Ascension Rebirth – Foreboding (Chapter 7)

Ascension Rebirth – Foreboding



It was about a week after Duke Vista’s trial.

I guess I should announce the results of everything that happened.

Firstly, Duke Vista Calros was publically executed. Public executions of nobles are rather rare since it would be depressing to execute a leading member of the country.

Although I guess in Duke Vista’s case it was the opposite, everyone was in a festive mood.

Regarding the position left by the duke, I heard Count Lucius was promoted to duke and now serves as [Minister of internal affairs].

With that, Elise Noire was also adopted by Count- no Duke Lucius Rosenberg. I’ve been able to visit her many times since I was also stay at the new duke’s residence.

She really sticks close to Chrom. At the very least she seems rather happy.

All of Duke Noire’s inheritance was given over to Duke Lucius, though he used most of it up to help the people that were affected by the actions of Duke Vista.

He’ll make a great politician, I shudder to see how far he’ll go.

Elise Noire, no, I guess her new name would be Elise Rosenberg. She has shown an interest in politics as of late and has been studying under the tutelage of Duke Lucius and myself.

She says she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps.

She has a certain talent for it I must say, I guess it’s a predisposition of all nobles to be good at politics?

Recently whenever I see her she blushes and hides. I’m not dense enough to not notice this, but she’s at least 15 ~ 20 years too young for me so I’ll have to pass on that.

Maybe in about 10 ~ 15 years I’ll change my mind but she’ll probably have found someone better by that time.

Speaking of, she still calls me ‘God’ despite the fact that I’ve already told her my true name. She says that she feels more comfortable calling me that, I just hope she isn’t punished for blasphemy by religious folk.

I met a few more people after that.

One specific elven maid named Latrica also became my acquaintance; she was the one that gave me access to the Earl’s study during that night. She used to be a former adventurer and was resuming that.

‘Adventurer’ does have a certain nice ring to it but I still haven’t decided what I wanted to do with this second life. For now I’m just drifting and getting caught up in other people’s affairs.

That kind of life isn’t bad either, at least it isn’t dull.

Eric Bahal, the knight captain of Duke Vista’s residence was hired by Duke Lucius, most of the servants in that house was. The manor was getting a little full but the Duke didn’t seem to mind all that much.

Lena was able to forgive her mother, but due to her illness she fell asleep right after.

Still, I’m happy for both Lena and Lina.

Lina’s actually been a bit weary of me recently. I think she’s been avoiding me, I’m not really sure why.

Well, I would be a little crept out if I saw a four year old take down an old man politically too, but I don’t know. It seems like she’s been ‘afraid’ of me?

I admit I’ve been lowering my guard around her when it comes to acting like a child since she’s pretty liberal about these things. As expected, perhaps I should hold back a little more?

Moving on, I’ve also had the pleasure of personally meeting with the Tetrarch’s son. [Rian Mil Avon Ariadyne]; my father’s old childhood friend. He was the studious type making me wonder how he and father ever got along, but it wasn’t a joke that they were good friends.

As the next in line to be the north tetrarch he has a lot on his plate but still manages to find time to hang out with his old friend. It’s pretty heart warming to see.

As for me I managed to raise a few skills during the downtime.

I’ve been practicing my new skill [Strike +]. It really is convenient. When I use it in conjunction with [Decay] most things just burst into dust. It makes me feel powerful albeit it’s a little deceptive.

It was now level 4.

I’ve also been successful in developing a new skill, well to be honest it was just a copy skill of what Chrom used.

I’ve dubbed it [Soul Gambit].

Since the skeleton knight itself was a kind of copy of Chrom in the first place I thought I could also copy her self-destruction skill. As it turns out I could, but unlike her I can’t rebuild my skeleton knight.

Surprisingly the skill wasn’t too hard to emulate, since all I needed to do was overload the soul with life force. I don’t know how to explain it in a coherent scientific manner because it’s the furthest thing from science.

But it was easy because I could see the ‘soul’ of my skeleton knights. It was always exposed anyway; the red glowy thing in the middle of its chest.

Once I use [Soul Gambit] the skeleton knight explodes. It’s not too much of a problem though since I could always summon more.

Of course if I could continuously summon skeleton knights and explode them that would be overpowered in and of itself. So obviously I couldn’t use it more than a few times before I faint from exhaustion.

Other than that my improvements were:

[Transfer Life] was now level 9

[Summon Skeleton Knight] was now level 5

[Life Force Sensory] was now level 20

[Life Drain] was now level 10

[Wither] was now level 8

[Decay] was now level 13

[Aura Field] was now level 3

I was satisfied with how much I improved only within the span of 7 days.


It was finally all over.

Everything I’ve come here to do has been done. All that was left was the after party and the return trip home.

It was a familiar scene.

These sort of things also happened at the company I worked at once a project has successfully been completed. Weeks or months of consolidation finally paying off and having a party to celebrate, it was a nice feeling.

Of course it wasn’t quite the same as in my previous life but the feelings were there.

We managed to reunite Lina and Lena with their long lost mother and take down the corrupted Duke who was a pain in the ass for everyone.

These sure a reasons to celebrate, but for some reason I’m still feeling rather melancholic. Is it really okay to celebrate the death of a man?

Or was that just my archaic sense of morality nagging at the back of my head? Sure enough this world was nothing like my previous world, technology, people, living things, magic.

Everything was different.

Of course if things are so drastically divergent then it would be obvious that there would be a different sense of morality. However, I am not of this world; my mind is not a native of this world, it will take a while to adjust.

For now I think it’s okay for me to think this way.

Regardless, for now there was a celebration.

After the trial was successfully concluded with the Duke’s execution all of the people involved with this case directly were invited to a small party at the house of Duke Lucius.

Despite having an air of nobility and punctuality he was really quite the party goer.

Rather unexpected if you ask me.

The people that were invited were my family, the servants and soldiers from the former Duke’s estate and the Tetrarch’s son.

The main sight of the party was being held up at the terrace, but I took my time to get there since I was in my blue period.

On my way I ran into Chrom and Elise. Elise was holding onto the hem of Chrom’s clothes, such a scene might even be effective against Kyrios.

I know I’ve said this before but they’re really like sisters.

“Ah, master.”


The things that they address me as, it really cemented the fact that I wasn’t a normal child. Well, I really wasn’t but still sometimes I want I think it might become troublesome later on if they start seeing me as a bigger person than I really am.

“Chrom, Elise. So you’re also running late for the party.”

“We were just having a little time out together.”

Elise reported. She’s around 6 years old so she’s physically older than me yet she was acting as though I’m the older one. Height-wise she was around 10 cm taller than me which was a little depressing.

“Ah, does God know this book as well?”

She took out a book from behind her and showed me.

[The 3 Heroes].

Can’t say that I’ve heard of this.

I shook my head.

“I see, then I’ll lend it to you!”

“Eh? Ah, thank you.”

You know I’m not going to be coming back here any time soon right?

I hope she understands that when she’s giving this to me.

Well anyway this was a good opportunity since I had something to ask Chrom.

“Chrom what do you plan to do now that the mission is over?”

Elise looked a little tense when I asked, she wasn’t dumb by any stretch of the imagination, she knew that things couldn’t last forever, especially regarding Chrom. I guess that’s why she’s been sticking to her for the last few days?

“Originally I was stationed here so even if my mission is over I plan on staying in this city.”

Elise had a bright smile.

I guess everything works out fine.

“I see.”

I also give a smile.

After that it seems that Elise had something to say to me as well.

“Um, God.”


“That is, thank you for helping me. And for avenging father.”

She bowed.

Modesty works well with adults but for kids I think being a pillar of support would work better. That’s just what I think.

“Don’t worry about it. If you have any other troubles I’ll come and help you to the best of my abilities.”

“Thank you!”

Her smile almost gave me diabetes. So sweet!

Still, I couldn’t really be too happy with the outcomes of this mission, I let the main culprit, the one really responsible for killing the Duke go. Even if she was just a piece for the Duke I feel somewhat inadequate.

I just hope this doesn’t come bite me later on.

There’s also the fact that everything was planned by Kyrios from the start.

I really can’t stand the fact I was dancing to his tune. I’ll just mentally block that fact.

As we got closer to the venue of the party, I could hear the loud chatter of people. It was extremely lively.

Upon my arrival at the terrace everyone turned their gaze upon me.

“Oh~ it’s the champion!”

“Our hero has returned!”

“Kyah~ Master Morgant’s so cool!”

I felt like a certain adventurer commander I saw a few days ago.

However this wasn’t a bad feeling to receive such praise.

Many of the people who worked at the earl’s estate came to me, overjoyed that everything was over and that they’d get their lives in order.

I was genuinely happy for them, but at the same time I was a little melancholic.

Father, along with Lina and Lena behind came up to me.

“Good job son, I’m proud of you.”

“For condemning a man to his grave?”

When I replied with that he was taken aback but he gave me a wry smile as he messed up my hair. d

“For upholding justice. You are definitely my son.”

This guy had such a big smile I could almost see his teeth. Almost childlike. I suppose it’s one of his charm.

“Congratulations, young master.”

Lena said with her usual expressionless face. I can never tell with her but for some reason I felt that she was enjoying the evening. That’s all I could hope for anyway.

When I turned my gaze towards Lina she averted her eyes.


She noticed what she did and turned back to me giving me a forced smile.

“G-Good work out there young master.”

She was still avoiding me for some reason. I wanted to ask why but before I could the Tetrarch’s son, Rian came over.

“That was a magnificent display of political prowess back there.”

“No, such praise, I’m unworthy, milord.”

“Haha, are you really Mardoc’s son? You seem nothing like him when he was younger.”

“I assure you that I am his son, as well as my mother’s.”

“Ah, that’s right Rio was rather mature as well.”

He draws closer to me, since I was young my height wasn’t really that great. He had to crouch down to get on my eye level.

“Why don’t you come to our house and marry my daughter? Someone of your calibre in politics could easily become a valuable asset.”

“What are you saying to a four year old brat.”

My father placed his hand on Rian’s shoulder to motion him to stop his current train of thought.

“I was just thinking what kind of immense existence he would be in the future.”

“Well, Morgant has been a little special from an early age. He’s a genius after all! But now’s not the time for that! We need to drink!”

Father dragged Rian away and Lina and Lena followed suit.

I really hope he was joking about offering his daughter. Arranged marriages aren’t my thing and kind of still have residue feelings for Kyoko.

Some of the guards I knocked out earlier in the earl’s estate came up to me. Upon seeing them I immediately tried to apologize but they told me that it was okay.

I still felt a little guilty about what I did though.

Next a blonde haired elf came up to me.

Her name was Latrica. She was the elf maid that allowed me access to the earl’s study. If not for her I wouldn’t have even been successful I this plan.

I really am grateful towards her.

“Ms. Latrica, thank you for cooperation back then.”

“No. no. you did most of the work I wouldn’t feel right about taking compliments. Besides since that villain is dead I can continue on with being an adventurer.”

“If you don’t mind could you tell me what happened?”

After making a complicated face she gave me a smile and nodded.

“He hired someone to steal an important heirloom of mine and said I have to work for him to get it back. Well, since he’s dead now I can freely take it back.”

She then showed me her heirloom. Wasn’t this important? Why are you waving it around like this?

It was a pendant. A blood red ruby was encrusted onto a piece of gold metal attached to a golden string.

It looked as pretty as it was expensive.

However I feel a somewhat familiar sensation from this.

“Mind if I touch it?”


She gave me her very important heirloom. Well, I wasn’t going to steal it but still she should be more careful with this. Somehow I was feeling that this being stolen was kind of her fault.

I inspected the pendant.

[Shard of Tyrving].


It looks a bit different to what I had but it’s the same component.

Its stats were a bit more mixed though.

Strength +12

Dexterity +48

Intelligence +59

Insight +1

The total base stats were the same though.

Well, this piece of the Tyrving wouldn’t be that useful for me since I don’t utilize Dexterity and Intelligence.

I wondered what would happen if I gathered all the shards of Tyrving.

What even was a [Tyrving]?

I think there was a Celtic myth about something called Tyrving. Supposedly it was a magical sword, but since I have a ‘shard’ of it, I think it’s broken up. It was interesting to think that there were some sort of correlation between this world’s objects and my world’s mythology.

Though even if I ponder on it too much there wouldn’t be any meaning for now.

I return the pendant back to the beautiful elf woman.

I felt kind of bad for mother and Sebastian who were still at home probably worried sick since she didn’t know what was going on.

I couldn’t fully enjoy the entire party anyway.

Father was starting to drink some alcohol with the Duke. They were really obnoxiously loud, I didn’t take the Duke Lucius for that kind of man but looks could be deceiving.

His usual noble aura was still there, which was quite impressive for someone who has his face flustered red with alcohol.

I enjoy watching people have fun at a party more than actually taking part in the party.

“Are you not enjoying the party?”

Eric Bahal came over to greet me.

“I enjoy observing people more than the party.”

“I see, rather unlike a child for a hobby.”

“There are a lot of points about me that are unlike a child.”

“That is true too.”

“I would like to thank you again, for your help back at the manor, if you didn’t cooperate then my entire plan would have fallen apart.”

“Haha, you’re quire the modest one aren’t you? I think you should have more confidence in yourself, what you were able to achieve was done by your own hands.”

“Done by my own hands, huh. I see, thank you.”

We talked a bit more after that and he returned to the party.

I took a few steps out the balcony of the terrace and stared up at the large moon.

This world has two moons, which both have individual effects on the tide. I surmise that this meant that this planet was at least twice as big as earth.

With so many intelligent forms of life living here I wouldn’t be surprised.

“Y-young master, you were here.”

Lina comes looking for me.

She’s been acting oddly ever since the trial was over. It’s like she’s weary of me.

Well, if I were to witness a small child destroy the life of a fully grown noble I would be rather crept out as well. But I have to say it is slightly painful to have your family members avoid you.

I consider Lina, Lena and Sebastian to be my real family members even if we aren’t related by blood.

Well I don’t know if they feel the same but it would be nice if they did.

“Lina, what’s wrong?”

When I ask she starts to avert her gaze again. Was it more serious than I had originally thought.

“Young master, I think we should have a talk…”

“Okay, what about?”

“The truth is young master.”

She was fidgeting and her eyes were darting all over the place. I don’t know what she wants to say but I should calm her down a bit.


She wasn’t listening, her face was getting red.



She snaps back to reality.

“Calm down and take a deep breath.”


She takes a deep breath but holds it in.

“Now release~”


We repeated this process a few times and finally she was much more calm.

“So, what is it that you wanted to tell me?”

She once again averts her eyes but this time it wasn’t as severe. She’s just trying to find the words to tell me.

“The truth is I overheard you talking.”

“What do you mean?”

I ask, but already in my head I go through various instances of what she could be talking about. Unfortunately one of them was correct, the one time that I hoped I was wrong.

“After the Duke’s trial, I overheard you talking with a strange masked man. Something about a demon army-”

“I- see.”

I lean against the columns and stare back into the distance. The moon’s rays illuminate the forest that is behind the manor.

So she’s heard that conversation. Well, I suppose I was only trying to keep it secret for my own convenience, I haven’t done anything questionable yet.

“Um, if young master wishes it, I can keep silent about the matter. You did help me after all.”

“Sorry, if you could do that, it would probably be for the best.”

“I understand.”

There was a tense and awkward silence between us. I don’t really know what to say in such a situation.

So this was why she was avoiding me recently.

“Um, was that man the reason you wanted to help Elise?”

She has a tense expression as she asks.

For what reason did I decide to save Elise?

Was it really because Kyrios asked me? That if I help him this time I can make him owe me one?

Certainly there were those kinds of reasons too. No, if it was just those reasons I wouldn’t have done it, it would be too much trouble.

I helped Elise because I thought it was the right thing.

No, that isn’t it either.

The truth is I only decided to help her because I felt pity towards her. When we first arrived at the city the sight of her being dragged around and sentenced to execution didn’t sit well with me.

“I probably only helped her because I didn’t like it.”

“Didn’t like it?”

“The sight of a person being dragged around against their will. Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was Elise or someone else, if I saw that scene again I would help them.”

I’m not trying to act like I’m some sort of ally of justice. I probably wouldn’t go that far if it didn’t happen right in front of me.

It’s a little hypocritical, to ignore the larger problem and just intervene when it’s happening right in front of my eyes.

When I said out aloud my mind Lina had a small smile. A soft smile.


When I call out to her, her smile breaks and her normal face returns.

“Ah, sorry. I see, so young master is that kind of person. I understand, I’ll keep your secret!”

Do you really understand? No, I should just leave it at that.

If she says she’ll keep it a secret then that’s fine.

She seems oddly happy for some reason.

“Shall we return young master~?”

“I suppose-”

“Sorry, may have a bit of your time?”

Out of seemingly nowhere Dian appears to interject. Speaking of this guy, I haven’t seen him all that much recently.

His question was directed at me.

I gave him a small nod.

“Then I’ll go on ahead.”

Lina says with a smile.

“What is it?”

“Tell me, what do you see when you gaze at me?”

What’s he talking about?

All I see is a man who was blessed by the god with looks. Or was there some deeper meaning behind that question?

Well, now that he mentions it I haven’t read his title yet.

Let’s see-



[Ciocal Gricenchos. Level 154, Fomorian Lich].

That was the true identity of the servant named Dian.

Level 154! This guy was stronger than the demon lord Astaroth.

A [Lich] at that.

Slowly black shadows covered the area. When I looked through the window into the terrace no one seemed to notice this, was it just an illusion on my part?

Soon we were surround by the void, there were no longer any sounds coming from the outside, only silence.

Standing in front of me was no longer the human Dian but a skeleton draped in shadows. It was a terrible contrast to the black void background.

His crimson eyes pierced through me, almost as if he could see through to my true nature.

Immense; if I had to describe him then that would be the word I’d use. His presence was almost heavy, it was honestly hard to even keep standing. Even breathing was becoming painful.

I felt rather stupid not having checked his name and title sooner.

Once I found out, I realized that it was him who set those zombies after me while escaping from the Duke’s manor.

When I confronted him about it he only kept silence. But that silence told me all the answers that I needed.

Most likely he understood that I was necromancer upon our first meeting and that zombie attack was just confirmation. It wasn’t like I had nay grievances about it since I did manage to get a few levels from it but still.

He should have just asked first.

“Ciocal Gricenchos?”

When I blurt out his name he remains silent, but I can tell that he’s genuinely surprised that I knew. Hmph, let’s just say that we’re even now for that zombie attack.

[Ciocal Gricenchos] was the leader of the fomorians according to Celtic mythology, but that information was regarding the figure from my previous life. I don’t know how much of a correlation there is with this person standing in front of me.

He has the title of [Fomorian Lich] so maybe it wasn’t too detached from what I knew.

“I’m surprised you know who I am.”

“I don’t, or at least the version I know of you is probably a little different.”

He stays silent and observes me.

“Where am I?”

“We are in a closed reality. A space between life and the afterlife. I brought you here because no one can disturb or hear us in here. Do not worry I will send you back soon.”

Is that so? I honestly think you should send me back now because I feel like I’ll drop dead anytime soon.

I can sort of guess this guy’s motives.

“You’re curious about my Necromancy too right?”

Once again he remained silent. Yeah, I’ll take that as a yes.

“Necromancy is a power that can be obtained only once a person has given up their humanity.”

He started some wild exposition.

“It is through undeath that one obtains the power to control life.”

Was that how it was? From my knowledge of RPGs in my world that sounds about right.

“To become a Necromancer large amounts of Magic and Time is required but you have sacrificed not your humanity, time or magic. I ask of you, how is this possible?”

“I was born with this power.”

It would be troublesome to explain about my power to perceive everything in RPG like UI, and that it was that power that gave me the choice to become a Necromancer.

So I’ll just go with the ‘I was born with it’ route of exposition. Much simpler and cleaner.

He stayed silent.

But now that he mentions it I have no idea how ordinary necromancers were created. Astaroth looked rather surprised about my powers as well, just how rare was it to become a necromancer?

“I’ve no idea how normal necromancers are created, do you mind explaining?”

The basic gist of it was this.

To become a necromancer a few prerequisite conditions must be met.

The first is that the caster needs to be magician of great potential, basically someone with born innate talent for magic which only occurs once every 500 years or so.

The second condition is to shed one’s humanity and becoming a Lich.

To do that an item known as [Soul Shard] is required.

Every day for 60 years one must continuously pour magic into this [Soul Shard]. After the 60th year the [Soul Shard] becomes a phylactery for the caster’s soul.

During the time the caster is unable to use magic. That means for 60 years you can’t use magic. For a person who was born to do magic to be abstinent from magic for 60 years must be torture.

If those conditions are met one is able to transform himself to a Lich. Once that process is complete they must give up their magic, converting it into a force that allows them to control life force.

That was how necromancer liches are formed.

There were normal liches that use magic as well, but they can’t use necromancy. Though I suppose at any point they can choose to become a necromancer since they’ve cleared the hardest part.

Like this they become an existence that is not truly human and not truly demon.

Tough. Glad I didn’t have to go through all that.

“I see, just out of curiosity. How many Liches exist now?”

When I ask Ciocal stops. He has a distant look as much as his skull face can make.

Did I hit a nerve?

“Just me.”

Just him? I understand that the requirements of becoming a Lich was extreme but how can there be just him?

“Are meeting the requirements that rare?”

“No, the other Liches were wiped out.”

“Wiped out? How?”

I’m actually unsure how strong ordinary Liches are. Comparatively they should be stronger than ordinary people, but when you think about it they’ve lived a life of peace for 60 years.

They wouldn’t have much combat ability unless they’ve lived long enough in their Lich form.

But Ciocal was level 154. Just how long has he lived?

“500 years ago there was an inquisition to destroy the demon race.”

This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing. All existing written documents about history really only go up to 300 year or so.

Anything over 300 years could go either way on whether it’s true or false. I know the church in this country claims some absurd things like how the hero saved the world from the demon lord a thousand years ago.

Though I feel like I can sort of trust what Ciocal is saying. Unlike the churches this guy would have had personal experience.

“Are you saying the inquisition tried to destroy Liches as well due to their demonic appearance?”

“You are half right, most of the judgement was based on looks, but their real reason was but they could not fathom a power to control life nor tolerate it.”

I guess from their perspective it might look like the Liches are trying to usurp the power of god.

“So they killed everyone but you?”

“I was able to hold my own.”

“This inquisition, does it still exist?”

I know it’s a dumb question since Astaroth said there was peace between humans and demons meaning that there hasn’t been any demon subjugation recently.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if pockets of them still exist.

“Yes. They go by a new name now.”

“What’s the name?”

“The Red Knights.”

‘Red Knights’? Where have I heard that before?

After shaking my brain up a bit, I finally remembered. They were mentioned in that report the Duke had. Some partnership to get rid of the demon race.

So they’re that close?

I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if they saw me using my necromancy. This just drove home to importance of keeping my power a secret.

“The Liches who were facing opposition then stood with the demons to share their fate. Fortunately we were able to repel the inquisition and crush their entire organization, but by that time I was the only Lich left.”

I suppose that would be a logical conclusion.

It’s sort of like the reverse of ordinary fantasy stories.

Usually you have the demon lord trying to conquer the world, but here you have humanity trying to subjugate and exterminate demons.

I felt a little more sympathy for the demons after that.

After mentioning necromancy Astaroth looked excited. I get now why she was rather accommodating towards me even though I was human.

I don’t know how powerful the red knights are now but I should stay away from them for now.

They were crushed 500 years ago. Conversely they’ve had 500 years to recoup their losses.

“Well fine, anything else you want to warn me about? Or want to know about me?”

After that we talked a bit more before he returned me to the duke’s manor. He gave me pointers on what to do with my power and how to efficiently train them.

Actually I learnt a new skill during all that.

Rather it isn’t a skill but a new form of a pre-existing skill.

I was able to cast [Life Drain], [Wither] and [Decay] at a range.

In the end I didn’t reveal to him anything about my reincarnation or that I have a power that allows me to see the world like an RPG.

When I returned to the venue a great exhaustion came over me and fell unconscious on the spot. I think people started getting worried and rushed over to me but I don’t really remember what happened after it.


“Are you okay young master?”

When I come to I’m lying in bed. There’s a great migraine but I endure it.

Lina asks me with a worried expression. Standing behind her is Lena who also has a slight deviation on her usual expressionless face. I guess she’s worried too.

“Y, yeah.”

“What happened? When you came back you suddenly lost consciousness.”

“I don’t know. Where’s Dian?”

I instinctively ask.

Lina shakes her head.

“We don’t know we haven’t seen him at all, actually the duke was getting rather worried since he went missing.”

Figures. Since he revealed himself to me I doubt he’d be staying here. It wasn’t like I planned to expose his identity or anything so it would have been fine if he stayed.

“I see.”

When I try to get out of bed I immediately fall over and plant my face on the floor.

I don’t really understand the how I got like this but the cause was probably when Ciocal revealed himself to me. That immense pressure was burdening my body.

“Young master?!”

Lina tries to pick me up.

No good, I don’t think I can stand on my own for a while.

“Sorry, I feel a bit weak.”

I can’t even lift my arms. Was this the pressure of a level 154? Astaroth wasn’t nearly this intense. Though I suppose in her case she was holding back since I was injured at that time.

“Lena could you get some medicine for young master?”

“Yes. I’ll be right back.”


I apologize.

“There’s nothing to apologize for young master.”

After Lena came back I had some sort of medicine. It was doubtful that it would have any effect on me since the cause of my pain was Ciocal’s pressure and nothing like a virus or disease.

Father came in with the duke while I was resting in my room.

“How are you holding up, Morgant?”

“I’m doing fine father.”

“Your face is pale. What happened?”

I shake my head.

“I see.”

It was nice of them to come but there was nothing that they could do.

“Well then, why don’t we get to the main topic?”

The Duke said to change the topic.

“Main topic?”

Lina slightly tilts her head and asks.

“Yes, it’s about what you two will do from here on out.”

“What do you mean?”

The duke takes a moment to arrange his thoughts and starts talking.

“As you are my wife’s daughters I would like to also adopt you as my step daughters and have you live here.”

That made sense. It was probably better that they live here than to work as a maid back in some rural town.

It was a good career option.

Lina and Lena exchange gazes and make a bitter face.

They both nod after a short while.

“Thank you for the offer but we would like to go back with the master and young master.”

“… Are you sure? Your mother is here after all.”

“It is a shame that we might not be able to see her anymore but I’m sure she’ll like to spend the rest of her days with you now that we have said our piece.” S

The duke closes his eyes and give a wry smile.

“Very well, I have understood your intentions, then we will leave it at that. Just know whenever you are in this city you will always have a place among us. That goes for the Fallon family too.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you. Duke.”

Lina and Father offer their gratitude.

Well, I was thinking it might be a little lonely without Lina and Lena back at the house anyway. Besides my younger sibling is about to be born and we need someone to take care of the house and we can’t leave it all to Sebastian.

Even with my help the house is so large.

We stayed at the duke’s house for a few more days before returning to Karta Village.

It feels like such a long time had passed after everything that happened.


We were finally able to safely return home to mother and Sebastian.

It feels like so much time had passed since I last saw them.

“Madam, I’m so sorry!”

The first thing that Lina says upon meeting was apologize. Mother replied with a smile

“Don’t worry, there was no harm done.”

With that I feel like everything had truly concluded.


Today mother went into labour.

It was a very tense situation but everything turned out fine with the help of Lina and Lena. Well, it wasn’t their second time doing this so they were rather confident.

[Ada Fallon]

The second child born of Rio and Mardoc was a healthy girl.

Unlike me she had light brown hair and emerald eyes. Under her left eye was a star shaped mole.

I feel like she’ll grow in a beauty like mother. I can’t wait for what the future will have install for us.

Incidentally I tried to see if she was a reincarnated individual, but as they say lightning never strikes twice, a misconception but the concept still stands.

With that in this world I now officially have a sibling as well.


[Status Menu]

Morgant Fallon. Level 14


Strength: 95 (65+30)

Dexterity: 35 (5+30)

Intelligence: 35 (5+30)

Insight: 35 (5+30)

[Status point: 15]

[Skill menu]

(AUGMENT) [Strike+]: Level 4

(ACTIVE) [Summon Skeleton Knight]: Level 5

(ACTIVE) [Transfer Life]: Level 9

(PASSIVE) [Life Force Sensory]: Level 20

(ACTIVE) [Life drain]: Level 10

(ACTIVE) [Wither]: Level 8

(ACTIVE) [Decay]: Level 13

(AUGMENT) [Aura Field]: Level 3

(ACTIVE) [Soul Gambit]: Level 1

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