Ascension Rebirth – Journey once more! (Chapter 10)

Ascension Rebirth – Journey once more!




When I asked Cedric about the specifics of it, he didn’t know all that much either.

According to him the only thing he knows about it is that it’s some kind of ancient super weapon dating back at least two thousand years.

This predates the demon lord succession over four generations.

Astaroth’s specific race seems to be long lived.

Anyway a ‘super weapon’.

The problem is that this idea contrasts with my knowledge of what [Gladsheim] is.

Gladsheim: ‘Bright Realm’. According to Nordic mythology it is the realm located within Asgard that Odin resided in.

Right, the image of Gladsheim that I had would refer to a place rather than a thing.

Of course I could be wrong but for the most part this world’s mythology and beings paralleled with my world’s pop culture and legends. In that aspect I might be more knowledgeable about what Gladsheim really is.

It could be that a super weapon is located within Gladsheim, but for now I don’t think Gladsheim itself is the super weapon.

“So, how close are you to finding it?”

I might as well ask. It was a good idea to compare each other’s notes.

“Actually we’ve already located it.”


Does that mean I was wrong about Gladsheim being a place?

No wait, if they already found it why do they need me to come along?

“Of course we haven’t actually seen Gladsheim specifically, we just know where it is.”

“I’m guessing there’s a reason why you haven’t made direct contact with it.”


About two months ago, Astaroth sent some soldiers down to investigate the location of the ancient weapon: Gladsheim.

Now therein lies the problem; the place that they located it was in a rather troublesome place.

The [Aquatic city of Lani’tar].

The inhabitants of the city were a race known as [Mermaids].

And yes it was those ‘mermaid’s, the half-fish half-human kind. The tail of a fish and the torso of a maiden.

Of course that being said the actual city isn’t submerged in water but in a pocket of air located underwater.

That being said, the race of mermaids are my first experience of something that doesn’t match up with my knowledge of pop culture.

The mermaids I know are a beautiful aquatic race that lure men, usually ending in a bad ending for the males but that was my impression of them.

However the mermaids of this world weren’t like that.

They developed magic in order to be able to traverse on land, turning their tails into legs. Rather than elegant and beautiful they were brutal and competitive.

In that regard their matriarchal society were more a mixture between mermaids and amazons.

The mermaid race worship Gladsheim as some sort of all-power, all-knowing god like entity. They’ve built a shrine around it and employed a protector known as the [Terror of the Deep].

As such Astaroth had a hard time trying to gain access to Gladsheim. From what Cedric told me even the mermaids themselves were not able to get to gain access to Gladsheim.

A small squad of homunculus soldiers were sent to infiltrate Lani’tar but they were all wiped out. Whether it was by the [Terror of the Deep] or by the [Mermaids] was unsure.

So that’s where I come in. For negotiations.

This was a rather troublesome request, the opponent themselves would never want outsiders meddling with what they view as their god.

“‘They’re idiots to be worshiping a weapon’, is what Lord Astaroth said.”

“Thank you for that important insight Cedric.”


“By the way, where is Lani’tar? Is it far from here?”

“No, in fact it’s rather close. It’s only three day’s worth of travel north.”

“Oh, how convenient.”

“It is isn’t it? Hahaha.”

I guess I’ll have to make up some excuse for leaving town again.

Last time it was easy since we only just ran out, but this time I have time to be prepared but that also means to explain the situation to my parents in a manner that they would understand.

An excuse that could cater to my father’s knightly spirit.

I guess I’ll go with that.

“Alright Cedric, I don’t mind going but my parents would surely object.”

“Would it be best if we told them the situation completely?”

“What? No, in the first place they don’t even know I have any connections to the demon army. I don’t like fooling them but I don’t see another choice.”

“I see, it is a little less honourable but it is the command of Lord Astaroth, so then what shall we do?”

“For now I want you three to stay in this house for the next two or three days. Then I want Cedric to challenge my father to a friendly duel.”

“A duel? For what purpose?”

“To establish the fact that you’re a superior swordsman. You do use swords right?”

I haven’t actually seen his weapon since he didn’t carry any when he came here.

“Yes. It is this.”

He a small magic circle appeared on the floor and then a long sword jumped out and onto Cedric’s grasp.

It had an eloquent design with a white blade and blue hilt. In the center of the sword guard was a azure colored gem.

“Well, that’s fine but don’t use that, we have a lot of practice swords.”

“So why do I need to prove that I am superior to your father in the sword?”

“To make an excuse. After defeating my father in a mock battle tell him that to repay him for being allowed to lodge here you wish to take me on a small trip for training.”

“I see, if I can prove I am stronger than him it would make sense for me to train you.”

“That’s right. Using that opportunity we will leave for Lani’tar.”

“A sound plan! You really are as Lord Astaroth says, hahaha!”

“Yes, yes, so we leave in three days. You all got that right?”

I turned towards Elena and Aura who had been rather silent for some time now. I had to make sure they understood the plan as well.

“We understand.”

“Wonderful. Then I’ll leave you to it.”

Evening rolled around and we were all having dinner. Of course our ‘guests’ were also asked to join.

Elena and Aura accepted but Cedric only sat down with without actually eating anything, for obvious reasons.

“So there we were, fighting against an unusually large hydra. Elena had already collapsed from fatigue due to our long battle. It was now only master Cedric and myself. Heroically master Cedric charged in while I supported from the back providing covering fire!”

Dinner was noisy, but it wasn’t a bad kind of noisy. Aura was cheerfully telling the story of how the three of them defeated a monster known as [Hydra]. If memory serves then it’s the reptilian monster with multiple heads and incredible regenerative properties.

Well, I have no doubt that it’s a powerful monster but a slime king who’s level 94 and has COMPLETE IMMUNITY TO PHYSICAL DAMAGE, shouldn’t have much trouble with it.

“Then what happened?!”

Lina was really into Aura’s story.

“Master Cedric charged off and cut its head one by one while I burnt the base of their heads with burning arrows to stop their regeneration!”


They’re really one of a kind.

“That’s right! It was a fun time back then! Hahaha!”

Cedric joined in.

It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed such a noisy dinner.

“You must be quite strong to be able to take on a hydra with only three people.”

“Indeed, I’m not one to usually brag but my party is quite strong. In fact are you up for a round of sparring?”

Cedric initiated our prior arranged plan into motion in a rather smooth manner. I was actually quite impressed. He challenged father in a very natural way.

“Oh~ I don’t mind but I’m actually quite strong as well.”

“Hoho~ then shall we?”

“Very well.”

After finishing up dinner everyone proceeded to the backyard to spectate.

Cedric was still in his iconic paladin armor while father was dressed in light leather armor. Father was more of the light armor/speedy fighter.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Father gave way for Cedric to make the first move.

I admit that father is quite strong, I came to truly appreciate his power after my little episode in the north capital, but because he’s strong he gets a little arrogant.

He wasn’t actively taunting the opponent but was underestimating them.

It was the same for when he fought me and underestimated my ability to plan tactics.

His opponent was a level 94 slime king, of course father can’t see the opponent’s level so he doesn’t realize this.

I told Cedric to go a little easy so I don’t have to worry about any lethal injuries.

Of course both father and Cedric were using wooden swords and they were equipped with their own armours so I doubt I had anything to really worry about but you can’t underestimate the power of a level 94.

Since Cedric was given the first move he obliged and moved in for a swift strike.


Despite being a slime he’s really fast.

Father was easily caught off guard but managed to somehow defend in time.

“I guess I underestimated you a little bit, should have known from someone who slayed a hydra.”

“Hahaha! I’m just beginning to warm up!”

“Then I’ll get serious.”

They continued to exchange blows.

Each and every blow sent powerful shockwaves that even I could feel despite the fact I was on the sidelines.

I was actually more amazed that those wooden swords could withstand that amount of punishment.

The exchanged continued for minutes.

Attack. Defend. Parry. Counter. Strike.

The moves were all professional, I even got shivers just casually observing a high level battle between two sword masters.

However I could see that father was getting a little tired from it. Sweat dripped from the side of his face and his breathing became haggard.

Since Cedric wore a full face helmet it was impossible to tell if he was even tired after all that, I actually wasn’t completely confident that slimes could even get tired.

“You’re good.”

Father complimented. I think he was trying to by time to catch his breath, a shrewd but smart strategy.

“You’re not bad yourself. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had such a challenge.”

Cedric seems to have caught on and went in for another strike.

Despite his looks and the fact that he’s a slime, he’s actually quite smart.

“Here we go!”

Father exclaimed and readied his sword.

Father countered Cedric’s strike and began to push for the offensive.

Indeed it was probably a good idea for that since he’s becoming tired. Ending the battle before he completely exhausts his stamina.

Cedric managed to swiftly avoid it while dishing out counter attacks of his own.

The result was that not a single scratch remained on Cedric while father’s armour was showing signs of tear.


Father lowered his guard and put down his sword.

“I admit defeat. I didn’t think you’d be this powerful.”

“No, it was actually quite a close call, you can’t tell from the helmet but I’m pretty tired as well.”

“Haha~ is that so? Maybe I should’ve fought a little harder. Years of inactivity has grown on me.”

“I’ll await a rematch when you get back to your prime.”


They exchanged a handshake.

A lovely friendship of the fist was born that day.

Anyway that’s one of the obstacles out of the way. Now we only have to wait a few days before leaving for the sea.


“There’s an adventurer party lodging at your house?!”

That was the first thing that Ian screamed at me when I arrived at our ‘secret’ hideout.


“That’s so cool!”

“What, do you have aspirations of becoming an adventurer?”

“Of course! My ultimate goal is to become the strongest adventurer!”

Well, of course it was. I had a feeling that all young boys have such an aspiration.

Ian would make a perfect candidate for a hot-blooded protagonist of a adventure-fantasy manga.

“What about you, Ira? Do you also dream of becoming an adventurer?”

“I, I think I want to become a cleric just like your mom.”

“So, like a doctor?”

She shook her head.

“I want go on an adventurer with my brother and help people.”

Ah, such a cute and noble aspiration.

“I see. You’ll surely make a good cleric someday.”

I patted her head gently. It was a little awkward on the count that she was the similar height as me.


At least the person herself seemed to enjoy it.

“So?! What are they like?!”


“The adventurers staying at your place! What are they like?”

Well, they’re a bunch of demons pretending to be adventurers.

Like I can say that.

“They’re a powerful bunch, I heard they slayed a monster called a hydra.”

“A hydra?! That’s an B-class monster!”

I think I may forgotten to mention but monsters in this world are classified by ranks.

The ranks go like this.

SSS-class being the highest


S- class






F-class being the lowest.

Incidentally the monsters around our forest; the boar warriors, goblins and kobolds were all E-class monsters.

They weren’t the lowest but they were fairly weak.

Also, if I were to rank the average level of adventurers in this world they would all be at around D ~ C -class.

The Hydra was a B-class monster, which to be honest didn’t seem all that powerful now that I’ve ranked it. Though from the sounds of it the one that Cedric’s party fought was actually one of the stronger ones so it might be fair to say it was an A-class monster.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“That’s so cool! My dream is to become powerful adventurers just like the heroes 500 years ago!”


Elise Noire showed me a book on the heroes from 500 years ago. Supposedly they went to save some lost god but ended up dying.

I don’t even know why they’re called heroes if they failed their mission.

“Didn’t those heroes die at the end?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

Ian had a large grin on his face, it was mildly annoying to see.

Still, ‘dreams’, huh.

It’s good to have dreams, especially in this world where you can achieve almost anything.

As usual we spent the majority of the day just talking and playing around, though from my perspective it’s more like I was babysitting these brats.

Still I did enjoy it, sometimes I look at them and think that ‘maybe this is what it’d be like to have kids’.


Night had fallen and the two moons of this world shined brightly in the dark sky.

I noticed Cedric was out on the veranda gazing up at them so I decided to join in.


“Are slimes affected by the full moon?”

I only asked because I got it in my head that slimes are affected just like the tides. When I think back at it, it was a really stupid question.

“Huh? No, of course not.”

“Ah, I see, sorry it was a dumb question.”

“Haha, you’re the first one who’s asked me that kind of question. Why did you think the moon affects slimes?”

“I heard stories of how full moons affect some species.”

“I see, certainly there are races that are affected by the status of the moon, but I am not one of them.”

“That so?”

“It’s so.”

I gazed at the moon with Cedric. As I said before, there were no electricity here so the only thing keeping the brightness are candles and torches.

The veranda that we were resting on had neither so the only source of light was from the full moons.

The moon’s light reflected off Cedric’s armour in a glamorous way; truly bringing out the beauty of its craftsmanship.

“Do you have a dream?”

I asked, abruptly. I don’t know what prompted me to but I did. It was probably from when Ian told me his dream earlier today.


“I have a dream.”

“Oh~? Do tell.”

“My dream is to meet a certain person, however it’s a dream that will never come true.”


“Because that person does not exist.”

“Has this person passed away? If so then at least visiting their grave would-”

“No. I’m not sure if they’re alive or dead, but we are separated by an insurmountable wall. No force in this world could possible unite us.”


I felt tears slowly fall from my eyes.

“She- she was the world to me.”

I closed my eyes to reminisce.

The time we spent together.

The time we grew up together.

The time we started going out.

The time we kissed.

The time we became adults.

The time we decided to get married.

They were all vivid memories, I could almost feel them at the tip of my hands.

After a few moments I slowly formed a wry smile.

[Shinohara Kyouko]. A person that I will never forget in this life.

“You are an odd fellow.”

An unnecessary comment came from Cedric.


“You are odd but it is not bad. The eyes you posses now are those with conviction to move on from whatever past ailed you.”

“Move on, huh. Perhaps.”

“Truthfully I had no idea why Lord Astaroth and Kyrios were so interested with you but now I understand, you are truly unique.”

“Unique? I’m just a brat you can find anywhere in this world.”

“Surely you jest, you act in a manner unbefitting of a child; I sense a wisdom that can only come from age. It is strange but I do not think it is bad.”

“… Thanks.”

Cedric put his hands on my head. Perhaps it was his way of trying to comfort me.

We spent at least an hour just watching the moons and the stars.


Three days had passed since Cedric and his party came to this town.

It was time to put our plan into motion.

Everyone was getting ready to see them off.

“I thank you for allowing us to lodge at your house for the past few days. As thanks I would like to take your son for special training.”

“Special training?”

Father looked quizzically.

“Yes, I saw within him a potential to become great at the sword and wish to hone his talents.”

“Hmm, I see, certainly Morgant has a keen sense of combat, but special training eh? Incidentally how long are you planning on taking him for?”

“For now I think about a month or two would be a good timeframe. If in the future he truly finds the way of the sword his calling then I will come for him once more.”

Father turned towards me.

In this world studying under a great warrior is an honour and not something seen as creepy. So Cedric’s proposition was actually something to be considered, which was why father wasn’t outright against it.

“I’ll leave that decision up to my son, he’s still young but he has a good head on his shoulders. I’m sure he’ll make the correct decision.”

So the decision falls on me. Well, that’s perfect.

“I wish to go father.”

“I see. So you’ve already made up your mind.”


As such the departure was a little delayed since that now I’ve gotten permission I had to pack my bags.

After doing so when I came down everyone was waiting for me, even Ian and Ira.

“Are you really leaving?”

Ira asked with half-teary eyed. That face right there made me think twice but I had already decided to go.

“Yes, sorry for not telling you.”

“Make sure you come back safely.”

“I will.”

I gently petted her head.

“Ah~ young master is leaving!”

Lina gave me a full body hug. This time I didn’t reject it since I was going to be away for a while so I thought ‘might as well”.

Since I was being carried I was at eye level with Lina. I also gently petted her head.

“Uu~ this treatment again. I, I don’t hate it! And I hate that I don’t hate it!”

Such an indecisive girl. Well, she was also like a little sister to me.

“I pray for your safety, young master.”

Lena bowed still with a half expressionless face.

I could see some evidence of loneliness in her eyes though.

“I wish you the best of luck, young master.”

Sebastian followed up with his usual quip.

“Oh~ Morgant is leaving!”

Mother came up to also give me a full body hug.

Since she was also holding Ada I was now in contact with Mother, Lina and Ada.

“Uu~ young master!”



“You are all overreacting! It’s only a month or two!”

I said trying to dissolve the situation, however it was to no avail. They remained hugging me for a full ten minutes before father came an intervened.

“Ok~ ok~ that’s enough, Rio you’re being ridiculous, you to Lina.”

“Uu~ sorry.” X2.

Father crouched down to face me on the eye level.

“You have to remain strong, okay Morgant?”

“Yes, father.”

“That’s a good boy. I’ll be expecting a lot from you when you return.”

“Of course, next time I’m back I’ll definitely surpass you.”

“Haha! That’s my boy.”

“Then shall we leave?”

Cedric asked.

“Thank you for everything~” x2

Elena and Aura expressed their gratitude.

With that I once again found myself on another ridiculous mission brought on by the eccentric demon army.


The [Ariadyne Tetrarchy] is also known as the center continent of [Eternis]; this world.

Lani’tar was located north from my hometown, in fact it was just straight up north with no deviations.

Specifically it was located within the sea between Ariadyne and the northern continents.

Our current party members include:

(Party Leader/Vanguard) Cedric

(Vice Leader/Support) Morgant Fallon(me)

(Rear support) Aura

(Primary Magic damage) Elena

As far as RPG party goes I think it’s fairly solid.

Of course there is one small problem with this party, it’s the disparity between our levels.

Starting all the way at the top is Cedric at level 94

Then Elena at level 38

Aura at level 37

And me at level 19

This party was so unbalanced. In all honesty, Cedric should be able to repel every monster we face.

We were now one day away from Karta and night was about to fall.

Deciding to make camp I volunteered took, primarily because I didn’t really feel like going out to gather wood or do something tedious as setting up camp.

Since I often cooked for myself back in my previous world I’m, of course, proficient at preparing food. I didn’t really have the chance to display my skills in this world yet because Mother and Lena always hog the kitchen.

They also tell me it’s dangerous for children to use sharp objects like knives.

Personally I think training with father is more dangerous than any cutlery tools but whatever.

I had a limited amount of options for dinner since there wasn’t any great variety of ingredients so I went with the most basic soup.

Pumpkin soup to be exact. Or at least I’m using some ingredient that looks very similar to what pumpkin should be.

This world does have slightly different flora so it couldn’t be helped.

The smell and taste were quite similar so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is everyone tuned in to [Morgant’s Step by step easy recipe]?

Okay~ we’ll begin the process by heating oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat.

Now since I can’t exactly control the fire raging over the wooden sticks I’ll try to adjust it by moving the saucepan.

Next we add onions and let it cook for 2 ~ 3 minutes until they become soft.

This world does have things like onion so that’s good. It wasn’t actually called ‘onion’ but it’s basically the same thing.

Then we add some vegetables and garlic.

As for vegetables in this world we have something that looks like a cross between carrots and potatoes. Well, that should do right?

After that’s done, add some water then boil it for a little while.

Try to reduce the heat at this point and let it cook for about 25 minutes.

After that mix it up slightly and tada~ we have pumpkin soup!

Of course this is the most rudimentary form of pumpkin soup you could get but it should suffice.

Cedric and Elena brought more firewood for the fire to allow it to burn for the entire night.

Incidentally, Elena had dispelled her illusion and revealed her true dark skinned self.

It was a shade of dark grey which contrasted nicely with her white hair.

“Oh~ master that smells great!”

Aura exclaimed as she finishes setting up camp.

Incidentally I am ‘master’. Chrom also used to call me that, apparently all demon generals are referred to as such.

Honestly as a former Japanese it was a little embarrassing to be called as such but since it was their tradition I didn’t really stop them.

I poured the ‘pumpkin’ soup for Elena, Aura and myself. Obvious Cedric doesn’t eat.

I wonder what slimes eat.

“Those curious eyes. I get it, you’re wondering what slimes eat, aren’t you? Hahaha!”


This guy’s pretty perceptive as well as being quick witted.

“We survive off the moisture and mana in the air. That’s why we never have to eat our entire lives.”

“Hmm~ sounds convenient.”

“Right? Though sometimes I want to eat tasty food as well. Well the trade off is fair so I don’t mind too much. Hahaha!”

“This is so good!”


Aura and Elena were almost teary-eyed from eating my improvised pumpkin soup.


Aura pushes the bowl towards me. I thought Homunculi also don’t need to eat but whatever.

After dinner we sat around the campfire.

From my [Life Force Sensory] skill I could scout out for nearby enemies but since there were none I dropped my guard.

“So all you know about this [Gladsheim] is that it’s an ancient super weapon?”

“Yeah, even Lord Astaroth doesn’t know much about it.”

“Incidentally why do you guys want to find it?”

There was a slight pause.

I can’t tell the movements of a slime using my psychological knowledge since they don’t move the same way as humans.

However, I don’t think he’ll easily lie to me like Kyrios so I’ll take most of what he says at face value.

“It’s not us that particularly want it.”

“Eh? Then why?”

“According to Lord Astaroth, a group of human supremacists known as the [Red Knights] are searching for the weapon. Because it’d be really troublesome if they actually manage to get their hands on it we thought it’d be better to find it first.”

“[Red Knights]?”

I muttered to myself. That group that Ciocal mentioned.

“Do you not know about them, master?”

Aura puffed up her chest getting ready to explain.

“No, I know of them, but I didn’t think they had enough resources to spare a search for some ancient weapon.”


She seemed downtrodden that I cut her début out.

Then again, it has been 500 years since they were last active, that amount of time might be enough to prepare a sizable organisation.

Getting back to Gladsheim; truth be told I’m still not sure what [Gladsheim] really is but I honestly don’t think it’s a super weapon. This is the primary reason why I’m pretty liberal about helping the demon army get their hands on it.

If I had truly thought it was a super weapon even I would be hesitant to help them.

That said, I think it’s fine to speak my mind with the people here. They’ve provided me with no reason to hide information.

“Hey, I could be wrong about this but I don’t think [Gladsheim] is really what you think it is.”

“Do you know something about it?”

Cedric cocks his head quizzically.

“It’s just a theory but in my opinion [Gladsheim] refers to a place rather than a super weapon.”

Though it is up for debate whether within Gladsheim resides a super weapon.

“A place? Why do you say?”

“I have my reasons but the main point is the name.”

“The name? is there something particular about its name?”

“Do you know what language Gladsheim is?”

“No, Lord Astaroth says it’s some ancient language but I have my doubts on that one.”

“I see.”

It’d be near impossible to find the origin of the name. Of course I only knew it from my previous life.

“Gladsheim: ‘Bright Realm’, referring to a place surrounded by light. That name hardly sports confidence that it’s a weapon right?”

“Hmm~ indeed. When you put like that master, even I’m beginning to have doubt about its true identity.”

Aura jumped into the conversation.

“How does master know the ancient language?”

Elena asked.

“Eh? Ah, I just read it in a book when I was at the north capital.”

They all give me suspicious looks but they don’t try to pry into the situation.

“Hmm, I see.”

“Another fact that intrigues me into that direction is the fact that the mermaid race worships it as an ‘all-knowing’ god. Why would a weapon ever be described as such?”

“Hmm, true.”

Even Cedric was pondering about that point.

“Well, in the end we won’t really know until we actually see for ourselves, but I’m just saying not to get your hopes up about it actually being a weapon.”

“In any case, it doesn’t matter since the only reason we’re searching for it was because of the movements of the [Red Knights]. If it isn’t a weapon that’s all the more reason to celebrate.”

“Perhaps, though ‘knowledge’ of the ancients might also be equally troublesome if the [Red Knights] get their hands on it.”

“You have a point, this mission is important either way.”


“I agree!”


Aura and Elena were also in agreement.


A three day trip to the top most part of Ariadyne and nothing even happened in between. None of the monsters even approached us, whether it was because they were weary of Cedric’s level or of our equipment, nothing happened on the trip.

While that was a good thing and I should be happy, I was feeling rather bored.

It was a leisurely stroll rather than a journey to the underwater city.

I made it all the way to the top of the cliff overseeing the ocean separating Ariadyne and the Northern continents.

At the top of the cliff was a small podium like structure made of solid stone.

There was an engraved magic circle on it.

It had chipped off slightly and moss was growing on it from disuse. Of course some of the moss was wiped away, most likely from our previous companions from the demon army who passed through here.

“So what happens now?”

I asked. At this point I was feeling rather disappointed from this entire trip.

“Now we wait.”

I yawned as we wait about ten minutes.

So far nothing was happening, but just as I was thinking that something did happen. Or more specifically someone jumped out of the water and scaled up the 50-some meter cliff.

It was a scantily clad, blue haired woman.

She was wearing very revealing clothes made of nothing but strips of leather and belts. Admittedly it was more similar to swimsuits so I guess it was fine?

She held a trident kind of weapon with a red jewel encrusted on center point.

Aura and Elena who were on guard put away their weapons after realizing that it was the guide.

“Emissaries from the demon army, I am Ranash, your guide. Our Queen has been expecting your arrival.”

‘If you were expecting our arrival why did it take you ten minutes before you showed yourself’?

Is what I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut. There was no need to start some sort of confrontation with people I just met.

Just to be sure I also checked your name and title. It really got me last time with Ciocal.

[Ranash. Level 25, Mermaid Soldier].

‘Mermaid soldier’, I thought Mermaids were supposed to be elegant, well we already covered that but still, to see them be so different than what I knew them as was a little disheartening.

In any case this was where my job begins.


That was the entire reason why I was brought here after all.

Cedric nodded and that was the entire exchange.

“Then please step this way.”

She led us to the aforementioned stone podium. She input some sort of special magic into it, I assume the magic was actually from her trident as the stone encrusted into it resonated as the magic was taking place.

A large magic circle appeared beneath our foot.

After a few seconds everything went black.


A few seconds later I regained my vision.

I was no longer on top of that cliff. I could tell because I couldn’t feel any wind.

[Teleport Magic].

How convenient. I thought.

I slowly opened my eyes to see that we were now in some sort of large hall way.

The height was around 10 meters.

The walls were actually windows, making everything look like a large aquarium.

The deep blue sea; it was a mesmerizing sight.

The sight of fishes that I’ve never even seen before and coral that glowed in an odd but beautiful light blue.

I couldn’t help but notice a small smile was forming on my face. I was, for the first time since birth, acting like a child.

“Oh~ a strangely childish reaction from you. Haha.”

Cedric teased me but I didn’t care. This sight was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eye or mind off of it.

When I turned to my sides I also saw that Aura and Elena had a similar expression making me feel a little less embarrassed.

“I apologize for making you wait, but you have also caught us at a bad time.”

A young woman who looked like she was in her late 20s came out to greet us. She was dressed in a similar fashion to our guide. Ranash but her dress was a little more decorated and lavishing compared to Ranash’s.

She wore a small golden tiara adorned with various jewels that contrasted perfectly with her silky purple hair.

Standing next to her was a sort of bodyguard looking person. She wore the same kind of clothes as Ranash. Light blue hair with golden eyes like they themselves were jewels.

As with Ranash I made sure to check their name and title.

[Miora. Level 38, Mermaid Guard]

That was the name and title of the person wearing the lavishing clothes and tiara.

[Amaria Seasong. Level 42, Mermaid Queen]

And this was the name and title of the bodyguard.

I see, so they’ve trade places. Was this supposed to be some kind of test or a precaution?

In any case this might actually be in my favor.

Now I guess it’s time to work my magic.

During trade negotiations it’s good to make the opponent believe that we are trading something of equal value.

However right now we are the ones that are here to request something and that something isn’t exactly easily tradeable.

To put into a simple numeric value we’re at -2.

We want to make this into a 0 sum equation so we have to somehow +2.

A good way of doing that is to make us seem a little more superior, if they manage to believe that we have the upper hand that’s a +1. Basically what we’re trying to trade by having them believe we are superior is a promise of ‘good relations’.

I’ll have to eventually add another +1 somewhere down the line but those options will come out when we continue on with the conversation.

While leaving Cedric’s side I walked past the woman with the lavishing clothes and up to the real queen.

“Wha?” x4

Aura, Elena, Ranash and Miora all gasped at my actions.

I bowed majestically as I could with this small and immature body.

“It is an honor to be in your presence, your grace: Amaria Seasong, I am thankful that you have given us the opportunity for an audience.”

“What? Master?”

Aura was shocked at my actions and tried to call out to me.

“You! What are you doing? Are you not being disrespectful?!”

The woman with the lavishing clothes tried to reprimand me but it was too late.

I already called out to their Queen by name so there really was no need to continue on with this farce.

As I was about to make that comment Queen Amaria stopped Miora.

“It’s fine Miora, it looks like our guests have figured it out.”

“But your majesty!”

Amaria looks at me with a soft smile.

“I’m quite impressed that you were able to see through our little farce. If you don’t mind could you tell me how you found out my name as well?”

I could tell them but telling them the truth would also be troublesome in its own way. I’ll just hide it.

“Sorry, that’s a little trade secret, if I gave away all my tools of diplomacy I would have nothing left.”

I replied with an equally professional smile.

This situation reminds of the time in my previous world. Near the end of my life I met a woman, what was her name, [Kirisaki Yui] I believe. I also had a battle of professional smiles. I won but it felt rather shallow then.

However right now I feel pretty good about myself.

“I see, well it’s no matter. You are here about the matter of [Gladsheim] are you not?”


Aura was about to cut in an answer but I cut her off before that.

“Indeed, but that matter can wait. You have a situation of your own that you wish for us to solve do you not?”

“Oh my, did I have such an expression that gave away my motives?”

The queen tried to cover her mouth as she asked.

“No, it’s a little talent of mine that I was able to see through you with. My guess is that it has something to do with the so called [Terror of the Deep].”

[Cold Reading].

I’ve explained this before but it was a fairly useful skill in the corporate world. I was just thankful it was useful against the mermaid race as well.

Throughout our exchange she kept on taking glances out to the oceans through the glass like walls.

Most likely she was being weary of the missing monster.

I say missing because from what I heard the monster is supposed to be circling around the city in order to protect Gladsheim.

Of course I can’t rule out the possibility that it was merely out of sight but my guess was reinforced by the Queen’s actions.

“You are truly an intriguing person. Almost to the point I wish you to stay here as my aide. I can see why Lord Astaroth thinks so highly of you.”

Really? The only time I actually met with Astaroth was after she saved me and even then I was a little woozy from just being revived. I don’t think I’ve done anything to catch her interests.

Then again she could see fate so maybe it’s because of that.

“It’s an honor to just hear those words.”

“Indeed you are right. Currently we are facing a crisis in regards to our guardian, the [Terror of the Deep].”

I wondered if it had a formal name since calling it the terror of the deep each time it comes out in conversation would be to tiresome.


I stayed silent. This was the time to listen to what they had to say.

Doing this will shift our positions. They were now the ones that were going to be requesting something. With this it was another +1.

Of course that +1 will only be finalized if we decide to accept their request and complete it.

“You see, our guardian has gone rogue.”

“Your majesty?!”

The tiara wearing purple haired woman gasped at the queen’s revelation.

The queen gestured to silence her.

“I also revealed this fact to your prior emissaries. They accept our request but unfortunately they ended up dying as a result.”

“I see.”

A shame.

Well it shouldn’t be a problem for us since we have a level 94 slime monster with us.

A puny little guardian like that will be easily disposed of.

“In truth even our people cannot reach Gladsheim due to the interference of the guardian. We have tried many months now to subdue the guardian but all we ended up doing was sacrificing many of the lives of my people.”

“I understand, it may be possible for us do something about this problem of yours, however in exchange-”

“Yes, of course, if you help us we will allow you full access to Gladsheim.”

I gave a small nod.

“Very well then.”

So I guess my prior assumption was a little off. The guardian of Gladsheim wasn’t missing but has gone rogue and is now preventing anyone from getting close.

“What kind of being is the [Terror of the deep].”

I asked. It was important to know what we were up against after all.

“It is a great large shark, bigger than these very hallways.”

‘A megalodon’. I muttered under my breath.

And by its description it was an extremely big one as well.

“I understand, please give us a moment to plan our strategy.”

“Yes, of course, you may use the war room located on the uppermost floor of the palace.”

I didn’t notice it because we were suddenly teleported in but this place was actually the palace.

From the window like walls I could oversee the entire city.

Large aquatic buildings with phantom like lights were shining through.

There were mermaids both in and out of the buildings.

The ones outside the buildings had fish tales and fins while the ones inside had human-like legs.

Must be nice to be able to breathe underwater.


We were guided to the war room by Ranash and after doing so she left without even saying a word.

“That was amazing, Master!”

Aura looked at me with twinkly eyes.

“Indeed, even I didn’t know they switched places.”

Elena agreed.

“I see, Lord Astaroth was correct after all in making me bring you along. I knew you were incredible but I’m seeing you in a new light! Hahaha!”

“Thanks, I guess?”

We were sitting around in a circular table.

Although I did say plan but all we needed to do was have Cedric take on the problem at hand and our mission is done.

I’ve done my part and once he does his we’re into Gladsheim.

Honestly this trip was at least worth it for the view of the aquatic city.

“Well I guess this journey is about to come to a close once Cedric deals with the Guardian.”

When I said that Aura and Elena gave me troubled looks.

Did I say something wrong?

“What’s wrong?”

I ask.

“You see, master~”

Aura started off meekly.

“Master Cedric cannot come into contact with water completely. He won’t die but he will be unable to move properly. So I think it’s impossible for master Cedric to fight the guardian.”


No, no, no, no.


I repeated because that’s how shocking it was.

The slime’s biggest weakness was water?

I guess that should have been obvious but why didn’t they say anything up until now?!

No, no, no, no, no. wait! Then how are we going to deal with the guardian?

“That’s how it is, sorry to become useless at the end.”

He bowed his head to apologize, but that’s not what I wanted to hear. I was now at a loss on what to do.

“Oi, wait, if you can’t deal with it how are we going to kill that monsters?”


There was an awkward silence between us.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that but no one came up with any ideas. Presumably hours had passed.

Feeling at the end of the ropes here I stood up. As I did the chair screeched across the floor loudly.


Elena asked.

“I’m going to see the Queen.”

I asked the queen to take me to where the guardian is.

We were brought to a small secluded section of the ocean. There was one large wall/window and beyond it was a large building that was about the size of the palace.

Presumably that’s where Gladsheim was.

Swimming around it was a large 45 meter shark.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

How the hell am I supposed to kill that?

No, in truth I had 1 idea, but that idea was extremely dangerous and unadvisable.

Gathered in this secluded section of the palace was Cedric, Aura, Elena, the Queen, Miora, Ranash and myself.

The queen and Miora changed clothes and now the crown as on the light blue head of the queen.

“Have you found a way to subdue the guardian?”

No one said anything.

“I see.”

The queen muttered as she looked dejectedly.

The method I thought of was incredibly stupid and would risk my life.

Was such an option worth it?

Was I desperate enough to use a method that will kill me?

This life was my second chance, no perhaps it was my third chance with Astaroth.

I had a lot to repay to Astaroth.

I did but was certainly there would be other ways to repay her.

Frankly speaking even the [Red Knights] wouldn’t even know a way to subdue something of this magnitude.

The guardian was properly doing its job right? It was a little unfortunate that the mermaids can’t enter it as well but that also means the enemy can’t.

I scratched my head.

Cedric looked at me.

Perhaps he was going to go along with whatever my choice was.

I don’t think anyone would blame me if I backed out of this now.

No matter how many accomplishments I had, I was still only a four year old child in this world. Would anyone say anything if I couldn’t quell the [Terror of the Deep]?

So then why do I feel the need that I have to do this?

I find myself strangely drawn to this Gladsheim. Almost as if it’s calling out to me.

“We do not blame you if you are unable to-”

The queen was about to say that we should back down but I stopped her.

“No, I’ll do it.”

“Master Morgant?”

The queen looked at me, surprised that I stopped her.

“Master? Have you found a way to defeat the guardian?”

Aura asked. Her voice was filled with worry and a little bit of fear.

Elena looked at me with the same eyes.


I replied. My voice was clearly filled with fear and hesitation as well. I’m pretty sure everyone else noticed that as well.

“Master, if you’re scared we can leave. No one will blame you for failing this mission.”

Elena crouched down and met me on eye level as she spoke.

“No, I get the feeling that this has to be done.”


“Are you sure Morgant?”

Cedric tried to confirm my conviction.


“Very well, I will follow along with your request. If you need me even I will dive in with you. It is the will of Lord Astaroth after all.”

He was prepared to go that far.

I feel rather pathetic for shaking.

“I see, thanks.”

“M-Me too! Whatever you order master, we will follow.”

Aura followed up, clearly she was shaking too but she found conviction in herself as well.

“I am the same.”

Elena said afterwards.

I shook my head.

“No I will do this alone. Or rather I can only do this alone.”

“Master?!” x2

Elena and Aura gasped at my words.

“Impossible! A mere child will subdue our great guardian?! Jokes should be left out of the discussion!”

Miora was flaring up.

Perhaps she was mortified that I even brought up the prospect of succeeding what she could not do.

“Of course, I do have one condition.”


The queen parroted my word.”

“Yes, my condition is that if I am successful I wish for the full cooperation of the mermaid race in future, if I ever need it.”

“That is!”

Miora tried to object but she was stopped by the Queen.

“I understand. When the time comes I will give my full cooperation.”

“Your majesty!”

“I thank you. Ah, one more thing.”

“There’s more?!”

Miora was getting pretty hysterical. Well, not like I can blame her, even I would be in her shoes.

“It’s just a personal request, I wish for everyone to leave this room and not come back in until I have successfully subdued the guardian.”

There was no answer but everyone seemed to have understood and accepted it.

I placed my hands out to the window to confirm something.

As I thought my hand goes right through to the ocean.

“How long is this plan of yours going to take?”

Cedric asked. A reasonable question.

“A month and a half? No, a month will do.”

I say as I look at the super megalodon shark swimming around.

“Ridiculous! How are you going to survive under water for an entire month underwater?! I assume you’ll have to in order to subdue the guardian!”

Miora lashed out once more.

“Who knows? Then, if you have all accepted my condition please leave the room.”

One by one the people gathered started to leave.

The only ones remaining were Cedric, Aura and Elena.

“Master.” X2

Aura and Elena gave me a final bow before leaving.



Cedric and I were the only ones left.

I was visibly shaking.

“Are you afraid?”

He asked.

“Of course, who wouldn’t be afraid to go up against this monster?”

“I guess you have a point.”

“And a plan. Don’t worry, I won’t die.”

I try to reassure him.


“I’d stake my position as [Demon General] on it, so don’t worry.”

He tried to stop me but I cut him off.

“I see, so you’ve made up your mind.”

With that Cedric leaves.

I take a couple of breaths.

I started by placing my hand through into the water.

It was lukewarm. I guess’ I won’t feel cold at least.

With that in mind I plunge myself into the depths of the ocean.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 19


Strength: 95 (65+30)

Dexterity: 35 (5+30)

Intelligence: 35 (5+30)

Insight: 75 (45+30)

[Status point: 0]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 12

(ACTIVE) [Summon Skeleton Knight]: Level 9

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 11

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 26

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 16

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 10

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 24

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 7

(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 3

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