Ascension Rebirth – Fate of the Family (Chapter 33)

Ascension Rebirth – Fate of the Family



[Eternum Calendar 502]

7 years ago, with the help of a certain ‘heavenly’ overlord, the entirety of South Ariadyne had been annexed by a particular organization.

That organization – [The Red Knights].

Against the might of the high god, the military forces and the coveted [Praetorian Knights] were decimated without remorse leaving only helpless nobles and citizens.

The organization, under Nodens’ command took control of the entire capitol castle and nearby cities. Due to this event South Ariadyne had become isolated from its neighbours with incredibly few and specific trades operating under the organization’s command.

The citizens were reformed into the organization either through coercion or constant brainwashing. The citizens and nobles were then used to bolster the numbers of the organization’s military.

Again under Nodens’ command, the organization were sent out to gather [divine energy] and to experiment the effects of the [yellow monoliths] on various living organisms.

Even with annexing the southern capital, the numbers for the organizations were not satisfactory, thus the organization attempted to bring back potential recruits for their military force. Most of them were children who could easily be brainwashed into becoming devote soldiers or women who could be used to vent out the sexual frustration of the soldiers and give birth to more candidates for the [Red Knight] military.

The captives were then taken to camps where they would fulfil their given duty either with or without their consent. They were treated horribly and constantly abused under terrible living conditions.

The camps themselves were only really called as such, in reality the ‘camps’ were former cities that were half torn down and made into ad hoc training grounds.

Stationed in a small camp near the south capital was a certain little girl that was undergoing rigorous training exercises.

Through rain or hail she was made to continue her training. Even when she witnessed her fellow peers die from the sheer harshness of the conditions she had no other choice but to continue forward.

“You’re slowing down! Get a move on!”

A knight dressed entirely in red armor stood by the sidelines overwatching the small regiment of children he was tasked to train. Among them was a small girl with long caramel colored hair, emerald eyes and a small star shaped mole under her left eye.

The girl, no more than 6 was made to run through an obstacle course that would make any grown man faint from sheer exhaustion. In fact many of her peers did, they were swiftly met with cruel punishment.

A boy running beside her had fallen over, when the instructor knight noticed this he walked over and beat the ever living daylights out of the boy. He was stomped and trampled over and over by heavy, metallic greaves.

The boy received numerous broken bones and bled to death.

Witnessing such a cruel scene the other children were instantly filled with fear and doubled their motivations to finish the obstacle course.

“Shitty brat. This is what happens to anyone who decides to take a rest! Now move!”

Every day was torturous; it seemed like there was always one or two casualties before the sun even set.

Like this the little girl had spent the majority of her life in this hell. Her earliest memories were seeing her mother get beaten and abused by the other men.

Even under such hellish circumstances that would’ve put even the bravest of soldiers to the depths of despair, the little 6 year old girl did not give in. No, everyday would only add more to the fuel of her motivation.

So what was this small girl’s motivation?

It was of course – revenge.

She wanted nothing more than to bring down this entire organization and watch them as they burned to the ground.

The day she would graduate from this place was the day that the [Red Knights] would really live up to their name and be covered red in their own blood.


“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us? There’s no future for us if we stay any longer in this place. The adults have planned an escape from this place for months so please, come with us.”

Night had finally set on the camp, typically the southern parts of the world were considered warmer than the northern parts, thus even during the dead of night it wasn’t too bad in terms of temperature.

A cool breeze brushed past the young girl’s caramel hair.

A small girl no older than 7 implored another young girl the one year younger to come with her.

The younger girl shook her head while giving the older girl a distant, contemplative look.

“I’m sorry, right now mama’s condition isn’t too good and I won’t leave without her so please just leave me behind.”

The older girl didn’t know how to respond but she meekly acknowledged the younger girl’s devotion to her mother.

“Okay, I understand. Then good luck, Ada.”

The younger girl, named Ada Fallon nodded and showed her friend a sad smile as she wished them the best of luck in their escape.

After seeing her friend leave, Ada leaned against the walls of her barrack. She stared up at the twin moons gently floating in the sky. Even though life was so harsh where she was, why was it that the moons looked so much in peace?

Even though her body was covered in scars and bruises why did the moons look so beautiful?

Like lovers the two moons revolved around each other.

Ada felt a tense jolt of pain and jealous from the moon’s audacious display.

“Thank you for being my friend, bye Seria.”

Unlikely to ever see her friend again, Ada bit her fair well in her heart.

Right now what she was doing, which was loitering around the barracks, would warrant harsh punishment, even death in some cases. By all accounts she was not allowed to go anywhere at any time unless ordered to.

However Ada was determined to see her friend off properly. There was a small belltower from which she could see the entirety of the camp.

She made her way stealthily up the belltower. If nothing else about this place, at least the sight from there was marvellous. The camp that Ada was placed in was a former count’s territory; a small city just west of the southern capital.

Ada spotted her friend’s group making it out. She noticed them by the small lights of their torches.

At this time of the night where the guards, were least active, it was the best time to escape. The adults in that small group had been planning for months in advance to find the perfect timing to escape from this hellish place.

Ada couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that they were going to escape. To find a better life for themselves.

However to Ada, her mother was much more important and right now she wasn’t in the best condition to join the escape group.

“How fun, I wonder how long they’ll make it before they die.”

Unbeknownst to Ada another person had been hiding in the belltower’s shadow. Surprised, she looked around to see who the voice came from.

It was the voice of a young man, perhaps in their late teens or early twenties.

It had a hint of childishness but at the same time a sinister tone as well.

A young man with brown hair much like her own and blood red eyes. On his hips were four swords.

She instantly recognized the man in question.

The young man was under the direct control of the supreme commander of the [Red Knight] army: [Aldren Milis]. His name was [Tobias], a practitioner of an ancient quad sword style called the [Asura style].

“You seemed surprised to see, were you really not expecting anyone to be here?”

Ada kept her mouth shut and only glared at Tobias.

“Well whatever, the show’s about to start and we have VIP seats. Why don’t we enjoy the show.”

At the young man’s ominous words Ada immediately turned back and stared to where her friend’s escape group was supposed to be.

Her worst fears came true, the escape group was spotted and stopped. They were surrounded, with a single young woman leading the charge against them. This woman was another person that Ada recognized, a magician by the name [Karen] which was the young man’s twin sister.

Karen was well known to be borderline psychotic and in this case where the punishment for trying to escape was immediate annihilation all hope seemed bleak.

Out of desperation the escape group attempted to attack the guards in order to at least let the children escape.

“Oh, what a terrible choice. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter, Karen would’ve killed them regardless of what they did.”

The boy calmly commentated on the situation with a bemused smirk.

“S, Stop her!”

Ada demanded.

Tobias stared back and simply asked.


At that reply Ada couldn’t think of a comeback. These people were crazy, they would kill them just for sports if they wanted to. To demand any sort of humanity from them was useless.

Having no other choice Ada decided to act.

She held a secret that no one else knew, not even her own mother. It was the fact that she was able to use [magic].

While using [magic] wasn’t really anything special, the fact that she was able to use it with no formal training or teacher was.

Ada launched a small [fire bullet] spell at Tobias.

Though he was a little caught off guard by the fact that she could use magic it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. Immediately he retaliated by deflecting the [fire bullet] spell with one of his sword.

“You should watch where you’re firing those kinds of things. You could’ve hurt me.”

He responded to her attacks with a sinister tone.

At once Ada recognized that she was no match. All motivations and strength left her.

At that instant the skies were illuminated brightly, heating up the entire area and bringing Ada back to her senses.

She wondered what that light was and when she looked around the worst possible scenario had just played out.

The entire escape group was torched with an incredibly potent fire spell by Karen.

Only charred remains of the escape group remained.

“Noo! Seria!”

Among the remains was her friend.

“Now then, what to do with you. You’re not supposed to be here and you attacked a senior officer.”

Tobias cruelly spoke but Ada didn’t care anymore. Her fate was sealed the moment she was spotted.

“Hmm, actually that [fire bullet] spell was pretty well done, I think I’ll let you off for showing me something good. Then don’t get caught next time.”

With those parting words Tobias offered her mercy and left the scene for Ada to mourn her friend’s tragic death.


“Please stop! The mistress is already in the late stages of pregnancy! Anymore and her life will be in danger!”

When Ada returned to her barrack’s sleeping quarters, which was really just a small series houses of former residents of the town, she noticed an altercation had taken place. She peaked through the slightly open door to see what was going on in her mother’s quarters.

A certain blonde haired maid was defending her mother against one of the senior soldiers. It was the [Red Knight’s instructor] who was in charge of training her. As she said, A woman with soft brown hair had an enlarged stomach from pregnancy. It was Ada’s mother.

He had come demanding ‘special’ services from her mother.

“If you want someone so badly then use my body! But please spare the mistress!”

It was Lina, and next to her was her twin sister Lena who was trying to calm her sister down.

They had also been taken along with Ada to this place. They were not offered training, but something a little more physical.

Though luckily, or not, Rio, Lina and Lena were given preferential treatment for some reason. Other women had a harder time needing to satisfy a group of soldiers, but they didn’t.

The knight commander took a fancy on them and wanted them all to himself.

“Sister, please stop.”

Lena tugged at her sister’s arms imploring her.

“Well, well. I get it you just want to sleep with me, is that it?”

The Knight commander had a disgusting smirk on his face as he casually reached out for Lina’s chest.

“Who would?! you disgusting pig!”

“What was that?!”

The knight commander, infuriated drew his sword in front of them.

“Enough. Leave it at that.”

Suddenly a voice came from behind Ada. A charismatic and cold voice.

The Knight commander who was about to cut down Lina shrieked and withdrew his sword immediately. A man elegantly dressed in a suit walked in.

The [Supreme commander of the Red knights] – [Aldren Milis].

He entered the room and ceased whatever was going on.

“S, Supreme commander Aldren! W, What brings you here, sir?”

The knight commander squealed.

“Whatever I’m here for is none of your business. Now if you’re done, leave.”

Aldren stared with a deathly glare towards the knight commander.

“O, o, of course!”

At once the knight commander ran out with a disgraceful form.

Now the only people in the room were Rio, Lina, Lena, Ada and Aldren.

“Young mistress, you’re back…”

Lena just noticing called out to Ada.

Ada walked cautiously towards the side of her mother.

Now the situation had changed from facing the knight commander to facing the supreme commander.

“What do you want?”

Lina asked rudely towards Aldren. She had never forgiven him for what he did to her peaceful countryside town and her former master and co-worker. To her, he was an object worthy of contempt.

“I’m not here for you. I’m here for her.”

Aldren pointed towards Ada.

“W, Why?!”

Lena shouted.

“I don’t believe I need to explain anything.”

“You can’t just take her, she did nothing wrong!”

“Do not test my patience as it is wearing thin.”


“It’s okay Lena, I’ll go.”

Having no other choice, Ada walked towards Aldren.


From behind her, her mother’s voice called out to her. It was weak.

She turned around to see a woman who was clearly fatigued from this hellish lifestyle. She had bags under her eyes and her hair was unkempt.

It wasn’t just her mother, Lina and Lena were also visibly tired.

Ada then turned towards Aldren and demanded one thing in return.

“I will go with you but you must save my mama, Lina and Lena. Just don’t let them suffer anymore.”

Aldren stared at the young girl. For some reason he accepted her conditions.

Ada did not think he would so easily agree and were this any other circumstance he most likely wouldn’t have. The most likely reason he so easily agreed was that it had to do with why Aldren wanted her to come with him.

Ada turned to her family for one more time, she gave a wry smile as she was taken away, leaving only a heavy atmosphere.


It took a day or so to get there but the place Ada was taken to was the capitol of the capital.

A magnificent castle, adorned with beautiful decoration.

She was taken to the throne room where she was saw other children her age all kneeling in front of a certain golden figure. An elegant and rugged man who was dressed in a golden armor, but his right arm was made of silver.

Behind him were large white wings.

This was the one that single handily took down the entirety of south Ariadyne.

The man sat on the throne with self importance and next to him was a man dressed completely in black with a white beaked mask.

Ada was then taken in front of the throne where the other children were kneeling down respectfully towards the figure and was made to do the same.

She was confused as to what was going on.

A boy to her left, perhaps one or two years older whispered to her. He had dark brown hair and deep chocolate colored eyes.

“So you’re the new recruit, nice to meet you I’m [Lucas Gladestone Lux Ariadyne].”

“[Gladestone Lux Ariadyne]?”

Ada whispered back. This was a name she knew, or rather everyone knew. It was the name of the South Ariadyne Tetrarchy.

“Aha, yeah unfortunately I’m the only one left from my family. Which technically makes me the Tetrarch but well this country is a bit… occupied.”

“Hmm, so you’re the Tetrarch’s son.”

A voice from Ada’s right whispered. A girl perhaps a year older than her. She had golden hair and deep azure eyes, much like the man sitting on the throne in front of her.

“I’m [Macha].”

The girl said with a wink.

“[Ada Fallon].”

Ada answered the two.

Before they could continue on the conversation the golden figure turned his gaze to the man in black, to which the man nodded and started to reveal why they were taken here.

“Welcome young children. I am [Dian Cecht]. You must all be confused as to why you’re here. Let me explain. All of you have shown potential for our latest experiment and have been chosen to be part of it. Now, not every one of you will survive but those that do will become powerful beyond imagination. That is all.”

The children began to get restless from what was just said but Ada felt different.

‘This is her chance’, she thought.

She didn’t know what this ‘experiment’ will be but if she could endure it then the chance that she always wanted. To destroy this organization might just come to her.

A smile flashed across her Ada’s face for the first time she had been here.

(I actually wanted to make it a bit longer but I feared that if I wrote more I wouldn’t be able to stop. I really just wanted to explain what happened to the rest of Morgant’s family. Though, unfortunately I’m not going to go into what happened to them right away. I’ll explain everything at a later date, like as in maybe 3 ~ 5 years into the future of the story. So consider this a teaser for a future plot-thread.)

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