Ascension Rebirth – Laying the Foundations (Chapter 2)

Ascension Rebirth – Laying the Foundations



Recently I’ve noticed something when I tour around the town.

This is supposed to be an agricultural town, but their method of crop harvesting wasn’t that great.

At first I thought it was just for a few seasons that the crops weren’t good but no, it was how they did things around here.

I can’t say I’m a pro when it came to farming and agriculture but I at least have the knowledge of 21st century earth.

I know I said that there are things that can be augmented through the use of magic, but when it comes to agriculture that doesn’t seem to be the case. Actually when I really see it my family is the only one that really uses magic in their everyday life.

People make fires and gather water from wells.

I’m sure it’s a lot different in the capital cities but I feel that rural places truly does lag behind both in technology and magic development.

Well anyway this town has large fields. But they squander the potential.

They plant a whole bunch during the in seasons and just neglect it during off seasons, hoping the get by during the off seasons by their harvests from their in seasons.

This is really dumb.

My knowledge of agriculture lacks because I only really studied business and psychology during my uni years. Who was the idiot that said business was the best idea?

Anyway I feel like I should introduce crop rotation to these people.

And so, during my father’s routine visits to the chief’s house I pleaded him to take me along.

Well, he wasn’t opposed to it so there was really no need to beg.

The village chief was rather old. He really embodied the stereotype village chief role in RPGs.

I heard he had a son here as well but later learnt that the son moved to the capital not too long ago.

Well that’s fine, my business was with the village chief.

[Chief Oran] was his name.

“Oh, so you’ve brought your son that you so bragged about.”

The chief’s voice was full of wisdom and age. I don’t know how to explain it better than that, but it was a voice that made you think that he knows what he was talking about.

“Ah, yes he wanted to come along to give his greetings.”

“It’s an honour to meet you. My name is Morgant Fallon, son of Mardoc Fallon and Rio Fallon.”

I gave the same introduction as the one I gave to the town guards. This time I knew it was pretentious but did it anyway to make it seem like I was acting mature.

“Oh, I see. An honour is it? I am Oran, the village’s chief.”

After exchanging introductions father and the chief talked a little about the town’s security.

Actually mother was supposed to come to but she’s been a little sick as of late. I hope it was nothing big.

Seriously, the town’s doctor was sick.

Regardless, father took on mother’s job of discussing about the town’s clinic as well.

Over all it was a nice long 2 hour report.

I say it was nice and long because I instantly felt nostalgic. I remember when we had to give company reports to the higher ups. Back then it was tedious and annoying, but right now I don’t feel as much as that.

In fact it’s one of the times when I can truly feel like I’m doing some work.

After the report was over the chief turned to me.

“It must have been boring for you to listen to adults talk. You’ve done well to endure this long.”

No, no. it was my pleasure. If I may interject, please continue on for another four hours.


I started off meekly. It was all calculated, I don’t want to come off as some noisy, know-it-all brat so I this was the best way to start.

“What is it?”

The chief gave me a quizzical look.

“I’m not sure if I should tell you.”

“Hohoho, for someone so young to be so reserved, it’s fine, speak your mind.”

‘hohoho’? what are you Santa Claus? Well since you said I could speak.

“It’s about this town’s agriculture.”


The chief was a little taken aback by that. No, it wasn’t just the chief, even father was looking at me like he just ate something he couldn’t swallow.

“I think this town’s agriculture is operating at a suboptimal level.”


Oops, I shouldn’t have phrased it like that.

The chief didn’t take much offense and asked me.

“What do you mean?”

Maybe it was because I was always surrounded by stubborn fools who act superior and smug if you use fancy words. I kind of thought that the chief would do the same but it looks like the chief was willing to over look it.

“I think we can yield crops all year round if we implement a crop rotation cycle.”

“… crop.”

“rotation cycle?”

Both father and chief asked.

After that I gave a long three hour presentation on crop rotation and other little tips and tricks to having good harvest.

By the time it was over it looked like father was falling asleep. Well, that’s fine, this conversation wasn’t meant for him anyway.

The village chief only stared at me. I think he was a little surprised.

But it also looked like he was seriously considering what I was saying.

Of course.

After all I was a pro at giving convincing presentations.

Data analysis, statistical probability, market research based on my assumptions, cost of labour and tools.

All of that was included to make it sound more appealing.

“I see-”

The chief was stroking his beard.

I couldn’t really say anything, it got a little awkward once I stopped talking.

“Very well, I’ll have some of the farmers test out this ‘crop rotation cycle’ of yours.”


I wasn’t the one who said that, it was father. It looked like he was really surprised that the village chief even listened to what his son was saying. I think most of that was because he didn’t understand what I was saying so for him it must have looked like I was speaking gibberish and the village chief was being nice to me by not stopping me.

But this was good. With crop rotation it shouldn’t take much time to yield the first harvest.

So the results should come out in about three or four months.


After that, father started to ask me what I said during the presentation since he was also starting to get interested when I managed to convince the village chief.

I did my best to explain it to him on a level he could understand, but maybe because he had been a fighter all his life he couldn’t really grasp the concept behind it.


It has been approximately four months since I told the chief about the crop rotation cycle.

And just like magic the results really showed.

As I was accompanying father around town there were many people coming to greet me saying that this new system was working great.

Rather than me, father looked happier.

Well, I’ll let him have it.

“My son is a genius!”

He would say.

The village chief called me over and expressed how amazing it was. Well, the first full cycle hasn’t turned yet so it was still a bit early to celebrate, but seeing has the first cycle was able to yield great success I don’t think I will have to worry about it that much.

Mother, father, Sebastian, Lina and Lena were all in high spirits because they could eat nice fresh produce all year around now.

Hey, hey don’t get too ahead. The system only works as long as people are working on it. From what I can see people really only worked three-quarters of the year.

Oh well.

For now let’s celebrate the success!

After that I was known as the ‘Prodigy Farmer’.



My 4th birthday was coming up.

That means I’ve spent 4 years in this world.

Last year we had a small celebration, but this year a lot has happened and my circle of acquaintances has increased thus I imagine there’ll be a bit bigger of a party.

Huh? I’m looking forward to it you say?

Nonsense, I’m a 36 year old adult, there’s no way.

But there was something else happening behind the scenes.

“Aha, it looks like I’m pregnant. Teehee~”

It was near my 4th birthday when a shocking new was announced by my mother.

Actually I adlibbed that ‘Teehee’ part but that might as well have been in there, since that’s how she sounded.

I think the one that was most surprised was father.

Tch, this beast, how can he be surprised when every night I can hear through the walls.

Every night he gets to do the deed with such a beautiful woman, I’m so jealous! I mean-

No, well I had Kyouko. I don’t think she’d lose to mother in terms of looks or body. Then again they weren’t even the same race, so it might be like comparing apples to oranges.

Oh well, it was a happy occasion that I would gain a sibling.

Then a thought occurred to me, what if my younger sibling was also a reincarnated person? Now that I think about it the prospect of that is rather scary. I shudder.

I mean I guess I have no right to say that myself but I’d like to think that I’m playing my role to the best of my ability. Ignorance is bliss as they say, I’d rather my reincarnation stay a secret I’ll take to the grave.

I guess I can ask in a few more month to the baby.

Now that that’s out of the way.

I’m not proud to say that my skills regarding my necromancy has stagnated. I know I said I’ll slow down but it’s really been slow.

[Life drain]: Level 5

[Wither] Level 6

[Decay]: Level 9

[Life Force Sensory]:Level 15

I’ve only improved the levels of it because I use it routinely, but other than that there is no progress on gaining new skills.

I have however come up with new ideas for skills, I’ve just not put them into practice.

The first one would be [reanimate].

Reanimating corpses of things I’ve already killed, that should be a staple of necromancers right?

The second one is [volatile corpse].

Making the corpse explode on command. I think that’s another stable of necromancy.

Then there’s things like [summon skeletons].

Classic necromancer skill.

I’ve also thought about maybe making my three initial skills into a more aura like ability.

For example making [life drain] into an area skill so I’ll periodically drain life of organic targets within a set area. I might have to thin out the effects but I should be able to increase the amount of energy I absorb.

The same for the other two base skills I have.

While I was having a little self deprecation session about my skills, Ian and Ira came over to drag me out of the house. Recently they’ve really wanted to include me in whatever they do.

I’m not against it, neither are my parents but I don’t know. If you look at the scene objectively, I’m a 36 year old adult playing around young children. It really bothers me when I think of it like this.

I mean, conversely I can just think of this as a babysitting job, but when I do that I get more depressed thinking that if I had survived back in my previous world I would have children their age with Kyouko.


I’ve tried to not let that thought get too me as much lately but I guess some things are a little harder to repress.

“We’re going to the forest!”

Ian said with a cheerful smile.

“But father told us to never go into that forest since it’s so dangerous.”

Ira tries to object.

The forest that supposedly filled with monsters yeah? Now that they mention it I’ve never been to that forest before, for obvious reasons.

I know that the towns guard periodically go into the forest to subjugate the monster population.

It seems that monsters, if left alone, expand rather quickly and will overwhelm the town.

Regardless, the forest.

I’m not sure how strong the monsters in there are, but seeing as how people who are only about level 12 ~ 14 frequent that forest I don’t think it’ll be so extremely dangerous.

I’ve been able to increase my level up to 7 so if I was by myself I might manage.

Actually I haven’t talked much about the [Life force sensory] skill but it is my strongest skill, albeit it’s a passive ability. It allows me to sense nearby life force, that means I can sense the movement of monsters within a set radius. If I can utilize this skill then I can manage to avoid meeting any monsters, at least theoretically.

At level 15 I’ve also started to sense ‘bloodlust’ and ‘hostility’.

“What’s this are you scared?”

Ian taunts Ira. I can see that Ira’s face is red.

I don’t know if that’s supposed to mean she’s embarrassed or angry? I don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about being scared of monster riddled forests.

It’s okay young lady, in my previous world we were scared of forests that weren’t filled with monsters that can tear off your face.


“Hey I don’t think it’s a good idea to enter that forest on our own.”

I try to be reasonable. But being reasonable against brats that are 10% of my age isn’t exactly effective.

“What’s this, you too Morgant? You’re sounding just like the adults!”

That’s because I am an adult.

“But I think it’s best if we just play around safe areas.”

“That’s right brother, we should play here.”


Visibly disappointed and agitated Ian gave up after we implored a bit more.

That’s right, children should play where they are visible to adults.

I really must have lost touch with my inner child because I couldn’t spot the obvious warning signs plastered all over Ian’s face at this point.

A few days later when I was walking around town once more.

Ah, by the way, my parents let me wander around town without supervision, finally!

Anyway, while I was wandering aimlessly around town thinking of how I should deal with the problem of my skill progression, Ira came running to me with a grave expression.

“Morgant! Morgant! It’s terrible!”

She came running to me with a panicked look. But seeing this now she’s really opened up to me, at first she was just hiding behind Ian all day.

“What’s wrong?”

I ask with a accommodating smile.

“Its- It’s- It’s-”

“Calm down, Ira. Take a deep breath and tell me.”

She nodded and did as I told her.

“It’s Ian! He ran into the forest!”

Eh, what?

“By himself?”

She nodded frantically. I myself was starting to panic a little. Our disagreement about entering the forest alone must have really gotten to him.

Uh, shit, what do I do?

Ideally it’d be best to just tell the adults and they’ll go search for him.

However I feel like if I do that he’ll be extremely pissed and probably excommunicate himself.

So then do I search by myself?

What about Ira? I guess I can’t take her with me.

“Ira stay here, I’ll go get your brother, if I don’t come back in the next 2 hours call for help. Okay?”

She nodded. At least she’s listening to me.

Having given Ira instructions, I went back home and took one of father’s sword. I know it’s a little big for me but I can actually use it as a 2 handed sword even though it’s only a one handed for adults.

With that I entered the forest.


What I heard from my father was that there were three main types of monsters lurking around in this forest.

The first was [Goblins].

They’re really what one would expect. Pale skinned, slightly smaller than a fully grown adult, savage, crude, sharp teeth.

That kind.

Apparently they like to hunt in groups so I should avoid them lest I want to fight multiple enemies at once.

The second type of monster is the [Kobolds].

They were little fairly like demons. They’re half the size of children but they were every bit as dangerous as goblins. While they tend to work alone they extremely fast and hit with their sharp claws.

I don’t think I want to fight them either.

The last type is the [boar warrior].

Humanoid pigmen that are larger than the average adult. From what I hear they’re extremely proud, stubborn and get agitated easily.

They’ll fight one on one only, even if there’s more of them they’ll wait until the one fighting has finished or died. That’s good I guess.

I’ll assume that the monsters in this forest are around level 5 ~ 10.

I don’t have any sort of armor so I’ll have to be careful of fatal blows. I should be able to heal off minor damage.

Using my [life force sensory] skill I managed to evade the sights of quite a few monsters.

It was the first time I’ve actually seen a goblin and boar warrior. They look every bit as monstrous as the description says. I’ve played quite a lot of RPGs back in my days but seeing a monster through a monitor and in real life was really different.


I heard the sound of leaves being stepped on from two directions. This was bad, those were the only direction I could go through.

There was a group of goblins on one side and a boar warrior on the other. The boar warrior was really big, especially compared to the three year old me. Goblins also towered me but not by much.

They had weapons; crude stone clubs.


I decided it might be better to fight goblins.

As soon as I resolved myself I was revealed to the goblins. The goblins stood there for a full 10 seconds before they started to screech.

“KIII~~ Kiki kii!”

“Kii! Kiii~~”


There were three of them. I don’t even know what language that is. Maybe they communicate through frequencies?

No, this wasn’t the time to think about that.

But they were rather slow. I mean mentally, it took them a good 10 seconds before they reacted to me.

I picked up a nearby rock and held the big sword in my other. I was of course dragging the sword behind me but I was confident I could at least use it to swing even if I had to use inertia.


One of the goblins started charging towards me.

It was all predictable up to that point. I did kendo in my previous world and I trained with father in this world for quite a bit. I knew what I was doing.

When it got to a suitable distance I threw the rock. Only by the time I threw it, it wasn’t a rock any more.

I used [Decay] to turn it into sand, temporarily blinding the goblin.

Using that chance I thrust the sword at the goblin and stabbed it. It didn’t die instantly like I’d hoped, but it was writhing on the floor in pain.

“Kii~! Kiii! Kiii!”

The other two also started charging at me.

The one to my right swung its stone club at me, but I skilfully side stepped away.

Unfortunately the one to my left caught me off guard and managed to hit me with its stone club.

I’ll say it now but it hurt. A lot. I felt like I was going to die. No I probably was dying upon impact. While the goblins aren’t known for their strength, I was a three year old.

I dropped the sword, but I managed to somehow grab onto the stone club.

[Decay]; I mustered up enough strength to use it on the club turning it into dust.

The goblin who was leaning on the club fell down next to me. Using that chance I grabbed onto him.

[Life drain].


The goblin started screaming.

Luckily for me the one of the goblins was still on the floor in pain and the other one was slow and trying to figure out what was going on.

I could feel the life force of the goblin flowing into me, as it did my injuries, bruises and broken bone started to heal and repair itself.


This was good.

The unharmed goblin was still in a daze.

And the one I had just drained of its life laid on the floor weak.

I couldn’t dawdle any further so I picked up my father’s sword and thrust it downwards into the goblin’s heart.

A rush came over me and a familiar UI text appeared.

[You have gained a level].


I muttered towards myself.

Actually I was getting a bit ahead of myself as the other goblin recovered from its daze and hit me with its club. Obviously it wasn’t very bright seeing as how its comrade was kill by me when it did the same thing.

But this really hurt.

I feel like the bones I’d just repaired broke once more.

I flew a few meters forward and was crawling on the floor.

The goblin took this chance at hurried towards me and tried to pummel me with the stone club.

I was hit about ten times.

Every time it did I felt like my heart would stop. The human body was surprisingly sturdy when it came to it. I managed to grab onto what little life I had and held onto the goblin’s ankle.

Once more I cast [life drain].

The goblin fell backwards dropping its club.

As I drained I was healed.

Even after I was fully healed once more I continued to drain it’s life.

I was mad.

That pelting really hurt, I felt like my life was being taken away. So I wanted this piece of trash to feel the same pain.

After a while the goblin died.

The only one remaining was the injured goblin.

It tried to crawl away from me.

But I stepped on its head and casted [life drain] on it as well.

“Kiki- kii”

Those were its last words. I don’t know what it said but good riddance.

By now my clothes were in tatters. I wanted to resolve this peacefully, but since my clothes are like this it’d be hard to explain to my parents.

Even though I was back to full health I was feeling a little exhausted.

The rush of adrenaline I had when I fought the goblins were gone.


I sighed. After resting for about 10 minutes I began my search.

Actually it wasn’t long before I found Ian. He was being beaten up by a boar warrior.

He was near death but the boar warrior wouldn’t relent.

Ian had already lost consciousness.


I rushed to him surprising the boar warrior.

It gave me a few seconds to act.

It was a skill that I was thinking about.

But basically I tried to reverse [life drain].

It would be easier if I could just use holy magic to heal him but I was unable to do that.

As I concentrated on reversing [life drain] a familiar UI text appeared before me.

[New skill developed: [Transfer Life]]


As I cast the spell I instantly dropped to the floor.

Ian’s injuries were completely healed but I was now the one with the injury that he had sustained. Of course this was what would happen, but I didn’t think further ahead.

In retrospect I think it would have been safer for me to fight the boar warrior before I did that.

Too late now.


Ian regained consciousness.

“What- Morgant?!”

He saw me in such a pathetic state. Ah well, this was his injuries in the first place.

Luckily for me I was near a tree.

I immediately casted [Wither] and the tree turned grey and lost its leaves.

I don’t gain as much health when I siphon from plant-based targets.

Regardless I was able to move a bit.

That being said, the boar warrior resumed its attack. I pushed Ian out of the way but I was then wedged between its head and the dead tree.


I think I collapsed my lungs, broke all of my rip cages, shattered my spine and bruised my chest area.

When you think about it, healing magic in this world was absurd, even if you’re near death and missing all your limbs, as long as healing magic was applied you can regenerate all of it.

The same goes for my [Life Drain].

I usually see it in movies and other such pop culture. You know, that scene where a character bleeds from the mouth.

Apparently that doesn’t usually happen unless the lung or heart was targeted directly.

That’s what happened in my case so I was justified.


Ian ran up the boar and started to hit it with a stick. Suffice to say it did next to 0 damage.

Having a look now this boar warrior was level 11.

Incidentally the goblins back there were level 8 each.

Anyway, this was good. I made contact with the boar warrior.

Grabbing onto its large pig head I started to cast [life drain].


It screamed and tried to shake me off, but by that point I fully recovered and was grabbing onto it as hard as I could.

It reached me with its hands, picked me off and threw me.

As expected of a pig, it has so much vitality. If it were a goblin it would have already died.

I picked up my father’s sword once more and started to run towards the boar warrior as it did the same.

Heh, as expected, it wasn’t very smart either.

Its attack was so obviously telegraphed that I was able to dodge them. Using the sword I nailed its foot to the ground.


It shouted in agony.

Hey, hey I was almost killed by you, this much should be fine right?

I lightly made contact and started channelling [life drain] once more.

It really was surprising. It managed to live for about 30 seconds before it died. Just how much life did this pig have?

Oh well, everything was over. All of my injuries were healed.

I was only mentally exhausted at this point.

After I defeated the boar warrior once more the familiar UI appeared.

[You have gained a level].

Level 9 now.

“What- what was that?”

Ian’s usual vitality wasn’t there either. He shouldn’t be physically hurt anymore so it must have been a mental thing.

Dodging his question I scolded him.

“You idiot! Why did you come here?!”

“I- I, I just.”

“This is what happens when you don’t listen! You almost got both you and me killed!”

“I’m, sorry.”

I guess I’ll leave it here for now.

Actually I had to because I was feeling various life forces coming to this location. I don’t think we can both leave this place if we bolt for it together.

“Ian listen, on the count of three we start running in a straight line and we don’t look back okay?”

“O- Okay.”

“It’s important that we don’t look back because we’ll be scared of the monsters chasing us and if we’re scared we’ll slow down. So don’t look back okay?”

“I, I understand.”


If we run in a straight line from here we should be able to get to the village.

“Okay let’s run!”

I followed him a little from behind. As I instructed he didn’t even glance behind him.

Good, if it was like this even if I left he wouldn’t notice.

Anyway I felt the presence of hostile life forces drawing closer. At this rate we’ll both be captured.

And thus I ran in the opposite direction.

The monsters seemed to all be chasing the straggler, which was me.

Looking behind me I saw around 10 ~ 20 goblins, at least 5 boar warriors and for the first time kobolds. They were about the size of my torso but they flew fast.

I might die here. But my top priority was Ian’s safety so I guess I’ll die with that in mind.

Still I wasn’t going to give up.

Is what I thought but that thought quickly faded from my head.

Because I was falling.

Unknowingly I ran off a cliff.

I was now doing a 50 meter freefall.

Once I hit the ground I’ll be dead.

Oddly I wasn’t that scared. No, I was probably shouting and screaming but I couldn’t even register my own shouts anymore. On the inside I felt a strange sort of calm.

This was the right way. I was supposed to die in that plane crash after all.

This was for the best.

When I hit the floor, well I had wished I hit the floor.

But no, I managed to impale myself on a stone protrusion.

That was the last thing I remember before everything turned black.



My sister and Morgant are cowards!

Just because the adults say that the forest is dangerous they listen like puppies and stay clear.

I thought Morgant would at least side with me but he’s just like the adults even down to the way he speaks.

At first after he and my sister objected I gave up.

But after a holding it in for a few days I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I told my sister I was going to the forest.

“Don’t go.”

She says. Hmph, she’s just a brat, what would she know.

I argued with her.

“You’re just saying that because Morgant doesn’t want to either!”

“No! It’s because it’s dangerous!”

“Hmph! What would you know, you’re just listening to the adults!”

“But, but! Mom and dad said not to!”

“I don’t care.”

When I tried to leave my sister grabbed onto my shirt to stop me.

I violently pushed her away and ran towards the forest.

It was still day time so it wasn’t that bad when I got into the forest.

See? Just like I thought there’s nothing in this forest. There’s probably not even monsters here. The adults are all liars.

Even Ira and Morgant believe in their lie.

I walked through the forest in a carefree manner. It was actually quite boring when I think about it. Why did I want to come into this forest so badly?

Then I heard rattling of leaves from the distance.

Surprised I climbed up a tree and hit for a few moments.

When I did I saw what it was that made the rattling noise. It was goblins!

Then it wasn’t a lie that there were monsters here?

But, the goblins were so small. It was bigger than me but it was still small than an adult, there’s no way I can’t beat that thing.

However, since there was more than one I decided it was a bad idea so I kept staying on top of the tree until the goblins went away.


I heard something buzzing behind me while I was still up on the tree.

When I saw what it was, it was a some sort of small fairy like thing. But it was black and looked ugly.

I think this is what the adults called [kobold].

This thing was so small. This was dangerous?

When I reached out for it, it attacked me with its claws.

I wasn’t prepared so I fell off the tree.

But the kobold didn’t give up and still tried to attack me while I was down. What cowardly assault, but when I saw the blood on my left hand I immediately got scared and ran.

I don’t know how long I ran but the kobold didn’t follow me anymore.

I sighed in relief.

I was starting to regret ever coming into this forest.

But I don’t want to admit that I was wrong. When I think about it, I was only unprepared. If I had the right weapons that kobold could easily be killed.

And the goblins look extremely weak too.

I wondered around the forest for a bit after that but I think I got lost. I’m not so sure, but I’ve seen this place before a while ago.

Thinking that I was going around in circles I climbed a tall tree to see in the distance.

Once I got to the top all I saw was canopy. I couldn’t even see the village.

And then it happened.

The tree started to shake violently.

I lost my grip and fell down. This was the second time today.

When I regained my composure I saw what was shaking the tree. It was a huge pig.

It stood on two legs and had large muscles. Even its tusks looked painful.

It was called a boar warrior.

This one I had to admit that I might not be able to beat.

For some reason it looked angry. Why? I didn’t do anything to it!

I ran.

I just simply tried to run away from the boar warrior.

But no matter how far I ran it still kept chasing me. It didn’t give up!


The kobold gave up after a while!

My legs were feeling heavy and I was slowing down.

When I did the boar warrior used this opportunity to charge tackle me against a tree.

The moment I was squeezed between the tree and pig I felt extreme pain.

I think I coughed up some blood too.

When I fell to the floor the boar warrior kicked me towards another tree. Why was there so many trees here? Oh right, it was a forest.

Slowly my entire body started to ache in pain.

I was crying.

“Sorry- mom, dad, Ira, Morgant…”

I should have listened, but I didn’t.

Now I was going to die here to a pig.

Slowly I started to black out.

My entire life flashed in my mind. It was a short 5 years but I guess I was a little happy.

If only I had listened, then I would feel a little bit more of that happiness.


I thought I heard Morgant’s voice, but that was impossible. There’s no way he’ll come here for me, I’m just an idiot.

After a bit I felt warm. My body didn’t feel so heavy anymore.

I was slowly able to open my eyes.

When I did I saw Morgant on the floor. His stature was small, but he came for me.

Even though I was so rude to him he still came for me.

I felt like crying but I noticed something strange.

Morgant was injured but it was the same injury I had. In fact my injury mysteriously disappeared.

“What- Morgant?”

When I called his name he moved closer to a tree. When he placed his hands on that tree the tree instantly withered and turned charcoal black.

After that it seemed as though his injury started to heal, not completely but to a noticeable degree.

When I was about to ask him what was going on he pushed me. At first I was confused but then I remembered that the boar warrior was here.

Morgant had pushed me away from the boar.

It charge tackled Morgant the same way it did to me but it looked much more violent.

He started to cough up blood and his body was bloody.

Strangely, when he placed his hands on the boar warrior’s face the injuries started to diminish. He was being healed somehow.

Instead now the boar warrior was screaming in pain.

It flailed about and flung Morgant away.

The boar warrior stared down at him and started to charge once more.

Morgant did the same after picking up a large sword.

It was amazing.

Morgant dodge every attack that the boar warrior threw at him. Even though just a moment ago he was on the verge of death.

How could he move like that?


The boar warrior that had its foot stabbed was screaming in pain.

Morgant placed his hands on the monsters and it started to scream even more.

Soon after that it died.

I don’t know what just happened.

I tried asking but my question was dodged and instead I was being scolded.

He asked me why I came here.

I couldn’t answer him.

I didn’t know what to say. I only apologized as I lowered my head.

Suddenly Morgant became alert and looked around.

“Ian listen, on the count of three we start running in a straight line and we don’t look back okay?”

Don’t look back? Why? No I shouldn’t ask that kind of thing now. I should just listen to him. Last time I didn’t I ended up almost dead.

“O- Okay.”

“It’s important that we don’t look back because we’ll be scared of the monsters chasing us and if we’re scared we’ll slow down. So don’t look back okay?”

That made some sense

“I, I understand.”

“Okay let’s run!”

I ran. I didn’t even open my eyes and I just ran as fast as I could.

I almost saw a light at the end of the forest.

It truly was the exit.

Morgant was right! He was incredible! He was always right!

“Haha! Look Morgant we made it!”

I cheerfully turned around but I couldn’t see him anywhere.


I called out, but there was no reply.

“If you’re hiding just come out! This isn’t funny!”

I asked him to come out but all I got in return was silence.

Actually I heard footsteps from behind me.

When I turned to it thinking it was Morgant it was the adults.

My dad, little sister, Morgant’s dad, some of the town’s guard and even the village chief was there.

“What’s going on here?”

The village chief asked.

I didn’t want to tell them. No, there was something more important than that!

“Morgant is! Morgant is still in there! We were running away from monsters, but he didn’t come out!”


Morgant’s dad was angry. He immediately ran into the forest.

“What happened?”

My dad asked me.

Frantically I told the adults about what I did and that Morgant tried to rescue me.

My dad hit me.

But I wasn’t angry. I deserved it.

I just hope Morgant was safe.



I could hear the chirping of birds.

Well for starters that was a good sign.

I still had my auditory senses and I wasn’t dead. It also means that some time had passed and it was likely morning.

Though oddly it wasn’t bright, the sun should be up.

Had I lost my vision? Well, that wouldn’t be surprising.

No wait, I still had my vision.

I was in some sort of cave.

Slowly waking up I could feel pain in my body.

“Oh, looks like you’re up now.”

A voice. A female voice. She sounded like she was in grade school.

I turned to see who it was.

The most apt way I could describe it was that it was a demon loli.

she was about 140cm tall.

Crimson hair, crimson eyes.

She had two protruding horns from both sides of her temple that curved to face forward.

She had a frilly black and white dress.

Small bat like wings and a tail.

Cosplay? Then I immediately shunned that thought after realizing where I was.

Then the next thought I had was.


I said that out loud.

“Yep! That’s right.”

Oh how could I forget I can see her title.

I concentrated a little bit more and saw it.

[Astaroth De Signa. Level 113, Demon Lord].


Level 113?! ‘Demon Lord’?!

“Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that?”

She asked as she tilted her head.

I averted my gaze and looked down. When I did I noticed I was bandaged.

“You were pretty much dead, so I had to use a special skill to revive you, I couldn’t heal you all the way, but strangely the forest around you started to wither and you healed yourself.”

Wait, what?

I unconsciously used [wither]? And what do you mean ‘the forest around me’?

Doesn’t that mean I used an area version of [wither]?

That can’t be, I don’t even know how to.

“Um, Ms. Astaroth? I don’t know what you did but it looks like you saved me. Thank you very much.”

She looked surprised for a moment.

“You know my name?”

Ah, whoops.

“Ah, it was a guess. Teehee?”

“… well that’s fine.”

It’s fine- okay.

She continued.

“But that strange power you used. I’m quite interested, what’s it called?”

Her face got immediately bright and she drew closer to me. Stop! I have Kyouko and I’m not a lolicon! No matter how cute you are I won’t yield!

“Umm. I’ll tell you but please back up a bit.”

I say with an uneasy smile. I think I’m still hurt a bit but I still feel pain when I move. I think that’ll fix itself with time though.

“Umu, okay. Now tell me.”

“She had such a bright smile, how could I deny that request?”

“Hmm? My, you flatter me.”

OH SHIT I said that out loud.

“Uhh. Ahaha. Ouch…”

My stomach hurt.

“A-anyway, that ability is called [Necromancy]. I can siphon life out of people and plants.”

“Hmm. [necromancy] I remember something like that. I believe it’s the spells that Liches use.”

Liches? Ah those skeleton mage things?

“That sound about right.”

“But you are human, are you not?”

“Yeah, I guess I’m a little bit of a special case.”

“Hmm, Hmm. Interesting, interesting. So?! What else can you do with it, other than destroy trees?!”

Her face immediately got closer once more.

“I can drain the life out of monsters and people. Decay objects. I can sense nearby life force. That’s about it for now, I haven’t tried anymore than that. Though I believe if I train a bit more I could probably reanimate corpses or summon monsters of my own, though that’s still in a theoretical stage as of now.”

She was enjoying my explanation. I could tell by that really bright smile.

“But really, this is the second time I defied death, or would it be exceeding death?”

I thought.

“Second time?”

Shit, I said that out aloud again. I don’t usually do that, is it because I’m feeling a little high right now? I feel a little light headed, most likely because of that near death or dead experience.

“It’s nothing, sorry.”

“You say some interesting things. I like you!”

“Eh- even if you confess, I already have someone I like, though I guess I won’t ever be seeing her again- sigh.”

“To get flustered and depressed all by yourself, you really are interesting. Here take this.”

She handed me a small red crest like thing?

I wasn’t even sure what it was.

It was circular and had a pentagram on it.

“That’s the crest of the Demon lord, I give it to all my generals.”


“Is it fine to give something like that to me? I’m not your general.”

“It’s fine, think of it as an investment since I like you so much.”

Ah, such a bold confession. Please stop, if you don’t I might fall for you even though I’m not a lolicon.

I guess this means I have to pay her back at some point? Well, I suppose it’s worth it considering she revived me and all.

“You said you revived me with a special skill, what do you mean by that?”

“It’s called [Demon Lord’s Blessing], it’s a special skill I used when I inaugurate my generals. It’s like a power up. I used it to get you out of a state of death.”

“Power up?”

I said, then I opened my status menu

[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 9


Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 5

Insight: 5

[Status point: 50]

I noticed another title next to my [NECROMANCER] status.

“Demon General? You made me a demon general?”

“That’s right.”

She looked so chipper.

“I get the feeling that once I accept this ‘blessing’ I won’t be able to enter churches, or holy areas and that holy magic will hurt me.”

“What idiotic thing are you yapping on about? This is just a title. At most its effects are that demons under the demon lord’s control will obey you.”

Wait, isn’t this incredibly useful?! Such an amazing buff!

“Eh?! Does this mean I have to sell my soul to you?”

“No, no, stop jumping to conclusions. I simply made you my general, if you don’t like I can take it back. Like I said it’s an investment.”

“Even if you say that, I’m a human you know. Don’t humans and demons have a bad relationship?”

“I don’t know where you heard that but that was long ago, over 500 years. We just tend to stay out of each others’ way now. Don’t worry, just because you’re my general doesn’t mean I’ll make you do something you won’t like.”

“Is that so…”

Well that’s a relief- though it seems too good to be true.

“Kind of like that time when section chief Yamaguchi told me that he’d give me a raise if I became section manager. Then I learnt that becoming section manager meant I have to leave Tokyo for six months. When I finally resolved myself to get on that plane, what happens? It god damn crashes!”

“… hooo. I don’t know what you just said but it sound interesting.”

Ugh. Again.

“Please don’t mind what I say, I feel a little light headed right now so I’ve been saying things out aloud.”

“I see, well I think it’s time I leave.”

She stood up, and so did I unconsciously. Was this the power of the demon lord? Were you compelled to stand before her?!

“I see, thank you for everything. Ms. Astaroth.”

“I still don’t get how you knew my name but it was fun. Then I’ll see you again in the near future. Ah, but before I go, there’s something I want to advise you about.”

“Advise me?”

“Umu, should you find yourself in great despair I want you to always keep sight of your true self.”

Great despair?

That sounds like something people would say in anime or manga.

“I got it.”

I answered half-heartedly. I didn’t really get it but I suppose that advice is sound.

“Good. Then, till we meet next time.”

As she said she disappeared in a shadowy effect.

Incidentally the return trip wasn’t all that bad.

I managed to avoid being detected by monsters with [life force sensory]. If only the trip into the forest was as easy as the one while exiting the forest.

Woe is me.


Ugh- the atmosphere was a little heavy when I returned.

My father didn’t say anything and my mother just hugged me, crying. Lina and Lena were also crying.

Sebastian looked noticeably panicked, I think the number of white hairs had increased.

Apparently Ian didn’t say anything about my necromancer powers to my parents or anyone in the village, well he probably didn’t even realize what it was. That’s good.

For that day they let me rest without prying into what had happened.

I was noticeably exhausted as well.

I think I slept for over 20 hours that day.

“So, what happened?”

We had a family meeting. Well the topic was obvious.

I told them that I slipped and tripped down a cliff and lost consciousness. I don’t know if they bought it or not, staying unconscious in a forest filled with monsters and to avoid monsters was a rather unbelievable story.

I tried to make up that I was placed in a rather secluded place that monsters can’t get to.

I think they bought that though.

They asked a me a lot of questions after that and I answered them all while trying to hide the fact that I met the demon lord and that I received her blessing.

Later that day, Ian’s family came to visit us.

It seems my father had forgiven Ian since I was able to return safely. Well, I wouldn’t blame him if he was still a little mad, but Mardoc’s relatively soft hearted.

They brought gifts and such.

“I’m sorry Morgant.”

Ian apologized. He seemed like he deeply regretted his actions.

“It’s okay, just don’t do something so reckless next time.”

I smiled back at him.

“I’m glad you were able to get out okay.”

Ira hugged my arms as she said. Cute as ever.


I actually got to see Ian and Ira’s mother; Irvin’s wife, Irene. She was really pretty too, though she looked a little frail.

What was with their family and IR names, I wondered.

Well it wasn’t my place to judge.

All’s well that ends well.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 9


Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 5

Insight: 5

[Status point: 50]

[Skill menu]

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 1

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 10

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 4

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 2

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 6

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 1

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