Ascension Rebirth – Everything was lost (Chapter 12)

Ascension Rebirth – Everything was lost



A little over a month had passed since the youth named Morgant Fallon had left on a little journey to train under a paladin named Cedric.

The Fallon household felt his absence greatly. Usually during the day he would be helping out the maids or be training with his father in the backyard, but since he wasn’t here nothing much was going on in the mansion.

“Ah~ I wonder what young master is doing right now.”

A maid in her early twenties spoke to herself as she looked out the window. Her blonde hair glistened in the sun’s rays pouring into the room.

Her name was Lina Trioz, even though she was a mere servant she had a last name. Proof that she was once a noble.

Though that wasn’t to say she didn’t enjoy her life now. In fact she loved it. Never wanting it to change.

It was her break period, well in fact every time was her break period, or so she tells herself.

Despite looking like she was rather unmotivated she successfully finished all of her assigned task and was calmly drinking tea in the room once occupied by her young master who was on a trip.

“Sister? What are you doing in young master’s room?”

The younger sister, Lena Trioz was her twin. Unlike her older sister she was more serious about her job. Oddly enough, Lina always managed to finish her jobs before Lena.

Perhaps it was simply Lina’s pride as the older sister that she wanted to display her proficiency at her job.

“I just wanted to smell his scent. It makes me feel like he hasn’t gone anywhere if I do this.”

After casually blurting out a line only a deviant would give she casually started rolling around in the bed of her young master.

“This is more serious than I thought. I think we may need a doctor to check up on you soon.”

“How rude! I’m perfectly fine, I just miss my beloved young master~ ah~”

“Ah~ young master!”

When Lina turned to see what her sister’s reaction was she was rather saddened. Lena was shaking her head in disapproval as she saw such a pathetic and shameful display.

After a while Lina finished up with her ‘business’ in the young master’s room and came downstairs to see if anything needed help.

Downstairs the mistress and Lena were happily chatting about and playing with Ada the young mistress of the Fallon family.

Lena was actively fawning over the small baby with twinkles in her eyes.

‘You’re not much different from me’. Lina thought to herself in accusation of her younger sister’s attitude.

“Hmm?! Is this?!”

Lina smelt the scent of something very familiar and something that she really loved.


“Oh, Lina, you’ve come down. Do you want some tea?”

“Yes please!”

Almost like a dog she happily made her way to the table where the mistress and Lena were resting.

“Oh~ what’s this? I think we’re out of tea~”

Lena taunted as she pointed to the empty tea bags.

Perhaps it was revenge for her earlier shameful behaviour.

Feeling dejected Lina fell on all fours.

A sense of apathy and regret welled up inside her.

“Ah, I want to go back to young master’s room.”

She mutters to herself. If someone without the proper context heard those lines it would be a pretty dangerous sentiment. Though admittedly even those who were aware of her behaviour felt rather repulsed by her stark desires so brazenly on display.

“Oh, I know, there’s a merchant from the capital here, if you’re lucky you might be able to buy some tea.”

“Is that true, mistress?!”

As if life was thrown back at her she reanimated her lifeless body and stood up with a renewed motivation.

“Yes, we’re also out of some spices so could you also buy some along the way if you’re going?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll be right back!”

With those closing words Lina dashed and skipped out of the mansion with glee.

“Oh, are you going somewhere miss Lina?”

The one who called out to her was the old butler of the mansion, Sebastian.

He was a rather mysterious figure, a person with little words but his devotion to the Fallon house was second to none. Even though he hardly spoke it wasn’t as though he was unsociable.

He often helped Lina with her work when it come to things that required heavy lifting or expertise.

Lina and Sebastian had a very comfortable relationship.

“Yes, I’m going to buy some tea bags and spices since we’re out.”

“I see, have a safe trip.”

“Of course, then I’ll see you later Sebastian.”

It was another peaceful day in the town of Karta. Hardly anything happens in such a town.

The monsters are regularly suppressed so they don’t cause a problem and since this village itself is located on the fringe boarders there really wasn’t any threat of a direct attack from neighbouring countries.

“Fufu~ to think I’ll be able to get my hands on the tea from the capital. My luck is pretty good today.”

Having an almost dangerous smile Lina joyfully skipped through the town.

The merchants that pass through the town usually sell their goods near the gate.

Speaking of the gate, the master of the Fallon house also worked as part of the town’s garrison.

The master was an accomplished knight. He served as the country’s elite unit the ‘praetorian knights’. It was a very coveted position and those who serve within the ranks of the elite unit are all monsters in terms of combat strength.

“Lina? What are you doing here?”

As expected Mardoc Fallon was resting near the gate. He wasn’t really slacking off but since the town was so peaceful there was little to do.

“Ah, master. I was sent to buy some tea and spices from the merchant that’s at the town.”

“I see, the merchant should be a few meters that way.”

Mardoc pointed towards the east of the town’s gate.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. It looks like you’re in a good mood today.”

“Yes, because we’ll be able to restock on tea, and it’s tea from the capital no less!”

“A-Ah, I see, good luck then.”

“Thank you.”

When it came to enthusiasm for tea, Lina was second to none. She was obsessed as though she was possessed by it. Of course it was just her way of showing her love for tea but to others it may have seemed like she was a little creepy in doing so.

As Mardoc said the merchant was a little east of the town’s gate.

“Hello~ I’m here to buy some tea bags and spices.”

After arriving at the merchant cart Lina announced her intentions.

There was an old merchant standing behind the merchant cart that was pulled by a horse.

Standing next to the old merchant was a female knight adorned in red crusader armor. She had every inch of her body covered in red armour so it was hard to tell what she exactly looked like.

‘A bodyguard’? Lena pondered.

Red was an unusual color for armor due to how much it stands out in general.

However Lina didn’t spend much thought on it as she was not exactly proficient at fighting. She was probably weaker than the young master, or so she thought to herself.

“Ah, yes. We have all sorts of spices from the capital, chilly, sweet, sour. Whichever one do you wish to buy? As for the tea bags we have a whole range of exquisite ones from the capital.”

Upon hearing this Lina’s already bright eyes bag to shine even brighter.

“I’ll take the 10 bags of your most delicious tea! And some chilly and sweet spices.”

“Very good, ma’am. That’ll be 56 silver coins.”

After exchanging coins for spices Lina headed back to the mansion.

The tea that she bought was known as [Omeca Tea]. It was a sort of sweet tea that helped relax a person’s weariness.

It was one of the most popular brand of tea within most of the capitals in this country. Many important nobles and politicians drank it due to their effects to calm a person down.

Even though the type of work Lina and those nobles did were different she was still fairly tired after working.

She liked to quietly drink the tea in her or her young master’s room after work.

She described it as a ‘blissful moment’.

As she was leaving she picked up on the small chatter between the merchant and the female knight.

Because she was happily frolicking about the merchant didn’t notice that she was listening.

“So did you feel anything?”

“A little bit. We should start the purge just in case.”


Unsure of what they were talking about Lina simply decided to forget about it.

When she returns home she will have the exquisite tea by herself.


The next day Lina woke up earlier than usual. Perhaps it was because of the relaxing effects of the tea but she had a sound sleep last night and even woke up earlier than her younger sister who wakes up extremely early.

The sky was still a little dark but one could see traces that the sun will rise in an hour or two.

After washing her face and getting dressed in her usual maid outfit she went out into the backyard to get some fresh air.

Upon arrival Sebastian was also there.

“Good morning, Sebastian.”

“Good morning miss Lina. You’re up quite early today.”

“Yes, it was because of the tea.”

Sebastian gave a small chuckle but then his expression turned serious all of a sudden.

“Eh? Sebastian?”

Lina looked quizzically at Sebastian’s sudden change of facial expression.

“I apologize but please be quiet for a moment.”

Lina followed Sebastian’s request and simply stood a few meters behind him, staring.

Sebastian started to concentrate on something but Lina was unsure of what. From the look on his face it wasn’t something he was taking lightly.

Something that would make the usual calm and gentle Sebastian have such a rigid facial expression, Lina wondered what it was.

“Miss Lina please wake up everyone in the house and gather them here.”


Not really understanding the situation Lina wanted to ask but she couldn’t find the opportunity to due to his stern voice.

She went up to each room and woke up the mistress, master and her younger sister and brought them out to the back yard as Sebastian requested.

“What is it Sebastian? Is there something?”

Mardoc asked with an equally serious expression. It was the first time that Lina had seen either of them act in such a manner.

Sebastian summoned a small black crow using some sort of summoning magic.

It was the first time Lina had seen such a thing.

She didn’t even know Sebastian was capable of using magic.

“A force of about 2000 is approaching the town. They are all heavily armoured and armed.”

“The movement of an army.”

Mardoc finalized his thoughts.


Lina unintentionally let out.

The movement of an army? From the looks of how Sebastian and the master acted it didn’t seem to be a friendly army either.

“Master, perhaps it would be a good idea to vacate the mistress and the maids.”

“You’re right. Then we’ll have to-”

“Oh~ we can’t let you do that.”

Before the master could even finish his sentence he was cut off by an unknown individual.

The voice came from within the house.

When Lina noticed it she looked up at one of the windows and there was someone peering out. It was a little scary to see someone they didn’t know just walking into their house uninvited.

It was a young female around age 13~14. She had brown hair and eyes redder than blood.

She wore a sort of red magician’s cowl.

On her face a mischievous smile, or perhaps it would be more apt to call it a dastardly smile.

“Master, please stay back.”

Sebastian stood in front of master with a weary expression.

“That’s no good, Karen you shouldn’t reveal yourself so readily.”

Another voice came from behind them.

This time it was a boy around the same age as the girl. He had similar features to the girl almost as though they were twins. Brown hair and blood red eyes.

However the boy was not wearing a magician’s cowl, instead he wore light leather armour and had multiple swords on his waist.

They were clearly not allies and were showing hostility.

“Who are you?”

Mardoc chose to open with that line.

“Keke~ like we’ll tell you, old geezer.”

The boy replied in a mocking way. On his waist were 4 swords.

He drew two of them and pointed them towards the Fallon Family.

Seeing this Mardoc and Sebastian got into combat mode.

A small magical light was emitted from Sebastian’s hands. Soon two steel swords were summoned of which he passed one to Mardoc.

The sword given to Mardoc was his true weapon that had been gathering dust. It was a long slender sword that boasted excellent craftsmanship. It was really a parting gift from the North Tetrarch’s son.

The other sword which Sebastian held onto was one that had a weird design. It was a single edged sword with a curved shape. An oriental blade. It was mostly black and blue in color but it too boasted excellent craftsmanship.

“You want to fight? I think you should give up.”

The boy started to taunt the family.

“If you don’t want to lose your life I suggest you leave, immediately.”

Giving and imposing attitude Mardoc gave them one chance to escape. Even though he wanted to know what was going on he did not wish to cut children.

Besides, now was not the time to be wasting time with these two when there was a foreign army on the march.

“Keke! You say some funny things geezer! I like that! But you best not underestimate me.”


Sebastian called out to Mardoc.

They did not speak but they exchanged information with a single glance. Of course it was really the first time they had been on the battlefield together but they were also both veterans when it came to combat, thus such a thing was easily accomplished.

The boy without any warning dashed towards Mardoc with both his blades.

However it was easily blocked. The level of swordsmanship wasn’t very high but with his family in danger Mardoc couldn’t afford to go easy.

He wanted to spare his family from seeing gruesome scenes but the situation did not allow for such luxury.

The girl that was standing on the window jumped down and in front of Sebastian.

“Geez, I get the old man.”

She had a dissatisfied look on her face.

There was no reply from Sebastian about that insult, only a stern look as he drew his curved sword from its sheath.

The girl named Karen who was clad in red yawned as she looked back at Sebastian in a bored manner.

She pointed a finger at him.

Just as the boy her attacks were instants and without warning.

[Fire bullet].

It was one of the most basic skills of a magician.

However the heat and intensity of this single spell from the girl was nothing like ordinary fire bullets.

Ordinary fire bullets were no bigger than a tennis ball, however the one shot by the girl was almost as big as a basket ball.

The speed wasn’t anything to scoff at either.

Sebastian calmly collected himself and turned his blade onto the magical attack.

With a single strike the fire bullet was cut into two and dissipated.

“Oh wow. The old man has some skills. I change my mind, this might be fun after all.”

The girl licked her lips in a seductive manner as she prepared more of her magical skills.

[Fire bullet], [Ice bullet] and [lightning bullet].

Each of them more powerful than the average magicians.

With the exception of lightning bullet, Sebastian was able to deflect each one.

Since the properties of lightning based magic was that they had an almost 100% chance to hit there was nothing that could be done.

In exchange for the extremely precise spells, lightning magic was very weak, to the point where an average lightning bullet would only leave a small bruise.

Of course the girl’s lightning bullet was much more powerful.

However, Sebastian was deceptively sturdy for a man pushing up to his 50s.

The girl was starting to lose patience. None of her skills seemed to do any damage despite the fact that she thought to herself that she was one of the strongest magicians in the world.

“Why won’t you go down!”

The girl was outraged.

[Fire Cannon].

The next step in fire magic.

It was an very powerful fire magic that could easily obliterate a house.

Of course the girl’s fire cannon was much stronger than the average.

Since avoiding it would present dangers to the people behind him Sebastian could not afford to do so.

He met with the large fire cannon head on and sliced it into two, which made it dissipate instantly.

Magic normally does not dissipate so easily after being cut down like this. This was thanks to the effect of Sebastian’s sword.

It was an extremely rare sword going by the name of [Muramasa]. It held anti magic properties allowing Sebastian to take on magic directly.

“That sword is annoying.”

[Lightning burst].

It was the second step in lightning magic.

Unlike lightning bullet it was a magical attack that had no projectile. It instantly appeared on the target and damaged them.

Sebastian, unable to defend against instantaneous lightning magic, suffered a few shots.

Though since it was rather mellow in power he was able to endure.

He could not allow this farce of a battle to continue and thus Sebastian opted to finish it with a single strike.

Sebastian ran at the girl with frightening speed.

The girl wasn’t used to someone who could just tank through her lightning magic and panicked a little bit.


Sebastian was now within striking distance from the girl.

However, as he brought down the blade to end her life he was denied that chance.

Just inches away from the girl’s face Sebastian’s blade was stopped by a hand. More specifically a gloved hand caught the blade between the fingers.

“Supreme Commander Aldren! You came~!”

Sebastian turns his gaze towards the ‘supreme commander’. At first he didn’t know what to think of him.

From appearances he looked around 20~30.

He was a thin man wearing a black suit with a red tie.

His thin framed, elegant glasses hid away his gaze. His short black hair flowed through the wind.

There was no obvious weapon on him. Most likely he was the close combat, unarmed fighter type.

“Of course, I can’t let my cute juniors die.”

Sebastian was now stuck with a 2v1 scenario.

He unconsciously started to turn towards his master to see how he was doing and if he could offer any help.

Several blows were exchanged between the boy and Mardoc.

As Mardoc’s swordsmanship was far superior he was able to drive the boy into a corner.


The boy spat some small amounts of blood as his body faced some amount of damage.

“You aren’t half bad, geezer.”

Mardoc was in no mood for exchanging small talks within battle.

Were it the usual Mardoc and without his family in danger he may have been more talkative but right now was different.

He was quite mad.

The boy lunged once more with his two blades.

Mardoc deflected both and found an opening to strike.

Taking the opportunity, Mardoc struck down but was blocked by two different swords.

At first Mardoc was confused, then he realized what it was.

The boy had an extra pair of arms.

Those arms were an astral blue, they were not real arms but merely a projection.

Mardoc knew of this technique, it was known as [Asura form]. He finally understood why the boy was carrying four swords.

“Amazing, to drive me so far as to make me use these.”

The boy seemed to enjoy this new challenge.

Once more the boy lunged, but this time with four swords.

His attacks became much more rapid and vicious.

With only a single sword Mardoc was facing the limits of his defence.

Mardoc took a glance at how Sebastian was doing, he noticed that another person had appeared.

He noticed the presence of another person wearing a black suit.

This wasn’t good, they were already having a tough time as it was but adding another enemy was just pushing it.


Lina stood there just watching an amazing battle unfold before her eyes.

Such a scene she thought she would never see in her entire life. Were it under different circumstances she may have even enjoyed watching this but now was not the time.

These people were clearly enemies that aimed for their lives.

Lina felt a surge of uselessness coming over her. She could do nothing but stand there and be protected.

When the person known as [Supreme commander Aldren] appeared everything turned for the worse. Sebastian was having troubles enough against the girl but it was now a 2 on 1.

Sebastian backed away to create some distance.

He did not like the sound of the man’s title; supreme commander.

Oddly enough the girl also took a few steps back to make way for the superior officer. This was good, at the very least it won’t turn into a 2v1 scenario any time soon.

Sebastian was slightly thankful for that.

The man had a smile on his face.

As to not waste anymore time Sebastian went in for the first and decisive blow with his sword.

Left, right, forward.

He rapidly tried to attack from all sides, however all of those were easily blocked with a single hand. It was amazing to see such power come from a slender body as his. It was almost inhuman.

However it was no time to be impressed, Sebastian realized that fighting the man would be almost impossible as he was now.

The commander’s strength was immense.

Sebastian took a few steps back.

A slight pressure came from within Sebastian.

Enough for the supreme commander to take notice.


He had a expression on his face that was saying ‘how interesting~’.

It was an expression that matched his intellectual look. Perhaps because of this the supreme commander did not make any moves while Sebastian was trying to do something.

Currently Sebastian was as vulnerable as he could get, for this he was thankful that the commander did not attack and simply watched.

The winds around Sebastian started to distort into a tornado-like form.

Sebastian took hold of his sword once more.

The commander braced himself with a grin.

Expecting Sebastian to charge at him with great force the commander leaned forward to block the attack.

However it did not go according to the commander’s expectation. Far from it.

Instead of being charged at, Sebastian’s presence disappeared completely along with the wind.

Everything was still for a few seconds.

With any sort of warning a sword swung down across the commander’s back ripping apart his suit and spewing blood.


The girl looked in abject horror as her commander was being sliced.

However this was unexpected to Sebastian, he had planned to completely split the commander into two but his aim slightly off.

The commander had taken noticed and made sure no fatal injuries were suffered.

“You. Demon.”

The commander turned back. His expression was no longer the intellectual type but a look of disgust welled on his face.

There was a slight noticeable change in Sebastian’s looks.

His eyes were no longer the clam blue, but a bright gold.

On the left side of his temples was a small protrusion, a horn.

Indeed, Sebastian had not been fully human, but hailed from a race known as [Half-lings]. They were the result of procreation between a human and a race from the demon species.

Because fertilization between a demon and human was incredibly difficult, [Half-lings] were extremely rare.

[Half-lings] were stronger and more long lived than the average human, of course compared to a fully fledged demon they may still be considered weak.

Most of the race had the ability to alternate between human and half-demon. For the most part Sebastian thought to keep his true identity a secret but it could not be helped now.

The commander immediately turned around for a counter attack, knocking Sebastian back with the raw physical strength that could not be human.

His rib cage and left arm were both broken by a single punch.


Sebastian heard a voice but he could not identify who’s it was.

Without giving him any time to rest the commander rushed straight at him who was still on the ground.

Sebastian rolled over to dodge the strike that left a large hole on the floor. One more hit from such an attack could easily spell certain doom.

Gathering enough magical energy, Sebastian applied it to healing his body.

[High Speed Regeneration]. It was a commonly used spell by soldiers of this world.

Sebastian’s version slightly more potent than a regular human’s.

In only a few seconds he was almost fully healed.

“That’s an amazing self regeneration speed. Befitting of a monster.”

The commander was complimenting him but the words came out as more of an insult. There was clear disgust in his tone.

Sebastian readied his sword once more.

With speed almost too fast that the eye couldn’t detect fast enough, Sebastian launched numerous sword strikes.

There was a hit rate of about 40%.

Still, it was better than before where all of his attacks were countered or blocked.

The commander who should be hindered by the injuries were moving as though he wasn’t even phased by them. In fact, despite the blood gushing out onto his suit and new wounds being created by Sebastian the commander moved like nothing was happening.

‘Just who is the true monster?’ Sebastian thought to himself. Indeed it was a valid question, the commander looked human but his abilities were far too grotesque and inhuman.

Mardoc closed his eyes and cut off every other useless background noise.

Right now even though he was worried about his family, the best way he could protect them was to rid the enemy in front.

The boy looked at him with dissatisfaction.

“What are you doing, geezer? Why did you close your eyes?”

Mardoc’s actions were incomprehensible to the boy.

“Whatever, you’re going down!”

The boy ran at him with all four swords launching multiple strikes at extremely fast speeds.

However none of them actually connected.

“What’s happening?! Why can’t I hit you?!”

The boy was frantically shouting, almost depraved of his composure.

Mardoc wryly smiled to himself as he slowly opened his eyes.

For the past few years he had acted rather conceitedly. He thought himself the best swordsman simply for once being a ‘praetorian knight’.

The last few months especially he had been beaten by his own son who used a slightly different approach and a formidable paladin.

Mardoc no longer thought that way. He knew that there were many who were stronger than him, and it would not help him to slack off or underestimate his opponents.

Starting from this boy, Mardoc would change his thinking; become more focused.

With a renewed spirit Mardoc started to go on the offensive.

He first charged in with great speed within striking distance of the boy.

The boy was stunned.


However by the time the boy realized it was already too late.

First Mardoc started by slicing those astral hands.

Since they were created with magic it didn’t do real damage towards the boy.

Next while the boy was still confused a final decisive stab through the boy’s chest sealed the deal.

Not even wasting time confirming the boy’s death Mardoc ran towards Sebastian to provide back up.



Mardoc witnessed for the first time Sebastian’s half-demon form. He had known about it of course, Sebastian told him the first time they met.

After exchanging a wry smile they pointed their weapons towards the commander.

“Ugh, how disgusting, camaraderie between demons and humans.”

“Just who are you?”

Mardoc asked. It was a reasonable question after all they’ve done.

“Hmph, I’ll tell you since you’re both going to die.”

After spewing out some very villain-esque lines the commander started to explain.

“I am the Supreme commander of the Demon Subjugation army Aldren Milis.”


That last name rang a bell for Mardoc. It was the same surname as his master’s; Morgant Milis.

“Ah, that’s right, you may have known my stupid brother, Morgant Milis. The hero of this country or they say. To me he’s just a traitor though.”

Mardoc’s face grew pale and visibly angered.

“You insult my late master’s honour!”

“Hmm? Oh~ then you were the one he spoke about. His most prized pupil. Hahahaha! How very amusing. That idiot of a brother sure does like raising pets. Well, whatever you’re both going to die anyway, perhaps you’ll meet my brother once you’re in hell.”


Angered Mardoc charged at him with full speed.

“I think not.”

Before he could land even a single strike a red beam of energy came from the sky and pierced through his heart.

“Master!” x3



Blood gushed out from Mardoc’s mouth.


The commander laughed.

His psychotic smile was the last thing Mardoc could see before his entire world faded to black.



“Ow, that really hurt.”

From behind Sebastian could hear a voice.

It was the voice of the boy who’s heart should have been pierced by his master.

“Geez, Tobias you’re so lazy, sleeping on the job!”

The girl behind the commander spoke in a grumpy manner.

Sebastian turned his gaze to his master.

His master laid motionless on the ground with a large hole in where his heart used to be.


This was really happening.

Sebastian’s mind blanked out at the scene.

The situation was the worst case. It could potentially elevate to a 3v1, no, even if that weren’t the case there was almost no way the Sebastian could defeat this monster.

He turned his glance towards the remaining family members.

The mistress, Rio clearly had a distraught expression. She was trying to hold it in for the maids and her daughters. However it wasn’t a very convincing face, she seemed like she could break down at any moment.

Lena was crouched down in tears while Lina was rubbing her back.

At the very least he wanted to save them.

Would this psycho even allow that?

Sebastian was filled with regrets. Not for himself but for the family he promised to serve.

He had lived a fulfilling life up to the age of 53, so even if he were to fall here he would be okay with that.

However, the mistress, the maids and the young mistress were very young, they had their lives in front of them.

He hated himself for the fact that he was not smart enough to come up with some sort of plan. He was not strong enough to protect the ones he swore loyalty to.

At the very least the only one consolation was that the young master, was away.

Even if it were just him, he would survive.

No, he extinguished that thought immediately.

He had only been with the young master for only four years but he knows enough than when he returns to see his village ablaze and his family slaughtered he would no doubt walk the path of revenge.

Such occurrences weren’t that rare in the world. It was only tragic.

Having made up his mind Sebastian pointed his sword once more.

The only thing he could do was fight.

He knew it wouldn’t make a difference but he himself felt like he needed to.

For the last time he charged towards the commander at full speed.

Like the wind Sebastian appeared and disappeared hailing strikes at the suited individual.

All of them were blocked.

But how? It worked before.

Slowly Sebastian’s expression turned pale as his master before him.

[high Speed Regeneration].

He was not the only one who could use it. He should have expected since it was a common skill amongst soldiers.

The commander used the skill, but it was extremely powerful as almost instantaneously he was back to prime shape without a single injury. In fact the skill was so potent that even the clothes that were ripped began to repair itself.

Such phenomenon occur when a skill’s power is so great that it warps the space around the user affecting even non animate objects like clothes.

Sebastian could not do anything as he saw all of his efforts in vain.

He continued to attack but they were all broke, to the point that Muramasa his sword began to chip away.

At the final strike the commander wedged Muramasa between his fingers and twisted it.

Snapping the sword in half.

“Hmph, should’ve known a demon was only this powerful. Well, then I’ll see you in hell.”

A large red beam struck down from the sky.

Unlike the one that pierced the master’s heart this one engulfed Sebastian’s body entirely.

After a few seconds not a single piece of the man named Sebastian was left.


It was over.

Lina crouched down stroking her sister’s shaking form.

Even she wanted to cry.

Who wouldn’t cry in the face of death.

The one who should be most affected, the mistress, was trying to keep it all in.

She held the crying baby girl in her arms tightly.

“Well then.”

The suited commander walked up to them.

Lina did not look at him and only kept her head down.

“I’m sorry you had to see all that. As you can see it was only in self defence, I meant no harm.”

The commander who slaughtered her master and colleague tried to make it sound like he was in the right.

“Anyway, do not fret, I have no intentions of killing anyone here, in fact you’re all going to go somewhere nice.”

‘Somewhere nice’.

‘Why?’ Lina thought to herself. ‘Why does death sound better than following this man?’

Indeed, right now rather than being taken to ‘somewhere nice’ she would rather fight to the death like Sebastian and her master.

However, she knew. She knew that she had no power to do so.

“Now sleep.”

As the commander spoke those words Lina’s consciousness began to fade.

She saw everyone fall unconscious.

The young mistress, mistress and her younger sister.

And now her world was slowly fading away.

Ascension Rebirth - The truth (Chapter 11)
Ascension Rebirth - The end of kindness (Chapter 13)
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