He is under my spell, I will relinquish my control once this is all over.”

I see, well that’s fine.

I take a look at the object that was given to me. A circular stone with the [yellow sign] on it. I get an eerie feel just from holding this, namely because I’ve read the book and know what this does.

It starts to glow in my hands and sinks into my hands.


I’m surrounded by a black void and some familiar text appears before me.

[System patch… 15%]

[System patch… 45%]

[System patch… 85%]

[System patch… complete]

[Custom Editor updated]

[Skill Evolution in progress… initializing… ]

[Decay] has been successfully updated!

Adding [Voice of Hastur] to skill menu

I had expected it but it still surprises me each time this happens.

Like [Life Drain] once did, [Decay] turned into a completely different skill. I pressed on the inspection tab next to it.

[Voice of Hastur: Command inanimate objects to your will. All locks will be unlocked regardless of any type of enchantment or magic placed on them. Inanimate type beings such as golems will be compelled to follow your commands].

Ho~ this certainly sounds like an interesting skill that can definitely be abused to achieve shortcuts. Between [Enchanting Voice], [Lord of Ghosts] and now this skill, I can virtually bend the will of everything in existence including inanimate objects.

As I returned to reality another pop up appeared.

[New skill developed: [Twin Suns]]

Likewise I pressed on the inspection tab next to it.

[Twin Suns: Convert the natural mana around the caster into ‘unnatural’ mana causing nearby enemies to suffer various ailments ranging from sickness to fatigue].

Sounds just like something he would do huh?

Giving me his seal of approval Hastur sent me away with Enrich. Well, Enrich was kind of unconscious throughout all of this so I had to carry him back up those long spiral stairs.

Honestly, if I had to carry someone, I would’ve preferred for it to be a beautiful lady or something. Still, can’t just abandon your comrades.

Upon reaching the surface Arachna was waiting for us with worried eyes. When she saw me coming out through the door she jumped on me. By that I mean she hugged me because I was still in my [Black Pharaoh] form so I was larger than her by quite a bit.

“You’re finally back!”

She got teary eyed at the end but I could tell she felt relieved upon seeing the Enrich was fine too.

I decided to stay one more night at this town since I was extremely exhausted and Enrich had yet to wake up as well. Arachna didn’t quite feel comfortable with that decision, not surprising after what she had been through, but I assured her that it was all over and everything was fine.

Accepting my words she slept extra close to me that night.



Morgant said that everything would be fine but I couldn’t help myself from feeling an odd sensation while we were here. The strange mana that had been plaguing this town and my mental health had dissipated and most of the villagers had returned to daily life.

Right now Morgant was sleeping peacefully. He must’ve gone through quite a bit in resolving this situation. I stroke his hair as he slept, he was cute but extremely capable as well.

Really, I do wonder where he gets such confidence from, if only my real younger brother had been as half as capable then perhaps things may not have turned like it did.

Ah, no good. Reminiscing the past, I forbade myself from thinking about things that are too depressing.

“Can’t sleep I take it?”

Across the room Enrich whispered to me. He was sitting out on the veranda sipping tea as he gazed at the dual moons.

“Ah… Enrich. Um, sorry… about what happened. I-”

“It’s quite fine. I don’t harbor any grudge against your ripping my stomach open. Nope, none at all.”

Urgh… he sounds like he’s really angry this time.


Right now the only thing I could do was apologize.

“Really, I’m just glad that the worst case scenario didn’t occur. I guess we have to thank our overly capable master over there.”

I looked back down at Morgant’s sleeping face.

“Yeah… Really. I’m glad as well.”

With a sense of relief quickly weakening my muscles I began to relax and as I did sleep overcame me.

I’m really…




For some reason I was compelled to wake up in the middle of the night. Looking to the side Arachna and Enrich had fallen asleep.

I tried going back to sleep but I was unable to thus I decided to take midnight stroll. I visited the part of the town that was destroyed in our earlier confrontation with a certain criminal.


Even til now I don’t know if that was really Ian or if that was just something that was created to resemble Ian.

Growing children should sleep a recommended 8 hours a day.”

And look who’s finally back after everything was peacefully resolved.


This place has really suffered to worst of the brunt, huh?”

“Hmm, yeah. Oh that reminds me, I wonder if this is a good time to try out the new skill.”

Let all the destruction this place has faced return to its prime state.”

All of the pieces of the houses that were broken started to move by themselves; repairing themselves. In under 10 minutes the place had returned to a state before the battle occurred.

Oho~ that’s a rather unique power. So you’ve procured Hastur’s approval huh? I’m impressed.”

“Thanks I guess. Say doc, back then he showed me a glimpse of the past. The ‘Final days of Earth’ as he called it. Was it really that bad?”

He went quite for a moment, reminiscing about that horrible kind of ending.

In the end humanity failed to pull together. It really wasn’t the kind of movie happy ending; instead of working together on a solution we just scattered all over the place accepting the doom that was to arrive. It really was the worst mistake of the old world.”

After saying his piece the good doctor left me to my own devices.

“Really. I won’t let this world make the same mistake.”

[Status Menu]
Morgant Fallon. Level 63

Strength: 325 (230+95)
Dexterity: 110 (5+105)
Intelligence: 60 (5+55)
Insight: 210 (105+105)

[Status point: 0]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Skeleton Knight]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 50 (MAX)
(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Avatar of Nyarlathotep]: Level 27
(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 45
(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 50 (MAX) >>> [Voice of Hastur]: Level 1
(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 34
(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 48
(PASSIVE) [Physical Damage Resistance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Lance]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Obsidian Shield]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Reanimate Dead]: Level 34
(AUGMENT) [Enchanting Voice]: Level 40
(PASSIVE) [Lord of Ghosts]: Level 21
(ACTIVE) [Phantasmal Maelstrom]: Level 45
(AUGMENT) [Transformation – Black Pharaoh]: Level 30
(PASSIVE) [Mental Fortress]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Soul Reaver]: Level 12
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Phantasmal Apparition]: Level 18
(ACTIVE) [Essence Prison]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Summon – Terror of the Depth]: Level 1
(ACTIVE) [Silence]: Level 50 (MAX)
(ACTIVE) [Twin Suns]: Level 1

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